Straight Outta Supertest: Tier 5 KV-1S

Source: VK Wotleaks community

New tier 5 KV-1S. It won’t have the D-25 anymore, only a HE howitzer (like the KV-1). Characteristics:

Top gun: 85mm S-31
Penetration: 119
Damage: 160
DPM: 2002
Reload time: 4,795 seconds
Accuracy: 0,4
Aim time: 2,6
Depression: -3,5

Engine: 600hp
Power to weight: 13,62
Weight: 44,045 tons
Hull turnrate: 30
Hitpoints: 660
Viewrange: 320








120 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Tier 5 KV-1S

  1. Knew that that gun from the KV-3 would be there, or is it from the T-150?

    Who cares, still an 85mm like the KV-1?

  2. The second and third screen appear to show a gun that is not the HE gun. More like a 107mm?

    • OMG

      Did you even read?
      That’s the “real” top gun of the tank, because only faggots and noobs use derps aside from the KV-2, that’s the 85mm.

      Or we can have the 107mm at tier 5, fuck if I care if the tier 6 got the mobility wrecked but still has the 122.

      Fuck everything.

      inb4 banned for lyfe

      • ….Did you read the list of nerfs for the KV-85? The changes made to it, so that it may keep the 122mm gun is substantial. 19sec reload, -3 depression, mobility wrecked to all hell and dispersion increased beyond all possible reason…

        • Yes, I will still keep on using the 122mm because STRONK SIBERIAN VINTER ACCURAZY OFF THE SOVIET TENKS and the alpha.
          I mean if I will use the tank, I have the IS and the KV-13 and I’ve unlocked the MT-25,

          It just should’ve got it’s 122mm removed and it should’ve gotten the 100mm without any mobility nerfs.

          • You make yourself look like an idiot, that’s not even trolling by most tolerant margin.


            0/10 not even slightly mad

            • Why do I have the distinct feeling that the KV-2′s 152mm will handle better than the D-2-5T with all the nerfs?

              • it;s russian the nerfs are on paper it will still do the crazy shit that russian guns are famous about
                the perfect example kv1s full speed fires and the shot goes into the tank with an aiming circle catching all the screen :P
                the RNGesus is kind for these guns :P

                • You know it would be really REALLY worthless to implement an entire set of code that makes RNG work in favor of specifically russian guns. It would be as pointless as a dull pencil.

                • God knows why but I can’t reply to @alex sonny, so this will have to do..

                  entire set of code? worthless? How exactly do u value it? A simple IF statement with the listed guns will do it, it takes more time typing all the guns that it takes to make that “entire set of code” lol

                • worthless or not but seeing how the kv1s and kv2 guns behave and generall some russian guns well this doesnt sounds wierd at all you have tanks with 0.3 losing shots everywhere and then unaimed kv1s or kv2 hit;s you with 0.6 and 0.46 accurasy

                • Yes. Yes. What you’re talking about sounds very reasonable. I’ll join the discussion soon with more material on this, let me just go and find my trusty old tinfoil hat.

        • 20s reload at tier 6 when E100 has the same reload at tier 10, 15 sec reload was too much for tier 6 anyway now increse it to 20?? WGis so retarded. And they are keeping the 122 mm for the KV-85 wich will be the tier 6 tank, so basically this will be the OP tank, so tehy practically didnt resolve shit (not that they have to remake the KV-1S from the beginning)
          The KV-1S is a better more powerful tank than KV-1 IRL so now they are making it a tier 5 like the KV-1? Were is the historicall acuracy here?? Wargaming is so retarded

    • It looks more like the 76mm S-54. You know, the long 76mm gun on the T-34 and the KV-1S, or the stock gun on the SU-85. The 85mm S-31 doesn’t have the “hole” cut in the recoil system.

      That said, I find it weird that they use the S-31 over the F-30. The two guns are identical down to the ammunition save for (I shit you not) one shoots slightly faster and the other gets 1mm more penetration with AP. They have the same accuracy and aiming time. Is this to keep people from being able to just jam the F-30 from the KV-1 onto it?

      Also, what other guns will it have? I assume it would keep the S-54 76mm gun from its current form (that gun is balanced at Tier 5), and undoubtedly the stock gun would be the ZiS-5.

      Does this mean the KV-1 will finally get the L-11 as well?

  3. Our current tanks will go to V tier with crews and equipment or will change name to KV-85 and will be left with all stuff on tier VI?

    • I’d expect it to be like the Stug and Pz. IV splits. You keep the tier VI version of it, and the tier 5 version will be unlocked and fully researched in the tech tree.

      • I’m expecting that too, but this is Wargaming and they may think “if this is named KV-1S, it will go down one tier”. Unfortunately they didn’t informed how this split will work so I will not be surprised to see my current tank on V tier.

        • KV-1S at tier V is totally retarded ,that tank IRL was a better tank than the KV-1 and now they are making it a tier V tank, Wargaming is retarded

  4. I will love the new KV1S …. it is no problem for me to have KV1S tier 5 than tier 6 … it will be much more fun to play

    • Useless ? Lol

      That thing has more armor than KV1, better angles, more spaced armor due to tracks, is faster and much more agile than KV1. It will be majorly op on T5, with both the 122 and 85mm

      I’ll get one and feast on noob tears for sure

      • Kw1 was suffering because of it’s weight so they created faster lighter and less armored version of it called kw1s no it won’t have more armor

        • This whole tank is stupid. The kv1 already had the best dmp of all t5 heavys, and now this has more! Stupid. The kv1 is OP by itself, and sure, this has less amour, but its now very mobile for a heavy, and has a more powerfull gun, and even though the amour is less, its not none, still more than a vk 30.01h or a BDR. Have any of you played t5 for a while? Well the team that wins normaly is the team who had the most kv1′s and the better kv1 drivers. These tanks can munch on noobs all day, and now we have a tank with a better gun and more flexability, that with some angling will have almsot as much amour, so an even better machine to farm pools medals. Stupid, rework a t6 op tank, and give everyone a op t5 to compensate. Thanks WG

          • The KV-1 is not op at all. I’d rate it the third best tier 5 heavy tank in the game.

            • There is no other T5 heavy that wins in an all in fight vs a KV.

              It’s DPM far exceeds every other on top of the all round best armour of T5.

          • Wow, you’re an idiot !

            I eat kv1′s for breakfast in my wee t49.
            Kv1s will be just the same, only he’ll be able to run away a little further before being destroyed and not bounce quite so many shells before turning to run.

            The team that normally wins is the one with the better players as noobs drive “OP” tanks.

            • So aggressive, so insecure.

              So unable to read the part which says heavy tank, starts fantasizing about his T49, shares it with us.

          • KV-1 is not OP, I have it. BDR is much better tank. Anyway, king of tier 5 is T49.

    • Just like the KV-1.

      Don’t worry though, the damage is very similar to the 105mm howitzers.

  5. And what i get after KV-1S splits ?? Did I get new tier vehicle, or just KV 1S will be move to tier 5 and thats all, did enyone know???

    • If its like how the new stugs and panzer 4′s were like, you’ll keep the teir 6 and have the teir 5 fully researched and unlocked but would still have to buy it if you want it.

      • Or like the VK 30.01 H
        It was moved down a tier.
        You kept the tank & got the replacement with an 100% crew.

          • This is a similar case, because the VK 30.01H(read KV-1S) got moved down a tier. It got replaced by a new vehicle, the VK 30.02M (read KV-85).

            See the logic?

            I expect free tanks to be given out for those who have the current KV-1S.

            • No, the KV-1S gets nerfed and renamed KV-85, and a new vehicle named KV-1S gets introduced. The old KV-1S essentially stays, under a different name. Just like the Pz IV that became Pz IV Ausfuhrung H.

              Comparing to VK3001H and VK3002M is stupid, they’re both completely different tanks. That was a replacement, this is a split. Splits don’t result in free tanks.

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  7. Hmmm, I have been weening myself off the 1s and using the IS much more lately. (of course if we all do that too the IS will get nerf’d soon) Still unsure of the long-term affect of nerf’ing based upon overuse.

    • The kv- ass currently had peers with 88\90mm guns commonly, the IS has peers with 105-128 mm guns on its tier, it is also slower than the kv-ass and has less pen than most of the other viii heavies ( excluding the BP) it is basically just a kv-ass with slightly better gun stats and more armor (which is useless since all the t7 heavies have ~200 pen)

    • Why would they nerf the IS? It’s not a particularly good tank. It’s not like it’s a T29 or a Tiger

      • I love my IS, because that gun still suits very well at tier 7 and because of the faster gun reload than the KV-1S.

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  9. So we get a T5 heavy that is better in every way than KV1. Cool, another super OP tank to noob lib with :D

    • >same weaponry as the KV-1
      >less armor than the KV-1
      >more mobility as the KV-1


      • You mean more armor than KV1 ..

        KV85 has 82mm front which is 2mm more than KV1 on paper, + it has better angles and is a lot more bounce. That thing will be hell on tier 5.

        • What?

          KV-1 has 75/75/70 with 75 lower plate while this has 75/60/60 with lowr plate 60.

          Yeah, no better angles apart from the turret.

          Stop being a bad troll if you are.

          EDIT: the rear on the KV-1S looks more like 50 on that picture, while it in theory should keep the older armor values of the T6 KV-1S, which I stated correctly.

    • Uhh… did you notice the -3.5 gun depression? and the gun handling in general? The T1 heavy is going to absolutely dominate this thing in every situation that isn’t a CQC city encounter on flat ground

      • >Sides overmatched by 80mm shells
        >Taking full damage from HE shells shot to the sides
        >Huge ass engine
        >Huge ass in general

        I don’t expect T1 to dominate anything except lower tiers

        • The T1 is easily the best tier 5 heavy. It has incredible mobility, ridic dpm and great gun depression

    • Yup, that number got me worried too, but apparently it goes unnoticed for most of the audience. Considering that it’s armor is mostly on par with KV1S or marginally worse and having much better mobility… I see a problem right there.

  10. Tier 5 lol ? DPM: 2002 ???
    Look at its amor and speed. It will be even more op :)
    Wtf will do other tanks against this beast ?
    Wg realy trolls …

  11. Have you ever played kv1 derping heat ammo with 140 pen? This thing will be massively op, I like.

  12. Some girls take longer, but at least they come hard and it is satisfying.
    WG always takes forever and in the end it is mostly a lackluster.

  13. Are those values with a 100% crew, SS?

    Even if they are, 2k base DPM + Rammer + BIA + Vents… that thing will murder everything if driven properly. Me gusta!

    • What? You can count that up by yourself

      60 / 4,795 = 12,513034410844629822732012513034
      12,513034410844629822732012513034 * 160 = 2002,0855057351407716371220020854

  14. Soo we nerfed the 1s back to stone age but the armada of scrubs will only have to retrain crew for a lower tiered tank which so far looks even more massively OP and will get to club on minus 1 tier where very few things can reliably whoop KV’s ass. Like the S35CA that will ofcourse rng bounce or trackeat its big alpha and then face oneshot by 122 durp or trolol DPM. GG WG expected colossal fuckup and you delivered

    • DPM could be a reason…
      Another one would be the 122mm short, because even on Tier 6 that gun is still useable (i drove KV-1S with the short 122mm in stockgrind)
      This gun + mobility + above average armor on Tier 5?
      140 pen Heat for 370 alpha? well you can guess… >_>

      Other than that i don’t know :)

  15. kv1s turned to a turd…. W.G. do i get 1000 gold so i can retrain my 3 skill set crew for another tank???????
    you know i played a lot premium time to get them to that level… …

    • Now why would they do that? You might want to read the terms & conditions and the eula before you actually start spending money on the game

  16. Now, the most retarded thing is that they introduce a new tank with a 122mm gun and kv-85 name – instead of just calling it historically kv-122…

    • Stupid thing, it is historically correct. The part “1S” actually only refers to the hull type that was used (pretty sure SS can confirm that). “85″ is the historically correct description.

      What is wrong is the modeling of the muzzle break. That “T” version was never used on the KV-85. Actually it exploded in tests, so they copied the German two-chamber design and used that instead.

      • I don’t care the gun but the name: both are historical and since top gun is to be 122mm, which name fits better…?

    • The KV-85 is the historical tank… if they give him a good 85mm (a 150 pen version) and a nerfed 100mm in pen (160 or similar) they dont need mantein the 122mm.

      Even with all nerfs they cant remove the 122mm from tier 6.

      KV-1s…. looks ugly, lets see what can do it has a great DPM… terror of meds and TDs and well, only KV-1 can try win him in a shoot duel.

      PD: why not 107mm in KV-85???

      • The 107 would be really odd on this tank IMHO. Horrible accuracy, long aim time, and a ~9sec reload would render the speed of the new tier 5 1S somewhat useless (as you’d have to stop for ~4sec to aim which would give the enemies time to shoot at your weaker hull). Also, remember: the SU-85 used to have the 107 in 7.4 IIRC, and they removed it because it was considered too OP (iirc)… so putting that on a turreted tank wouldn’t help make it any less OP for its tier.

        • I refer to give 107 to the KV-85, not the KV-1s, yes i remember the SU-107 time but i remember a lot better KV-1/2 when you can smash tier 5 tanks alone and finish with 5 or more kills was normal…. you know, the team with more KV-1 win, the team with more KV-3 win, the team with more T29 win… old times.

  17. LOL, I love it.
    All the whining bitches for the last couple years, Nerf the KV-1s, Nerf it I say and NOW.

    Be careful what you ask for. They “Nerf” it down to a T5 tank and all I have to say is WOW.

    Can’t wait to drive this against tier 3 and 4 tanks. OMG Heroic badges up the wazoo even more so now. Tier 6 and 7s will not be bad either, little less worse than it is now against 7s and 8s.

    My win rate will climb even higher than the 68% WR I have in my current KV-1s.


    • The difference is that you will be shooting a lot of gold in this tank since you will struggle with at least T7 tanks a lot. Kv1s had overkill pen for its tier and hardly needed APCR in higher tiers.

      So GG wargaming. More money in the pocket.

      • No more different than it is now, maybe even less as the T8 tanks we go up against now have much harder armor to pen. T32 anyone?
        At least with T7 being top tank KV-1s goes up against it is now just the T29 instead of both the T29 and T32, just one example of one line of tanks. In general its easier to pen T7 armor with T5 guns/tanks than it is to pen T8 armor with T6 guns/tanks.

      • LOL you call it stat padding? I call it playing tanks buddy.
        Are you the one getting the butt hurt with YOUR stat padding?

        • I don’t statpad, I just know that you are butthurt seeing as your beloved KV-1s will no longer have the 122mm D25t, and I can now eat you up with ARL 44′s 105mm with APCR even more easily, except now you won’t have much of a chance off getting through.

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