WG to open new mobile studio

Source: gamasutra.com article

Wargaming will be opening a new mobile game studio in order to develop – surprise – games for mobile devices. This studio is not yet named, however, its head will be one Mr.David Bluhm (formerly of Z2 studio) with other members being Joe McDonagh (Blue Manchu) and Julian Chunovic (Z2 and Nintendo). More info to follow in upcoming weeks.

12 thoughts on “WG to open new mobile studio

      • Eh?

        How does that make me look mad?

        (Hint… level and standard of coding and graphics….)

        • Ugh… Another smartass.
          Level of coding in WoT is quite fine. Look at Call of Duty Ghosts or Battlefield 4′s bugs and glitches. Yeah…
          And yeah, its graphics are NOT bad people… jeez…. almost as if all you are playing is Metro Last Light and BF4 and Crysis 3…

          • No, the coding is not fine… there are loads of issues of compatibility and resource usage… This game uses more resources than BF does, is so much more “laggy” in the smoothness of movement…

            Single core anyone?

            The graphics (now) look like they are from years ago… there are numerous mobile games with graphics as detailed as this game.. and I’m running this on 1920×1200 MAX,

            Collisions models are terrible, ram 2 tanks together and you can physically see your tank inside another tank…… guns and houses…….. camera zoom bouncing on contact with objects.. tracks are “in” the ground/rocks. You can see the full red outline of the enemy tank, even the part behind cover…come on.. how stupid… its not hard to sort that out since they manage to stop you hitting it… or seein the actual tank.. just the outline..

            I could go on but I can’t be arsed…

            I like the game, I like playing the game, but fuck me there’s a LOT of shit in it…

            The “technical and visual aspects” of making a tank driving arcade game are MILES simpler than BF or the other are trying to aspire to.. so yes.. they will fail at times.. but not as often as WG are…

            and no.. I dont play BF4.. seen it.. had a go… not bothered… its BF3.5 with added colour…
            I’d rather still play BF3…

            • WoT uses 2 cores.
              No mobile game is at this level yet.
              BF is not that complex of a game.
              CoD and BF are many times buggier.

              ANd this is coming from a person that plays Metro Last Light and Crysis 3 on ultra settings :P

  1. Desperately trying to reinvest the WOT-money, yet facing the inevitable demise of all one-hit-wonders.
    Thank you and farewell WG, it´s been quite a ride.

    • Well, the only good thing they did is WOT. Or it was, back in 0.6.5 – 0.7.5 until they started to fuck things up. Now, in true Bolshevik style, they think that they are the golden goose, and that every shit they crap out will be a golden egg.

      Oh, how they will fail. They will hit the dirt first with the World of Flying Turds. More will come, and then they will return to WOT and see that it is the only good thing they had.

      World of Gold Ammo won’t work forever either.

      • What was that quote from serb or storm about “not caring if WoS makes any money”..?

        Sounds like an admission to me…