World of Tanks in WatchMojo Top 10 F2P List

Thanks to David Solomon for this one.

Hello everyone,

you probably know the WatchMojo Youtube channel, known for its top 10 lists of various things concerning movies and games. On 12.7.2014, a list came out with top 10 free to play games and World of Tanks is in it! On sixth spot that is. The list is as follows:

10 – Smite
9 – Hawken
8 – Tribes Ascent
7 – Path of Exile
6 – World of Tanks
5 – Dota 2
4 – Planetside 2
3 – Star Wars TOR
2 – Team Fortress 2
1 – League of Legends

Personally, I’d rate WoT higher and it also seems the author used some old footage. You can watch it here:


94 thoughts on “World of Tanks in WatchMojo Top 10 F2P List

  1. Pretty bad list IMO. LoL is just LoL – cancerous community of 8 year olds playing grinding MOBA.
    Tribes Ascend is an awesome game, i used to play it a lot – sadly its completely dead right now, so i have no idea why its on the list. I hear Planetside is dead as well.
    As for WoT, i think it should be higher too. Better than LoL certainly. Wargaming are angels compared to Riot and their unfair practices.
    It seems that he simply put some games he never played on the list.

    • theres another game thats going to put all other games to shame in rpg wise. heres the link. its not out yet but on the top mmo rpgs its ranked number 10 out of 15 lol

      this games going to put lol wow eso and even skyrim to shame.. i know im putting so much claims in but its true no fast travel. no global chat, no levels or classes just pure pure skill. good example that you can kill a maus in a t1 cunninham if you can out skill a heavy god knight with just a naked body and a dagger well you can in that game. its going to make every game put to shame xD i recammend you to check it out SS

    • Well I can say from my own experience that Planetside 2 is hardly dead and is still lot of fun with regular updates.

      • there is almost no people playing ps2 and it is a game that ABSOLUTELY need huge number of player to shine. Also terrible optimization and p2w dont help.

        • “Also terrible optimization and p2w dont help.”

          Ever heard of… WoT? :)

        • I dont think we play the same ps2 then. I have different experience, lotsa people when i play and the game works pretty well on my rig. There is also no p2w. Every weapon/upgrade you can buy with real money you can get by playing(so its pretty much only buying time just like in WoT) and even lot of default weapons are on par with the most expensive ones. The only thing you can get only with real money are things like skins which do not give you any advantage(unless looking better counts)

    • LoL community is same as the WoT community, in the end every online MP game community is same, you have nice people and retards, you have bad players and great players + all those in between and you can’t change that.

      And LoL is much bigger game than WoT and is “more f2p”.

      I played both of them, playing WoT mostly and few ARAMs now and then and i think LoL is better game.

      • “And LoL is much bigger game than WoT and is “more f2p”.”
        Much bigger, i cannot disagree, children love MOBAs nowadays, but how is it more f2p?

  2. wots deserves lower you kidding me? lol its the reason were cursing at a young age. blame the vets parents. for bringing them here xD and nerfing all our tanks.

  3. That list is actually made by viewers. They can vote, and if WoT is on 6 is because that’s what other people really think.
    If i’m voting on the poll on this blog, and ss will publish the results it doesn’t mean that it’s only his opinion. It’s a vote.

  4. Bad list. Some of these games are dead, and some suck. WoT deserves a better spot. And SWTOR is on the list, realy?! I’d rather put Robocraft instead of that PoS.

  5. Well, WoT is definitely on the last place in my top F2P games, which is also the 3rd place, so bronze for WoT! Yeah, only played 3 F2P games, soon to be 4.

    • A., This was a poll and USERS voted for the games.
      B., I can hardly remember any TF2 or Dota2 tournaments that was watched by MILLIONS.

      • Um, what about the internationals going on now? (i dont play dota 2 (I’m horribly bad at those type of games) so maybe im wrong)

        • It’s called The International. I believe this year’s prize pool passed TEN million USD with almost FIVE million USD for the first prize. Yes it’s important. Yes it’s more famous. No LOL cannot beat the that.

          • How many people watched LoL LCS and how many watched International? Please i wanna hear the numbers.

      • Well Dota2′s The International is more popular that ANY of LOL tourneys. IF THERE IS ANY.
        Also tf2 is less hardcore and more fun so tourneys arent that much of a big deal compared to spontaneous conga lines, which are more important than being serious in a fun game. As for the “votes”, voting does not mean it’s fair. I believe more than half of the “people” asked to vote are LOL players, i.e it’s rigged.

        Also, Dota2 is made by the original developer of the original dota maps, icefrog, who is employed by Valve as lead designer

        • So if i ask a bunch of people that “which animal is the cutest?” i must discount people who vote for their own pet’s race because otherwise it would be rigged?
          Maybe they voted for LoL because they play it… But they must play it because they enjoy it. Or am i wrong?
          BTW this is just a poll. I didn’t see you bitching about the FTR poll results. :D

  6. Interesting to read all those youtube comments… hardly can see any bitching about wot’s rank :D
    only lol vs dota… some tf2 here and there…
    where are our dreaded fanboys? :D

  7. League of Losers? Why the hell is it on the list?!

    It’s so unfair when compared to DotA2′s scheme and it’s a highly sexualized game where women characters are scantly dressed. Oh well guessed can’t be helped when your target market are millions of teens who would rather watch and or control whores kill each other.

    Graphically and gameplay speaking, WoT, DotA2, and WT easily stomps League of Losers. The thing they lack tho are boobs and pussies no wonder LoL is more popular.

    • LoL’s gameplay is shit and the community is full of fucking retards but… come on man you can’t say NO to boobs and pussies.

    • ” [...] it’s a highly sexualized game where women characters are scantly dressed. Oh well guessed can’t be helped when your target market are millions of teens who would rather watch and or control whores kill each other.”

      Did you ever played… Skyrim? Or Bayonetta? Or Metroid? Or Mass Effect? Or Street Fighter?
      BTW Look at Diana, Leona, Fiora, Poppy, Quinn and Soraka… If you say that they are “scantly dressed” than i must assume you are prude. Or a moron.

      And frankly T&A does not sell horrible games. (I’m looking at you FFXIII)

      • There are many games that run under the name of free to play , but due to increase amount of content you are sometimes forced to spend cash in order to keep up with other players , of course you can play it for free but that doesn’t mean you can compete in it without spending real money.
        by the way , cross fire , runs under the name free2play made 957 Mil $ in 2013.

        • WoT is also free… and what was it’s budget?
          LoL is totally free. Why should you spend money in it? Yet it’s profitable.
          TF2 is free. And the things you get for money does nothing to the gameplay. (except 1 or 2 pointless achievements)

  8. LOL

    no WoW? no Wildstar? wtf?

    ps. just because there are sub based doesn’t mean they should not be in the F2P list

    • HURRDURR! Free 2 Play!

      Don’t worry mate, there are always gonna be people that can’t resist an easy target. They’ll be grinning so hard they’ll drool all over their panties.

      And for the record, I too think it is Fucked 2 Play, ’cause that’s what WG and their kind do…they bait people with a game that promises advantages over other players for money…and the little girls that pay up get fucked. Eventually they feel so ashamed for what they have become, because originally they were only gonna do it the one time, and the premium tank they would get in return was so shiny…now they have garages full of premium tanks and no dignity.

  9. “[...] as you fight, as even part of the GALACTIC EMPIRE or the SITH REPUBLIC [...]”

    Someone has messed up the government forms.

  10. wach mojo have no clue -.-” I dont know why you even care ss, tribes dead , sw dead , hawken dead , ps dead….. I think the real list woube more like 1 lol 2 dota 3 tf2 4 wot 5 smite 6 poe the rest shold not be even on the list.

    • Don’t forget to add: “WoT is dead… to me.” and “LoL is dieing because they are toxic.” to prove your TASTE.
      And no, i don’t agree with the list but i accept it. People voted it this way, end of story.

      • people voted it ? I thought it is some random “youtuber” there is a lot of them around. Most of them are just clowns and ugly ones.

  11. There s a very active internet cafe close to my home and except me nobodys ever playing WOT. I see alot of LOL, some BF4, some PS2, Final F IX, TF2, I even brought MW2 but that s it mostly.
    So nope, wot should not get a higher rank.
    Also, you cant compare scope and fun potential for PS2 and wot for exemple.
    See LOL world championship and huge player base.
    I m rather surprised that wot, a game that a so little evolved since gone gold 3 years ago managed to get that high… ( just figure, WG still could not include real sounds for the iconic tanks !)

    • where you live dude ? here in Spain internet cafes are dead and I think that happen the same for every other country now days every home have pc and fast internet connection.

      • In a touristic town close to paris. Same here most internet cafe for gamers died long ago. But in this case, tourists, good downtown location with several schools around and an above average income/inhabitant is making this internet cafe strive despite having 20mb adsl2 connexion available all around…

    • omg. playing online game in internet cafe??? somebody clever enough could use keylogger and steal all of your accounts. only stupid would use internet cafe

      • You know… internet cafes use restrictions on their PC. Just like a library. (“OMG YOU STILL HAVE LIBRARY ALTHOUGH EVERY BOOK IN HISTORY CAN BE DOWNLOADED VIA THE NET?”)
        I live in a little town and we have a netcafe. It has better rig then my toaster! And i know people who have NO PC, NO TV, NO PHONE and NO MICROWAVE OVEN at all. And they are in their 30s, have good paying jobs and they are atheists. 8th wonder of the world isn’t it?

        • no you dont understand. PC mean personal computer PERSONAL ! if any one have access to it I would even put close my credit cart or put any tipe of credentials. It is the fastest way to get your account stolen.

          • ATMs are also for public use yet i bet you use them.
            Bankers are also “public”… Do you trust them?

            • bankers are not public in first place and you will be doing good in not trusting them and asking for a copy of every think it is what I do. There is a lot atm haked or modified at least few years ago every day on the news there were some new scam related to them … worst argument ever.

  12. Biggest issue I have is that all Sony products are fremium. IE pay to get content and PAY2WIN.

  13. My only frustration is that they did not add “Heroes and Generals” to the Honorable Mentions. :(
    Reto-Moto guys would deserve some respect for what they achieved.

    • Indeed, some good games are missing like Heroes n General. Did not play this one for a long time but they re working hard at making a real fine unbiased game. Hope they ll polish it bit more so I can become one of their most regular player !

  14. I don’t understand why the hell is LoL such a popular game. My brother plays it and he wanted me to try it, but i never did nor i have intend to. It’s just stupid game imo. Too repetitive even if you compare it to WoT and boring.

    • And what exactly makes them bad games? You disliking it? Also, trusting in a list of someone’s personal preferences is kinda retarded, don’t you think?
      I don’t think LoL deserves that #1 though.

  15. Excuse me but WoT is a not a good F2P. You have to pay real money to get certain tanks (and some of them are OP which makes it almost P2W), you have to pay real money to get a decent crew, you have to pay real money to uninstall very expensive equipment, you have to pay real money for premium accounts ON A GRIND BASED GAME and it’s optimized like SHIT thanks to a mediocre game engine.

    • You seem stupid.
      Let me elaborate: You don’t have to pay as in you can play without paying money. You can play for free. That’s what free to play games are about.
      Furthermore you obviously failed to understand WG’s marketing concept. And which premium tank exactly are you thinking of? Any data to proove that? And still – even if it was (noticed how I am implying that it isn’t?) a P2W, it would still be a F2P game.
      You can bitch about the mediocre engine as long as you want, and you might even not be completely wrong, but – in my opinion – the engine’s absolutely not what makes a good game.

      • The only stupid person here is the Wargaming ball licker you are. E-25, SU-122-44, Pz 2 J, B2, the french prem arty, Type-59 all of them are equal/above their same tier fully upgraded counterparts which a premium tank is not supposed to. “You don’t have to pay as in you can play without paying money” that is the logic of F2P games but how many of them you can enjoy without paying a single cent? TF2 and LoL are 2 but WoT is certainly not one of them and yes, the engine is a pretty big fucking issue when you can’t play at decent frames with a decent rig because the shitty software can’t use more than 1 CPU core thus fucking up your GPU thanks to the bottleneck it produces.