14 thoughts on “Alienware 300g + 1 day Prem Code

  1. Finally got mine! thanks!

    The NA redeem code page is totally fucked up for days now. Everytime it says timeout or incorrect code. Used the warplanes webpage to redeem the code.

  2. be aware that you can only use one code per account. I got extra codes trying to be clever but can’t redeem them

    • can I have your extra code pls? Mine shows 0 keys available, maybe bcoz of this —-> “Keys are only available to residents in North America and Europe”

    • Yep. System works like:
      Alienware gives away codes which are generated with a certain “WGL-Event 2014″-tag.
      Each WG-account is capable of exactly using ONE code with this tag.
      Even if someone uses 3 different alienware-accounts to grab 3 different codes, only the first one will work, second and third will get recognized by the event-tag, which is provided by the code-producing-structure itself.

      Thats why we wont find someone saying “hey, but I redeemed 3 codes” (without lying)

  3. WoT website as saying code was already redeemed and other various errors. Redeemed mine using WoWP website.

  4. Alienware is a bit strange, i once contacted support the last event as i did not receive any email and this is the clue:

    just go to your accounts “My Giveaway Keys”, there you can see your granted key