41 thoughts on “Correct 8.9 MM table

      • No, that’s a new small tier premium. Most probably the new year gift. If it’s as bad as the T7, I’m not interested. The Tetrarch was god like, the T1E6 was interesting but the T7 just sucks.

        • >Implying the T7 sucks

          It’s by far the most fun tank they’ve given away. Yeah, it’s no Tetrach, but it’s fun as hell and can defend itself quite decently.

          • Fun?

            I suppose if you like bouncing a good portion of your magazine off half the tanks you’ll be facing, *including other T7s*, while having nearly everything penetrate your armor without even trying, certainly, it’s a blast.

            Or if you like having a decent hp:t rating and hull traverse but high ground resistance and an extremely low speed limit to “balance it out”, sure, more than a barrel full of monkeys.

            Lets not forget the terrible turret traverse rate. My favorite thing in the world is to be dogfighting with another light, pass them, and then wait several seconds for the damn turret to crawl its way around to the right heading.

            If you find rolling around in a mediocre tank to be fun, definitely, the T7 is great. Personally, I find not being nearly useless to my team to be a better time, so I’m going to continue using my PzII when I have a hankering for a low-tier battle.
            (and yes, I realize that premium/gift tanks are supposed to be worse than upgraded tanks; go check the other tier 2 lights, you’ll find most of them are better-equipped in stock form)

            It’s really too bad, I was looking forward to this little tank. I don’t know why WG is increasingly taking this free=mediocre route with their gift tanks, but it’d be nice if they would knock it off. Gifts are nice and I generally want to appreciate them, but it’s difficult to appreciate a gift-wrapped turd.

  1. i dont understand why the mm from the Mt 25 and the Vk 28 01 as been change and they didnt change the mm for chaffee

    the chaffee is no longer the end line tank, u can unlock the arty m41, the the main reason for this mm ” said by WG ” is “chaffee is a end line tank ”

    but ok, i have to wait for the new line for americans !!! :(

  2. wait so I was right and if the nimrods actually scrolled down on the wiki page rather then looking at the grey boxes they would of seen it got tier 2 match making? Hmm wonder what else I could be right about.

    • Then you’re platooning with something that gets normal tier 2 matchmaking, none of the games in my T7 were in tier 3 matches, nor have I seen a single T7 when I’ve played tier 3 games.

  3. Damn, I wish T2LT got that matchmaking too, I got almost nothing to do in tier 4 matches but spot.

    • Or at least a regular Tier 2 light matchmaking, it’s the only premium tank (I know of) that has it worse than regular ones :(

      • Type 59 is also very powerful and can pawn betters than some regular tier 8 tanks but wont see tier 10 battles.

      • T2 LT’s only advantage is the speed, in everything else it is equal or subpar to even other T2 tanks, can’t see how it would be OP without T4 matches. In those it is very underpowered in all aspects…

  4. Why are the tiers up to 12 if they said they are never going to go past tier 10? Or did I miss something?

  5. Is the Tier 8, Object 252 a new Soviet premium vehicle?
    Don’t call read or see this vehicle before in WoT.

    Object 410 is in the game at tier 8, but that has regular Soviet medium tank matchmaking status. So the Object 252 with limited matchmaking is what again? Might that be a new Soviet premium tank destroyer?