Hidden Panzer III Nerf in 9.0

All credits for this find go to Kerberospanzer from US forums.

Hello everyone,

finding differences in models between versions is not really that simple. It’s a process that takes a while and sometimes (I hope not often), something simply “slips through the cracks”. Kerberospanzer discovered an interesting change in Panzer III top turret. Check this out.

This is the pre-9.0 Panzer III


Notice specifically the mantlet. And now, in 9.0:


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Got any thoughts about 1.3 World of Warplanes update? Share them with Overlord

- Q: “Why do I, whenever I switch the gun, have the gold ammo switched from purchase for credits to purchase for gold? WG wants to cheat people?” A (Storm): “Definitely, that’s why it was specifically implemented. When I go to sleep, I think about how to silently steal gold from people. And I am giggling nastily.”
- FV4202 replaced by another vehicle? “No comment until new vehicles are officially announced”
- in the future, many more HD tanks per patch will come, right now, developers are working on the mass production mechanism
- there will be no option to switch from new autoaim to the old one

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Storm posts about increasing your Performance by Disabling the Triple Buffer

Source: http://world-of-kwg.livejournal.com/289358.html

Hello everyone,

9.0 issue post spam continues – this time, Storm posts about triple buffering. He states that the theory about positive effects (less microlags and more FPS on average and weak computers) of disabling the triple buffering in WoT was confirmed, but this ONLY works if Vsync is disabled as well.

In order to do that, you have to edit the file “preferences.xml” (usually in this folder: c:\Users\___username___\AppData\Roaming\wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\) by setting its value to “false” like this:


Once again, in order for this to work, Storm emphasizes that Vsync (vertical synchronization) needs to be turned off. With it turned on, it’s better to leave it as it is. He adds that 9.0 has a TON of issues.

From the discussion:

- this setting was supposed to be turned off by default, but someone at WG screwed it up
- this will NOT be fixed by the Friday hotfix (SS: this bug was discovered today, while the micropatch is ready for download since yesterday or so), it’s possible however that this will be changed by another micropatch

Storm – one more Post about the Hotfix

Source: http://world-of-kwg.livejournal.com/289179.html

Hello everyone,

Storm officially posted the same info that we got yesterday about the hotfix. He stated that the hotfix patch will most likely come out tomorrow (actually, I know for a fact that the patch is already prepared for the patching process, so it is very likely indeed). Storm also adds that now, they are actively working on game performance.

From the discussion:

- Storm states that regarding the issue with the tanks looking on minimal details like utter shit (worse than they looked before 9.0), there will be fixes in upcoming patches, but there will be no hotfix for the way tanks look
- 9.0.1 hotfix will not solve performance issues (apart from the FPS drops)
- special maps ONLY for HB will not be implemented
- HB mode will be rebalanced – developers already got the statistics and there will be changes in HB MM weight of tanks soon
- for not, the option to use crews from other tanks in historical battles will be available only for mass-used tanks (SS: a crew from Leopard 1 to Panzer IV yes, from IS-3 to IS no)
- developers are studying the issue with long waiting times for lowtier tanks in historical battles

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9.1 – Stronghold Mode in WoT

Hello everyone,

once again, thanks to Mick42 and Tanitha for this info. Apparently, the “Fortification” mode (presented in earlier Wargaming video), will come (in non-combat version) in 9.1 and combat version will come in 9.2. This info is however two weeks old, so it might have changed. The “Fortifications” mode was also renamed to “Stronghold”. Here, a video explaining what this mode is:


9.1 – Upcoming Historical Battle: Tobruk

Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F38587-anzac-day-wg%2F

Hello everyone,

according to Tanitha’s post on ASIA server, one of the upcoming historical battles in 9.1 will be Tobruk.


In case you are interested in it, The_Chieftain on US forums recently wrote a Hatch entry about it, so you know what awaits you! Thanks to Mick42 for this info.

ASIA Invite Code

Hello everyone,

thanks to Mick42 for this info. There is a free invite code for the ASIA (SEA) server only, that gives you Valentine II and 1000 gold. The code is:


It expires on 31st of July, 2014 and is valid only for ASIA server. Russians had such a code recently as well, so EU and NA might come next. Or they did and I missed it. Either way, for once, a thing that is Asia specific.

Storm talks about 9.0.1 Hotfix

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3225750.html

Hello everyone,

Storm confirmed that the hotfix will come on Friday for both the EU and the RU servers. He wrote:


“I will be brief. We fixed the crashes. We also significantly reduced the lags caused by destroyed tanks and explosions. We removed the bug that caused the client to hangup during transfer between servers. That’s the most important thing. We are fixing the game performance”

Further info from the discussion:

- Q: “Is it true that 9.1 will bring no new HD models?” A: “9.0 was difficult” (SS: as in, yes)
- platoons for historical battles will come later


Oh noes, evil EU supertesters strike again! Today, Japanese lowtier premium/reward light tank Type 97 Te-Ke was added to supertest. More details (picture, characteristics) are currently not known.

- the bug, where in player statistics, damage blocked by your armor is divided by ALL battles and not just those from which it is collected will be fixed
- the same statistic for scouting however works correctly
- the reduction of 30 second battle timer to 10 is not planned
- one “spotting point” of the vehicle is the commander’s copula (top of the turret), while the other is at the point where the gun is attached to the turret. That means that a rear-turret tank, poking around the corner will not see anything around the corner, until its turret pokes out as well. This applies for all tanks in the game.
- all tanks will sooner or later be reworked to HD
- using common parts does remodelling to HD easier, for example Panther hull/suspension on Jagdpanther, Panther II etc., but it doesn’t mean that these “close” tanks will be remodelled together sooner

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