Panther with 88mm L/71 Supertest Changes

Source: VK FTA community

Hello everyone,

on supertest, the Panther 88mm (original stats) was changed as such:

- terrain passability buffed from 0,767/0,959/1,822 to 0,575/0,767/1,438
- hull traverse buffed from 36 to 38 deg/s
- DPM increased from 2115 to 2176,4
- reload time buffed from 6,808 to 6,616
- ROF buffed from 8,813 to 9,068
- depression buffed from -2 to -5
- turret traverse buffed from 29,2 to 33,4

So, in total:

Statistics for 100 percent crew, preliminary price is 11,5k gold.

Tier: 8 Premium
Hitpoints: 1500
Weight: 46,5 tons
Engine power: 600 hp
Power-to-weight: 12,9 hp/t
Maximum speed: 46/20 km/h
Terrain resistance: 0,575/0,767/1,438
Hull traverse: 38 deg/s
Viewrange: 390
Radiorange: 573,6

Armor – hull: 80/50/40
Armor – turret: 120/60/60

Gun: 88mm L/71
Penetration: 203
Damage: 240
DPM: 2176,4
Reload time: 6,616s
ROF: 9,068
Accuracy: 0,307
Aimtime: 2,4s
Depression: -5 in the front, -7 on the sides
Turret traverse rate: 33,4 deg/s


Storm on new physics: “In the new physics, the interaction between the vehicle and small obstacles and irregularities on the ground is completely different. When going over such spots, the tanks lose much less speed, shrugging these obstacles off by the work of its suspension. It’s much easier to keep the target in your sights without losing your speed. I consider one of the positive aspects of new physics.”

- Storm confirms that the Chieftain in the game will be Mk.2 (SS: he was mistaken before with Mk.3, not a hard mistake to do, since Vickers MBT Mk.3 was considered for WoT)
- developers are not making the Chieftain model yet, it will be scanned in Bovington first
- Chieftain and the FV4202 switch will not come this year apparently
- it’s possible that 0.9.5 will come this year (specifically December 14 was mentioned by Storm)
- IS-7 “rectangular” gun barrel will be fixed later
- reworked historical battles will definitely not come in 2014
- vehicles in new historical battles will be “historical”, but which ones exactly will be used is not decided yet
- Chaffee 43k XP compensation will NOT be free XP
- tank corpses (destroyed tank hulls) do not ricochet in 9.3, only tanks that are alive do
- Chinese tank crew setup (where the radioman position switches from one crewmember to another) will be fixed
- T-54 HD model does not correspond the T-54 Light HD model. T-54 model has to be fixed according to Storm

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Liberation Celebrations in Netherlands

Hello everyone,

Mr.Raoul Hayen posted some really interesting videos on his Facebook site. It’s from the recent liberation celebrations in Holland. Some of the vehicles there are pretty impressive :) I hope the video works for you. Press the HD button for higher resolution.

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WoT Medal Inspired by Deviantart

Hello everyone,

thanks to Velio Andreev for this one. So, we have this nice new shiny medal for the Twilight of Gods – the “Head of Fenrir”:

It seems that the medal art was actually inspired by a Deviantart user Gloom82 – check this out, this is his impression of the Fenrir wolf from norse mythology.


I don’t know about you, but I think the inspiration is kinda clear. Still… it’s a really nice picture, I can see why the Wargaming people became inspired by it, the (original) artist is obviously talented.

AAF Tank and Ordnance War Memorial Museum in Danville, Virginia

Hello everyone,

a couple of photos from the USA – AAF Tank and Ordnance War Memorial Museum in Danville, Virginia, as the title says. Photos were made recently by Polemarchos (US server). Thank you for sharing! Most of these vehicles are in process of restoration and the museum allegedly has a long list of other machines not on display, that are being restored even now.

There are at least two very interesting prototypes in this collection… check it out :)

M5 3in Gun

3 inch Gun M5

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