50 thoughts on “Four More Te-Ke Screenshots

    • Most tank development programmes (soviet, USA, Japan, Italy, poland) had the same roots and influences, the vickers tanks of the thirties (vickers light tank, vickers 6 ton). The predecessors to this tank in the Japanese military were their own versions or copies of early thirties vickers tanks, as was the T2 light. This is why so many 30s tanks look so alike.

    • LTP makes a nice bit of cash, that is if you do more than 300 damage and killed 3 enemy tanks, it’s quite good, regret selling it on my main.

      • With all the freezes/kack mm/security issues etc etc you would like to think that WG would give longer established accounts something like a T5 or something decent.
        Fair enough give this to accounts less than 12 months old but to long-standing players it’s a joke.

  1. Nice, I’ll like adding another gift tank to my collection, along with my LTP, Combat Car, Tetrarch, and Vickers.

    • We’ll see how OP it is after WG rolls out the nerfs that were cut from this patch. 22 deg sec hull traverse and + 60% dispersion on the move will make it the “sluggish and easily flanked” vehicle that the fanboys claim it to be.

    • No problem, that means there will be more T18s until they get nerfed.
      My Tetrarch eats them for breakfest.

      • T18s are easy to kill… it’s only because they can derp the enemy that people complain…

        If you are on that first valleymap, watch for the T18s to fire and simple move.. the shell takes that long to travel you can get 5+ tanks lengths away from position…

  2. Give this tank a decent depression and it could bounce stuff with the angle that the front armour has.

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  4. I like this tanky, Allways been a fan of good gun depression in the japanese tanks.

    Will put my 4 skilled crew in it and will club T18 clubbers.

      • Full camo, camo net and binocs, they wont even see me rolling, I can feel it now. Te-Ke should be the terror of the lower tiers.

        • Damn you train your crew fast, I still haven’t gotten a single crew past it’s 3rd skill.

          • Haven’t played since 9.0 hit, Its all a product of the Chi nu Kai training :D

  5. Arf. =(

    I was hoping that the Großtraktor would be next gift tank.
    I have waited so long to get German gift tank.

    Well.. Maybe new year gift then…