30 thoughts on “Great European Random #1

    • I drowned in the exact same spot in my T95, one tread in the water, and I drown, it is fucked up.

  1. Fucking newb shooting your KV-5 should just uninstall. KV-5 is the easiest heavy to destroy, you shoot R2D2 a few times, and dead.
    Great vids :)

  2. Copy of the russian wot fail compilations videos.He could at least change the songs…
    The russian ones make laugh harder.

  3. Hey Wora quick question… What was the sound mod you were using in the clip where you were sniping the 183 in your T-62A?

  4. play the clip, sees RNG fails, close it.
    WTF is the point of watching it? As someone who actually played the game I think it’s quite a waste of time experience it myself already. Now someone made a video about it?