Trollplatoons are going to be punished

Hello everyone,

in the recent storm of speculation about the removal of battletier 12, one interesting piece of info kinda fell through the cracks.


Storm on troll platoons (SS: platoon with incompatible battletiers – for example one tier 1 and one tier 8 vehicle):

“We can’t ban them for several reasons. But they will be punished by recieving less XP and credits, if their battletiers don’t match. With a warning, of course, during the creation of the platoon.”

Well, there you have it. Finally, after all this time.

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    • Is this much of a solution? Majority of troll platoons are lowbobs already, and by definition they are trolling, so targeting the rational cost-benefit part of their brains seems like a fail strategy. Besides they already have terrible games anyway – if it was a successful strategy no one would be complaining.

      I cannot for the life of me understand why the client can’t just block the platoon leader from clicking in if the battle tier spread is too high. Or if hacking is a fear, have the MM chuck them back to the garage. Problem solved. What is WG’s problem with hard solutions? Its like the refusal to have an arty cap all over again. With all this ‘nudge’ crap you’d think they were neoliberals. All this problem needs is the proper application of Soviet logic! Set up a secret enforcement unit, and send those captured to the gulags, problem solved.

      • I agree, it’s not.

        If they want to do it right, they should make a mechanism that you can choose ONLY tanks with the equal mm weight, so if one chooses t8, the others couldn’t choose t4, but should be able to pick t7 or t9…

    • This basically is nothing, because you don’t form a troll platoon with the intention of gaining a lot of experience and credits. You troll to troll. They’re already penalized on exp / credits because bringing two tier1 tanks into a tier 8 battle is greatly reducing the chances of winning.

      The obvious solution would be to disallow joining the queue if the tier spread is greater than 3. No one would complain about that but the people who are trying to bend the rules.

  1. Sounds like a sensible solution.

    One can still use these platoons if one really wants to, but at a cost.

    The XP and credits penalty should be awarded to the rest of the team as compensation though.

  2. Interesting.

    Now I guess they might do it by removing the higher-tier-target bonuses, so a T1 gets credit for spotting a Tier 10 as if it was a Tier 1 tank (or tier 2 if they are generous). That would leave the T8s ok so maybe it is a overall -25% rewards message, which the T1 might think was ok…………..

    Next problem. Say I platoon my chaffee with a couple of normal-MM tier 8s. Now the Chaffee has higher MM (Battle tier 12 atm) though it sees the same max tier 10 tanks – are we going to get a penalty?

    Any plenty of people are happy to see a decent ELC in a Tier X battle, etc, etc.

    Fwiw my only deliberate fail-toon was to get the T82 into a T6 battle which is viable as T6 armor isn’t that much tougher than T5 and the gun is much the same as the M8A1.

    • I think that as long as at least 1/2 battle tiers overlaps the platoon will not get a penalty. It is the vibe i am getting from this –> “But they will be punished by recieving less XP and credits, if their battletiers don’t match.”

  3. in WoW is already something like this… if low lvl player is grouped with high lvl, theyre all have low XP income rate… they should add that troll platoon can’t complete any mission while are they grouped :)

    • No, Tier X arty and VIII scout has same max battletier.

      But if you platoon with a T21, for example that has max battletier 10 and your arty is max 11 (assumign 12 is removed) so there is an issue.

    • No, they are talking about an E100 with 2 T1′s. WZ-132 has max tier MM so it would be fine.

    • Once, I was in tier X battle with ARL V39, yes…troll platoon…but i killed T-62A and damaged two other tanks and then gained some serious XP and income :)

      • Yeah, I reminded upset Maus that KV1 is in platoon with some tier IX HT so killed both, he was busy for a while so our team had time to push. I reported fail platoon and not maus, but I hate the fact that one team lost three tanks and over 5000hp instead of just one (we won, but i would be pretty upset by team kills in my team so i was not much happy … maus died alone against 10 tanks and all of three player were above average) … it’s better to ignore them.

        On the other hand I was pretty upset when our obj704 promised to and killed me in patton for not trying to spot another obj704 at 50hp in the bushes for his platoonmate in tier V arty and shooting at reloading AMX 50 120 and backing jgtiger instead. That is pretty clear ruining game for others to gather more XP for competition.

      • I troll them back. Block them in the line of fire, ram them at speed etc. Its actually quite fun. Team suffers though obviously, which is why WG should just stop being dicks and ban them.

      • If the higher one is matched perfectly into MM, why would I kill him and lose one quite important gun from team?

  4. The usual motive for a fail/troll platoon is to derive enjoyment from angering others -not- to gain XP or credits.

    To punish fail/troll platoons, WG plan to give them less XP and credits.

    People applaud.

    • This. Basic failure of WG to understand the point of trolling. They are treating this like its an exploit to get extra XP. Complete fail.

  5. what a pathetic solution.. it is no solution at all ffs – it shouldn’t be possible to form troll platoons in the first place!

    like beeing blocked to choose non matching tanks – the platoon function should only allow +/- 1 Tiers except for Lights and Arty maybe where it may differ up to 3 Tiers or you may not enter battle

    similar like tier restrictions in Teambattle, Tankcompanies etc..

    gosh.. is it really so difficult to solve this, or they simply don’t want to fix this once and for all? ^^

    • Your solution is not a solution either. I for exemple, love to take out my Pz II G while my platoonmates take their KV1, as I don’t have any tier IV and V except scouts which have stellar MM. The fact is that I usually end at the top of the board, as I manage to spot and flank those heavy bastards. Some tanks are very usefull in battletiers they aren’t supposed to see. Pz II G is just an exemple.

      • This is such a fake argument. Youre talking about a 3 tier spread here, which isn’t what gets anyone raging. Plus the II G is a light, and could easily have limited scout MM. Any blocking system could quite easily allow it. Its the 5+ spreads that are the real problem.

        If there are tanks that can make a fair contribution to a team that is 4 or 5+ tiers above them, then that tank needs rebalancing, like the tier 3 arty that had the awesome gold shells that were nerfed. That or be given a scout MM.

  6. Call me crazy but i think that a Maus going around with 2 loltraktors screaming “they are my chicks”, are not very interested in how much exp. or credits they get.

  7. Wont this change f*ck up the earnings of tier 1 tanks in team battles?
    Unless there is some programing done(which might take another 2 years) so the rule don’t apply to team battles.


    • Are team battles the same platoons. No.
      Its not that hard to just implement it one place. In fact it takes less effort to implement it in one place…
      I don’t know why you think WG is that incompetent, or why you think they would want to reduce the popularity for team battles.
      Hell, do you even understand why this rule would implemented? Troll PLATOONS. Please somebody give this guy some common sense.

  8. Troll plantoons are a bit annoying… but it’s a game. And I don’t understand why it upsets people so much. A few days ago I had a game with Silentstalker and a failplatoon with a T1 in the red team. SS started off by killing the T1.

    They were defeated, and it’s possible that the game would have had a different outcome if they had a real tank on their team instead of the T1… But it’s also possible that things would have been different if the T1 had been left alive, and managed to spot some of the tanks on our team. Not too likely, but possible. And I would probably have gone after the T1 (in my obj 704) just for the fun of it, instead of shooting at SS :-)

    It might be reasonable to report failplatoons for unfair gameplay or something, but killing the low tier tank doesn’t help one bit.

      • Troll platoons have never bothered me. There is a better chance that they will do more than the ever present bots, AFK monkeys and top tier window lickers. It is much worse when your three highest tier team members all have sub 47% win rates and that happens much more often than TPs.

    • And just for posting that, I got *two* trollplatoons in my first game of the day… (tier III and tier IV in a tier IX game) :-(

      • Its god punishing you Zedrick for not understanding the concept of averages. Yes, a troll tier 1 *could* spot a bunch of enemy, he *could* fire the gold shell into the back of the leopard 1 that set it on fire, he *could* blah blah blah…

        99 times out of a 100 a troll tank will die having done absolutely fuck all, and given the point of troll platoons is to troll their team mates, that is a successful outcome for them. And its this deliberate fuck you to the team that pisses other people off. Its not rocket science.

    • yeah, a 50% crew T1 with 170m view range is gonna spot anything.

      please learn the game before commenting.

  9. Yeah right, and Putin is going to put all russian oligarchs behind bars… 1st of April came too soon this year.

    • Thats what I’m thinking about too. If my platoonmates are grinding Tier VII tanks, and I haven’t got any, I usually take my KV-2. I can damage Tier IX tanks with my 152mm Derp…

  10. Not happy with that.. i play a platoon with my pz1c and 2 t10 artys.. as we usually dont have targets to hit in randoms due to people not spoting long enough. We have pretty good games.. and i average 4-8k spoting damage. Im mostly ignored by the enemies unless its a gather 25 kills mission in play..

    • So play a better tank that does the same job. You’ll get 10k spotting damage instead.

      • Well did try that with random lights from 13.90, elc, vk28, but the pz is the smallest target with 400+ visibility, great cammo, and insane speed to get where your not expected.. with almost 600 battles in it i seriously love doing this with it.

  11. Troll platoons in random aren’ t such a HUUUGE problem. I see them so rarely to get so pissed about that.
    BUT this solution would be awesome for all these competition rigging attempts and stuff like that.
    Anyway remember, that if your team has one of these T1 tanks, then MM balances other tanks in your team to be stronger than enemy ones.

  12. Problem with troll toons is that most of the time they are made by not really intelligent players so i really doubt they will care about exp/credits penalty anyway.

  13. Well, I hope they wont count platoon where I play with 6T and others with 7T as a troll platoons. I hope they thought it through.

  14. “With a warning, of course, during the creation of the platoon.”

    It’s just stupid the “warning” feature wasn’t implemented in the very beginning.
    E-100 platoon with T1 is trolling of course. But those newbies who platoon a KV-1 with an AMX ELC may not have a clue that they did something wrong since “they’re both tier 5 vehicles”.

    BTW, the XP and credit income penelty should be removed if the platoon members have shown their effectivity in the battle. Otherwise I would miss the fun of platooning with my friend’s Type 59 in my FV304. (IMO FV304 is highly effective in almost any situation except Tier X battles full of heavily armored vehicles like E-100 and IS-7).

  15. They should make a system where the platoon cant go into battle at all with troll setup… they dont care if there is a xp/credits gain… all they want is to troll. Would it be spossible for WG to block them from getting into battle at all like a grey battle button so they cant join if they dont have matching battle tiers ?

    • That’s not a troll platoon, since both t7 heavy and type 59 can meet t9 in their own mm (59 have special mm, and only see t9 tops)

      They simply mean the ones that platoon tanks together, that is outside their regular mm (t5+t8 for example)

  16. I really want to know Storms “several reasons” for not banning people who make trollplatoons.

  17. Removing the penalty for killing members of a troll plat would help alot. They’re often getting shot by teammates anyway, and without penalty it will happen more often.

  18. I hate fail platoons. They just lose the team 1 or 2 spaces where useful tanks can be. Sometimes, the team is too good to notice and we just ROFLstomp the enemy team anyway but in 1 game, I was in my FV304 in a tier 8 game and there was a Churchill mk VII with a M37 (American tier 3 artillery). The Churchy VII tk’d his own platoonmate before our T34 could take out the Churchill to rid the team of noobs. I did 2.6k damage with lucky penetrations on top of tanks. Still, hate seeing retards who think they can get away with it

  19. I believe that if the platoon carries its weight ie) they get 3 kills. Then they should not be punished. I take my grille into tier 8 and 9 battles. I have gotten top gun in these matches. This is not going to help at all. I think i platoon t8′s with t1s (after a few sips of vodka:D . So we really don’t care about xp and credits

  20. too little, too late – tipical WG style

    since they can issue a warning tanks are not in the same battle tier ranges, they can also block them from entering the battle .. but nooo

  21. “We can’t ban them for several reasons.”

    Elaborate…. Can’t you just make a platoon rule, you must be +/- 1 tier from platoon (not counting light tanks)?

    In the meantime I’ll load HE and 1 shot the low tier idiots.

  22. Well shit, what will happen to T2 LTs hiding under a single leaf, passive scouting like a boss?

    That’s always fun, and more importantly, infuriating for the enemy team =D

  23. Well at least that. The solution should be simple: leave the platoons with +/- 1 tier difference (that doesn’t mean much) and don’t allow any platoon with a tier difference bigger than 1 to enter battle (except for scouts/arties). I guess that system is not hard to implement.

    • I don’t agree with this. I match my tanks in a platoon against the highest tier the other tanks in the toon can pull. If someone is running an E25 which can pull 7 or 8, I might run a Hellcat. If someone runs a T8 Arty though, I might run my Type 64, which is appropriate

      • That’s why I said that +/- 1 tier should do. A platoon of Hellcat and E25 is ok. Scout+Arty as well, as I mentioned. But for example Hellcat with Ferdi shouldn’t be allowed.

  24. The thing is, troll platoons don’t enter battle to get any creds/xp. They enter just to troll, to teamkill or in most cases they kill each other, so the creds/xp reduction is pretty much useless.

  25. Still cant see the issue with trollplatoons…

    Its a game.. get over it ffs.

    If someone else “having a joke” is ruining your day/game/stats, maybe you should take a look at yourselves and your own attitude as well.

    For example… a few weeks back we platooned 2x Pz1c with a tier 8 or 9…
    ..some whinging and whining, and “reported idiots” etc…
    ..then they got bored and ignored us…

    …so us Pz1C’s went scouting.. we won…

    We got shit loads of scouting XP.. we even raped their ELC scout between the two of us…

    Some of the whiners actually commended us on “good scouting”…
    (It was El Halluf, the small fast scout tanks favourite map…)

    Its a game.

  26. My only question would be; Will it count as a fail platoon when you platoon a tier 7 light tank with, for example, a tier 9 heavy? The reason is because the tier 7 light tank gets the same matchmaking as a tier 9(up to tier 11 mm).

  27. A lot of people here think this is a good thing, but I don’t think it solves anything at all. Look at the name for this issue… “Troll Platoon”.. Troll is the keyword. If people are doing this to troll, they don’t care about credits and exp gain, they are doing to purposely evoke negative reactions from their team-mates.

    Only some of the people here think this is a worthless “fix/punishment” in an attempt to quiet the community about it so that they will complain about something else, preferably something they WG are already working on (like roaming, or graphics changes).

    They aren’t fixing troll platoons, they are just removing a luxury that such platoons had that they never should have possessed in the first place…

    Why can’t they just simply create algorithm where a platoon’s battle-tiers are taken when the “battle” button is clicked?
    It could be calculated so that the average battletier of the group and that of each individual player are compared and then the appropriate action takes place, the platoon is put in queue or the platoon is not allowed to queue until the battletier average of the platoon becomes compatible with each individual tank of the platoon.
    If one of the selected tank’s battletier isn’t compatible with the MM of the average battletier of the platoon, then the system doesn’t allow them to queue up and tells the platoon “incompatible battletiers” and tells the outlier to select a different tank.

  28. I think team killing of tanks that are fail platooned should not be punished. If you’re in a tier 10 game and someone brings a tier 1 with them, a lot of us just ram, drown, or shoot the tier 1 because he’s just a waste of space on the team. I think this shouldn’t be punished as that tank should not be in that battle in the first place.

  29. In the battles where I come across troll platoons like this with a tier 1 or 2 tank in it, they often end up getting teamkilled within ten seconds of the match starting, and nobody (except the troll platoon) complains about it.

    A tier 1-2 tank in a tier 8 match is only useful for two things: passive scouting (and not very good at this, as higher-tiered tanks have much better radio ranges) and possibly distracting the enemy as a form of live bait (or to take a hit that would otherwise have killed something important).

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  31. Noooo! I can say i battle in my Pz1c with tier 10 a lot and im spotting, I think its the best spoter ingame! Lot of battles around 10k spot dmg, a few with 0 and a few of them- instakill from my team…. Anyway, its fun after a long day in school and i can really say i do better than most of spoters in the battles with that tier 3 beast.