Interesting history about the Rudy tank. It was this tank that spawned the rumors on Russian forums about the Polish branch coming up soon (it’s not) and this being its first premium. From the POV of (former) EU tree development, I knew that this was not the case (first “European” premium will be something quite different). The way it will be implemented – I think it’ll get a special Polish crew “Fury style” (the names of the crewmen from the TV series), although it will technically still be Soviet.

Oh yes, and according to Russian leakers, the tank will be the T-34/85 of the post-war Polish production (T-34/85M2 model IIRC).

- oddly enough, the E-100 inside of the gun barrel model (the rifling) is only like 20cm thick, while IS-7 rifling model runs through the entire barrel. Storm states it’s just a little thing, so who cares.
- the size of the HD E-100 changed as such: it became 1cm longer, 1cm wider and 3cm taller
- the color of the HD E-100 is correct (same as of other HD German tanks), will not be changed
- differences in model sizes from original specs of 1 percent or less are considered acceptable
- E-100 mantlet in HD was remodelled to correspond the one in Panzer Tracts
- HD E-100 “bar” on the top of the turret (rangefinder optics) will be made lower (the same as it was)
- HD E-100 upper front plate angle is actually better than it should be (63 degrees compared to 60 degrees in reality), it will not be nerfed to historical specs
- E-100 will not get a (historical) Maus turret

Chinese Tank 121 and T-34-X Series (Part 1)

Author: Chickentikka

So, I wrote the Type-59 article last time and it seemed to get some praises and some of you guys requested more tank history articles on Chinese tanks, since there isn’t many info on them in English.

In this article, I am going to write about the 121 and other vehicles such as Type 69 and more.

First, I MUST make this fact clear: 121 is not WZ-121! It seems like a lot of you thinks 121 is WZ-121, but it’s not. 121 was China’s first generation tank. As I have mentioned in the Type 59 article, China and USSR broke apart in relationship and so, China had to produce Type 59′s (copy of T-54A). In 1962, China’s engineers predicted the likely future threats to tanks – and so, 121 was selected as the designation for the first generation tank plan. Later on, the 121 program was abandoned due to the development of 2nd generation tanks and the designation number 121 was passed over by the Type 69 (designated WZ-121). So technically, there are big differences between 121 and WZ-121.


121′s goal was to be a tank on par with Soviet and Western 2nd Gen tanks, such as the T-62. To give you guys an interesting extra piece of information, China’s main tank development was divided to medium tanks (later called MBT), heavies and lights are kind of secondary importance compared to the mediums. In terms of heavy tanks, 111 and 122 used different road wheel layout, similar to that of IS-4 and ST-I, but after some debates, 111 tank plan won and it was further developed (I don’t want to go into too much details on heavies here, but I am sure on FTR, there was a WZ-111 article previously).

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Italeri World of Tanks M4 Sherman Model Kit 1:35

Warning, this post contains large pictures.

Author: Kawagreen


Hello fellow tankers, I am KawaGreen from KAZNA. My girlfriend gave me the entire Italeri World of Tanks model set as a present for my birthday. These include the M4 Sherman, Ferdinand, M24 Chaffee and Pz. Kpfw. VI Tiger. I will also complete them in that order. She also bought the paint set with 6 colors.

When I was around the age of 12, I used to build model aircraft kits from Revel. But I really didn’t have the dedication and patience I have today at the age of 25. So all those models were kind of garbage when I finished them, but a good time consuming practice, so I liked it. My girlfriend ordered the set on a Monday and I received them on a Wednesday. Pretty good delivery time from Italy –> Belgium.

Building the M4 Sherman

First thing I noticed when unpacking was that I didn’t have all the colors to even start at building it. So first thing I did was open all the boxes, get the manuals out and write down all the paint color codes. I could have ordered them at the Italeri webshop but I wanted to start building right away. So I called a couple of model stores asking if they had the Italeri paint. No success so I found a paint convert table online where I could find the corresponding revel paint. So I then went to buy all the other paint I needed for all the models from Revel. Set me back around €35.

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“Rudy” Tank Incoming

Hello everyone,

those of us, who were born earlier probably remember the legendary Polish T-34 “Rudy” tank from the famous TV series “Four tankers and a dog”. While coloured with Soviet propaganda, the movie was nevertheless well liked amongst the people of the former Warsaw pact. Now, it was confirmed that Wargaming is actually working on the implementation of this tank in the game. It’s a part of an initiative to bring more “famous” tanks into the game, the way they did with Fury.

So that’s good. The Polish, one of the two largest, if not THE largest community will get their very own first premium tank! I am sure many are looking forward to the feature of driving their own vehicle with their own crews and possibly Polish voiceover.



Got you, didn’t I?

So, dear Polish players, you want a Polish tank in the game? Well, here’s a big fuck you from WG, because Rudy is a Soviet tree vehicle. It MIGHT however have a “special” crew the way Fury had Brad Pitt lookalike.

New Hangars in 9.6

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3718346.html

Many thanks to Awasaky for this one.

Hello everyone,

there are several new hangars again in 9.6 client, let’s have a look at them. Just a small remark however… most of the hangars are usually related to China or Asia. Storm generally expressed concern about the size of the client – why does Wargaming include hangars in the client, that will never be “legally” activated for western users?

Oh well, at least they are pretty. Well, some of them anyway.

Chinese hangar

Can be downloaded here

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Otto Carius Passed Away

Hello everyone,

on 24.1.2015, one of the last surviving well-known Tiger commanders, Otto Carius, passed away after a short, but serious illness.


Otto Carius was a German tanker ace of WW2, fighting on the Panzer 38t, Tiger and finally the Jagdtiger. It is estimated that during the war, Carius’ crew managed to knock out 150 enemy vehicles and many more soft targets and AT guns. He survived the fighting and after the war, he opened a pharmacy called Tiger-Apotheke, that exists to this day. He is best known for writing a book of his memories about fighting on the Tiger, called “Tigers in the mud”.

Rest in peace.


Storm answers from the closed betatester section of the forum

- there’s no ETA on “matchmaker 3.0″ right now – there’s a lot of research to be done
- new motion physics: medium future (SS: that usually means 3-6 months)
- Storm considers MM and balancing fixes to have higher priority than Havok introduction
- Type 62 will not be buffed in 9.6
- the HD E-100 model was made according to Panzer Tracts and the weld thickness was copied from there. But in the end, developers decided not to do it and leave it as it was (SS: historically, the weld parts were apparently weaker than the ingame model, I don’t know from head, would have to check)
- developers considered improving the gold to credit conversion ratio to make this conversion more attractive, but decided not to do it in the end
- Storm confirms that there will be no more limited MM tanks, this decision is connected “to gameplay and to matchmaker issues”
- the game is being optimized gradually every patch
- Havok development has nothing to do with motion physics, it’s different people doing it
- new tree render (“speedtree”) will come as a part of the new render system WG is working on

That’s all for today. Storm wrote that he’d be busy through the weekend and wouldn’t have much time to answer questions.

“Developer Time” Q&A (Part 2)

From an earlier “Developer time” writeup I found only just now, somehow I missed it before. Same source (VK Express community), this time the topic is “individual missions”

- no plans for adding the option to complete the same individual missions twice
- the IM tanks will not be nerfed, even if their statistics are very high
- it’s possible there will be a way to get girl tankers from other events in the future
- the girl faces are all real people, working for Wargaming
- the sum of all the credits you can get for complete all the IM’s is 41 million credits
- there will be a girl crew voiceover, performed by “famous voices” (SS: most likely refers only to Russia)
- no plans to allow players to buy IM tokens for money, the IM vehicles will not be introduced to premium shop, ever
- press-accounts will not have the IM tanks

“Developer Time” Q&A

Hello everyone,

this is a writeup of the “Developer Time” show from Wargaming FM radio. The topic was: “maps”. The person answering was Roman Tabolin, whoever that is. Thanks to WoT Express for the writeup.

- development of a map can take up to half a year including the entire design of the map
- in next 3-4 months, there will be no historical maps
- map “Berlin” will most likely not appear in the game
- map “Minsk” will not come anytime soon, but there is development going on and developers are testing it internally. Definitely not in first 6 months of 2015
- each patch brings fixed in the maps (3-4 maps), this will continue
- in the end, only 1 out of 6 maps created actually gets released
- for the new future, two new maps that will be released are being prepared
- there will be no night maps, this was scrapped long ago. “If you want, play with your eyes closed.”

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