30 thoughts on “Rita’s Review: AMX 12t

      • how the fuck is 13 75 a win? its basically unplayable unless you full gold it. and its still shit even then

    • Sorry to dissapoint you, but the Lorraine is practically the weakest tier IX medium tank. In my opinion, anyways :)

        • AMX 12t is really good, a bit slow but epic gun.
          AMX 13 75 is very nice, still a good gun but fast!
          AMX 13 90 is the thing you want, very good gun, speed, camo. All in all its Stronk!
          Lorraine 40t is actually very good, its quick and has very good gun, i enjoyed playing it.
          Batchat 25t is just super good. I love it.

  1. This is why I loved my 12t when I had it. And it was tons of fun when it was played right.

  2. Cammo in garrage, why no cammo paint on a tank in battle – paint removed by mod?

    Horrible tank markers setting, % of HP? Really? Very useful in determining if somebody is oneshot or not.
    No minimap mod – like playing with one hand.
    No reload timer.

    If she wants to be passive spotter, why optics instead of binoculars?

    Also – standing behind HTs can’t be really called “spotting”, at least not on that 800 meters map.
    Almost each reload she loses few seconds between backing off and and reloading the clip.

    • I use the HP percentage display out of habit since nothing else was available when I started playing the game. Other than that I don’t use any mods at all (minimap, xvm or otherwise) and switched off the reload timer, which also wasn’t available when I started with WOT (and which is fairly pointless IMHO).

      I think I do pretty well and my game doesn’t look like stupid Mario Kart. So?

      • I myself have have 18 in-battle mods. And it doesnt look that different from default.
        Not installing minimap mod or what-ammo-hit-you mod is HUGE loss in tactical perspective. ENORMOUS!

      • I don’t want to deny that mods can give you an additional advantage, but if you chose to not use them for whatever reason, it doesn’t automatically make you some kind of horribly bad player. I felt the OP was suggesting that, hence my remark.

        But thanks for the info that your game doesn’t have to look like ass when using certain mods. Watching some gameplay videos probably clouded my judgement there. ;)

        • totally agree, made it to super unicum with like 90 percent of games played vanilla. Mods are overrated, only one really useful is the minimap one, but player who pays attention can get most of the info on his own and if you cant, in the late-game stage when you cannot remeber everything, you just ask your platoonmate. And what is the “what-ammo-hit-you mod” good for exactly? apart from whining about golnoobs shooting AHMAGAD NOOB GOLD APCR in Centurion 7/1? :)))

      • I’m just pointing places where you have a room for additional info that may make your gameplay more efficient.
        That’s all.

    • “Horrible tank markers setting, % of HP? Really? Very useful in determining if somebody is oneshot or not.”

      That’s what the ALT key is for.

    • Optics: decent boost, spot heavies at max range, and you don’t loose the bonus when running around at the end or shifting position slightly.

      You can spot from behind if your view range is good enough. Not effective on big maps but on smaller ones? You get free solid cover that you can spot through.

      No reload timer: who cares? Fire off a clip then relocate or pull into cover until you hear the clunk of the reload.

    • As long as you can see clearly thru the bush then, yes. And it was not 15m.

    • How about Circon, Foch, etc…
      Well I think he has some kind of partnership with only Rita

        • You mean Quickybaboon? No thanks :)

          But honestly, I like Rita, she’s just funny, isn’t arrogant and doesn’t have to show boobs unlike other streamers. And of course she’s a pretty good player. The combination of these factors cause me to support her.

          • What exactly don’t you like about QB SS?

            Playstyle, personality, stats?

            Personally I think if you are really good at something then you are entitled to some bragging rights, as long as you don’t take it too far (and I don’t think he does)

            He has a nice playstyle (he doesn’t camp in stronk positions every game but gets stuck in instead)

            And he seems a genuinely nice guy IRL from when I met him at tankfest.

            All that said, you can like/hate who you like, just wondering (exactly) why.

  3. I never got on with the 12t. It started to get better once my crew improved, but it is too sluggish for close range and the aim time is too long to snipe moving targets at range.

    The 13 75 is pretty much the same tank, with the aim time fixed and better accelleration. I.e. they fixed two of the worst flaws with the 12t (still lousy gun depression/elevation)

    It works, even with worse MM (tell a lie, I get almost the same MM because 12t was before patch. In the 13 75 I just don’t get tier 7 max games at all).

    I got my first mark of excellence in the 13 75 after 32 games total (some may have been before the patch, I’m not sure).

  4. 12t has no acceleration.
    If you need to escape and you’re not on top of a hill, you’re dead.

  5. 12t is bad not because it’s a bad tank because it’s up againts higher tiers and better tanks.
    my scale of french lights
    12t – crap

    13 75 – crap

    13 90 – jewelery. this is the best of the entire line but you have shoot gold to do dmg or to be an extremely good light tank player with a lot of skill and a lot of patience.. but in team battle and even more in esl you must shoot only gold.

    lorraine – utter piece of shit. the worst in the series. to slow, to big, weak gun, ZERO armor.
    if you play on a map like El Halluf and you got spotted.. you will get shot not by the enemy players.. by the other players that are not even on the map, you are instantly hunted by Interpol, CIA, Al-Quaida.. and all other idiots with a simple hand gun will still aim and shoot you.

    batchat – a masterpiece (not as good as 13 90) but a truly piece of work. in the hands of a capable player this tank can scout, carry, defend, attack he can do everything. just don’t use it a stationary target. you stop moving, you are back to garage.