Straight Outta Supertest: IM Update

Hello everyone,

just a quick update for the previous IM post (it was edited to reflect this one):

- currently, you need 20 tokens to recieve the IM reward tank
- each final battle in the chain (five chains) gives you 4 tokens for the primary requirement and 1 token for the secondary requirement

As a result, it means that you can complete only 4 out of 5 mission chains (avoiding for example playing artillery), but ONLY if you complete all primary AND secondary goals for those four.

Straight Outta Supertest: Maps

Well, this is the first time I actually split posts, but whatever. Since everyone got so excited about the female crews and missions, I am splitting the map topic from the original post. Here, the maps can be freely discussed.

New maps from supertest:

Lost City (this seems to be a symmetric, e-sports special map), it was developed for quite a while.


Mittengard aka “The Pit” is a lowtier map apparently, it’s quite small. It’s possible it will join the pool of tier 1,2,3 maps


Winter Ruinberg is here to replace Ruinberg on Fire. The basic complaint about RoF is that it was just too dark.


Swedish Tanks – Part XX: Ikv 103 & Ikv 65

Author: sp15 (US server)

The list of previous parts is at the bottom of the article.


In 1956, along with the refit of the Ikv 72 to Ikv 102 (see previous part), it was decided to start the production of a second batch of Ikv’s with the upgrades considered for the Ikv 72 built in to the design. This vehicle would become known as the Ikv 103 and a total of 81 vehicles of this type were produced between 1956 and 1957, making it the most widely produced assault gun in the Swedish army at that point. Although externally similar to the earlier models, the Ikv 103 featured a number of changes, such as the addition of a roof, a change of the main armament from a 75mm to 105mm and the addition of a more powerful engine. The engine, used in the Ikv 103 was a 150hp 4-cylinder boxer engine, originally developed by Svenska Flygmotor AB for use in the Saab Safir training aircraft. The air for the new engine did not need to pass through the crew compartment (something appreciated by crews in winter) and this also gave the vehicle its distinctive “grills” on both sides of the engine compartment.

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Insider Talks: T-34/88 for Xbox and…. Agritraktor!

Hello everyone,

quick info from the Insider. Apparently, the T-34/88 tank is coming to Xbox in a bundle with the (earlier announced) Sherman Ripper. The bundle will look like this:

- Soviet tier VI T-34-88 Medium Tank
– 100% Crew
– 38 Pzgr. 39 Shells
– 8 Pzgr. 40 Shells
– 2 Garage Slots
– 30 Days of Premium Account

Meet the newest addition to the Soviet collection, the T-34-88! This Premium medium tank will catch your enemies by surprise as you wreak havok on the battlefield with training up your Soviet Medium crews and earning loads of Silver!

Why on earth is it a Soviet tank, I have no idea (the vehicle conversion – if it indeed happened – was performed by Germans). According to vague Russian “records” presented by Yuri Pasholok (remember, it was that school notebook stuff), this vehicle actually existed, as it was captured and dismantled by Soviets after the war, but who knows. This offer is unfortunately for Xbox only – not sure why, PC WoT could use this tank as well.

What is funnier however is that for some reason, the following bundle description was found in the WoT files – a great “offer” indeed!

Agritraktor attack!

-German “Super” Heavy tank Agritraktor I Ausf. A
– 100% Crew
– 100 Pzgr. Rbd Shells
– Garage Slot
– 3 Days of Premium Account

Greet the most “powerful” of German tanks, The Agritraktor! this little beast is a one shot wonder, strike fear on your foes and harvest them at the same time with this one-man powered “tank!”

Agritraktor is exactly what you think it is – a tractor equipped with German 88mm gun (or so it seems). It’s not a real vehicle, it was a test mule, used in very early days of WoT (like, pre-alpha) to test stuff like basic movement, IIRC. Unless this is some very early April 1st joke, it’s probably some trolling.

Straight Outta Supertest: Female Crews, IM’s

Hello everyone,

a fresh batch of info from the supertest.

Evilly mentioned that there will be a “crew surprise” connected to the IM’s. Well, the surprise is… female crewmembers. Whenever you recieve one token for completing 15 missions (you need 4 tokens for every tank out of 5), you get one for free, along with enough crew XP for one perk

Regarding the individual mission mechanics: it seems that every mission has a main objective and secondary objective. If you complete secondary objective as well as the main one, the rewards get bigger. Here are two examples of first two StuG IV missions (easiest), since those two seem to be ready. Remember how Evilly said that each “chain” of 15 missions is tied to a specific vehicle class?

First mission for LT is to be in top 10 in XP, the reward is 50k credits. But if you manage to survive as well, you get extra 25k.

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Evilly on Individual Missions

Hello everyone,

because many butts were hurt and many bricks were shat under the earlier IM post (mostly due to artillery presence), Evilly (WG RU producer) decided to react and to explain the situation:


“You can stop being butthurt about the artillery. It’s just one of the possible variants. There are 5 branches of missions (LT, MT, HT, TD and Artillery), but it’s possible that in order to get the tank, you will have to complete 4 out of 5 without suffering playing the arty.”

He however confirmed that it’s possible platoons will be a requirement of some of the missions. He added that earlier, there were two ways how to do the missions – either remove the arty missions altogether, or to make the requirement 4 out of 5. Currently, they are working with the second variant. The missions are tied not to nations, but to vehicle classes.

Straight Outta Supertest: FV4004 Conway Changes

Source: VK FTA community

Hello everyone,

based on the testing, the FV4004 Conway tier 9 TD was changed as such (data for 100 percent crew):

- hitpoints buffed from 1250 to 1500
- viewrange buffed from 320 to 380
- weight increased from 49,442 tons to 51,01 tons
- power-to-weight reduced from 19,21 hp/t to 18,62 hp/t
- hull traverse nerfed from 32 deg/s to 28 deg/s
- turret traverse nerfed from 20,9 deg/s to 16,7 deg/s
- 120mm top gun ROF nerfed from 8,343 to 8,022
- 120mm top gun reload time nerfed from 7,192 to 7,479
- 120mm ammo carried increased from 20 to 35
- 120mm top gun accuracy buffed from 0,316 to 0,307
- 120mm aimtime buffed from 1,92s to 1,82s

The stats thus look as such:

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Straight Outta Supertest: FV215b (183) Nerf

Hello everyone,

remember how Storm said that of the two British derps, the FV4005 would be the faster one, even though both had roughly the same mobility? Well, the FV215b (183) is getting nerfed as such (data valid for 100 percent crew):

- hull traverse reduced from 32 to 24
- terrain resistance on hard surfaces nerfed by 38 percent
- terrain resistance on medium surfaces nerfed by 43 percent
- terrain resistance on soft surfaces nerfed by 25 percent

There is currently no compensation issued for these changes, so it’s a pure nerf (it’s possible the armor will be buffed, but not certain). Well, looks like Storm was right after all – after this, the FV4005 will really be faster.

Couple More Charioteer Pictures

Source: VK Wotleaks community

It is now confirmed that contrary to previous plans, WG decided to remove the 105mm L7 gun from the Charioteer, leaving it with two 20pdrs (if I recall correctly, it’s the “usual” Type A and Type B). By the way, in case you are wondering, the L7 Charioteer is historical, it was even built (not just proposed).


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Two things. First, the 9.5 testing is slowly starting – hence the IM info. HOWEVER, keep in mind that any info from supertest might as well consist of placeholders. There is no indication that players will be actually FORCED to play arty, it’s possible this is just tested.

Secondly, the following vehicles are being added to the 9.5 CT: 11 British tanks (slowly, all are not ready yet, the Charioteer got leaked), along with ISU-130, AMX CDC, AMX-13/57, STA-2, and FV4202 with HD model. Furthermore, three new maps are being supertested: winter version of Ruinberg (to replace Ruinberg on Fire), something called “Lost City” (not sure what that is) and a map called “Mittengard” (which is the version of the Pit). More info as it gets leaked. It is unlikely all these maps will appear in 9.5.

Oh and apparently, the tutorial window bug is still preset after the micropatch on RU server, but at least it doesn’t appear all the time. An odd thing though – according to the Support site, the patch was supposed to be released today. Did anyone actually download it?

Otherwise there’s nothing new.