Explanation: “Buff my tank” is a long-running series of articles, dedicated to historical ways of improving the current ingame vehicles.


Australian Archives I
Australian Archives II
Australian Archives III
Australian Archives IV
Australian Archives V
Australian Archives VI



On the ban of HEAT shells in Wehrmacht
Zarax’s E-50/75 Weserhütte – precursor to the following article
Weserhütte Tiger – possible tier 10 German tank
Special Panthers I – Panther and Jagdpanther
Special Panthers II – Waffentrager Panther
Special Panthers III – Sturmmörser Panther
Reconstructing the elusive StuG E-75
The curious case of Klein Tiger
E-series according to Fritz Hahn
“Cheating at statistics” – on wartime statistics fixing
German assault gun branch – with Sturmtiger
VK3002M – tier 6 medium tank
Historical VK3001H
VK3001P – part 1
VK3001P – part 2 (errata)
The long evolution of Henschel designs
“Steel from the Rhine” – Rheinmetall German tanks
RU251 – tier 8 German light tank
Schmalturm – historical overview
Panzer I Ausf.C and Panzer II Ausf.G
On various fake German tanks – E-79, E-90 and others
Less known German TD/SPG vehicles
Aufklärungspanzer Panther – history
Panzer 38d mit P-IV-Turm, Aufklärungspanzer 38d, Spähpanzer SP.I.C – tier 7 light tank alternatives
HS30 mit 90mm Bord K – another light tank alternative
“Devil wears Praga” – a Panzer 38t TD line proposal
Straight Outta Luftwaffe – alternative guns available for German tanks
“The Maus that Roared” – on Maus variants
Sorting out the 210mm Ferdinand
10,5cm Sfl. auf Geschützpanzer Mk.VI(e) – history
“This is how Maus started” – Maus prototype part 1
“Porsche Unleashed” – Maus prototype part 2
Porsche Unleashed – Mäuschen – Maus prototype part 3
Mörserträger auf 38t Ausf.M – possible German SPG/TD
Waffenträger E-100
VK100.01 “Mammut”
Marder III – upcoming tier 4 TD
Misfit tank destroyer – on StuG III with 88mm gun
VK6501 – the forgotten heavy
Panzer III – “Buff my tank!”
Panzer IV – “Buff my tank!”
Panzer II – “Buff my tank!”
Panzer I – “Buff my tank”
E-100 – “Buff my tank!”
Panther – “Buff my tank!”
VK3001P – “Buff my tank!”
Extending German tree – Artillery
Extending German tree – Porsche tanks
Extending German tree – Porsche heavy tanks
Extending German tree – Henschel tanks
Sfl.IVc – upcoming tier 5 TD
Jagdpanzer IV – “Buff my tank!”
Panther Ausf.F – the ultimate Panther evolution
PaK 97/38 auf T-26(r)
Universal Carrier in German service
Early German Panzers – German tanks of WW1
GW Tiger P – detailed article
Waffenträger auf Panzer IV – short summary by Yuri Pasholok
88mm L/71 autoloader by Yuri Pasholok
Jagdpanzer 38(t) in Foreign Service
Marder III with 75mm L/70
Tiger Tales: Henschel’s VK.45.02(H)
Tiger Tales: Type 102 – the forgotten VK.45.01(P)
Tiger Tales: The VK 45.02 P1 and P2 – the engines
History of Blitzkrieg from American perspective by Priory of Sion
The “other” Kanonenjagdpanzer – proposal by FMC
German fantasies for the Führer (210mm on Panther, Schmalturm on Panzer III/IV)


P.26/40 – Italy’s finest tank
Autoloading Leopard 1 by OTO Melara
Italy’s Workhorse; the CV.3 Series
Fiat 3000
Fiat’s Super-Tank; The Fiat 2000
Tank Battles of the M13/40 Italian Tank
Ansaldo 5t Light Tank


Type 5 Ke-Ho light tank
Japanese camouflages
Japanese hightier light tanks
Chi-Nu Kai rundown
Iwakuro heavy tank
Japanese Ho-Ri tank destroyers
Chi-Ri – Imperial Japan’s most advanced tank
Chi-Ri II – Japanese tier 6/7 medium tank
Chi-Ri Kai – Japanese tier 8 medium tank
Ho-Ru – Japanese Marder
STB-1 – Japanese tier 10 medium
Chi-Nu – upcoming tier 4 medium
Chi-To – upcoming tier 5 medium
Ho-Ri Toku – possible tier 10 tank destroyer
Japanese superheavy tanks
Japanese tier 10 heavy tank
Soukou Sagyou – Japanese clawed monster


Hungarian Armor 1 – 44M Tas and Tas Rohamloveg
44M Tas with 88mm gun? Nope…
Hungarian Armor 2 – Straussler Tanks and introduction
Hungarian Armor 3 – Toldi
Hungarian Armor 4 – Toldi II, Toldi IIA, Toldi III
Hungarian Armor 5 – T-21, Turán I (development)
Hungarian Firepower – Nimród and Nimród 80mm tank destroyers
Zrínyi and Zrínyi II assault guns
Tas rohamlöveg in detail
Hungarian Toldi II LT with 44M. Buzogányvető anti-tank rocket launcher

Other Axis powers

Romanian Armor 1 – pre WW2
Romanian Armor 2 – Bucharest to Stalingrad
Romanian Armor 3 – Crimea to the end
Romanian Armor 4 – Bucharest museum photos
Bulgarian Armor 1
Bulgarian Armor 2
Bulgarian Armor 3
Finnish Armor 1
Finnish 120mm mortar on T-26
TR-580 – possible Romanian tier 10?



Somua SM – French hightier vehicle
FCM F1 and superheavy artillery – part 1
FCM F1 and superheavy artillery – part 2
AMX Chasseur de Chars
Batchat 25t photos
ELC Part I – ELC “Even” 4×120

Great Britain

Nuffield tank destroyers
Kupchak Landship (Canada)
British T-34 and KV-1
Commonwealth Uncommons – on special Commonwealth guns and vehicles
Commonwealth Uncommons – high tier vehicles
Commonwealth Uncommons – heavy tank line
TOG II* – “Buff my tank!”
Matilda II – “Buff my tank!”
Ardeer Aggie – Churchill AVRE failed variant
Centurion AVRE and M728


Škoda T-21, T-22 and T-23M
Soviet tanks with Škoda suspension
Czechoslovak tank tree – overview
Czechoslovak tank tree – part 1: Tank Destroyers
Czechoslovak tank tree – part 2: Artillery
Czechoslovak tank tree – part 3: Light Tanks
Czechoslovak tank tree – part 4: Medium Tanks
Praga MT, Praga YNH – possible Czechoslovak tier 1 tanks
Czechoslovak T-34/85 and T-34/100 tanks
T-34/100 – drawings
Panzer IV in Czechoslovak service
Panzer V Panther in Czechoslovak service
Regarding The_Chieftain’s LT-35 article
LTP (Tanque 39) – Peruvian legend
Czechoslovak armored recon vehicles
Improvised armor – vehicles used to break thru the Iron Curtain
“How not to make an APC” – on OT-810 and OT-90
AH-IV-Hb tankette – “Lion of Ethiopia”
Czechoslovak 76,2mm Hetzer – “EU premium TD’s, part 1″
Czechoslovak StuG III – “EU premium TD’s, part 2″
SD-100 – “EU premium TD’s, part 3″
50mm SV-4 – exotic CZ/GER guns
66mm PaK 44 – exotic CZ/GER guns
Š-I-SPO – light recon tank, possible tier 2 premium
MU-4/I 70mm – possible tier 2 arty
TVP – Czechoslovak hightier project
Czechoslovak Škoda autocannons (1947)
Praga TNH-57/900
Škoda T-17
Czechoslovak Turán SPG’s
152mm ShK, Czechoslovak potential tier 10 TD
Škoda T-25 artillery
Buff my Tank: T-25
Atypický tank Tatra
Š-I-D and Š-I-j tank destroyers
TSD-152: ISU-152 in Czechoslovak service


Polish armor part 1 – WB-3


Possible tier 8 alternate US mediums
American flying tank
T6 Medium tank
On the 5 Shermans = 1 Panther myth
The not-so-Duel at Dessau – on real history of the famous Superpershing tank duel
American post-war light tank prototypes – part 1
American post-war light tank prototypes – part 2
American post-war light tank prototypes – part 3
M-18 Hellcat’s top speed
Fake American vehicles
Revised US tank destroyer branch
M3 Lee – “Buff my tank”
M8A1 – “Buff my tank”
American Arty – a chronological debacle
M1921 – upcoming medium tank
T96 Heavy Gun Tank
Foreign Shermans – on non-US Sherman variants
Chrysler’s Heavy Tank K
T23 Medium Tank
M26 Pershing: Medium or Heavy?
American “E Series”
Okinawa Sherman
American Tank Destroyer – history


Motorsled – “retarded Russian projects”
Vezdechod – “retarded Russian projects”
Broneistrebitel – “retarded Russian projects”
Crusher – “retarded Russian projects”
Crawling fortress – “retarded Russian projects”
Spherical tanks – on ball-shaped Soviet tanks
A-43 – new tier 6 medium
A-44 – new tier 7 medium
Object 416 – new tier 8 medium
Object 430 – upcoming tier 10 medium
Object 140 – upcoming tier 10 medium
KV-1S and high caliber guns
Edward Grotte – gloomy teutonic genius
Gavalov tank – possible tier 6/7 light tank
T-50 – historical accuracy
Soviet rocket tanks
T-46-5 – tier 4 light tank
LTP – history
SG-122, ZIS-30 self propelled guns
MT-25 – history
Object 907 – history
ZIK-20 – 152mm SPG
IS-7 – history and development
T-39 superheavy breakthrough tank
IT-122 and IT-130 tank destroyers
The missing SU’s – SU SPG vehicles by number
T-34 – “Buff my tank!”
T-28 – “Buff my tank!”
SU-2-122 – twin barreled SPG
SU-203 – 203mm assault gun
SU-SMK-180 – 180mm gun on SMK chassis

Ensign’s Soviet tank Q&A
– part 1
Ensign’s Soviet tank Q&A – part 4
Ensign’s Soviet tank Q&A – part 6
Ensign’s Soviet tank Q&A – part 7
Ensign’s Soviet tank Q&A – part 11
Ensign’s Soviet tank Q&A – part 16
Ensign’s Soviet tank Q&A – part 21

Object 430U – possible tier 10 heavy
ISU-130 – two vehicles
SU-76M with closed compartment
Stalin’s Balls of Steel
T-60 – “Buff my tank!”
T-26 – “Buff my tank!”
KV-1S guns – on historical options
T-34 with an autoloader
Soviet Panthers
IS-3 historical turret armor
IS-3 armor tests
Soviet APC’s on T-26 chassis
Soviet BT tanks in combat – part 1 and part 2
IS-2 modernization proposal
SU-76i and SU-85i
T-54 Model 1949 light tank
Amphibious T-34
SU-85BM and SU-122P
Soviet Hellcat



MOWAG Taifun – Jagdpanzer from the 80′s
Pzw 39 (LTH) – possible lowtier tank


Type 64 “Hybrid” light tank
Type 64 “Prototype” light tank
Chinese tank destroyer line
Taiwan vehicles
Chinese Studebaker
WZ-111 historical info


Swedish heavy tank development
Swedish Tanks – Part I: Strv m/21-29
Swedish Tanks – Part II: Strv m/31 & Strv fm/31
Swedish Tanks – Part III: Landsverk L-100 and L-120

Swedish Tanks – Part IV: Landsverk L-60
Swedish Tanks – Part V: Strv m/37 and Strv m/41
Swedish Tanks – Part VI: Sav m/43
Swedish Tanks – Part VII: Strv m/42


Western rocket tanks – part 1
USS Alaska – WoWs article
Israeli tank tree
Improvised armor – Holger Dankse armored car
On shell normalization
Patagon light tank – Argentina’s very own
Worst tanks ever made
A “short” history of anti-tank rifles
Artillery in real life
The Schürzen – against HEAT?
Gun accuracy in real life
Polish Panthers
Ground Attack Aircraft: Myth of the Tank-Busters

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