Sunday Night Cinema

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Theirs is the Glory (1946)

This movie is actually a half-document about the Operation Market Garden and British troops fighting in it. It’s very interesting in one aspect: its creators used real life German vehicles and weapons during the production, so we can see Panthers rolling around, not something you will see in modern movies. Well, maybe except for the upcoming Fury.


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  1. Full movie, damn, like I have nothing else to do already.
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    Ok, I have to be ready for my exams. But, but, but, this is a priority.


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  2. It also stars a lot of the paras who were actually there. A great film. As I recall there is a real Panzer IV in it as well.

  3. I happen to recall reading a report of the Germans specifically making the ammo so as to not smoke that much… I think the effects guys are overdoing it at 35:15. That poor Panther… A hole in the turret is not too big of a problem as the tank is still mostly bullet proof to most shells. But hey that engine sounds sweet as a pearl. Give that HL 230 P30 some love.

  4. Apparently the Panzer 88 horror movie will have tanks built by Weta workshop, so while they won’t be the real things they will probably look pretty damn close (better then a T-34 turned into a tiger etc)