8.10: Beware of the Graphic Settings reset!

Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/1/810_settings_graphics/

Hello everyone,

this is an important message for all of you about a nasty surprise, waiting for you in patch 8.10.

In patch 8.10, ALL client graphic settings will reset! This exactly happened in the test client. Basically, the game runs an autodetection procedure to determine, what settings are “good” for your computer and changes them. As you can imagine, this can screw up the settings you were used to, so, in order to avoid all the confusion of “how did I have it before”, what you should do is:

Start the client, go to your graphic settings panel (under the settings window) and press “printscreen” key to create a screenshot. When putting your settings back together, you can refer to that screenshot (saved in the world_of_tanks/screenshots/ folder) to see how you had it before. For people like me, who have not touched the graphic settings for quite a while, this is quite important.

37 thoughts on “8.10: Beware of the Graphic Settings reset!

    • this tool is biggest shit and only for real noobs.
      in some games it activates v-sync with t-buffer O.o

      • >in some games it activates v-sync with t-buffer

        But that’s what triple-buffering should be used with. It improves framerates when Vsync is active, and the framerate is below vsync.

    • this tool never worked for me…
      turning on V-sync when i really dont care about that feature, turning on 16xAA like I was able to see the difference between 4x and 16x ..

  1. It would be nice if it prioritised view range, since that affects gameplay. Even on 12 fps laptops I’ve had that maximised. There’s just no choice about it. If you can’t see tanks at max viewing range, you’re a liability in many vehicles.

    • I never understood people playing at 10-15fps… its god damn slideshow.
      Dont get me wrong, im not playing at 60+ either (especially when the display refresh rate is 60, you wont see more than 60) but Im using fsp limiter at 40fps to keep the card cool.
      to me, the “playable” limit is somewhere around 25. Less than that, the tearing becomes really distracting…

      • 30 is a slide show.

        i have 144hz monitor so there is a point in more than 60 . I can tell the difference between 60 -100 fps. mind you the 28 inches makes it more noticeable

    • I don’t thing any settings can hamper ingame visibility. Even with everything on minimum you still see markers and outlines on tanks at the edge of the draw distance box.