World of Tanks Amongst 10 Best WW2 Games


Thanks to Ronineter for this one.

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hmmm, it looks like World of Tanks made it to the PcgamesN’s top ten World War Two themed games (along with War Thunder, Call of Duty: World at War, Company of Heroes, Brothers in Arms, Red Orchestra 2, Hidden and Dangerous 2, Hearts of Iron 3, Silent Hunter 3 and Medal of Honor Allied Assault).

Well… it’s something, I guess.

The description of WoT in the article however is pretty weird however:

The equivalent of the Tiger tank in free-to-play land due to its massive player base and frequent updates, World of Tanks is a multiplayer shooter where everyone – yes, even you – gets to take command of a tank. You to pick a machine from a list as long as a small country of various vehicles from WW2 – from half-tracks to tank hunters – crew it up, and hit the battlefield for swift quick-fire rounds. Modes are broadly split into two camps; the more arcade-feeling games based on territory capture and enemy obliteration, and Historical Battles which recreate actual conflicts.

World of Tanks is fun game to play, throwing out the finicky details and focusing purely on refined mechanics and responsiveness. But despite this you can genuinely feel the passion developer Wargaming has for the stars of its show. From the most obscure little Polish tank to icons like the Sherman and Panzer, World of Tanks is an explosively interactive military hardware museum.

What the fuck? Did they even play the game at all? Or – well, did they at least read the game site?

- I haven’t seen any halftracks in the game! (would be cool though)
- there are no historical battles, they were there for like one patch, this post is a day old! They just made this part up.
- Leopard 1 and T-62A, so WW2, much realism!
- there are no Polish tanks in the game (maybe one day)
- “museum” – WT E-100 says hi

They should have at least played a bit…

Don’t trust everything just because it’s in a book!

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you a funny story, that happened yesterday. Last night, I was working on an upgrade proposal for the LT Vz.35 (Panzer 35t), regarding the second (elite) turret of the vehicle. I won’t bother you with details, it’s a pretty confusing business anyway – suffice to say at one point I decided the best option to have for the elite turret would be the T-11 turret (from the modified LT Vz.35′s, exported to Bulgaria under the name Lek tank Shkoda). Well, it would be the best option, were it not for the tiny little fact that the turrets look identical! The T-11 was just modified to incorporate a more modern 37mm gun (the A8).

Now, if you ever read my articles on Czechoslovak armor, you probably know that I quote possibly the most important Czechoslovak armor publicist a lot – his name is Ivo Pejčoch and he wrote series of books on armor. Now, when it comes to other nations, the books do have some flaws, but the Czechoslovak research is (as expected) pretty solid. In such a case, you’d expect solid drawings from him as well, no?

Well… check this out.

This is the LT Vz.35 on Pejčoch’s drawing:


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T47 37mm Experimental Gun

Author: CaptianNemo

The T47 37mm Experimental Gun was provided by Division 1 through the Franklin Institute. The gun is essentially a modified 40mm Bofors gun (Navy Speciation) which fired a series of different projectiles using different primers and powders. Overall length was 88.58 inches.


The barrel is chromium-plated and was made by boring a 40mm(Bofors) tube for 37mm and chambering it for a standard 40mm(Bofors) cartridge case necked down to accommodate a 37mm projectile. The first gun barrel was mounted on a standard 57mm carriage and then sent off to Aberdeen Proving Grounds for testing. A second gun barrel was shipped off to Division 1 , NDRC ballistic firing range at Carderock, Maryland for ballistic tests. The second barrel failed (on round number 51) after the chromium plating failed and it was determined that the plating was too thin and it notes in the report that it was recommended that another (third) barrel be produced with the correct chromium plating thickness. The report does not say if a third barrel was produced.

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Connection Issues on EU Servers

Hello everyone,

currently, Wargaming (not just World of Tanks) is experiencing severe trouble with servers. It is unclear what caused it, but some WG employee posts suggest it was some sort of failure on Wargaming’s side (hardware and such), but as of now (21:35), they do not know what happened. The servers affected are: EU1, RU3, WoWp EU (such loss!) and WoT Blitz RU.

According to German community manager, the situation will hopefully be resolved until 22:00.

Edit (21:49): the core of the problem was found. EU1 should be functional soon.
Edit (22:02): the networking problems have been resolved apparently and currently, WG is working on restoring the gameplay
Edit (22:06): currently no ETA on restoration, they are working on it
Edit (00:06): EU1 should be running by now


Just to make it absolutely clear, because it seems that some people misunderstood the post yesterday: HD models (high polygon) are not getting scrapped, only the highest resolution textures are.

Oh yea and the third campaign is announced, check the portal.

- the fact that there is a chance for the Churchill GC to be moved to tier 5 doesn’t mean the same situation applies for ARL 40, because the situation with it is more complicated due to the fact it’s the only vehicle on tier 6 for France
- Q: “How come WT E-100 killed me with my FV4202 in close combat, shouldn’t MT own TD at close range?” A: “It would seem so.”
- Q: “Why don’t you make maps with different side sizes, like 1,2*1,4 instead of just 1,2*1,2? Is there some sort of game or design limitation preventing you from doing that?” A: “No. We simply didn’t get to do that.”

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Invite Codes

Hello everyone,

a bunch of invite codes – from Vegan_Sausage_Of_Doom, Old_Judge and Neoros with “Greetings from Poland” and special remark: “Only for intelligent people” :) and Watman


Straight Outta Supertest: WoT Invite Program

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

the supertesters is currently busy with testing the new “referral” (player invite) program. Basically, if you invite a player:

If you and the player will play together (platoon), every “successful” battle, you will get XP bonuses of the following style (the multipliers are placeholders for supertest):

- for the first hour from first successful battle together – x3 XP (once, doesn’t reset)
- the following days, after the x3 period is over, it’s x2 XP
- after the recruiter gains 10000 referral (bonus) XP from the x2 event, it is reduced to x1,5

These bonuses add up to all the other XP bonuses (premium account, missions, first victory). Furthermore, the recruiter will be awarded for reaching X amount of referral XP as such (the numbers are placeholders, will differ on real server):

- certain number of XP: 1 million credits
- certain number of XP (step 1 x 3): T95E2 special loader crewmember with enough crew XP on him for 2 perks
- certain number of XP (step 1 x 5): T95E2 special driver crewmember with enough crew XP on him for 2 perks
- certain number of XP (step 1 x 7): T95E2 special gunner crewmember with enough crew XP on him for 2 perks
- certain number of XP (step 1 x 10): T95E2 special commander crewmember with enough crew XP on him for 2 perks and a free T95E2 tank + garage slot

Furthermore, if the “recruit” buys a tier 10 tank, the “recruiter” immediately gets a T95E2 tank with a free garage slot. If the recruiter continues to gather the referral XP and reaches the last stage (commander + free tank for step1x10) while already having the T95E2, he will get just the commander.

Carins Tank Museum, Australia

Hello everyone,

ASIA player (and moderator) Mcmole recently visited the newly opened Carins Australian Armour and Artillery museum – there are some pretty interesting vehicles there and he was kind enough to share the pictures. Check this out!

For full version of the picture, right-click it and select “view image”

Chieftain MBT (this one comes from Western Australia)

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