Cooking with Arnold… on a Tank

You think you are overly manly man? Well, you’ll never be as manly a Arnold Schwarzenegger cooking a huge-ass sandwich on the hood of his personal privately-owned M47 Patton! How did he get a Patton and why by the way? Well, Arnold served in the Austrian army before he moved to the US – as a tanker. This Patton was the tank he served on, he bought it later when it was phased out of service.


19 thoughts on “Cooking with Arnold… on a Tank

  1. Arnold is such an epic guy :D Seen this vid a couple of times :) The man is a legend, no matter what :D
    And that Austrian Patton :) :)

    Damn it, the way he says “think about it for a second”… What’s there not to like on the guy :D :D

  2. Is that what’s called a “Tommy Cooker”..?

    (yeah yeah.. coat’s on, Taxi outside, meter running……………………………………………)

  3. Someguy: ‘Didn’t you say FTR was about World of Tanks and tank history?’
    SS: ‘I lied.’

  4. There should be a movie in which schwarzenegger plays some badass nazi high-officer

  5. I watched this on epic meal time guy’s channel and thought about sending you the video, but i guess i wasn’t the only one with that idea :D Epic video. Well, anything with Arnie in it is epic.

  6. Why does he have the insignia of the Austrian Armed Forces on an american Patton tank?

    (Yes I know that he’s from Austria – err – I mean ostrich) :D

  7. Okay, besides the video being badass, something i keep wondering, how the heck does a Mister Universe get to be a tanker, when i went to my draft board they said i couldn’t be a tanker because i’m to big, i weighed 70kilos at the time.