9.1/9.2 Murovanka Comparison

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

as you know since yesterday, the Murovanka map is going to be reworked and it’s going to be made bigger (from 800*800 to 1000*1000). Here’s how it’s going to look, when both minimaps are compared. Note the landscape changes and additional cover for the southern base.


23 thoughts on “9.1/9.2 Murovanka Comparison

    • I’m worried about the ‘protrusions’ making the crossroads there into a heavy tank peekabo spot.

      Yet another scouting map turning into a brawling map.

  1. Nice, since i like playing mostly lights and meds this is a good change, always like more space to race around on.

  2. Well at least they didnt fuck it up like they did with Komarin where there is absolutely no cover left. Playing a Jpz is just impossible there if you are rated as a blue player and thus the enemies primary target 80% of the time.

  3. I played 9.1 on the SEAtarded server , the map changes I liked.
    The game play was and is typically spastic that’s why we went to NA..

    • Don’t get why people bashing too many noobs on SEA…the amount is same on all servers…I used to be in EU server, now SEA….noobs still noobs…

      Only major difference is lot more people still play SPG on SEA…..they seems never gets bored with static clicking

  4. Komarin and this map will become even harder for a KV4 which can be spotted at 350m just by moving ^^

    • Yeah, but if you’ve got a good idea where the enemy tanks will be, you can move angled and laugh as their shells bounce at extreme range too ;) I never drive my KV-4 in a straight line, and really really piss off high tier TDs because of it (If there’s a chance of a TD hanging out in a particular spot, I’ll advance towards it by tacking like a sailboat, keeping a good angle on that area until I’m proven otherwise by taking a shot).

    • I’ve got six sense, situational awareness and coated optics on KV-4…..STRONK RUSSIAN SCOUT

      New Komarin makes slow HTs suffers less….

  5. Whoever is doing their maps figured out less water is better. No point in putting so much non-passable terrain on already small maps.

    • And that beach in the SE looks a whole lot easier to get across. I hated going down there, as the steep terrain made only two ways out of it.

    • But…but they added more water.
      It used to be just that bit down in the SE corner, now 2/3 of the east side is probably-unusable water.

      Might be interesting, though, if the water is at a lower elevation and is all bordered by climbable terrain…you could get halfway up from the south practically unopposed (unless whoever’s trying to shoot you out of the water wants to get immediately killed by everyone behind you).

      Kind of looks like it might be super-deep water there at the “tip”, though, and most of the surrounding land steep. Meh. Guess we’ll see.

  6. The magic forest lost about 30% density but it still has the capability to make tanks disappear.