Small Bits of Info from Supertest

Not hundred percent confirmed, but reliable source.

- for quite some time, the developers have been testing Ensk with explosive objects (railway wagons, “red barrels”)
- developers have been also reworking Malinovka, they are not satisfied about it
- Malinovka will be changed within a patch or two

34 thoughts on “Small Bits of Info from Supertest

  1. WG sure are changing a lot of maps lately. Map quality has increased quite a bit recently.
    Can’t say I am against this though. Although, it would be nice if the EU tree came soon. I really want to play some Hungarian and Italian tanks.

  2. wow, maybe they figured it out (took them only 2 years) that the southern base on malinovka is biased as fuck and they finally change the waterside area :)

      • He isn’t really.

        Look at the last map.It feels so big and open just because you can go almost anywhere.

    • Indeed. Don’t know why 50% of almost every map is covered by water or mountain and you are left with 2-3 “tunnels” to go in.
      If you don’t go in tunnels, you either know what you’r doing or you’r getting instagibbed in sec.

  3. Bring a new map. Than rework it. Than again. And one more time. Than say the map is unballanced and pull it off.

    And bring a new functionality – red exploding barrels from Doom.

    • Ha! That’s immediately what I thought of when I read about exploding red barrels…

  4. After the change where they added some ridges between the two bases besides the lake – around the area of the flag in encounter mode; I have tried to push using this route with Tigers and other heavies with very or null result. The ridge in the middle is not high enough and people on far side of the lake at a higher position spot and destroy you easily. Only in a good scout this route seems to be practical.

    • 2 things come to mind:

      1. Obvious troll and quiet dumb
      2. Plain old stupid

      I belive you are one of those poeple that think change is bad, and that making a slight change twoards better gameplay, more movement ingame and overall ballance is bad.
      So the conclusion that you are fucking camper that sits with his heavy tank in the base doing absoloutly nothing the entire match and blames the defeat on someone else, like arty or scouts or everyone else in the fucking team.

      So please, stop posting stupid shit like this.

      • SS: suggest to remove this post. This kind of language is uncalled for.

        As my opinion on the matter. I don’t like this trend. They are changing more and more maps to favor only close-range combat, or peek-a-boo. Soon there will be nobody left playing TD, LT or arty. How much fun is that?

      • 2 things comes to mind about IWEK91

        1. He really doesn’t like people that voice even the most banal thoughts that disrupt what he thinks
        2. Plain of stupid

      • I dont see reason why he should be troll. Only problem of this map is that lot of people are too dumb to do anything and so they just camp in base.
        But to solve this problem you would have to scrap whole field area.

        • This game is slowly becoming world of retarded heavy tank drivers. R+Click FTW!

            • You are right, but still from TDs and SPGs you somehow expect it, but whe meds and heavies camp then there is something wrong.

  5. there’s a new ranzar video up. it continues from the “Germany vs Russia” series

      • Funny.

        But really, we’re driving around in heavily armoured vehicles, armed with guns designed to counter said armour.
        With the exception of open vehicles like the Marder, an exploding fuel tank will do absolutely nothing to a nearby tank.
        You would need something a lot bigger to have a chance of dealing damage.

        You then have two choices:

        1) [potentially lots of] small barrels littered around the map.
        Like in FPS games, they’d probably need to be marked distinctively. They would probably either do absolutely nothing to the game (why add) or be super unrealistically powerful.

        2) Have one or two map ‘features’ such as petrol stations with large (very big™) fuel silos. This would give you the required bang for your buck.
        However if they deal major damage, they will become a map zone that “You don’t want to go that way (well, not first anyway) ” It would be like an arty hit-zone, where tge damage potential is there until it hits you. (Sounds fun)

        Furthermore, where are you going to place these bits of scenery? Randomly placing them on the fields of Steppes?

        • You’ve thought too hard and long about this, but ok…

          Molotov cocktails could be quite effective against tanks if thrown onto the engine compartment. A 44 gallon drum is approx. 200 liters of fuel. Do you really think the explosive force and resulting fire would not damage a WW2 era tank?

          How much energy is in the drum? The average car consumes about 10 liters of fuel per 100km of city/country driving. That is enough energy to move a 1500kg vehicle 2000km. Petrol engines are about 30% efficient. Can you imagine all of that energy expended at once?

          I think a 44 gallon drum, half filled with petrol (air and vapor in the other half) would damage the tank and crew quite badly if it exploded in close proximity. A full drum would cook the tank crew.

  6. Yes, make there three secured tunneled routes from one side to another for HT close combat fights. Open space is baaadmkay.

  7. Hmm, i hope they rework the left side of Malinovka, near the river. Since they changed it the last time, the north side has won every single game I get on Malinovka, since mediums and lights can rush the southern spawn in like 30 seconds and take the lower left corner from where they can easily spot the whole southern team. And with the new changes there is almost no way to get rid of them once they’re there, since you have to expose your tank to northern base campers (a.k.a whole northern team) to be able to engage those lights/meds.

  8. I love the news :D
    I wasnt completely satisfied with malinovka… well its 100% better than the one that i knew… but not as good as the lets say Kharkov :D (i love that map !)