9.0 Historical Battles Info

Hello everyone,

what follows is the Wargaming text, given out to Wargaming stooges Community Contributors. Here goes:

In patch 9.0 you will be able to enter the “Historical Battle Mode” by choosing ‘Historical battles’ in the window for battle type selection. This option is disabled if you are in a platoon.

Below you can see the menu for selection between historical battles which appears after you have entered the mode:


This is the main menu where you can choose a historical battle, vehicle and look over your tank before you start the battle. In version 9.0 you will be able to choose between three historical battles:

Lake Balaton offensive

Map: Erlenberg
USSR – IS, T-34, T-34-85, ISU-152, SU-100, SU-76
Germany – Stug III, Tiger II, Panther, Pz IV, Jagdtiger, Jagdpanther

Battle of Kursk

Map: Prokhorovka
USSR – SU-152, KV-1S, SU-85, T-34, T-70, SU-76,
Germany – Ferdinand, Pz IV, Panther, Tiger I, StuG III, Pz II, Pz III

Ardennes Offensive

Map: Erlenberg
USA – M10 Wolverine, M18 Hellcat, M36 Jackson, M4A3E8 Sherman, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
Germany – Jagdpanther, Pz IV, Panther, Tiger I, StuG III, Tiger II

Tanks which are not available to use in Historical Battles are marked in your hangar with a dark colour and won’t be available for selection.


Translation: («Bыбранный» = «Chosen», «Есть в ангаре, может выйти в бой» = «it’s available, you can participate using it in the battle», «Нету в ангаре» = «It’s not available in the hangar», «Есть в ангаре, не может выйти в бой» = «It’s available in the hangar, but you can’t participate using it» )

There is a “Historical Reference Section” where you can learn more about the history of the battle you are about to participate in.


There are three possible Game modes for Historical battles:

- Standard battle
- Assault
- Encounter battle

You will be able to use your regular crews in historical battles just like any other gamemode. Interestingly ammo loadouts will work differently in the historical game mode. Ammunition can’t be changed and has to be purchased as a pack before you can join the battle. Don’t worry as any ammunition that you do not use will be credited back to you!


Likewise modules are set as standard and you will NOT be able to customise them! Even if the user doesn’t have all necessary modules on his vehicle the missing modules will be installed on his vehicle temporarily for the period of the historical battle for free.


The matchmaker screen appears after pushing the “Battle” button like in other battle modes. As in the case of random battles the matchmaker of historical battles doesn’t take into account the win rate and amount of battles already played by the respective user. Like in other game modes the main parameter the matchmaker uses is the balance weight of the vehicle. HOWEVER in Historical Battle Mode the balance weight is individually balanced for each tank available in this battle. Team composition of both teams may differ regarding the amount of vehicles and vehicle tiers but both teams will be always equal considering their total balance weight. The matchmaker won’t start a battle before an equilibrium is reached for both teams. There will be no voice chat in historical battles but it will be possible to communicate with team members (as well as with the enemies) via normal chat.

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  1. hey SS,
    was there any mention about different income for the lower-tiered vehicles in those matches? or is there no poitn to take out your su76 apart from…good will?

    i can imagine people try to abuse the shit out of the gamemode and drive nothing but the toptiers.

        • They can just add a limit…for example, you can’t play as top tier for more than 1 time in a row and as mid tier for more than…maybe…2 times?

          • I was actually hoping for a time limit for which you cannot use that tank in a historical battle if it gets destroyed, much like the way CW works. They would have to reduce the times significantly from up to a week maximum down to 24 hours or something.

    • This is where the whole mode will fail. Nobody wants to be the cannon fodder in a random team.

      If they made it a team battle style mode with organised teams then it might stand a chance.

    • i mean. warthunder once tried soemthign similair with their event mode. they originally intended to have alimite amoutn of planes of a certain kidn to keep it “historical” ofc in the end they didnt implement it and now all you see in those events are the planes that have it the easiest. and i bet you it will be the very same with this. i personally wouldnt mind driving a su76 as long as i get a proper compensation.

    • Look at it like this: take a lower tier, know how to use it well and take advantage of game mechanics, do allot of damage to higher tiers and reap the rewards.

    • Yes Yes … Forget all about the 152 HEAT . *looks at ISU and JT in garage ” .. This will be fun :)

      • And that is exactly the problem with the USSR-Germany battles… Sure, StuG III with L/48 can hold it’s ground against most opponents. But with a likely load of 350+Alpha guns around it will not be fun.

    • Am I the only one who would prefer them to push HB back till they have dedicated maps ready?
      I’m really looking forward to this mode, but it’s a mode that seems to ask for dedicated maps,
      instead of the “balanced” regular ones.

      • No, I was a bit dissapointed, no Historical maps, no PvE, just the same old game modes but with limited vehicle choice

  2. Jagdtiger = unbalanceable.

    Tier 10 gun with 246 pene + 490 DMG vs. SU-76 (tier 3), T-34 (tier 5), T-34-85 (tier 6), ISU-152 (without BL-10), SU-100 (without 122mm gun)

    • Yeah, but I guess in those cases there will be like only 1 JTiger in the battle vs more than 1 ISUs.

      They mentioned many times already that there might be battles with swarm effect…like 2 Tiger Is vs 7-10 T-34s.

      • Still unbalanceable.

        250mm armor + 2700 DPM vs. 1010HP = every single Jagdtiger can kill every minute near three ISU’s without fear about the penetration.

        • This may sound absurd but those JTigers could be flanked by the T-34s/T-34-85s(judging by the fact they will be slow as fuck without the top modules)…but only when they got no support.

          Eh, whatever, we’ll live and we’ll see what will happen.

        • 3 ISU with the derp would mess him up in that time (especially if they get some HEAT shells), he can’t keep his front to all of them. These battles are going to be decided by how will the lower tier tanks play tbh, playing jagdtiger with a really bad team will be a nightmare.

    • Also consider ammo loadouts. I think I read that JT’s fired mostly HE from the 12.8. And since the Battle scenario forces you to buy a predetermined battle loadout, this could still be balanced.

        • Sorry, we’re too busy with our indirect fire machine guns, jumping tanks and iceberg aircraft carriers to bother with such sensebilities.

        • Sorry, but this is absurd. 128mm PaK 43 was developed strictly for anti-armor use, not for bunker busting like soviet howitzers on SU/ISU line.

          Wargaming of course can balance Battle for Balaton area with HE on Jagdtiger, but if, all the historically-positive players will laugh of that.

          No, Jagdtiger will carry more than 20 AP rounds, which means to 9800 DMG. My bet.

          • AFAIK IRL HE formed the bulk of tank destroyers’ combat load too, for the simple enough reason the battlefield nigh invariably had plenty of “soft” targets against which AP is either pointless or outright useless (think infantry) and comparatively few if *any* actual armoured vehicles.

            And 128 mm is a LOT of high explosive.

                • He probably thinks wikipedia is a good source. Then again the jagdtiger entry on wikipedia does describe an action in the Ardennes where the jagdtigers used 48 HE shells to 10 AP, which kind of proves your point.

                  Of course the HE shell will likely penetrate and one shot kill everything but the Jumbos from the front regardless of any extreme angling (and still knock off half health even on the jumbos turret) and is probably the better ammo choice for this battle anyway, so quite how it would balance things idk.

                • Hmm, jagdtiger isn’t on the ardennes list, nvm. Still would have been fun trying to mob one with M10s

      • All tanks fire mostly HE in ww2 tank combat were mostly attacking combat cars, and barracks there was the odd occasion where they faced other tanks

  3. Are there any options to change the currency type of the gold ammo before purchasing the preset setup?…or I have to pay, like in the picture, 60 gold for those 10 APCR and in case I don’t use them I get my gold back?

  4. 2nd picture…am i right?. Pz.Kpfw. III/IV…i guess its Renault FT? Or SPG on that chassis (BS)?

    • This is probably just provisional tank lists. They’ll probably add more when this game mode is released.

  5. Is there a hard cap on the heavier vehicles, like the Tiger II’s and Ferdiands? Or will that instead be dealt with by the MM balance system.

    • Yeah. You’ll be able to grind some xp by driving a partially-upgraded tank rather than having to bear the stock grind (unless the stock configuration IS the historical configuration)

  6. Wait, so the tank selection is exactly the same as in random battles? If so, what stops me from picking KT only and always being top tier? I will gladly wait a minute or two for a good game, rather than being at the bottom of the table with tomatoes in top tiers losing the game for me.

    I am really interested to see how this will work, since I dont believe two or even three T-34s have a chance against a single Ferdinand or Tiger II.

    Also – do you really have to buy a whole package with lots of premium ammo included? 26k for ammo is pretty brutal, you wont make that even in tier 5 or 6 without premium account most of the time.

    • About the ammo, it’s written above that we shouldn’t worry since they’ll refund us for the ammo we didn’t used in that match.

    • Probably nothing bearing in mind you might end up in a team of just the one stock KT and a bunch of PZ III and Pz IV against 8 T-34-85, 4 IS and 3 ISU.

  7. Can you create a team with only invited players or do you only join a team with random players ?

      • OK. So, if i’m correct, the mechanism is different from the 7/42 where you can join a random team or create a team with invited players.

        I notice that we don’t see the name of players but just the tanks of the team. No idea of how many tanks per battle ? Same number of tanks per team ?

  8. I really hope there are also going to regulate the crews in the tanks.
    Makes things make excessable in terms of usually useless tanks.

    I used to organize player driven Historical Battles and we also used the set 50% (cause its free) crew system which makes things really fear, IS-2 with 15, sluggish big cats tanks, no OP perks, downside was the terrible viewrange.

    • That would make sense, instead of your 1337 crew you get given a 50%, or even 100% crew with no perks. Any exp can be allocated to the regular crew after the battle for the sake of making the mode less unappealing.

  9. Map: Erlenberg
    USSR – IS, T-34, T-34-85, ISU-152, SU-100, SU-76
    Germany – Stug III, Tiger II, Panther, Pz IV, Jagdtiger, Jagdpanther

    You are simply asking for trouble at this point. A JT fighting a bunch of tier 6s and 7s with an ISU as a possible counter? *Shakes head* And too boot a Tiger 2 vs any of those tanks would wipe the floor with them. The ISU is the only possible tank that could stand up to the enemy team.

    • It depends of the gun of each tank and the number of each model of tank in each team.
      The Tiger II will have normally its stock gun to stay in historical configuration.

      • Stock Tiger II gun is better than T32 VK45.02A top guns. And with its ROF in that mode Stock gun is actually better than top gun as 203 pen is more than enough for IS and ISU.

    • JT is easily flanked by the IS, T-34s and SU-100s. It will be historical so probably stock engine/tracks which means its pretty much stationary.

      Tiger II will be strong, but then it should be. These are WW2 battles and tanks didn’t get stronger than the King Tiger.

      There will be more of the smaller tanks anyway, probably 2 or 3 times more so the advantage of the bigger tanks will be balanced.

  10. Khalkhin Gol would make a fun low tier historical battle for the Soviets and Japan

    • Or also battle of Manchuria: japanese vs chinese. Would be great. They have maps for it(pearl river, maybe bring back Dragon’s Ridge too for it exclusively)

    • Or they could also make lowtier battles with “Spanish Civil War”. (german-ussr, german-usa, italian-ussr, italian-usa [i think only the brits weren't donating tanks at that time to spanish people])

  11. I believe respawn for low tier tanks (for example the T34 in Kursk battle) was discussed at one point. This would give a good incentive to play the lesser tanks in historical battles.
    Do we have any news on that?

  12. Battle of Kursk

    Map: Prokhorovka
    USSR – SU-152, KV-1S, SU-85, T-34, T-70, SU-76,
    Germany – Ferdinand, Pz IV, Panther, Tiger I, StuG III, Pz II, Pz III

    Ardennes Offensive

    Map: Erlenberg
    USA – M10 Wolverine, M18 Hellcat, M36 Jackson, M4A3E8 Sherman, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
    Germany – Jagdpanther, Pz IV, Panther, Tiger I, StuG III, Tiger II


    I don’t mean to be picky, but a couple of other vehicles were present in those battles but are missing from the list. Granted, they weren’t present in large numbers, but still, I should make a note of them:

    -Tiger P (the sole Tiger P to see combat was used at Kursk as a command vehicle)

    -Panther/M10 (used in false flag ops during the Ardennes Offensive)

    -T26 Pershing (iirc, a small number of them were present during the Ardennes Offensive, but I’m not sure)

    • The combat history of German Heavy anti-tank unit 653 (the group that had the command Tiger P) lists them as having received it around may 1944. Around the same time they created the Panther V/IV.

      Battle of Kursk was in 1943.

      They lost the Tiger P sometime in July 1944. V/IV was never mentioned as lost.

  13. Just hope they will implemented 2 Nation Against 1 (GB & France vs German) in early wars

  14. So excited about this feature; I just wish they’d done it years ago instead of all that clan wars and e-sports crap.

  15. About time, been waiting for this isnce i started playing this game. I see that the ammo/modules will be set by the battle and you can use your own crew, what about consumables + equipment? Consumables are obvioulsy fantasy and I assume they won’t be in but equipment is a bit different, any info?

    • Someone apparently hasn’t heard about the German “tank chocolate”. I understand the tankers drove through the Ardennes three days without sleep on that stuff back in ’40 – amphetamine being one ingredient.

      • It was more the magical repair kits/medi packs i was thinking of, i guess removed speed coverners, high octane fuel and fire extinguishers are all possible too.

  16. Prokhorovka:

    Su-85 didnt enter service til August 1943 so it should be at russian counter offensive. KV-1S is not a problem as long as it doesnt have the 122mm gun as that would not be historically correct for battle.
    Soviets did have some Churchill III’s at Prohorovka with iirc 5th guards.

    i Have never heard of any T26′s being in Ardennes unless at very end to help cleaning up germans still in area.

    • Me. And it is not that crazy of an idea.

      Our clan conducted a 8 vs 8 historical battle scenario with 2 Pz III and an Pz II plus an SPG and the rest being panthers and tigers.

      The Pz II spotted yet was always able to stay hidden and “radio” via TS back to base the opposing teams position. The Pz III’s loaded AP and shot the rears of the ISU-152′s.

      But then we were running a custom mod that made it so that the map only showed your own teammates… and all visual outlining was turned off.

      It was a very tense game… Esp when the Pz III was parked in the bushes 15m behind the ISU-152…

      • OK, now think that through with random team mates and no voice comms.

        Would you still pick the PzII when you could go for a Panther or Tiger?

        Or just not bother. ;)

        • I would take it for the more then likely income bonus. And since I cant take my SPGs, I might as well cause some problems in a YOLO’ing light tank…
          Plus I don’t have most of the German tanks listed for HB’s.

          Might as well cause some chaos.

  17. I have a garage that’s more than ready for this! In fact, I have every German vehicle for the Battle of Kursk, and more! I’m more than willing to be anything from a Pz II to a Ferdinand there and see what I can do!

  18. I wonder if these battles will have separate stats (like team battles), because having the same stats as ordinary random battles would discourage people from playing low tiers. SU-76 (tier 3) vs tier 8-9 would not be nice….

  19. Well. Looks like the grind to the JPZ E 100 just got a lot shorter. This mode simply will not work and it might actually be more game breaking than when the French were first introduced and just raped anything that opposed them.

  20. Ardennes Offensive, don’t understand why there are no British Tanks as options? The Churchill VII and the
    Cromwell for instance! The battle was not a wholly US affair.

    • For starters, it’s not your text. You didn’t write it, Wargaming did and you were given it (otherwise, Czech version from another CC that is literal translation of “your” post, could not appear minutes after your post – noone translates that fast). Therefore, I don’t feel like I should give you any credit, because it’s not your work. As for the video, that I did not link anywhere.

      • I’m pretty sure that he was the one writing it, it took him months of testing to prepare the patch, and now that he’s almost done with it, wargaming is just stealing all the info he gives about it :(

        Thinking of it, it would also make sense if he was the only one developing the entire game, that would explain the long intervals between each patch. :D

        Also, didn’t know QB spoke so many languages(the same text appeared in).

      • Actually I spent about an hour rewriting the “Wargaming” version as it was in “Ruski-English”.

        I omitted irrelevant parts and images spending my time to make it better for the community.

        You just copypastainoed my edits and had the cheek to call me a stooge too.

        I respect FTR and your work and often talk kindly about it in my videos and streams – actions and words such as this are a detriment to your creditability.

        • All that does is make your work half of a translation. What Wargaming + what you did equates to what a proper translator would have done. Translations that do not provide any originality aren’t considered authored by the translators. You don’t see things like Crime and Punishment that are translated into English with “By ” on the cover.

          I do acknowledge that you did put work into making the information easier to read and appreciate that, but your edits are just part of the translation process. If you look at your final work and compare it to its corresponding forum post on the RU forums(which I assume is the original Wargaming statement), the content is the same. Heck, most of the formatting is the same. SS did already credit Wargaming for the information which was correct and stated that it was passed onto the CC’s. Also, it’s hilarious that you comment on the stooge and make it seem relevant when most people understand that it’s a joke. Picking that out just makes your whole argument seem a bit petty.

          Whether or not this affects SS’s credibility isn’t for you to decide. I don’t understand why you even needed to state this. If anything, as one of your subs, this has negatively impacted my impression of you.

          • Edit: “By ” should be “By Insert Translator”. It was probably stupid of me to use chevrons around those words. :D

  21. Who wouldn’t want to play a tier 2 Panzer II vs T-34 and better tanks. The joy. This battle mode really isn’t gonna work with standard battles.

    Also, I’m with the Jagdtiger dominating everything. Just put it on a hill, spread other tanks around it and have him kill the entire enemy team. Even random teams can do that

    Flanking and all the shit you people suggest, reads like a 2010 thread on the official forum about why KV with 107mm ZiS 6 isnt op. herp derp two tanks bait him from the front, 2 circle around and shoot him from behind and he cant do anything

    HE ISN’T ALONE -.-

    • about the KV thing: in 2010 it wasn’t OP… i saw Maus with my BT-2… the MM was sooooo shitty that the KV needed that gun to not bail out without damage.

      about the JT thing: he may be not alone. he may be with tomatoes who don’t know what “cover me please” means. (seen this many times with my arties)

      • It lasted a whole lot longer than 2010 with the ZIS-6.

        Yes people can be stupid, stupid enough to lose. But it really takes very little skill to just cover a JT that shoots enemy tanks dead with 1-2 hits.

        And it only relies on a few tanks to do it. So your team of 15 has 10 idiots? Still good enough. While those idiots die, the JT already racks up kills.

        • In what world is the German side going to have 15 guys? If it does it can only mean everyone has gone with tier 5s which are all 1 shots for the isu.

  22. I could see this working well if when teams are made, they are taken from a pool of players that have selected the game mode, with no regard to their tank garage. What I mean by this, is that each team has a set number of each vehicle, meant for balance. Then, a player is chosen for each vehicle at random. In this way, you eliminate the German bias, because you could end up on either team in any tank, regardless of what you have in your garage.