56 thoughts on “A Few More “Soccer Mode” Pics

  1. So, we need to shot the ball, what happens when it flies out of the field? :)

  2. Yes! Another in game mode that will relieve stress for many players…………………………………………………………………… I bet you can take damage smashing each other up
    Doesn’t the soccer ball kinda look like a underwater mine?

  3. I hope it stays on as a permanent game mode ’cause it looks like so much fun :|

  4. Could someone tell me a possible release time for this mod? I’m going to move back home maybe 2 weeks later, and i afraid of missing it.

  5. So is this a test for Havok ? :D because Havok would be ideal for making the ball bouncing and rolling etc.

  6. wait the second, tank hold ball on their gun ?
    and shoot the gun = kick the ball ?

  7. Ladies and gentlemen welcome back on Himmelsdorf Arena for the second half of this trilling match,so far the score is 0:0 but with those teams facing off you can never know what surprises are waitin’ for us till the full time!
    AAAAND here we see an interesting situation developing,the blue team is pushing quickly on the left flank yes it is their newly transferred star TankoLeo Messi OUHHHH he passes trough the first defender the second one THE THIRD!!! He is entering the penalty area SHOOTS!!!! SCORES!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!! 1:0 FOR THE BLUES!!! TANKOLEO MESSI!!!!!!! WHAT AN ATTACK!!! WHAT A GOAL!!!
    Now the red team should double their effort if they want to win this game.
    With this goal at the very start of the second half i sense tons of action will occur till the final whistle!

    • But wait a second… what is this? A naked Loltractor jumped into the field and runs around while the security Mauses try to catch him!
      As the peace is back to Himmelsdorf Arena we can see how many tonks came to see this match. At the hill there are approximately 40 WTE100s, a bunch of Fochs and Prof. Borsig.
      Red team isn’t doing good as Tankoleo Messi tries to score once again… but… but… it’s a fault! Churchill Rooney kicked Messi in the track. The red teams coach, I.S., doesn’t like this, his assistant, KV-1S, curses the MS-1 referee. AFKARD AND FREEXP KICK!

  8. They should’ve placed the T-50-2 back into the game for this mode.

    [*] RIP T-50-2 :<

  9. So… instead of more content and tanks we get a game mode that will last for maybe 1 patch? This is great. At least we know now why wargaming isn’t giving the players the content we keep asking for. Multi-turret function and a revised camo system can wait but this crap must be so important.

    I mean KARL was around for a few days and this maybe a patch. After everyone gets tired of it will be yanked. Why couldn’t they add zombies feature? I mean take a platoon of tanks vs a zombie horde. How long can you survive? That would be a fun game mode. Allow players to use the machine guns on a tank and use HE shells from the gun. That would be something I would enjoy playing and could get into to have some fun.

  10. It’s going to be so awesome. I hope they don’t get rid of it after few days…

  11. Iam one of the few that does not care about this, never liked soccer, never will, lol

  12. I play Subbuteo and Snooker so I should be good at this x)

    BTW looks like 5-a-side rules so no throw ins