24 thoughts on “New RanZar cartoon

  1. Awesome…loved the part when S-51 hits its own IS-3 xD That actually happens a lot when arty is not careful :D

        • Lol, are you telling Silentstalker how to run his own blog? You do know he can publish it here if he wants. If you dont like it, just skip it, it takes about 0,1 second of your precious time..

          • “but i hope” that was i said, not something like: “Dont post this vid!!!”
            Learn to read EmperorSafirius.

            • Dont worry, i read it right, maybe i just said it the wrong way. He is just posting the links for the videos, and I dont see why exactly should this be a problem?

  2. Theese vids are really good and deserve the publicity. This one especially was pretty funny.

  3. This pretty much sums up what I try to do in scouts, light for the team or bite the enemy in the ass to make them turn.

    • I can think of one other tank that’s immortal in his series. The M18 Hellcat. Because how many times has it been on the receiving end of abuse. Either by the ChiComs or by Chaffee’s incompetence?

  4. In game that IS-3 would have died after arty shot or after the last shot that t32 did.