World of Tanks Blitz preview

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Thanks to Herman the German for this one

Hello everyone,

recently, at G-Star Expo 2013 in Busan (Korea), World of Tanks Blitz was presented to public. Well, if one picture says thousand words, then one video says a million, so here it is, courtesy of Dom1n (thank you):



A few pictures for now:






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      • Nope.
        Higher resolution will only make the graphics less jagged (kinda like antialiasing).

      • Increasing the display resolution when the render is still running at half the screen’s native resolution? Good fucking joke, it’d look way worse.

    • Are you plaing on a potato pc or something? PC version looks WAY better when cranked up to max details.

        • Yup, but even the PC version looks relatively crap compared to comparable games (in terms of requirements). Stuff like Crysis runs on Maximum settings with 60 fps constant (has been on my last PC aswell) and looks nearly photorealistic, WoT runs at 20 fps on my current machine and still looks sort of meh most of the time. WiT is just limited by its engine and there could have been a lot more effort in terms of polishing some parts of the game, it just looks half-assed when you look at things like the “suspension”.

  1. Definatly a a good move for WG, i see a lot of potencial for WoT on mobile devices.

    On the other hand… why is it possible to have great garages and stuff in every WoT variant thats not the PC version?
    That is how it should look since the start.

    Well gotta have hope for the HD client i guess.

    • Ye, HD client that a lot of users wont be able to run since it will use up a lot of graphic card juice… WoT is already a graphic and PC strong demanding game, and a HD client will just make it all more harded for players.

      • WoT is not GPU intensive.
        It is extremely relying on your CPU.
        BTW you can’t say that the next engine will be heavier, since big world (the actual engine) is absolutely awful.
        When you do a lot of optimization you can reach a higher level of detail with a lower power.

        • What did you smoke man?…the GPU is heated at it’s maximum to give you the visual graphics that other games give you for only 25% of GPU usage…
          For example I got a 1GB DDR3 at 800mhz GPU and I can run Woton medium settings, but I can run 2013 games on high settings, at the same fps, and trust me, the visual difference is huge.

          And it sucks up the CPU not because it has high demands but because of it’s ancient engine that doesn’t support multicores.

          • Alex, you are completely right. The problem with WoT is that the game engine is so old, that is why they can’t make upgraes to it, and that is why it is so GPU and CPU demanding. It doesn’t matter if they add Havok or HD client, it will just stress the game engine more.

            • So that is why you can run WoT on a crappy Intel ( HD4000 ) integrated graphics unit in mid to high settings with good framerate? Because its so GPU hungry?

              As long as your CPU is fast even a HD7790 would do for high to max settings atm.

              Long story short, if they want to get the thing half as beautiful as Warthunder is with same or lower sysem requirements they have a lot of optimizing to do in 2014.

          • You really don’t understand what you’re talking about… giving me the quantity of GRAM and the frequency of your GPU don’t mean a single thing.
            Fyi, two different GPU (or CPU) with same frequency can have totally different performances (due to the architecture difference).
            When I say that WoT is CPU intensive, is that you need to have more than a 2500k@4Ghz (which is better than roughly 90% of WoT player’s rig) to maintain a framerate of 60fps in ALL circumstances.
            Which means that CPU is at 100% (at least the only core used by wot), while GPU is touching its balls at 25%.
            So yeah WoT is CPU intensive and not GPU intensive.

    • Trust me. Come 8.10, you’ll hear a LOT of bitching and whining from the WoT community about the high requirements for running the game with its reworked tank models and polygons being increased by 6-8 times. I’m not confident I’ll be able to run things at 1900×1200 with high/med graphics smoothly.

      • Building the actual model’s wireframe is nothing compared to other duties of the GPU, polygon increase doesn’t increase the sysreq. that much.
        I think they rebuilding the whole engine from scratch, so it’ll maybe decrease requirements instead of increasing it (at least in WT working on Ground Units ended in 5-10% decrease, thanks to the rewritten algorithms, while they added Dx11 and OpenGL support) .
        Or they just jam more feature into the current engine skyrocketing it’s requirements into the Moon.

  2. I’m actually not excited for good graphics on mobile games, coz I only have a budget device :/
    Probably will not be able to play this =(

      • Actually right now surface is not that good. Not only the market size is extremely small but to get it to surface you must rewrite the whole game.

        It’s the same reason why WoT doesn’t have Linux/OSX port. It would require massive rewrite. And in true MS style their tablets are so different from iOS and Android that to get anything to Surface you must pretty much redo the whole thing.

        Surface in Tablet world is like Linux in desktop world. Too small of a market share to justify the investment.

    • hope it comes to WP8 i wouldn’t develop a rt app a full windows 8 app why not full windows 8 runs circles around windows RT

    • Thanks for the link but it’s damn slow. At least i can download the video now and watch it later instead of having to deal with their nightmare of a player.

  3. they wont get many fans, if they let the poor testing players fight in tier 6 vehicles against a t110e5 which they can’t penetrate and get two-shot from.

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  5. What i´d really like to see is how it handles on a smartphone. I don´t have a tablet and i´m not gonna buy one just for WoT.

    My sp meets the requirements by far but for what i see this is gonna be hard to play on a small screen.

    • I guess you’ll lose some precision, but I doubt it’s going to be unplayable as long as you got enough resolution (most smartphones do nowadays)

  6. A fast paced action multiplayer game on touch screen?
    No thanks.

    It’s suxx, no matter what they do. At least for me, touch screen is only works well with Angry birds and turn based strategies/rpgs. I tried a few fps, but motion control is just painfully awkward compared to keyboard+mouse.

  7. I just wonder if they will implement that tank stat thingy into the PC Client. I mean seriously, that would be awesome for casual gamer who don’t want to get into detailed mechanics.

    A very nice overview in one glance. Armor, damage, manuverbility, accuracy.
    (Watch from 1:30mins)

  8. if you think these are nice graphics then… you have a crap pc…

    is there a lot of movile games with graphics like these or even better…

  9. eeuw those controls make me wanna puke, I bet it’s just like the xbox version in that again you can’t have your original tanks, grind everything once again…that will be popular.

  10. Nevermind graphics, but controls are impressively useable. Only i don’t know why they choose that ugly bug icon for shooting :P .