Freedom Package for World of Tanks XBOX

Hello everyone,

remember the “Inside Info” post I published a while ago? In it, a Wargaming insider was revealing some interesting pieces information. One of the pieces revealed was:

- World of Tanks Xbox will apparently be selling a Super Pershing “Freedom bundle” with a very special skin for the Super Pershing (American flag, basically a pretty wild scheme), but the kicker is, the crew will be 100 percent trained with a 100 percent Brothers in Arms perk, tank with full equipment (rammer, stabilizer, gun laying drive?) and 20 cans of soda – once per account, the cost is apparently set at cca 50 USD – it’s possible that this was actually Microsoft’s idea, but this is not confirmed.

Well… the bundle is here!



I like USA in general, I don’t make fun of American customs (hell, I love burgers and I think that the American muscle cars from 50′s-60′s were the most beautiful cars ever made), but this is just ridiculous and asking to be mocked. There is national pride, I get that and I approve, but that doesn’t mean the vehicles have to be covered with giant flags to express that, does it?

To the American readers – a honest question: do you really like this kind of stuff? If you do, okay, no problem, I am just curious.

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    • video is amazing(lol) and i rlly think that they made a nice tank skin out of it

    • Actually, does that count as camo? If so summer? Winter? Or is it a new “special” tank just the same stats as the usual and with this skin by default?

      • Dont know..But if seasons camo increases camo factor of tank..this should definitely reduce it by at least 50%
        This is like giant “SHOOT ME” :D

    • All I can say is Thank goodness I don’t own xbox version of this because that is horrible.

    • I’m American, to tell the truth, this is more of a inside joke, Lots of our own Americans born after 1990(?) rip on things such as the pledge of allegiance and say Murica: FUCK YEAH!!!!

  1. As a US citizen it seems to be a “little” overdone. You have to admit, the paint scheme is sort of cool, but my goodness, my eyes have to adjust looking at that thing! I think something simpler like an eagle that goes on the front of the tank would be ideal. Don’t get me wrong, I love 4th of July, but things are typically not overdone like this (depending where you are). Most people have a cookout or go to the city and watch the fireworks and enjoy the parades.

  2. if the tank wasnt so mediocre id say pay to win but with the superpershing you need a good player. Dont really know what to hink about the package…

  3. “Freedom intensifies” ;)

    tbh, looks a bit like that eye hurting orange/green painting over the hummvee’s .50 cal gunner shield

  4. Speaking as an american, Its pretty funny. I don’t know what the people were thinking, but I’m taking it as satire like Team America.

    I’d spend some small amount of money to get this on my T34 for the PC. Super Pershing? not on your life.

  5. America Fuck Yeah!

    Im sorry to to say i actually like this scheme :X. It;s so overdone it’s great :P

      • Chrome engine deck cover and an american flag flying from the turret, if you please. I gotta admit it’s so overdone I actually think it’s fantastic. It’s goofy as all hell and yet it’s crossed that line from stupid-stupid to funny-stupid.

  6. But does it fire democracies or liberties? And what is the rate of freedom we can expect from this vehicle?

    And how effective is its overall armor vs communism?

    • On the Xbox, you can fully expect this tank to free the shit out of the enemy.

  7. Reminds me of the 1976 bicentennial commemorative color schemes they put on various machines in the US.

    Wasn’t born then but I saw pictures of it, and most of the paint schemes looked pretty good regardless of patriotism.

  8. Da fuq did I just see? :-O
    Probably only because of such color people will prioritize to shoot these SPs, so they don’t $bling$ and hurt the eyes so much on the battlefield =)

    Imho, things like this brings the game much closer to Arcade fantasy style and is getting further away from any “reality”. But.. yeah, WG will get shitloads of $$ with this. Profit!

  9. I wonder how long it will take for a skin to be released for pc version

  10. Oh… dear… gawd. The only people who would even like this are extreme patriots or trolls. I could imagine in a PR meeting, some guy joking recommends an American flag as camo then the head guy took it seriously….

  11. I don’t care. Some will like, some don’t. But for an average 12 YO Xbox user this will look like the best thing that could have happened in this game.

  12. I love the paintjob, but come on fully trained crew? It’s a chance the SP is a hard tank to play, else that would reek of P2W.

  13. ‘murica, must place flags on everything, flags that are made in china!

    this is bullshit and we know it, usa patriotism is a bunch of crap, oh i was born here and i’m proud of that, oh i was born 10 meters from you, so that makes me better!

  14. I think this should be default scheme of US tanks on the future Middle East server.

    • And only the american tank’s get the fuel? so no other tank can be driven :P

  15. Well, this is console so any kind of weird stuff may happen. They are untermenschen anyway… As long as that sh?t won’t reach PC, i’m not bothered…

    • lmao :’D so true… but consoles spoiled so many pc games in the past on far more important things than just some skin, there’s a fair chance that sh?t will reach the PC.

  16. This is just way way overdone. Silly actually.

    I wonder if american patriotism will save Microsoft and Shitbox One this time.

  17. The butthurt is strong with so many comments.

    This camo is somewhat overdone, but the whiners are just PATHETIC

  18. While not being a ‘murican, I do have to admit that I like it’s looks a lot. That’d be a nice collectible to own.

    OFC, for some odd reason, it looks like that they can’t be bothered to release it on PC NA <_<.

  19. For xbox version it’s pretty good. Xbox is not supposed to be as serious as (some of the) PC gaming. Yes, it looks more like Team America version than WoT version, but I find games more fun with some roleplaying.

    And it looks much better than Type 59 Gold.

  20. I’m not American, but I think it’s pretty cool. Maybe it’s a bit silly for World of Tanks, but whatever.
    I prefer the Union Jack though, I always thought that it looks cool.

  21. Looks like something Stephen Colbert would ride in.

    Chant with me, brothers:

  22. The vast majority of Americans would think that’s cool in an ironic/joke way (see the MURICA subreddit). Maybe 5% of the population (the hardcore rednecks who spend thousands of dollars painting eagles and flags on their Ford F-150) would seriously think that looks cool.

  23. Maybe WG could introduce ‘civilian passers-by’ into the game. That way the americans will have even more fun blasting them.
    Perhaps drones could be integrated with WoWP in some way so they can massacre school kids and wedding parties to make it really true to life.

    • Well maybe these civilians wouldn’t be killed if our enemies weren’t a bunch of pussies and using them as meatshields?

      It’s an unfortunate reality of war, but if the enemy wants to fight dirty, then you have to be ruthless in order to not only defeat, but completely destroy them.

      • I’ve yet to hear of rules of engagement that allow soldiers to shoot human shields. Regardless of how stupid the war might be, troops aren’t just blasting everyone cuz ‘murica-the military does at least try to prevent civilian casualties.

      • @23r0
        ‘Our enemies’ … who are you to judge? America is the evil empire, the only country ever to use nuclear weapons on cities, proud of that are you?

        As for iraqi civilians being gunned down by choppers is there any wonder people in that part of the world try to get revenge, they have the same moronic death wish as you meglomaniac bastards.

        • Whenever people call the USA evil, I really have to wonder if they honestly believe it.

          • Yes they do, but there are evil people in all countries of course. Margaret Thatcher and Tony B-liar spring to mind from uk…

  24. I’d drive it…just for the lulz. You know that thing’s camo rating is probably worse than a 50% crew, unpainted Maus too LOL

  25. OH Yeah!!!

    Love this stuff, I have a rebel flag skin on my T34 that is pretty cool.
    Cant wait for someone to make a skin for the Super Pershing on PC.
    Would REALLY love if they added this as an additional CAMO in game, I would pay gold for this for sure.

  26. As a european, when you first travel to America you tend to be struck by two things (a) size, and (b) colour. Alot of everyday stuff is larger and brasher/more ornate for no apparent reason. This is more toned down on the east coast, up a notch on the west coast, and up several notches in the centre and south (remember America is huge). Thus I suspect an American in say Boston would be more likely to see this item as ironic (even a 14 year old kid), whilst a similar kid in say Oklahoma City would wish to own it from sheer patriotism.

    To test the above comments; google image search MacDonald’s UK. Note primary colour has become dark green, golden arches are smaller. Google image search MacDonald’s USA, primary colour is red/orange, golden arches VERY large.

  27. American here. I just love how being proud of our country is seen as being absolutely terrible in other countries, and yet foreigners have no qualms with glorifying their own country at the same time. Such haters are ultimately hypocrites at the end of the day (not that they know any better, considering how more often than not they’re just repeating the exact same bullshit everybody else says about the US), and I suppose there’s an explanation:

    Success breeds jealousy

    The US is a global superpower, and for nearly two decades was THE global superpower after the USSR fell in 199. Hell, it’s arguable that we’re still the only true superpower, since China’s military sphere of influence pretty much stops a couple hundred miles from their coastline, while the US’ military sphere of influence covers the entire planet (in no small part because of our Air Force, which is the largest in the world, and the second largest is US Naval Aviation, the latter of which being part of why we effectively control all five oceans). It’s pretty obvious why we’re hated by people from…well…I suppose you could say “lesser” nations. I’m not saying our system is the best, but until somebody else comes along that’s even more successful than the US was at its height, I don’t see why one can’t be proud of what we accomplished.

    TL;DR – before you mock a US citizen’s patriotism, take a look in the mirror.

    • Still not a country on the planet that can touch us, even “teaming up” would ultimately fail. And invading the US BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD LUCK ASSHATS.

      • You really don’t understand the concept of asymmetric warfare do you. All your enemies have to do to grind you under the heel of oppression is apply the tiniest bit of pressure, and then sit back and let your government, their corporate paymasters and the tea party do the rest…

    • 23r0_NA. I guess you are that brainwashed patriotic guy. People dont hate patriots, ppl hate brainwashed retarded patriots like you. If Bush says Iraq has nukes, then it’s true we dont need evidences! US army is composed mostly of brainwashed psycho fucks with no real life outside the army anyway. The garbage of society..Very easy to manipulate and kill TV reporters thinking they have RPG’s instead of cameras.

      Personally i dont hate true american patriots WITH A BRAIN such as Alex Jones for example. But i hate your kind of inbreed mindless aliens that crossed the border to US. Alot of these clueless dumbfucks made USA a bad reputation.

  28. i have superpershing…its my most used tank…i kept it even after OVER NERF and yet…i dont get to drive around with such a paint job :( me sad

  29. Forgot to add something:

    Think of this as an analogue to the Chinese Server’s Gold Type 59, only for the XBox360 players and the fact that the tank itself is no different from its regular counterpart, so why are we complaining about this? The only complaint I have is that it’s not available for the PC players (largely for the 100% crew with full BiA perk)

  30. “To the American readers – a honest question: do you really like this kind of stuff? If you do, okay, no problem, I am just curious.”

    Yes, to make fun of and laugh at it. xD

    I would buy one for the lols if I had this game (as long as its a separate tank from the regular SP).

    On a side note, this is kind of a ridiculous move for a company trying to craft a historically accurate game…

  31. I think its a mockery, and as a American I think it looks as it was designed.

    A clown car.

  32. Oh and in defense of how the rest of the world views our insatiable appetite for mindless out of control ass kickery….

    I quote the great Katt Williams, one of our many lunatic gems.

    “Well,… They shouldn’t have been talking shit”

  33. Why don’t you like this paint scheme, SS?
    Do you hate freedom? Do you support terrorism? I thought so. :D

  34. Next will be Japan HENTAI Bundle?

    Stb1 100% crew with recon, designate target, controlled impact, call for vengence, and adrenaline rush.
    and anime gril skin, of course

  35. To some extant, I like this… But for reasons of me being a “historical” person… I think it’s ugly as hell. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this were to be another Type 59 G event “Hurr durr let’s TK him because he’s in big, brightly-colored, premium tonk.”

  36. As a ‘murrcan and a Texan … I’m a bit indifferent to the idea. I can see how someone might think this is gaudy, pompous, arrogant, etc. Frankly… it’s like putting a tutu on a bulldog if you ask me.

  37. I do sometimes like american flags on stuff, but this layout isnt doing it for me.

  38. I think the tank skin is very well made. As an American I really liked the look of the tank, which is very bold and fits the 4th of July perfectly.

  39. I am a American from Texas …….”To the American readers – a honest question: do you really like this kind of stuff? If you do, okay, no problem, I am just curious.”…………..

    WELL GOD DANG!! HELL YEA I LIKE IT!!!….shit this is the best thing I ever seen!! ….I want to drive this showing how bad ass america is while shooting commies and arabs!! …Only thing that could make this tank greater is if it had a hat rack for my cowboy hat and heck give me a flag pole on the back so I can wave a american flag as I stomp around in this beauty…..heck put on some racks for ice chests so I can fill it up with beer WHOOHOOO!!….anyone who dont like this tank …well you must be god hatin commies….AMERICA FUCK YEA!!…………….are you for real SS…..

    So SS…. a honest question….is it true European women don’t shave and smell? Do you really like this stuff? ….are all Russians alcoholics who have vodka for breakfast?….are the french cheese eating surrender monkeys?…..

    OF COURSE NOT…..and its stupid to ask…..

    this tank is something a child would like ….adults will think it is tacky

  40. As a ‘Merican – It’s a little over the top.

    I would love to see one with the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag design, but I guess that would be the “Tea Party” tank.

    • It’s so sad because they’re now politically associated with that flag. I just like the look, dammit!

  41. Looks cool as a collector item, specially when there’s an event when they change the garage. I’m not sure about this on battle, if this will look great or players will stop for a while to check this brightly colored tank while rolling, and hope there’s no TK fest for this tank like what’s happening for Type 59G in China.

  42. It would have been really cool for F Company, 40th Armor to have painted their tanks this way in Berlin during the Cold War!

  43. As an american, to answer your question:
    No. Not really. I find the ridiculous infatuation some people seem to have with our flag to be quite silly indeed, and plastering it all over things like this is beyond stupid imo.

    I mean unless you’re doing it as a straight-up joke or parody of american patriotism, then in that case it makes sense. But to do that sort of thing with a serious face… really?

  44. As an American, it’s as gauche as Will Ferrell in Talladegah Nights. You gotta pull shit like that off right, or you pull it off by going over the top.

    Honestly speaking I find it patriotic enough just to be driving in an olive drab American tank. If I wanted to be fancy, I’d ask for a larger list of names (Eve of Destruction plox) and some art assets to throw on the side, like tiger faces or a pinup of Female Uncle Sam, something like that.

  45. I feel a little bit more free just from seeing that tank.

    They need to add some chrome, several “Support our troops” ribbons, a horn that plays the Dixie theme from Duke’s of Hazzard and a cupholder – then it would be perfect

  46. I would buy this if it came out for PC in an instant, Nothing wrong with a little over the top American pride.