31 thoughts on “50g code

  1. Strange, it first said that the limit is exceeded. I tried the second time and it said something about time-out, and after the third try it said I cannot redeem this code on this account. I checked my account and indeed I got +50 gold. WG…

    • What he said – better restart you page to make sure the code is not already applied

  2. WoT code-redeemer dead … connection timed out. Aaaand cant log in the WoWp homepage … :S

  3. this is actualy worldoftanks.eu/dcont/fb/image/wgl_gf_qrcodelandingpage_del_005.jpg this code so i guess they have activeted this one again

  4. You cannot redeem bonus code on this account – both WoT and WoWp … WTF?? :’(