M551 Sheridan Operations Video

Hello everyone,

as you know, we won’t get the M551 Sheridan in the game, but we are getting the next best thing – prototype Sheridan turret with its 152mm gun. Want to see it in action? Check out this video from 1969 :)


14 thoughts on “M551 Sheridan Operations Video

    • yaay, now we know how to operate in a sheridan, lets buy some and help out Ukraine :D

      btw, the Shillelagh missile can pen the tanks what the separatist have? no not the is3 and the t-34

      • Yes…It should penetrate the tanks of the 60s-early 70s…Although actually using the missile is difficult.It was barely used in favor of conventional ammo.

  1. dunno what’s the pen of it and what tanks they have but we could easily sunk that riot. the worst part is we wont get any gold for taking that province :(

  2. Dat HEAT accuracy though…2 shots to hit a stationary bunker each time? Yep, KV-2 derp accuracy LOL

  3. This is a wet dream for all the previous VK2801 lovers! This little beast will make all the Waffles cry more then arties.

    • Forward, Stop, Reverse, Forward, Gun, Target that, Machine Gunner, Fire!
      Target lost. etc :)