WG doesn’t jump on the Youtube copyright bandwagon

Hello everyone,

many of you have already heard about the shitstorm on Youtube. Basically, Youtube, along with certain gaming companies, has started claiming game footage videos (letsplays, reviews with trailers in them etc.) as copyrighted material, stripping the youtube personalities who do them (streamers, reviewers etc.) of any ad income from their videos. It has reached such a ridiculous extent that same indie developers are stripped of their rights to their OWN videos. If you are interested in the issue in detail, here’s an article about what’s going on (thanks to Potoroo on US forums for posting it).

Luckily, Wargaming does not jump the bandwagon. Here’s a post by Ectar from yesterday:


So, there you have it. Wargaming videomakers and streamers are safe. Honestly, I am glad and I appreciate the step Wargaming (I assume this is an entire Wargaming initiative and not only WG EU) took. Let’s hope it lasts.

18 thoughts on “WG doesn’t jump on the Youtube copyright bandwagon

  1. I can understand why they wouldn’t complain about copyright.
    After all, they do scour websites for images to use on their own game :/…

  2. I do not think that WG are alone in that position. Looking through points on the link it seems to be mostly about music so if you post youtube videos that are just music and video with no commentary then the music company will claim that the video is just an excuse to pirate the music and claim 100% of advertising income. If the music is in the background of the commentary, as with QB, then the % they could claim would be very much less and nothing if less than 10% snippets (according to US fair use doctrine as believed on the internet???). But that is not going to stop them claiming 100% in the first place. Of course if Google, who own youtube, cough up their %age of the ad take on the posted video then that would weaken the youtubers case and Google may in turn take action against the youtuber who posted the video for any of Googles losses against any future income the youtuber may make.

  3. youtube is going down the tubes…

    Google are changing bits and pieces constantly and fucking it up..

    I do NOT want Google+ to publish my comments
    I do NOT want to HAVE to have Google+ to rate/comment Android apps
    I do NOT want my privacy settings reset to FULL OPEN every fucking time they change a typo on that page in YT/gmail/whatever
    i do NOT want YT forcing some shit “rewind fucking bollocks” on me

    • It is true that Wargaming will use copyright laws to shut down a Youtuber who makes open threats to damage WG’s buildings or hurt its employees. Still a lot kinder than putting said Youtuber on some country’s terrorist blacklist, or worse in jail.

    • Millbarge was a specific case. He posted firemobing threats to WG US office, something even I wouldn’t wish to anyone. Basically, he went nuts. Good riddance.

  4. In one way I can understand it as the artwork in the game is copyright material. OTOH you can’t play the game from a YouTube vid so there is no monetary loss to the creator from viewing it. While you can certainly play copyrighted music from a vid and there is a loss to the author.

  5. This is pretty normal, most video game companies are doing the same thing. Valve, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, etc. Any claims from these guys are actually from fakes.

    • they are from the automated system, which doesn’t care about that at all.

      Tbh people really expected to make a living of playing f***** videogames in the long run… It was a bubble that now bursted.

      Its quite funny since other portals like vimeo and daily motion didn’t let this sort of content be monetized in the first place.

      Gratz to those who extracted as much money as they could until now and move along, i just laugh at the likes as angryjoe or dsp who had no backup plan, quit there real job to play video games for a living.

  6. Why YouTube becomes more and more retarded with more and more retarded changes. Do they really want to turn down people from using it and switch to another video hosting site?