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Missions in September with Tanks as Rewards

Hello everyone,

Russian server published the event for September. The tanks, that will be obtainable for missions on RU server in September will be KV-220 and Type 62. It’s possible (likely even) that EU and US will have the same missions.

In order to get them:

Daily mission “Medium Tanks”

- cause 20000 damage, destroy 25 enemy tanks and make 13500 (base) XP, once per day, in a tier 6-10 medium tank (including premium vehicles). Can be fulfilled only once per day, from 1.9. to the end of the month.

Fulfill the abovementioned mission 5x, you will get 1 day of premium account (can be fulfilled 6x for 6 days of premium)
Fulfill the abovementioned mission 25x, you will get Type 62

Daily mission “Light Tanks”

- make assisted 12000 damage (scouting), make 12000 damage, destroy 5 enemy tanks and make 12500 (base) XP, once per day, in a tier 5-8 light tank (including premium vehicles). Can be fulfilled only once per day, from 1.9. to the end of the month.

Fulfill the abovementioned mission 5x, you will get 1 day of premium account (can be fulfilled 3x for 3 days of premium)
Fulfill the abovementioned mission 25x, you will get KV220

New Fun Mode

Hello everyone,

missing the Karl and the Soccer mode? Well, you’re in luck. According to the “Insider” at WG EU, in September, we will have a new fun mode – apparently, it’s going to be a race this time, in Chaffees (a special Chaffee “Sport”). No other details are known at this time.


Hello everyone,

apparently, the supertest of 9.3 patch was delayed by a week, which means the test was delayed as well and the previously estimated date (next Thursday or so) is no longer valid.

- Q: “Compared to other German tanks, the armor of track module on Maus is weak. Is it a balance parameter?” A (SerB): “To write bullshit is bad for your brain. Maus has the highest track armor of all the tanks.”
- it’s possible that some cases of the Sixth Sense lightbulb not lighting up properly are caused by mods – if you experience this more often (that it doesnt light up when it should), remove mods and try again
- apparently, 9.3 news will be published soon
- currently, it is planned to give players who own FV4202, when it gets changed to tier 8 premium, that tank for free
- Havok will come in “one of the upcoming patches”

Ukrainian Businessman Honors Fallen Czechoslovak Tankers in WW2


Hello everyone,

a rare gesture happened in Ukraine. An Ukrainian businessman by the name of Vladimir Vladimirovich Borodenko ordered and paid for the monunument built in the village of Chernyakhiv in memory of 11 Czechoslovak soliders, who fell fighting the nazis during the battle of Kiev. In the village, roughly 50 kilometers from Kiev, they died on 9.11.1943 and are buried there. They belonged to a Czechoslovak tank unit – Czechoslovak soldiers participated in the operation and contributed a great deal to the liberation of Kiev in late 1943. For their brave deeds, three Czechoslovak soldiers were awarded with the title “Hero of the USSR” – two of which were tankers (Josef Buršík, Richard Tesařík), one was a submachine gunner (Antonín Sochor).


Borodenko’s father participated in the Soviet invasion in Czechoslovakia in 1968 and asked him to do it on his deathbed as his final wish to repent for participating in the invasion. The monument was first unveiled in May of this year with the Czech ambassador in Ukraine taking part in the event.

WoT Hitbox Oddities

Thanks to noruzenchi86 for this one.

Hello everyone,

remember the “lol we left half of Panzer 38t armor missing” bug, that was fixed a patch later? Well… the developers did it again, on a smaller scale though.

This is the frontal hull of the RhB Waffenträger. Notice the closed hatch on the upper hull.


And this is the hitbox of the same spot (different angle for better view).


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The One Who Did Not Sign (August 1968)

Hello everyone,

today and tomorrow, we Czechs and Slovaks remember the 46th anniversary of the invasion of Soviet (and Polish, Hungarian and Bulgarian) forces to Czechoslovakia. This act brought the so-called Prague Spring events to an end and with it the reforms of the communist government, throwing Czechoslovakia back into two decades of “normalization” before the regime finally crumbled.

A lot has been written about what happened in the night from 20.8. to 21.8.1968 and even wikipedia covers the topic relatively well. Czechoslovakia was the victim of (by then already slowly failing) Soviet Union’s lust for power, just like the bloody revolution in Hungary 12 years ago. In the aftermath of the invasion, prominent Czechoslovak members of communist party were kidnapped, brought to Moscow and forced to sign the so-called Moscow Protocol, formally agreeing to the invasion. And they all did – all but one.

His name was František Kriegel.


Just like the entire history of Czechoslovakia, František Kriegel too was a person of contradictions. For one, he was a hardcore communist before the changes in 1968. He was born in Halič in 1908 and studied to become a doctor in Prague. In the 30′s, he decided to join the Spanish International Brigades as a volunteer and fought against Franco’s fascists in Spain. Here, he reached the rank of Major and after the defeat of republican forces in 1939, he joined the ranks of Red Cross and left with other doctors for China (when it was under attack from Japan). He served there as a military doctor until 1945 and was generally praised by the Americans, for whom he worked on a contract. From 1945, he became one of the leading representatives of Prague communist organization and in 1948, he actively participated in the communist coup, that installed the regime as a People’s Militia leader in Prague.

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A29 “Clan” – the Forgotten Cruiser

Author: Okinoshima (US server)

With the upcoming line of British tank destroyers on the way, we can all expect some well known and exciting vehicles to take into battle, notably the Challenger, a heavily modified Cromwell mounting the near-legendary QF 17-pounder tank gun; faster, nimbler and lower than the Sherman Firefly, the A30/Cruiser Mark VIII “Challenger”, while hampered by delays was introduced just in time to see service in the final months of the Second World War. That is not the whole story though, the A30 Challenger, designed by Birmingham Carriage & Wagon Company, was not Britain’s only response to the increasingly larger and more sophisticated armour being produced by Germany during the war, but one of several designs, that emerged in the early 1940s. In late November/early December 1941, the British General Staff issued specifications for an ‘Assault’ tank and allocated the General Staff number A29 and was handed over to Rolls-Royce to design while Birmingham Carriage & Wagon Company was allocated the General Staff number A30.


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