Yesterday in Mariupol, Ukraine

Thanks to LoooSeR78V for the videos linked.

Yesterday, 9.5.2014, armed forces of Ukraine (“National Guard”) entered the city of Mariupol to quell the riots and uprisings of separatists. Some videos from the event are actually very chilling – it makes you (speaking of Europeans) now realize that war is not something distant that happened in the past, war can happen even in the age of internet, iPhones and World of Tanks.

Here, National Guard BMP’s are ramming the barricades


BMP driving around a busy street



BMP crushes an alleged referendum billboard



BMP forces its way through a crowd of people – just a thought though, it’s probably worth realizing that the fact one side has tanks (weapons, BMP, whatever) and the other side has empty hands does not make the unarmed civillians automatically right. When nazi agitators rampaged through borderlands of Czechoslovakia in 1938, the agitated Germans didn’t have machineguns either…


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  1. As much as Russian apologists blame Western media for being bias, incorrect etc; it’s really their media that has whipped these people into such a frenzy.

    In their media, you don’t even need a coherent verifiable story to have people believe it. If you are watching one of the many ‘Pro-Russian’ channels. How many times do you have to be told how fascist Kiev is before you believe it.

    • “Russian apologist” LOL. When i read something like this i know immediately what time is it and by which media you have been brainwashed.
      After 20+ years experience and survived war i know where to see bias and you are definitely biased.
      Presuming your bias, you must come from the country that is supporting opposite side (EU/USA). What you fail to see is that EU/USA media are the at the same level of propaganda as Russian media are. You need to understand that this game played in Ukraine between EU/USA (some call it west) and Russia is an old chess game that is hundreds years old. When you understand that then you know that there are no bad or good guys in this conflict. Then you will also understand why is your media biased. The truth and innocent people are the victims in this game. So start reading between the lines. Perhaps one day, you will understand how it works.

      I just dont want to read it here. There are much better specialized blogs/news channels/youtube posts for this. Expect a lot of flaming here now….. Amazing move.

      • While your post is true, it doesn’t really negate the fact that pro-Russian media in Ukraine is constantly spewing sickening bullcrap to instigate unrest and animosity towards Ukrainian government.

              • You’re the biggest son of a bitch ever I’ve seen. Fuck off, faggot.

              • Are you implying that you’re intelligent? I am very doubtful of that, you just seem to be the average lame, casual troll.

            • Well good thing you can still play the game without discussing politics :) Since FTR is not part of the game but a blog which you must click if you want to read, and also click the article if you want to read it. Good thing you can avoid all that… yet you still came here and commented.
              Such irony, many wow.

            • Sorry, but this blog is full of BS and lies. You just found one of them. Guys there suffer from being an experts in their own eyes only – they read a book or two and based on that (without doing any deeper research) they jump into some loud conclusions that got nothing to deal with reality but rather simply show their own bias and what they WANT to hear, not what IS TRUTH.

              • ofc it is. But thats the beauty in it. This is both biased sides coming together and in between some real raw diamonds. But since you are the expert perhaps you can provides us with alternative(s). I am interested.

          • Separatists captured a broadcasting tower in Donetsk and put the Russian channels back on, so most of the rebellious regions is likely only watching Russian news.

            • For how long? What it is so stronk about Russian media that a weak of broadcasting is enough to to turn a whole city of happy Ukrainians into raving separatist?

              • That is simple. Most of the people are politically uneducated. Another thing is that humans are generally stupid and prone to influences. By using the tricks form psychology almost everyone and everywhere can be turned into emotional sheep that goes and fight wars for someone.

                • You are telling me, that most people are so stupid that a TV broadcast is enough to make them to get ready to die?
                  Someone is certainly stupid here but I strongly doubt that it’s those people on the video.

        • I follow BBC, CNN and EU news (from some countries) or should i call them pro-USA media like you do. They are as biased as “pro-Russian” media are.
          And about so called “free” and “independent” mainstream media. That does not exist (perhaps minor and mostly on internet but that is not meainstream).

          • “They are as biased as “pro-Russian” media are.” – They don’t even come close. At least with EU news outlets you can quite clearly see what’s just their own bias and extract pure information out of that – in Russian media it’s all mixed with straight on lies and constant repetition of the same rhetoric (“ukrainian fascists” etc) that got debunked long ago.

            • This is not true. Since i live in EU i can see it with my own eyes. Perhaps there is a difference in the way how the bias is presented but by just reading the EU media i fail to see the bigger picture.
              In the end bias is bias, no matter how you present it. The end goal is to brainwash your public into believing things that are 1/2 truth or completely lies.

      • The western media doesn’t need to be biased, all they have to do is publish statements from the Russian leadership and the madness they spout to let us know that Russia is a crazy dicatorship. The statements do all the talking, Putin and Lavrov sound like Hitler and Ribbentrop. All this talk of protecting minorities in other countries as a reason for military action, arming militia and putting soldiers in without markings. Its exactly what Hitler did. This isn’t western bias, its reading exactly what the Russian leadership say in press conferences.

        Sadly there are good guys, normal people who just want to live in peace. I get to go to Ukraine regularly for work and know people exactly like this. They want to be left alone by Russia to decide their own fate.

        • There is so much bias in you young padawan.
          There are so many layers you need to break trough to start seeing the truth. You could start with this site perhaps.

          “What’s FAIR?

          FAIR, the national media watch group, has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. We work to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and by scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. ”

          This is a good starting point for you to grow up in sense of politics and media.

          • Could you be any more condescending?

            I love if how if someone does not agree with you then it must be them that are biased and naive.

            Good post mondog.

            • Patronizing is perhaps not the best way to confront someone. But his post is still biased. His openly strong anti Putin and anti Russian sentiment is visible from the satellite. And to repeat myself again.
              This game is old. USA connected to this conflict in the same way Russia is. It is a game of power and as that it does not know good. Most of you sheeplings start to notice and react when you see something in mainstream media. Then you go all emotional and full of hatred to someone that is presented as enemy to you.

              My goal is not to protect Russia but rather show that other side (in this case USA) is also deeply involved and evil.

              And speaking of Ukraine. It is pushed toward separation/civil war by both USA and Russia.

              • I don’t care about who was the moral high ground in this conflict because no one has full access to the facts and shit that is happening, but I can tell you this: you are being incredibly condescending and, frankly, come across as an asshat.

                Improve your manners, please.

                • You are correct on both!

                  1. “none has full access to the facts…”

                  2. me patronizing due to frustration with others ignorance

      • Russia is probably only state nowadays, which is clearly Nazi state. And even you are, because you position yourself as enemy of EU/USA when this smae EU/USA has helped your country all these 20years financialy, because NOBODY f-ing needs some idiotic nazi/fascist atomic power. But yet russians prefer to not improve their life, but to worsen their neighbours life and be enemy of whole world, so you – russians could feel better about yourselves. Look at North Korea and South Korea, what russians brought to koreans and what did americans. So shut the f-ck up nazi!

        • What an eloquated post.

          There is no such thing as FREE help. In one or another way you have to pay all back (and much more). Just read the book from Naomi Klein called “Shocking Doctrine”. All this help do in the end is to help their own businesses in acquiring local assets.

          Good that you mention North Korea. Did you know that Americans dropped more bomb on North Korean than they did during the whole ww2, destroying civilians as well military (estimations are more than 1milion dead due to bombings).

          And speaking of goodness of USA. Let’s see. Estimation in Iraq is that after USA invasion in 2003 more than million people violently perished. And all those that have died in Latin America (one or another USA supported junta: Brazil, Argentina, Chile (remember Pinochet) etc etc. And how about massacres in Indonesia in 1965. CIA provided Suharto with list of leftist in the Indonesia. 65000 people are massacred due to that list.
          Thing about USA is that they don’t care if you are dictator or not (they openly worked with Pinochet) as long as you work for their interest.
          Here is another interesting link:

          • Heh so many lies and halftruths, but what to expect form a guy with nick “zapatist”.

            South Koreans (one of the best developed nations in the world) are surely victims of cruel US… While North Koreans live in “prosperity” assured by their wonderful leftist goverment which is from the same ideological tree as Zapatist movement….

            And those milion violent deaths in Iraq…. Get to source and read how many it was in reality (cause in Lancet reasearch it was never such high number). Check also how it was counted (it was survey not hard data). Check also which deaths were counted and who was responsible (not all were made by Americans, many were made by Iraqis). Also somehow offcial numbers from Iraqi government are much lower. And if you are so kind, check how many people in Tchetchnya was killed by your beloved Russians.

            You just hate US and love leftist murderous movements and regimes… Thats whole truth.

            • Funny. Lancet research, in 2006, counted more than 600000 casualties due to the war in Iraq. Since 2006 sectarian violence. That is what happens when you create a power vacuum in a country that was held together by a strong government (no matter good or bad). So i guess that number now in 2014 must be close or above 1mil casualties.

              I never pointed that North Korea is a nice place to live. I just want to point to the atrocities that were made by USA.
              Speaking about South Korea. There is an interesting book on that subject. It is called “Shock Doctrine” where crisis (created by Western banks) created a problem for governments in SE Asia that allowed huge amount of money to be withdrawn from the country. This created a crisis where South Korea was forced to be bailed out by the IMF which again asked for certain criteria. So to make a long story short a lot of business were sold to foreigners and “international” companies. Those sells were as always followed by the lay offs. In the end a lot of people became poor and that caused South Korea to have one of the biggest suicide rates in the world.

              And about me, i don’t hate USA. Unlike you i am not that one dimensional. What i hate is the corporate/military group of people that is leading USA last 60 years (after Roosevelt).
              I have great respect for following Americans:
              General Smedley Butler:
              His writing “War is a racket”

              Oliver Stone:
              Dont have to link him but you should watch his documentary Untold history of USA.

              Henry Agard Vallace:

              And i don’t see myself as a leftist. More as a social-democratic (consider also that Nazis were nacional-social. so were they leftist or rightist?). I have a huge disrespect to the last 70 years of USA politics and their negative influence in the world in destroying young democracies (like Iran in 1953 or Chile in 1973). If that makes me bad, than i am a really really BAD person.

      • You dont have to read it… Who cares what you want?!?! I hope ukrainian army will burn to crisp those soviet scums. If they want to live in russia they don’t have long way to go. If they don’t like to live in Ukrain they can move out and not steal a piece of free country.

        • And they accuse me of patronizing while some here openly promote wars and killings (like you).
          All kingdoms, countries, empires rise and fall. That means that Ukraine, USA, Russia and you name it who else will follow the same pattern. The problem is that people die for nothing in those conflicts.

          Check last 1000 years of changes in European borders. Imagine how many died in all those wars.

          • Zapatista; this whole issue isn’t even about which media is worse or right whatsoever. Frankly, I’m pretty sure both sides show what suits their general interest, at least to a certain extent. But what matters here is that Russia, be it right or wrong, broke international laws they themselves agreed to, by laying claim and moving troops into areas belonging to other nations.

            Now, if the people of the Crimea truly want to be part of Russia, I reckon that will happen one way or another. But by breaking international laws made to secure stability and peace to do so is a criminal act. That doesn’t mean part of the reasoning can’t be right, it however does mean that Russia has made the error in this matter and as such is to blame. Media take a lesser role in a case of written down, signed, international laws.

            • I agree with you on this but remember the war on Yugoslavia in 1999. NATO invaded (on a false pretext) and removed Kosovo from what was (small) Yugoslavia then. So if NATO (led by USA) is not following the laws why would Russia. You reap what you sow.
              What about invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, bombing of Libya, economic embargo on Cuba and not to forget war in Vietnam.


              Truth is much more complex and not that black and white as many try to interpret it.

              • There’s one major difference between what happenned in Kosovo and what happenned in Crimea and that’s the LACK of violence in Crimea and the abundance of violence in Kosovo.

                Those acts of violence and human rights violations perpetretated by the then Yugoslavian goverment was the casius bellie for the West to intervene into Kosovo and this violence and human rights violations is what was TOTALLY missing in the Crimea.

                So, indeed black-and-white.

                It’s also hilarious when you take into account the Russian position with regards to Syria and protection that countries souvereignty, while persecuting and killing political opponents enmasse.

                And it becomes even more cynical when you take Chechnya into the equation. Those people their clearly didn’t want to be a part of Russia anymore and then who moved in like “fascists” with mass artillery bombardments and other such civilized and pin point methods…?

                • bias bias and more bias. Since you probably come from Netherlands i can understand that. Media there is even worse than in Russia.
                  Speaking about Kosovo, that is one side of the story, narrated by the NATO countries. The main reason of NATO supporting rebels in Kosovo, and that is something you won’t read often in the corporate media, is that Serbia (still small Yugoslavia at the time) sided with Russia and China. If they accepted USA as partner Kosovo would never Happen. Rebellion of Albanian population in Kosovo started much earlier. It happened in 1981 (afaik) with huge demonstration at the time (Yugoslav army intervened). There were a lot of cases of non Albanian families being forced to leave Kosovo since the pressure and violence was huge and this was before Milosevic came to power (i think even New York Times wrote about this somewhere in 1986).

                  So in the end, by invading Kosovo on false pretext and bending the international law, NATO led by USA paved the way for Russian takeover of Crimea.

                  Nice try but you need to read a bit more and to read a bit broader than from NATO corporate media only (or so called NGOs that are heavily supported by the US government).

        • Oh they ll leave all right and take their cities with them . the most productive in the country . The rest of the country will invest in kneepads and bend over for the “loans” the EU and IMF shove in there . And then the turds will probably force out whichever thug happens to be in power in Kiev at the time .

      • Russians have this weird schizophrenia when it comes to media.

        1. All Russians know that their media lies. Papers lie, TV lies, radio lies. Only Putin does not lie (well, mostly, they hope).
        2. However, they still think that there is a grain of truth in the lies. Therefore they blindly trust any “live” footage shown.
        3. Since their media is so corrupt, they assume so is the Western media, because West is much, much more devious than they are!
        4. Welcome to the situation, where nobody in Russia believes not a single segment on BBC, but thinks that the propaganda footage shown on Rossija24 must have some truth in it!

        In actuality:

        1. Russian media is Putin’s well-oiled propaganda machine. Those journalists who worked against this, were killed and fired a long time ago. Freedom of Press index in Russia is below African countries, while in EU it is the highest in the world. And Putin lies all the time.
        2. Almost all footage on Russian TV has been tweaked, placed into wrong context, shown with a huge bias, sometimes outright faked with willing actors.
        3. Western media constantly fights for its independence. It is a very rare occasion when someone is fired and there are no killings of journalists. Therefore the media is considerably more fair and objective than Russian media.
        4. The finale: all the rest of the world except Russians watching Russian TV understand this, and consider most Russians to be Putin’s brainwashed zombie army.

        • I am not Russian nor i come from any of the old SSSR republics. Since i follow western media i can tell you that amount of bias in western corporate media is huge. Just check BBC or CNN. So called independent media is huge illusion. The main media is corporate media. As long as they are not financially independent they are not independent.
          Btw check this:

          There are ofc alternatives on the net but those are far from the mainstream. And speaking about media pressure read about UK government threatening to shutdown Guardian over Snowden leaks.
          And how is that freedom going in west on when Sweden works on behalf of US trying to get Assange jailed. That guy is now holed down in Ecuadorian embassy in London because London wants to deliver him to Sweden (and Sweden to USA).
          Neither Snowden or Assange are safe in western world. Those are the people who we need to thank because they revealed so wrongdoings but instead they need to hide in embassies or ask asylum in Russia.

      • There are two instances responsible for the current situation in Ukraine:
        1. Western-paid mediawhores and bainwashed idiots from Euromaidan.
        2. Yanukovich itself, because he had not enough courage to het the rid of them on time… Now, its too late….

        • And there is 1 instance responsible for the current situation in Russia:
          Russian people are SLAVES!
          Think about it,Russia was always been an despotic country,first in the middle ages,the feudalism(ok that was common for Europe in that era)
          then the Russian empire-an totally tyrannical state(hell the feudalism in Russia was abolished in 1861 till then the Russian serfs were owned by their landlords!) Then after WW1 communists came to power.
          So it is: Principality of Russia—–>Russian tsardom—–>Russian empire—–>USSR—–>Russian Federation.
          Russians are slaves in their very own country,they will never rebel against the one in power because they as their ancestors before them are grown up to fear the authorities and to blindly obey them.

            • Now this is another story! My point was that Russians are afraid of their own country administrative machine.
              The thing you are speaking of is common not only for Europe and USA but also for Russia and China(in fact for the whole world).
              In Europe you can speak your mind freely and nobody will have you arrested for that while in Russia if you are not convenient for the government you will be sent to prison for a long time or if you dare to go to a protest the police will beat you very badly,there was a russian proverb: Better with Petrov in Majorca then with major on “Petrovka”(Russian police HQ is located on Petrovka 38 in Moscow).
              The media whoring is also common thing for the world for propaganda reasons(the US used this to get a “casus belli” for many interventions(wars)) but to exploit the fear of Russian-speaking population in Ukraine by telling them that the new government in Kiev is fascist is a very obvious case of propaganda.

              • falcon, Yes, truth are you saying… But in EU you can have problem with police very easily too… Yes, we have free speech…but in my country you cant speak about some topics because you will be doomed as a racist…

  2. I am all against this conflict and I really hope it will be over soon and there will be a peaceful resolution to this situation.

    Regarding the videos… last time I saw Ukrainian armor video it was standing still blocked by crowds or just taken/given away. Now Ukrainian military seems to be taking some sort of initiative. I just hope they will stick to breaking through barriers and slowly forcing through the crowd and not get lazy and use the cannons on the people since that would be a mistake.

  3. good to see that first BMP didn’t roll on it’s back, we don’t need it in wot either :)

      • That was after NatGuard starting shooting people with live ammo in the head.
        If NatGuard hadnt retreated so far away, they would propably be lynched by the people.

          • -You are right, it was before the headshot. But several people were hit with live ammo already.

            so lets see:
            a few guys(1) from side A shooting at guys from side B
            side B returns fire and kills unarmed people(1 on spott) from side A
            everything is total legit

            so the maidan shootings were total legit too, right?

      • I wish i haven’t watched the video. It’s so fucking fucked up. Human kind is the worst shit that ever happened to this planet. It made me fucking sick in the stomach after watching it. I don’t give a fuck whether he’s ukrainian, russian, pro-ukrainian, pro-russian, but killing people just like that is fucked up so hard. Only an animal can do that. I would suggest everyone who has doubts whether to watch it or not, to not do it.

  4. I’m guessing that Kiev is being more assertive because of heavy Western guarantees to the economy and, unstated but implied, territorial integrity.

    I’m also guessing that Putin is OK with this: he knows that if he invades Ukraine the Iron Curtain will be restored and Russia will crumble just like the USSR did. Taking him with it.

    • Putin did not invade. The Nazis crush civilians with tanks because they do not want to live in a Nazi country

      • Theres single nazi country in Europe and that is Russia. Country with
        1) biased media, with multiple proven examples of lying (wounded guy in the hospital posing either as captured Right sector fanatic full of german money and as poor beaten pro-federalist). Also no alternate sources and if so, they are being turned off),
        2) no opposition, except for the hardcore communists and shameless neonazi posing as antifascist with jewish roots – Zhirinovsky, deputy chairman of the Duma. Ha ha. Xa xa.
        3) jingoistic government with clear soviet symbolism and rhetorics. Soviet union never died.

        Ukrainian “fascist” party Svoboda has arround 2% of popular support, Right sector presidential candidate Jarosh has 1%. Russian Zhirinovsky has 10%.

        • “Theres single nazi country in Europe and that is Russia. ”

          Thats correct.

      • Fun to see how much Russia supporterd bring up nazis for the entire Russian-opposing goverment does.

        So if you just want to break free from your puppet master, you are suddenly evil?
        Sounds more like nationalism to me, and that is something that is demonised today.

    • But despite what western media is saying, V.V. is not a dictator.
      If he ignores the ongoing killings in Ukraine for too long, and thus the public outrage in Russia, he will end up on a train to siberian gulag before he can say ‘economic effects’. Then Hardliners will take over, shortly followed by mutuall nuclear BBQ.

      Right now EU/US is killing the leberal opposition in russia. Far right and left elements, which were kept under the heel by Putin, are gaining weight.

  5. I dont want do comment on any of the political issues becasue i wan nothing to do with it! War is wrong and it should never have gotten this far.
    But srly what are these people thinking bulding a barricade out of old tires, fences, bricks and other rubbish? WTF ??? That werent even MBT’s and they crushed that “barricade” like nothing. They should get out of that city before all shit breaks loose…
    Throwing stones at a tank? They wont care if you stand in their way and throw stones they’ll run over you or shoot to kill.

  6. Just a regular army doing its job in its country. Doing what it has to do with as much care for the civilians as they can. Absolutely no problem with that. Somehow a little bit scared by such initiative (puting down referendum stuff, etc.) hope these reactions will stay under control. As Ukrainian army did until now.

    • Under the Ukrainian constitution its illegal to hold referendums about territorial changes, and since even Russia said that they would not send any observers to the referendum(that is supposed to take place tomorrow) the results will be worth absolutely nothing.

      • National Guard is refered as a reserve component of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Clearly identified as such so i think we can call it regular troops waving the Ukrainian flag.
        But i don’t pretend to be that much informed or desinformed if you prefer. :)

    • Yep. Just like it was doing it before, but then was declared as criminals and was haunted after. Hypocrisy.

    • They are not crazy. They just don’t want the Nazis in their country. In any country it would be the same.
      In the East of the country, or who did not support the Nazis. But people do not express their opinion. People want democracy.

        • Friends of Donetsk I’ve worked nearly shot for that that they were Russians. The right sector constantly attack the Russians in the eastern regions. The right sector meetings shouts “glory to Hitler”. It’s not Nazism?

          • Right Sector is not the government, they dont even have any seats in the parliament FFS.
            Closest to a “nazi” in Ukrainian government is the Svoboda party that has 36 seats out of 450.

      • democracy? What democracy are you talking about? Taking terrain to their “own” by (funny called) “separatists” is no democracy at all.

      • More Nazis you will find on Kremlin then in Kiev. Putinism is a fascism of 21st century. And there is so much democracy in Russia… hahahahahahahaha!!!

    • Not only that western Ukraine is aggressively anti-russian (by that I mean russian speaking part of western ukraine), but 90% of all economics of western Ukraine was dependent of Russia. Now, people don’t have their jobs, protection and are target for the right sector that came to power. Of course they’ll riot.

  7. I may be wrong but the civilians in these videos are the people who are against Ukraine joining EU? The BMP drivers are the ones against Russia in this matter, right?

    • Ukrainian army/national guard against crowds who want to hold a referendum to either join Russia or become a autonomous region within Ukraine.

      Ukraine was never joining EU in the first place, the protests in Maidan started because Yanukovich declined from a trade deal with EU after years of negotiations.

      • Ah, that’s right. Thanks for the correction. Ye, Yanukovich should burn in hell for what he started doing to the Ukranians..

        But well, even, even though the way Ukrainian army is a bit extreme, you have to understand that if they do join Russia, then Russia will get a huge strategically important land, and it’s logical Ukraine doesn’t want that.

        At least that’s my thinking.

        • This is not an army and Nazi thugs-”National Guard”. They killed children and women, saying that the separatists. Trying to subdue people with weapons. I have many friends from Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. None of them wants to live with the Nazis.

          Ukraine must make their choice without interference from the United States and Russia. Ukraine is just a battleground between the United States and Russia. Yanukovich has been too passive in the fight against the Nazis which was sponsored by the United States.

          • Your blatant misuse of the word “nazi” exclude you from any reasonable debate. First and foremost you are disrespectful to the victims of the real nazis.

            • I have no other words to describe these people, after what I saw in Ukraine.

          • Well since Yanukovich is basically a little baby who runs to his daddy Putin, he should never have been the president.
            I mean, when he became the president, he put poor Tymoshenko in prison for some “frauds” -.- Even though everybody liked her.

          • are u brainwashed?
            Yes, I believe some people are Nazis there too. But meh. What the…. USA sponsoring Nazis? WAT? For what? Do Ukraine has much oil? :)

            Well, Ukraine would be fine if there was no Russian invade on Crimea and now on East Ukraine by “separatists” that were equipped well, just like soldiers.

            • Exactly. USA never helped Ukraine, they and the UN stayed out of the conflict completely.

              This won’t end untill Russia gets the fuck out of Ukraine.

              • That’s it. But I think sooner or later they will due to EU political “counterattacks”. The poorest are civilians that are sure that EU is so evil and RUS is so perfect. There is big problem, but I think without russian intervention there would be peace.

                • Exactly. A lot of civilians are sadly, like sheep. One says Russia will bring them perfect life, everybody flocks to that side and get so brainwashed by glorious Putin :/

              • ” USA never helped Ukraine, they and the UN stayed out of the conflict completely. ”

                I guess amongst other things, you missed John Kerry’s personal visit to Ukraine a few weeks ago.

            • First the United States sponsored by the Nazis. There are so many FACTS that happened. Why Do I. ..? =)))) I have very much to write here to explain elementary things. … read this for example … While the United States is sponsoring a loan n revolution around the world? Just think …

              Russia has not invaded Crimea. Crimea had done their democratic choice and joined Russia.

              • Haha, “democratic choice” by basically joining one of the most powerfull countries in the world together with the most strategically important part of Ukraine?

                Tell me, how is Russian navy coming there and sending soldiers not invading?

              • as EmperorSafirius said – Russian army came to this terrain. It was MUCH before that “poll”. And I think this poll was ofc fake and result was known long time before. And this poll wasn’t really legal. Terrain was occupied by russian soldiers, there were no observers from EU for example. How do we have to believe in poll results under these conditions?

                • There has not been any occupation. I work with the Crimea. Everything was absolutely peaceful. And people actually voted. Neither the Russian army was not there. You need less read propaganda.

                • @MihalichNSK

                  Yep, voted, in some cities 120 prc of citizens voted, hahahahahaha! Thats better then elections in North Korea with their 99 prc of support. Putins democracy…

              • Russian army took over strategic points and buildings in Crimea together with armed thugs. Then staged a election for a referendum on Crimea with “international observers”, Russian handpicked anti semitic and homophobic ultranationalists in a played all incursive stay in Crimea to overlook the elections. And that where you get the magical 96.77% vote for integration of the region into the Russian Federation with an 83.1% voter turnout.

                Nothing in Crimea went democratically.

                • I called my friends in Crimea on polling day. I thought that Russia had attacked Crimea. But I was told that neither of the attacks. People have voted and no one forced them. It’s just the TRUTH.I have the REAL information from the people of the Crimea. The Newspaper Is Lying. .. People voted or who is not forced.
                  People in Crimea are glad that they do not kill the Nazis

            • Yes, the USA/NATO are always telling the truth. Like they did when Colin Powell held his speech in front of the UN. Don’t believe anyone, not Russia, not the USA, not the Ukraine, and not anyone from any NATO country. They are all working several different angles, to get whatever it is they want, or hope to gain, by this.

    • Putin is not to blame. He saved the Crimea from violence. United States sponsored those people who kill civilians in Ukraine. and the United States of trying to shift responsibility to Putin. The United States sponsored by the Nazis.

        • I have worked with Donetsk and Crimea. My parents in England. Ukrainian, Russian and English News lie. All of his advantage. But I know that in reality it was in Crimea. And people are only too happy to reunite with Russia. Too bad that almost all just listen to the propaganda of their countries.
          Since I’m involved with many countries. I do see what is really going on.

        • Look at the Donetsk and will understand what saved the Crimea. Now Russia is investing millions of dollars to the Crimea and Donetsk is burning in hell.

          • Casinos will save Crimea and do good for its population… Man you have weird views.
            Tatars strongly dislike what you said.
            But whatever you seem to be very well informed. Thelepathy link directly from Kremlin.
            I don’t say there is no propaganda on each side but making for example an equality between actual Ukrainian goverment and nazis, just because there were some in Maïdan is pure paranoïa or manipulation.

            • “Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed nonage. Nonage is the inability to use one’s own understanding without another’s guidance. This nonage is self-imposed if its cause lies not in lack of understanding but in indecision and lack of courage to use one’s own mind without another’s guidance.”
              E. Kant.

            • Moreover, there is the Casino and Tatars? Have you been to the Crimea? No. You have friends from the Crimea. No.

              I was in the Crimea. And work with people from the Crimea.
              What can you tell …. Read the newspaper … There’s the whole “truth”. If you have brains, you must draw conclusions YOURSELF and do not believe newspapers.

              • And still you are just a mouthpiece for Kremlin and its propaganda. Just repeating the same works over and over like a good, obedient puppy.

                Your “truth” is whatever Kremlin says the truth is, without any own critical thinking.

  8. Some videos from the event are actually very chilling – it makes you (speaking of Europeans) now realize that war is not something distant that happened in the past, war can happen even in the age of internet, iPhones and World of Tanks.

    Not sure if I should facepalm or laugh at this. Violence is never very distant sadly.
    And there was a war that ended not 20 years ago right smack in the middle of Europe.
    Like every time propaganda plays a key part in indoctrinating people to hate and kill for profit of others.

  9. All I wish to those tugs running through the streets of town in APC is warm encounter with RPG 7/29/30/32 warhead…

    • Oh and where would those poor guys get such weapons? From the police station i presume? Like those peaceful demonstrators in Slavyansk that can take down a chopper with their bare hands? I hope they will never make it into the world of tanks because they would be so much OP.

      • Well, as teenager who grow up in Bosnia I was eye witness of same scenes when tugs in APCs were thinking that they are godlike UNTIL some brave men who were determinated to defend their home and families broke in local military base and took a few of those RPGs…I’m sure that there are a lot of poorly guarded military bases in Ukraine which can be easily looted because, as I hear, regular Ukraine army collapsed…

  10. These Pro Russian ‘separatists think they are on Tianamen Square trying to block that BMP like that.

    On a personal note, it’s sad to see how politics can ravage a country like that… similarl thing happened to the Palestinians at the hands of the Israely occupation of their culture, land and culutral heritage. So Ukranians, the Palestinians are with you and urge you not to give away your country without a fight.

    • You do know there are also ukrainian WoT players and Edrard is even from Ukraine so it seems normal to at least let other players around the world know what’s happening.

  11. Putin has been bullying the Ukrainians to fire the first shots for weeks, it’s a disgrace to humanity that there are no legal ways to stop this megalomanic fool who believes the sovjet era was better for Eastern Europe, I stand with our Eastern European friends, and only if there’d be an internationally controlled/witnessed referendum, would I even consider that Russian media are not just vomiting propaganda.
    The problem is, Russian media has done this for years, creating the image that the entire west is fascist or nazi, well believe me, we’re most definitally not. Saying that we are, is an insult to millions of people who died under the previous dictators in Europe!

  12. Not many Dictator Putin lovers here, good, but MihalichNSK is a great example for a brainwashed Russian citizen!

    Dude u use the nazi word so much, u probably dont even know what it mean. And ofc America is again the bad guy, u forget the oil argument! XD

    After the Ukraine dictator was gone, the situation was fine, but Putin used the situation like a snake to get his hands on Crimea.

    Whats next? Do the turkish army come to berlin, cause many turks live here and claim the city for turkey?

    • What do you think about the dictatorship of the United States? United States calls all over the world what to do. Decides what’s good and what’s bad.

      I wrote that I work with Crimea and Donetsk. My parents in England. And I have some REAL information. You’re just a victim of propaganda and newspapers … Try to use brains … It’s a lot of fun. …

      • How much do Putin pay u for relpying to every post Mr. “THE TRUTH” Seperatist? Your “real” information is shit and worthless u brainwashed monkey, common now and say im a nazi isnt this your favourite word?

        Obama isnt a dictator, he dont put homosexuals or his (political) enemies in jail like Putin does.

        Im not from the usa and i dont think everything they do is ok, but USA isnt a dictatorship.

        If Putin had stayed out of ukraine there would be no problem overall. No dead people.

      • Well, my country has no problems with USA. I am not sure, I can be very wrong, but it seems to me that it is probably because we are real democracy, with real elections and we do not invade other countries.

        And you do not have real information, you are just totally brainwashed by Putins nazi propaganda. It is clearly visible.

      • you have some “real information”… whatever dude.. on the internet i’m the pope it is known

      • “What do you think about the dictatorship of the United States? United States calls all over the world what to do. Decides what’s good and what’s bad.”

        EVEN IF you were right in the slightest, I would take US & Germany hegemony over my country any day of the week. I’d rather be dead than Russian Red.

  13. so we had a forced taking over in ukrain, a government that is not elected by the people, a government that is openly ultra right wing, that kills it’s on people, and they are right.
    that same government that is now, would not be in power that the last president joined europe, the same government that is proven killed whit sniper there own man just to get leveraged.
    you are talking how russians are invaders here, where exactly, because i dont see a head of kgb in ukrain, but i did see a head of cia there, and seneators, and United States Secretary of State, and politicians from germany, poland, france. that btw are teling to russia that they need to put there army back, back where exactly, last time i checked they are in russia.
    SS stick to WoT, because this is not for you.

    P.S. i will not even get to the nazi stuff, one line is enough for every one whit a half a brain.
    nazi party was a movment that was in motion for more then 13 years befor it come to power. you see any political party in est. ukrain that was there for 13 years and was openly for reuniting whit russia, and now they moving whit there agenda?

    let me answer for you. NO.

    and for all of you that are going to call me russian lower, im from croatia, croatia is last time i checked part of EU, but being from EU those not mean i dont use my brain from some logic conclusions.

    • What the fuck are you going on about? You and your logic conclusions? What is logical there? Yanukovich was pro-russian, the people were for EU not Russia. He got pissed off, the people too, there were riots, Yanukovich ran to papa Putin, and Putin sent his army to the most strategic location in Ukraine=Crimea.

      What the fuck are you on about these nazi stuff and everything.. In WW2, the majority of Croatia in Yugoslavia was for nazis, not against them…

      Are you saying what Russia is doing in Ukraine justifies it just because the government that is now is not “official”? Why don’t you go live there if you find it so great…

      • The current “Government” is the bandits seized power. Ychenko was a puppet of the United States and what?

        Now the CIA and the FBI has ruled Ukraine. It is ok?

        I think that Obama would become the President of Ukraine. =)))

          • There is not true … but there is also truth. I belive my eyes. And believe what I know from the Crimea and Donetsk. The newspaper is rubbish.

            • Ah so the videos of ships and russian soldiers in Crimea were actors from Hollywood?

              Wow, I didn’t know that :) Must be a staged video too :D :D

        • How do CIA und FBI rule ukraine give us some examples please. XD

          Overall its not a goverment for all time, its only a goverment till the election took part!


          • United States recognized that they instructed the Government in Kiev to help the CIA and FBI. Acknowledged that the CIA Director was secretly in Ukraine. And there are a lot of facts that can be found even in newspapers.

            • FBI? You’re talking out of your ass again, Ivan. FBI has absolutely no influence outside of US.

              • FBI was called in to investigate the corruption in the Yanukovich regime, you know since billions of government funds went missing under him & his chronies.

                Who are all now in Russia so prosecuting them is out of the question.

    • That goverment is chosen by legally elected parliament. It is the same parlament that chosen previous goverments, when Yanukovich was a president. So it is 100 prc legal. And how the hell it is ultra right wing?? Do you know what ultra right wing means?? Or for you anyone who do not kneels before Russia is ultra right wing…

      And for you information there is no KGB since 1991… But there are many Russian agents stirring chaos in Ukraine. And people from Russian secret servies were advising Yanukovich.

      • This Government has committed a coup.
        The Nazis organized chaos in Ukraine. And the United States supports them. Sponsoring them.

        • Wait for the elections in May 25th, parliamentary elections will be held later this year so you can stop the nazi regime crap.

        • Nice jokes man. How the hell government can make a coup??? Do you have any idea about constututional law? You are repeating propaganda bullshit like a mantra. Open your eyes and start thinking. That government was elected by parliament and is supported by more then half of members of parliament. And that parliament was elected in elections when Yanukovich was president. Where the hell is coup here? They impeached president (in many countries parliament can do that) and there will be elections of new one. So people will be able to choose whom they want and later choose parliament – these is called democracy.

          But I can agree with you that “The Nazis organized chaos in Ukraine. ” These Nazis are sitting in Kremlin.

    • I thought the same thing.

      What a shame, Kennedy and Kruschev didn’t finish off the world and now we’re witnessing the consequences of it.

      Verdict: Humanity had and has to be destroyed.

  14. FTR i`m curious, have you been threaten? You get paid? I`d advice you to keep FTR as FTR and not joining any sides of the ongoing conflict between usa/ukraine/rusia (even if you clearly joined the rusian side, get out of it!). And for the rest of you all, i`m curious, is here any NORMAL person in the f*k head? Or just paid people from both sides?
    Its so funny when rusia call the other side “nazi” when the other side started first to call them “nazi”, to clear this for you from a guy that don’t give a f*k about rusia or sua,

    america its a TERRORIST and not a nazi, they’re the ones that attack FIRST arabian counties for its oil and they pretext that they did it to protect themselves.
    rusia its the ‘nazi’ of present time, they’re the one that take land by force.
    eu ? a bunch of f*king scared morons that have no guts to do something on their own, its funny how I once in the past saw the EU as a savior of ROMANIA, when “we” jointed them it was to late, EU isn’t anymore how it was once, at its peak days.

    and before any smart a** decide to correct me with my typing of rusia, that i didn’t add an extra “S” or spelled it with a capital “R”, i do this to show you that they don’t deserve it, same go for the other sides

    I SPIT on the name rusia
    I SPIT on the name us
    I SPIT on the name “eu”
    I SPIT on any rich bastard (especially those rusian oligarch), that because they have money they can play this “game” of theirs with NORMAL people lives, I hope/wish you all die from the worst and painful disease know to man, BURN IN HELL

    and for all brainwashed chimps from all sides, OPEN YOUR f*king eyes.


    • Should i be PRO terrorist? or PRO nazy communist ?? DO PLEASE TELL ME.

      oh, i`m 29 btw.

      • nazi communist
        nazi communist
        nazi communist

        Bro i need some drug you use!

    • “america its a TERRORIST and not a nazi, they’re the ones that attack FIRST arabian counties for its oil and they pretext that they did it to protect themselves.”

      It’s true…

    • “its funny how I once in the past saw the EU as a savior of ROMANIA”

      No, it’s funny because you’re nothing more than a Romanian MORON for thinking that the EU will just come right in and do all the shit we don’t want to do.

      Well guess what, dumbass – EU helps with money, as long as you can justify your requests for them.

      Look at fucking Poland – they actually used up all of the EU funds because they invested in their economy – they even request more! While we can’t even use up at least 10% of the EU funds offered to us!

      Second of all, EU membership meant that millions of Romanians could go outside and work and start a new future in states where they’re not taxed to the fucking bone and get horseshit in return.

      FURTHERMORE – “america its a TERRORIST and not a nazi, they’re the ones that attack FIRST arabian counties for its oil and they pretext that they did it to protect themselves”

      Just look at those poor countries, South Korea & Japan. They must be completely TERRORIZED under US hegemony!
      Not to mention that ALL fundamentalist Islam states should be fucking nuked already. Either that or actually evolve, like Turkey did.

  15. Dear MihalichNSK,

    50 Rubel and 50 l vvodka for your good democracy work on FTR blog and a golden War Hero Medal for fighting Black USA fascist Obama.

    best regards your


    Democracy leader of UDSS.. ah Russia and East Ukraine

    • In Russia, people get to 1500-2000 dollars and more. In Ukraine people Platt on 200-400 dollars.

      You write complete nonsense

      You don’t know anything about Russia and Ukraine.

      • “In Russia, people get to 1500-2000 dollars and more. In Ukraine people Platt on 200-400 dollars.”

        i lold.

  16. >>it makes you (speaking of Europeans) now realize that war is not something distant that happened in the past, war can happen even in the age of internet, iPhones and World of Tanks.

    I told you… Now it is time to wait for glorious Russian tankists.

        • Crimea itself decided to join Russia

          I talk to people from the Crimea…..

      • Sure they wont. They will call it “brotherly help” as they did in case of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Baltics, Finland and Afghanistan or as “rightfull return of the stolen lands” as in eastern Poland and Bessarabia. Those certainly werent violent attacks. Wait a moment. This time it might be this “protecting the oppressed compatriots” excuse, perhaps they have finally learned something from the nazis. :O

        Oh and Russians dont start wars, they just finish them, surely. :D

        • No need to compare the USSR and Russia. This is a different country.

          And I know that Wired now in Crimea and you’re not.

          I am not a fan of the USSR. It was a dictatorship, communism.

            • The parade is a reminder of the day of victory over fascism. And nothing more.

              In every Russian family has perished in the second world war.
              Parade does not say that Russia is the USSR

              • In my experience Russians consider USSR to be their own empire.

                Red square is still Red, Kremlin wall is still littered with tombstones of bloody criminals, the chief one has its own mausoleum (all voices advocating its removal seems to be silent now), the anthem is basicaly same with some minor wording alterations, Name of Russia had to be rigged to prevent Stalin from winning it (back then they were at least publicly ashamed of it, i am not so sure about it now) and most famous quote – Collapse of the Soviet union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of our time, guess who said that.

                The continuity is clear, only russian eagle as state symbol and Putin’s samoderzhaviye resembles the old imperial times.


  17. ” war can happen even in the age of internet, iPhones and World of Tanks”

    Now I had to laugh when I read this, because there has been wars constantly some where around the world even in the age of internet, telephones and Super Mario. Yugoslavia anyone? Chechen perhaps?
    Georgia? I mean, it is just pointless to write such

    • Kosovo, Rwanda, Gulf war, 10 day war, South Ossetia, Sierra Leone Civil War, War of Dagestan, Second Intifada, Second Ivorian Civil War… just to name a few where the UN or any EU country had to take part since 1990.

  18. usa/eu gov doesnt care about ukraine and freedom, just taking over countries whose leadership is not sympathic to them. Its all about weakening russia one of the powers in the world not constantly licking capitalist/zionist asses. i wonder when murica wants to bring some freedom to china or north korea too.
    not like russia was a saint, but they did not start this war. its the liberty fighters who think they are the babysitters of everything.

    • Russia DID start this struggle, since many Ukrainians want to side with the EU, while the Ruskies said “Nyet!”

      But why the hell am I arguing with an anti-semite commie?…

  19. IMO all who haven’t been commenting about the video here should be banned.

    as a side note, anyone know the link to the latest edition of bothunter?

  20. I made caramel slice today. It is amazing! :D

    It has a coconut-biscuit crumble base, caramel made from condensed milk, and softened dark chocolate on top.


  21. Well, gotta thank those morons from Brussels for starting this crap. Inviting Ukraine to join eu? Great idea, especially that it’s in Russian sphere of influence. And now the Bear is awake and angry…

    IMO, there’s no point in joining the party for the eu/nato – Ukraine is a wreck, Russia has secured Crimea and now is proceeding to get it’s hands on the industrialized east. If Putin keeps doing things this well, there won’t be a need for his army to intervene. Leaving the debt-ridden, piss-poor western Ukraine, a great cuckoo’s egg for eu.

    So far – well played mr Putin, well played.

    However, if some of the neo-upa scum gets more active in subjugating pro-russian rebels it might get bloody, and Russians might respond in force. Even discarding this option, there’s problem of Polish politicians, which are using anti-Russian sentiments to give the public something else to think about; there’s a “healthy” dose of propaganda on some of Polish mainstream news sites (, like presenting some new, fancy toys (self-propelled mortar “Rak” for example). I don’t think those guys (Polish politicians) are THAT stupid, but there’s always the option that they might start something on their own, or at least mobilize the army (myself included) on the slightest provocation. I can sympathize with the Ukrainians, but personally I don’t feel like fighting.

    tl;dr – eu should sell Ukraine out to Putin and don’t concern itself with whatever’s left of it. Seems brutal, but there’s no room for romantism in politics. Too bad Polish politicians still won’t let that concept through their thick skulls btw.

    • “tl;dr – eu should sell Ukraine out to Putin”

      That’s nice, but you’re forgetting something – the people of Ukraine WANT in the EU. Remember the reason why the Maidan started in the first place? May I remind you that Yanukovich was elected after promising to sign the economic treaty with the EU?

      P.S.: Any kind of anti-Russian feelings from the Polish, Ukrainians & Romanians are completely justified.

      • I know. But – as I said – Ukraine is within Russian sphere of infuence, it’s not surprising that Putin is acting against it and securing regions which are important one way or another. Think about it: let’s say that Yanukovich had signed some treaties with eu and Ukraine is about to join eu.

        EU (and possibly nato) country with Russian naval base? Nobody would want that, either Russians would be hard pressed into abandoning a vital millitary installation or they would try to somehow force the Ukraine to let them stay. And I don’t see a way out of this one, really, so perhaps Putin chose the best option – acting ahead, splitting Ukraine and keeping the base before Russians are forced out of it? That way, he is going to weaken Ukraine, and might force eu to rethink it’s policy (eu might refuse to let economically crippled Ukraine join).

        I think that if Puting plays his cards well (and he is so far), then he won. Therefore there’s no point in eu being involved, especially since it will backfire in future, no matter how many sanctions eu/US throw at Russia.

    • Just for your sake I’ll tell u this. Wtf do u think is organizing those mobs of sick bstrds? Yes Russian special forces! We know it, they know it and everyone else knows it. Yet for some fujed up reason everyone pretends not to know and we have to deal with trained special forces who use our own ppl as meat shields. The fuck is wrong with the world

      • Well, if those soldiers wore Russian markings that would start a war, right? But Putin is not dumb and while he sends his troops they’re not “officially supported”, so he keeps his hands technically clean.

  22. You know, in Australia, we don’t care about this at all.

    No, really, it’s meaningless to us.

    If both countries ceased to exist still wouldn’t mean anything to us.

    Syria it more entertaining on

    • You know the ‘listening post’ we allowed the US to build on Australian soil, and those 5000 odd American military personnel that we have allowed to be permanently based on Australian soil? Well, should war erupt and nukes let fly, well, let’s just say we will never have seen such a BBQ in our lives.


      You should care.

        • Not necessarily…New Zealand and Svarlbard seem like the best bets to me, along with S America, but I expect zombies to emerge there…I prefer slim odds to no chance, and nuclear war doesn’t necessarily mean that all side will shoot their entire wad…

      • Don’t mistake misanthropy for racism like last time.

        No, I only speak for the don’t-give-a-flying-fuck-about-Euro-slavic-centric-bicentury-squabbles.

    • Yes indeed a lot of parallels!

      Since, Croatia at the time was a breakaway province (like Donbass is) from the former Yugoslavia you parallel Yugoslav army tank that went on streets of a rebellious Croatia with the Ukrainian (Kiev) tanks on the streets of Mariupol in order to protect legitimate borders at the time. Also note the parallel with Germany (and west) instigating Croatian separation in the same way Russians are doing in Ukraine.

      And speaking about Croatian rebellion…Croatia managed to escape from one big brother just to get into hands of another (EU/NATO). What a great success story indeed.

      • Croatia was a republic of the Yugoslav federation if i remember correctly. Big difference. Also ethnic (or better language) difference (and boundaries) is absolutely .clear

        • What is the big difference? Federation as government form?
          I don’t think that any member of federation can leave it unilateral and just like that. Only when they make a deal like in case of Czech republic and Slovakia.

  23. Got to say, beside being an ethnic russian with a valid citizenship, i’m disgusted by MihalichNSK. Sure, he’s got a valid point that’s historically provable and totally verifiable, but the way he talks and the complete loss of any decent grammar is just appalling…
    Doubt anyone is actually interested in the opinion of someone who will inevitable be labeled biased though.

      • Pretty easy though. 1954, N “Kuzkin’s mom” Khrushchev desides to transfer the crimea peninsula from russia to ukraine. The reasons are entirely populistic (a pretty big date coming up, related to 2-3-century-old events), with no real action and consequence, since ussr is still entirely centralized from russia, sort of a “formal gesture”. During the years the crimea is used as a transferring ground for oficers (and some other stuff) like habitable turf to give people a place to live, which sort of unbalances the population (can’t give you an adequate number, but about 60-70% of the pop. is sort of “pro-russian”).
        Comes ’91, ussr falls apart and ukraine having a very LEGAL reason (can’t underline the word, but i can highlight it) gets hold of crimea, with a rather pro-russian population and all that. During the years SOME people don’t really want to join ukraine, adapt and accept the language and cultural significance and want to “go back” to russia. This can be disputed (and is sort of dubious) information, but i have heard it from people who live there, including my own indirect (non-blood) relatives.
        Some politicians give speeches and plans to join russia (’94 nationalist movement) but all of it goes down the drain due to low funding and backing. This all boils up in ’14 with the “revolution” and sort-of-impeachement of the active president.

        The elections are obviously rigged, but i’d give a rough guess of about 55-60% of the population actually wanting to join russia because of a very easy and (at least to me) obvious reason – populist speeches promising a “better” life. Sure, it won’t be better, but you can always hope.

        To sum it up – i don’t agree with putlers methods (hell, it’s like yugoslavia all over again, except we’re the US now) completely, but i can actually believe that the people on the eastern half of the country want to join russia, especially the crime and crimean cities.

        • More or less what my take was as well, give or take a few first person details. What is sad is that there’s a minority who are working up other people to create this crisis in the first place, and people are losing their lives in the process.

  24. This reminds me of serbs in Croatia who were agitated from Belgrade and started rebelling under allegations of government in Zagreb being nazis, well i guess history repeats itself :p.

    • “In every time, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same…”

  25. Looks like it’s not only dangerous to be an eastern country with a lot of oil, but also to be a country that is situated close to some imperialistic state. Shit is bound to hit the fan, just like it was with Cuba, and now the same happens with Ukraine. Wish I was living in some fucking New Zealand or Iceland, they don’t give a damn about anything.

  26. Fun fact: Saying cyka bliat at the end of every sentence makes you angry russian

  27. Neither side of the aisle is innocent. Unfortunately the people of Ukraine are the ones who suffer the consequences.

  28. Ok to start with Ukrainian government is not nazi it’s in Coalition with Nazis that doesn’t make them all nazis just because they used foot soldiers for the coup from parties like svoboda . Who are nazis but don’t make up the majority and google it up if your in doubt that they are in fact nazis. But It’s a puppet government that was obvious it’s just now it’s US puppet rather than Russia’s so in reality nothing changed for the common people. The news are full of hypocrisy on both sides .And SS you should stay the fuck out of issues you don’t understand , stick to gaming issues.

    • And may I ask you what renowned research institute pays you, that you have so stronk and gud understandings? :D

      • @daathcz
        How about getting some arguments instead of patronizing.

        I agree on following:
        1. The news are full of hypocrisy on both sides .
        2. And SS you should stay the fuck out of issues you don’t understand , stick to gaming issues. (in case of this i think, considering SS previous comments, that politics does indeed itches him a lot. so he deliberately posted this to enjoy himself ;) )

  29. Слава Україні! Glory to Ukraine! Personally I prefer Hail Ukraine! But anyways, you need to understand 2 points before making assumptions that the national guard is attacking unarmed forces. A) 70% of those unarmed have some sort of lethal weapon hidden in their pockets and or holster, such as knives and firearms mostly makarov pistols. B) 60% of those protesters are paid Russian residence that illegally cross the ukranian border to “protest”. I know this because I’m from Lviv. I did my share when we where peacefully protesting on the maydan and those traitoring (yes there are some who believe putin is god and some whod sell their own mothers for the right amount) bastards deserve to die a slow and painful death! Hail Ukraine!

  30. Obama! USA! Now it’s the time for Massive Nuclear strike against Russia and their Nazi Allies and Muslim Overlords!

    • Hey, if you’re gonna proceed with that Fallout thingy, make sure you invent FEV virus beforehand. I wanna be a badass supermutant with plasma rifle! And we need some hot ghoul chicks too!

  31. The situation in Ukraine is not some easily broken down set of diametrically opposed sides, though they do exist and play a role in the current scenario.

    From a historic angle, Eastern Ukraine was heavily affected during the formation of the USSR with entire populations executed or forced to relocate by warfare (as during Ukraine’s fight with the Bolsheviks after the dissolution of former Imperial Russia) and the number of times Ukraine as a political and national state changing hands and reforming numerous times. For instance, Ukraine was split in two after WW I when a portion under the People’s Republic of Ukraine was absorbed by Poland after the Ukrainian-Soviet War, the other being absorbed into the USSR. Guess which parts those were?

    You guessed (or knew, if you’re into history) right if you state that Western Ukraine was absorbed into Poland and Eastern Ukraine absorbed by the Russian led USSR.

    Prior to this, the nation, with its newly found freedom, was forming a consensus Government comprised of Social Democrats and Menshiviks, with Bolsheviks forming a minority, but very vocal minority who consistently blocked elections, legislative acts, etc, at times using violence in order to try to drive the country towards the Russian side of the equation, without forming a consensus or trying to work with the other two parties (which were considerably larger, with more popular support, but less organized than the radical Bolsheviks).

    Fast forward a bit, to the ending phases of WW II. Poland as a nation was annihilated and then re-established and territorially redistributed by the victor (USSR/Russia), including reorganizing western portions into the eastern sections of Ukraine, forming more or less, the borders of Ukraine we currently know.

    In the intervening time, Ukraine was a major battlefield for most of the war, with decimated populations and cities, not to mention what occurred in Ukraine under Lenin and Stalin with their purges and forced relocations. The subsequently low population, sometimes deserted areas were then resettled, mostly from ethnically Russian families in the eastern portions of the country. Heavy industrialization followed as well, and strategic locations, such as the Crimea and the port cities on the Sea of Azov were also put under very heavy Russian influence to increase Russian hegemony over the entire region.

    Fast forward more to the current situation we find ourselves in, with a perilously weakened central Ukrainian government trying to re-establish its legitimacy in the wake of a series of crippling events that have made it desperate to maintain its territory and political stability, and the fact that it inadvertently pissed in Russia’s eye by kicking out their preferred political head of state.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Russia has helped instigate and stir dissatisfaction towards the current Ukrainian regime and has provided military and financial aid to the Pro-Russian separatist groups. General dissatisfaction and mistrust of the government, plus a stronger set of ties to Russia in Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea have both contributed to a very vocal, sometimes violent outburst of sentiment.

    Considering how the Ukrainian central Government is trying to still keep order, it’s no wonder that hastily assembled National Guard response units have been less than delicate in handling the protesters, rioters, dissenters, and the like in wake of everything that has gone on. Nor would I be surprised that, at least on some level, the Ukrainian government has acted with such measures from urging in the West, though if the West intended it to be as bloody as all this, I doubt it. It’s a very mucky, difficult situation which is exasperated by a very displeased Russia who is more than willing to make problems for the more pro-western Ukrainian government as punishment and revenge.

    • Hey, let’s not forget one thing: I doubt that those who side with the pro-Russia “Ukrainians” (IMO no TRUE Ukrainian would ever be pro-Russia) would be OK in any form if suddenly in their country pro-Russian minorities started protesting and wanted to divide/federalize the state they’re living in (imagine that happening in Germany or France, lol)

      IMO as long as a state’s territorial integrity is stipulated and guarded by the Constitution, anybody shouting against it should be immediately considered a potential terrorist – don’t like the country and want it to be more like Russia? Then get your ass into Russia.

      • I’d say that the source of their concerns should be looked at. The average citizen wants prosperity, security, and a sense that they are valued on some level by the government. If those needs are not being met, they will be displeased with the government in power. The terrorists are the people willing to use the upset, scared civilians as a means to a political or ideological end by playing off their fears and using it to their own advantage.

        Automatically labeling all dissenters as terrorists is not going to help anyone. Making a key distinction between the violent separatists and legitimately upset citizens is more important and more constructive over the long term.

  32. “We are always right – all others always not”. This logic is wrong from start.

  33. The World would be a better place without Russia, russians and their army of brainwashed zombies, that spread their fanatic lies even in the furthest outskirts of internets.

    • Can I keep some beautiful Russian girls though? 5… No, 4 of them should be enough for me. Can I, pretty please? :3

      • That’s disgusting! Why do you need those 3D fleshbags? You should know that girls who can be considered beautiful are all in 2D!

        • Hm, hm, good point.

          After all, those 3d pigs… They sometimes…. Have to take a poo… EUUUUUGGHHHHHH….

          I think I’m going to visit all my waifus tonight. :3

    • You would be surprised to see that more than 1/2 of globe population thinks the same about USA.

  34. Sad part about this situation – all who live there and do not agree with mob in the streets – should be silent and not seen because if that angry mob will find you with your “other opinion” – it will not end pleasantly.
    I see all those “separatists” as faceless, armed bandits who are keeping cities as hostages.

    • That’s a defective BMP that Ukraine army left behind. It was taken by the residents and then set on fire. Not even worth mentioning.

  35. These guys are wasting their time making those shitty barricades. Learn to make tank traps. All you need is lots of heavy pipes, bars, etc and a good welder.

  36. The Cremlin casualy thorws term “fascist” at every soul brave enough to oppose their tyrany. Mujahedeeni? FASCISTS! Workers in Poland? FASCISTS! Czech people in 1968? FASCISTS!

    Time to put away mistrust and stand together against the common enemy, the Evil Empire rising its ugly head once again.
    Sława Ukrainie! Jeszcz Polska nie zginęła!

  37. First Video: Clearly not trying to clean up the barricade but just going pass it, as well learn later driving slow only give people the wrong ideas.

    Second Video: Clearly that is a routine route, that’s why the guard rails are down before the BMP run over it.

    Third Video: About the only one I see being problematic: clearly dangerous on a normal road, and I don’t see the need for taking down referendum posters. Don’t turn into Putin even when you are against one.

    Last Video: the crowd of people is clearly trying something on the tank, and the tank only fire up the sky to warn people off (as well as driving).

  38. BMP-2 (easy recognition as the turret is near the back unlike BMP-3 which has it in the middle, and it has a long needle gun instead of a derp 76mm like BMP-1) track module health OP (ELC could track itself after that jump with the fail barricade if it lands on one track), plz nerf.

    Also, dat traverse speed while backing up…

  39. Ha.. putin-lovers crack me up… they complain about Obama and every democrat in office, ignore what the Republi-nuts do, then go on to metaphorically rub Putin’s shaft.

    Really, if you like Putin and Russia sooooo much, there is only one place in the world for you to go. Russia. Try living with no freedom to speak out against the government in Russia, I dare ya.. no.. I double-dog dare ya.

    Really though, Putin has practically been mirroring Hitler’s actions. Won’t surprise me to hear that he is shipping out all of the pro-Russian Ukrainians to various parts of Russia so that he can Russianize the population (which truly is a minority with 17.5% of the entire population of Ukraine).

    inb4 more putin-jerking

    • All personal feelings aside Putin is ten times the politician Obama will ever be. I am an AMERICAN and I see that. Your pointing at Hitler are absolutely out of place.

      Freedom of speech? Don’t make me laugh. Go say anything about the president in US or any EU country, you will have your house raided real quick. In-fact your beloved democrats were using IRS (tax services) to attack the opposition and the list goes on. Disgusting to say the least.

      Current Ukrainian government is only seeding more hatred with methods like these. They lose more and more support, of which they had little to begin with, in the eastern regions with their current actions. Shooting voters in the head, mowing polling places, encircling cities… absolutely idiotic strategy. Eastern half was relatively happy(stable) before all of the regime changes, then they were forgotten and were treated as second rate nationals and thus you see the result. It was a major oversight of the new puppets that will kick them in the nuts for time to come.

      Anyone thinking that current pawns that recently replaced other pawns are any better are delusional to say the least. There is no “good” or “bad” side, all of these conflicts are for political game of rope tugging influence. These new imbeciles in power will embezzle and steal just like the ones previously. Whoever thinks EU gives out free money and “helps” from good of their heart are crazy, all of these come with strings attached. Look at any country in EU that had shit economy since 90s…they all still have shit economies to this day, they are pawns and merchandise base for powerhouses like Germany. Big economy countries in EU like Germany, France and Britain will never allow smaller countries to rival them; all of you who is not fortunate to live in EU’s powerhouses will always be a second rate citizen to them. Ukraine will never receive the same amount of money and financial aid as Russian gave them… it took the west over 4 months to send measly $1.5 billion to Ukraine while they keep feeding them tomorrows.

      17.5% are who identify themselves as “ethnically” Russian… in reality if you genetically test population of Ukraine and western Russia, it would be almost and identical profile; besides nearly half of Ukrainians use Russian language everyday.