8.10 Russian tech tree

Hello everyone,

since everyone’s been asking, what happens with T-54, Object 430 and 140 in 8.10 and all that, here’s how it’s going to be:

object 430 tree

Notice the (rather high) XP requirement for Object 430 (260k) and the fact Object 416 will lead to both Object 430V2 and T-54.

14 thoughts on “8.10 Russian tech tree

    • the planned tree was scrapped due to missing tier9. the tier10 of that tree is the object 907 and will be campaign reward

  1. //sarcasm Yeaah another total unique branch like the last one which is in NO WAY overpowered in the time it comes out, so no statpadder and free-XPer can exploit these tanks to ruin others gameplay // sarcasm off

  2. I guess 430V2 will have teh T-62A gun and thats why 430 costs so much exp to research? Kinda like Obj704-268 is like 300k or something crazy shiton of exp

  3. So the soviets have the most tier X’s in the game now ?

    Why there are no new Frenchies ? I can agree with Chinese being delayed to 2014 because it’s hard stuff to research and make in to playable tanks but Frenchies ? I mean c’mon! Lots of data from Saumur museum which isn’t far from WG EU office which itself is in Paris. They can add so much new content to the gameplay. I just don’t understand it and it’s my first time I strongly disagree with WG policy.

    The frenchies are now on par with brits and they were added in 7.1!!!

    On the other hand…. If there’s so much Soviet tanks…. we can make an event like “USSR vs rest of the world” where tanks from other nations would receive extra bonuses for destroying soviet tanks.
    I’m sure some Polish and other mid-eastern European players would enjoy such event.