Sad Day for History Fans

Hello everyone,

It is with immense sadness that I must inform you of something truly tragic. As the Military Experience Museum Facebook page reported, this week, the American Department of Defense, specifically the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), demilitarization program under the command of one Jeff Garrett, decided it would be a good idea to scrap a dozen invaluable historical artifacts, including a rare MBT-70 prototype and an XM803 prototype.


This already happened. The tanks are gone. All that remains from the MBT-70 prototype is its turret.


The tanks belonged to a now defunct Military Museum in Danburry, Connecticutt and the DoD did not even allow a private military museums (including the abovementioned Military Experience Museum) to buy these old venerable tanks off their hands.

Say what you will about Russians, but at least they value and preserve their history. The question remains, who is responsible for this atrocity? The abovementioned gentleman is, according to comments under the original post, a good start, but if you know who’s responsible directly, do send me an e-mail to, please.

Let’s make sure the limp-dick shithead gets the attention he deserves.

For more details about the story, please visit the Military Experience Museum Facebook page.

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