- apparently, all the servers (including ASIA) will have the M24 Chaffee Sport crews, left over from Chaffee race event, retrained to regular Chaffee for free in 9.4
- Storm wants to apparently nerf the camo a bush provides to your tank by 20-25 percent
- there will apparently be a video, showing how the new gun sounds were recorded
- there was a “funny” episode in World of Warships development – at one point, there was a piece of land with some indestructible houses. Everything was fine, but the developers discovered that the FPS is dropping a lot, whenever these houses appeared on the screen. The issue was investigated and it was found out that inside one of the houses there was a bathtub and inside it, there was a model of a small plastic duck swimming, which would be a silly joke from one of the artists, were it not for the fact that the duck had around one million polygons…
- Storm confirms that the 9.4 gun sounds are the same as the ones from 9.1 Test 1, excluding high calibers. Some other filters were applied as well.
- developers are currently working on 9.4 Test 2
- developers are working on implementing polls and votes to WoT interface
- new HD tanks? “When they are done”
- developers now admit that the feedback on the new sounds is negative, they however are not sure, whether it’s just because those who like them stay silent and those who don’t whine
- from now on, every test client round will not be downloaded as a patch, every test will downloaded separately as a complete client (cca 7,7 GB). This was decided because “unfortunately, a huge part of playerbase was not able to follow the patching instructions”
- Havok coming this year? “It’s possible, but no guarantees”

Hungarian Branch in WoT – Part 3: Turán medium tanks

Part I
Part II: Light tanks

Author: Karika


In this part, we’ll take a look at how could the Hungarian Turán medium tanks be implemented into WoT. Everything is the same as in the previous article: I will not predict game parameters (health points or alpha damage) and the balance parameters (radiorange, RoF, etc.) would not necessarely be implemented as I listed them below.

Please note that these are only the historical characteristics, so presumably (!) these would be only the stock or intermediate configurations of the in-game tanks, not the final ones.

Turán – Tier IV



Possible vehicle description

In 1940 the Hungarian Ministry of Defence decided to buy the licence of the yet unfinished design of the Czechoslovak T-21 medium tank, to solve the problem of the missing medium tank class in Hungarian service as soon as possible. However, because the prototype needed plenty of modifications and suffered from many breakdowns during its development, the first 40M. Turán I medium tanks only arrived to the troops in the Summer of 1942. Soon after that, the need for a higher caliber gun arose, so between 1942-1943, the Turán was further developed to 41M. Turán II and recieved a short 75mm cannon in a modified turret. Approximately 459-462 Turán I and Turán II were manufactured during the war.

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Buff My Tank: Chi-Ri

Author: Daigensui

Originally I was planning to write the third part of Japanese tank destroyers, but quite a bit of fire from other locations has made me decide to add fuel to the fire. On the one side I’m considered a traitor for not giving Japanese tanks all possible advantages (such as the Chi-To engine), on the other side I’m some Japanophile who would do anything to fool WG into believing overbuffed information. Obviously I’m neither, but let’s see how it goes.

Chi-Ri is quite a problematic vehicle. It is essentially a larger Chi-To with only the autoloading gun being its advantage. It has barely enough engine power to cover the large weight, no armor to speak off (for a Tier VII medium), and a size which defies the idea of a medium tank. All in all, it is at most a 6.5 tier vehicle, just barely surviving.

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Straight Outta Supertest: Premium Tiger

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3563049.html

Hello everyone,

for some really weird reason, Wargaming added a premium tier 7 Tiger in historical configuration (88mm L/56) to the supertest. It’s identical to the regular Tiger, but in roughly historical setup (132 pen on tier 7 (yay!), 650 hp engine), but it has 1700 hitpoints (instead of 1500) and 3000 DPM (elite Tiger has cca 2200).

It is not known, what is this vehicle for. I asked around at WG and noone seems to know, it’s possible that it will actually be a regular premium tank (to be sold). Some speculated that it’s something related to Fury (“raid boss”), but we have no indication that there is such a mod in preparation (far too late for that).

Here are its stats (for 100 percent crew)

Hitpoints: 1700
Viewrange: 380

Turret armor: 100/100/80 (identical to regular Tiger elite turret)

Gun: 88mm L/56
Penetration: 132
Damage: 220
DPM: 2928
Reload: 4,507s
ROF: 13,313
Accuracy: 0,307
Aimtime: 1,73
Depression: -8

Engine: 650hp
Weight: 56,57 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,49 (elite regular Tiger has 12,15)
Hull traverse: 30 deg/s (elite regular Tiger has 26)
Maximum speed: 40/12
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,397 (1,151/1,342/2,781)

Clones for the clone god!


Sorry for the lack of articles today, I am sick (barely finished this QA), hopefully tomorrow it’s better.

- War Thunder sounds being better than WoT 9.4 sounds? Storm: “There’s no ‘impact’, ‘density’ or ‘bass’ in their sounds.”
- for now, there is no ETA for “XP for tanking” (SS: keep in mind that it takes an entire patch cycle just to collect proper data, so it’s possible that it won’t appear in 9.5 either)
- Storm states that the new sounds will not come for everyone, but as a downloadable mod pack, the way ultra HD textures were in 9.3, this mod will come in 9.4
- it is confirmed that no other server than ASIA will get a Type 59 on sale (thanks to Not_Me for this info), EU will apparently get some other exclusive tank on sale in December

Straight Outta Supertest: Garage Battles

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

apparently, according to the source listed above, the testing of new “Garage Battles” mode has begun on supertest. It’s a 15 vs 15 battle (of an unspecified tier, but I am assuming it’s tier 10 mode) where you have three lives.

Basically, you can respawn twice. After your death, you can choose where you respawn from several options. Hulls of the destroyed tanks do not remain on the map, they disappear.

Meanwhile in Britain…

Thanks to Sheep21 (NA) for this one :)

Hello everyone,

you all know at this point that Wargaming is cooperating with the creators of the movie Fury by promoting the movie via their videogame. But oddly enough:

fury - war not a game

A qoute from article:

…speaking on the red carpet, Pitt, 50, said that he had allowed his eldest son, Maddox, who is 13, to see the film and that he discussed it with him afterwards.
“We talked intensely about it.
“The younger generation play a lot of video games and I want them to understand that there are casualties. You don’t press reboot.
“There are real consequences and real stakes. We talked a lot about it.””

Well, that’s strange. War is not a game and yet you promote the movie through one? In any case, I am very curious how the movie will turn out (unfortunately, it only reaches CZ in November, so unless I manage to “procure” a copy somewhere before that, that’s when I’ll go to see it). I’ve seen some very positive reviews from the Americans (mostly from journalists), but also some very negative ones, so we’ll just have to see.

BT-SV and Type 59 To Be Sold In Gift Shop

Source: Tanitha’s Post

Thanks to mttspiii for this one.

Hello everyone,

according to Tanitha’s post from ASIA forums, an interesting thing is about to happen:

- Type 59 (as a part of one-time-only offer) will be temporarily sold in gift shop
- BT-SV will be sold as well as a part of a 100 USD bundle

There are currently no plans to introduce MTLS and Panzer II Ausf.J to the shop. This is valid specifically for ASIA server, but I have to wonder – is Wargaming so in need of a lot of money as to cross that boundary on US, RU and EU?