Straight Outta Supertest: STA-2

Source: VK Wotleaks community + Ponyushnya

Here it’s pretty simple. Upcoming tier 8 Japanese premium medium tank.


These are 100 percent crew stats.

Tier 8 MT
Preliminary price: 11k gold
Hitpoints: 1400
Engine: 500hp
Weight: 34 tons
Power-to-weight: 14,71 hp/t
Maximum speed: 45/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 44 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,055/1,918

Hull armor: 45/35/?
Turret armor: 70/60/?

Gun: 90mm
Damage: 240
Penetration: 185,9
DPM: 2029
ROF: 8,456
Accuracy: 0,355
Aimtime: 2,21s
Depression: -10
Turret traverse: 43,8 deg/s

Viewrange: 380
Radiorange: 720

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- Storm confirms: Sixth Sense will not be simply a perk, it will be radioman’s “ability”, that will work always
- a player was complaining, that the role of armor in the game is decreased by vehicles (guns), that are too new, being introduced into the game. Storm states that it’s not about the age of the vehicle, but only the gun’s penetration. Whether gun penetration will change Storm cannot say for now, he needs to analyze additional statistics. He thinks that he’ll recieve the statistics soon.
- Storm played a lot on new Murovanka and he thinks the map improved, you have more freedom to act.
- Q: “Maus had 265mm frontal armor, buff!” A (SerB): “That’s complete crap and ignorance on the matter unfortunately.”
- SerB states that the situation where you have the Intuition loader perk, that activates as soon as the countdown reaches 0 when you switch shells during countdown is correct
- 9.5 will come around New Year apparently

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Swedish Tanks Special: Branch/Tree for WoT

Author: sp15

Hi everyone,

as you might know, I’m sp15, one of the volunteer researchers for the EU tree and the author behind the Swedish tanks series here on FTR. Today, I want to talk about the prospect of the Swedish branch or even tech tree and how it could work in World of Tanks.

A Swedish tech tree?

Unlike the other European nations, Sweden meets the requirements set for a full tech tree implementation, which simply means that there are enough tanks to reach tier 10 in every tank class (except light tanks). I don’t necessarily think that this requirement represents WG’s current view on the matter, since things like the size of the market needs to be taken into account, but in any case, it is certain that we will see Swedish tanks in the game either as part of the EU tree or as a separate nation.

Here is my interpretation of how a Swedish tree could look:


Tank designs by the nation of Sweden have been shaped by the need to keep up with larger, more powerful nations like Germany and Russia with limited amount of resources and the emphasis on mobility over armor and firepower. In general, Swedish tank designs have very low weights and are also in many cases smaller, compared to their counterparts. The armor of these designs is often decent frontally, but very bad on the sides and rear, which means you will have to use their good mobility to avoid hits. When it comes to firepower, Sweden has an interesting mix of options: at the low-mid tiers, the guns are conventional ones with decent firepower, penetration and good gun depression, but on the mid-high tiers, you start getting the option to mount autoloaders on some vehicles like the Strv m/42 at tier 5 or the tier 6 and 7 artillery. In comparison with the nations already in the game, Swedish tanks can be described as a blend between French tanks with good mobility and autoloaders and American tanks with good gun depression and decent frontal armor.

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Interview with Anton “Evilly” Pankov

Hello everyone,

here’s an interview video with Anton “Evilly” Pankov, WoT producer. Inside:

- the project World of Warships will “finish the trilogy”
- WG has several projects they are not talking about yet beyond that
- regarding the alleged drops in WoT playerbase, Evilly states that the peak was in January (over 1 mil online), then it dropped due to summer and issues with 9.0 and now the playerbase is returning
- third CW campaign will start soon (on RU), its reward will be Object 907, but it’s possible there will be a choice from three tanks (907, M60 and VK7201)
- developers are planning further development of CW and Stronghold mode
- for individual players, the next big thing will come in 9.5 – individual missions
- individual missions will be more complicated than current missions, they will also have more valuable prizes
- FV4202 change to premium will not come this year, but in first quarter of 2015
- FV215b will be replaced by “Chieftain prototype” (SS: as far as I know, this is wrong – Mk.II is the right answer)
- FV4202 will not be given out for free automatically, there will be a mission for current tier 10 FV4202 owners, when you complete it, you can get the premium one
- German Panther 88 will come at the end of this year, it will be followed by Soviet tier 8 premium medium tank (SS: T-54 Model 1945) and Japanese tier 8 premium medium tank (SS: STA-2B)
- no plans to make a movie about Wargaming for now
- roaming is already functional (developers are sometimes playing on EU or US server), there are no plans to introduce it for now however, developers want to first find out how to monetize it etc.
- Evilly confirms that Russian players are better than Europeans or Americans
- developers are monitoring other games (AW, WT)

Siemka, kto PL?

Hello everyone,

don’t worry, I am not going to rush Malinovka field now, it’s a name of the new site I would like to tell you about.

Now, Russians have their Wargag, but as far as I know, we don’t have any “centralized” World of Tanks jokes site, well, until now anyway. The content is collected from all over the forums I would say and it’s really practical to have it in one place. The site is relatively new and its creator, Timandra, asked me to give it a spotlight if I like it – and I actually really do :)

So, enjoy!


9.4 Test 2 Feedback

Hello everyone,

just a quick rundown of some of the things in test 2. The camouflage fixed – yea, I tried to look at it in Tank Viewer and nothing seemed wrong, so who knows. Personally, I think they fixed this:

This is from Test 9.3 actually and it’s a Maus, but you can see that the turret texture is stretched wrong, so maybe it was present on the Tiger II as well. Then the visual model changes – I had a look at both of the test 1 and test 2 versions and I have absolutely no idea what they changed visually on any of those listed models (Centurion 7/1, KV-85, M5 Stuart, M3 Lee) – both versions are identical. Whatever it was, it was probably on the “let’s shift this texture two pixels to the left” level.

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9.4 Test Round 2 Started

Hello everyone,

test 2 of 9.4 has begun, with the following changes (compared to test 1):

- added new map Stalingrad
- reworked the gun sounds, based on test 1 feedback
- fixed the bug where the ricochet damage counted twice, fixing also the improper issuing of Dumitru, Orlik, Bombardier and Warrior medals
- fixed the bug with shells flying through tanks, that appeared in test 1
- reworked the design of game menu, that opens when pressing Escape

- fixed issues in visual models on following vehicles: Stug IV, M56, Object 260, Panzer II Ausf.D, Panther 88, Centurion 7/1, KV-85, M5 Stuart, M3 Lee
- fixed issues in collision models on following vehicles: T-55 NVA DDR, Object 260, T95E2, StuG IV, Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71
- fixed visual camouflage on models of T95E2, Tiger II, E 100
- fixed the loading capacity on StuG IV and Panzer II Ausf.D
- nerfed the reload time of T28 Concept

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- SerB confirms that the current VK4502B will be replaced by Maus prototype. The rear turret tank will then either become a premium tank, or will turn into the alternative hull for the existing VK4501A
- SerB states that the problem with the previous issue of historical battles was in getting enough players for both teams. Now WG is working on PvE historical battles.
- no plans for historical battle PvP mode
- the account statistics reset for gold was just a rumor
- the characteristics of the Fury Sherman are worse than the characteristics of HD M4A3E8 will be

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New Wargaming Video about Engines

Enjoy! The video is a bit odd (why call it a “carburator” engine, why not call it just gasoline engines, that is far better known). By the way, the information about the Germans using gasoline due to their wartime situation is not correct, or at least not entirely. The real reason, as explained by H.Doyle was, that the Germans required certain peak operating time for their engines, which corresponded to gasoline engines. If they required like 2 hours more (IIRC), they would have gone for diesel.