New Premium Tank Bonus Incoming?

Hello everyone,

an interesting thing appeared in the supertest client. Yesterday, the site gamemodels3d got it from somewhere and posted a list of changes, that happened between 9.2 and 9.3 supertest. One of the changes that caught my eye was the following:

Коэффициент опыта экипажа 1.5 ( 1.0 )

What it means in English is that all the premium tanks (and reward tanks that act like premiums, such as VK7201) recieved a 50 percent bonus to crew XP gain.

Whether it’s just a supertest thing or a seriously considered change, that I do not know (given the fact that something as big would be announced, I doubt we’ll see that in 9.3), but it’s certainly not a bad idea.

34 thoughts on “New Premium Tank Bonus Incoming?

    • I think it is only for reward tanks, which currently have coeficient 1.0

      Otherwise it would be 2.5 or 3.0 from 2.0

      • Read it again:

        “What it means in English is that ALL THE PREMIUM TANKS (and reward tanks that act like premiums, such as VK7201) recieved a 50 percent bonus to crew XP gain.”

      • Read again. All premiums, including reward tanks. And btw, M60 and VK 72.01 work exactly like premiums, they just don’t get higher income.

        damn, ninja’d

      • “What it means in English is that all the _____premium tanks______
        (and reward tanks that act like premiums, such as VK7201) recieved a 50 percent bonus to crew XP gain.”


    • One thing for sure is that you will see a lot more owners driving them, which is good advertisement for them, which will indeed increase their sales.

  1. Paying customers have been needing an extra incentive to buy premium time IMO. Buffing premium tanks is what I’d consider a step in that direction as premium time and tank buyers tend to overlap.

  2. This would be a welcome change to the premium tanks; even more incentive to get one in order to train crews

  3. its a good Buff as well as an XP

    Stat buff or MM buff would bring out the PAY-to Win accusers

    XP buff Helps what many of us use the Prem tanks for, Crew trainers! but douse not increase tanks ability in an indavidual battle

  4. This will give even low tier premiums an important role.Since premium tanks make a lot of money you will be able to run a premium with gold consumables/gold ammo without losing money,making it a very,very effective crew trainer.

  5. I’m pretty sure that this will be implemented by the end of the year, just in time for the new Tier 8 prem med’s to hit to give us even more incentive to buy them. And you know what? I might just do that. Still missing a DECENT crew trainer for my russian med crews while the T-25 is just about allright for the Germans (not gonna bother with the Panther M10 and the Schmalturm is pretty meh so far)… but the Matilda for the russians? Holy crap do you have to use a lot of prem with that thing… so no thanks.

  6. Yes please, I have way too many premium tanks, so any buff is apreciated. As long as they still buff the t-34-3 though :P

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  8. If correct its nice to see WG responding to community concerns about rhe amount of xp needed to increase crew skills – the Promotions Incoming mission was certainly well received.

  9. I love so much my prems.
    But if FCM36Pak40, Te-Ke, T14, Churchill III, T7 cc, TOG and all my others (11) get even more xp to train to 6th sense…
    Well. Another reason to play them. :D

  10. I think its a great Idea makes a lot of sense it wouldn’t affect gameplay and its one of the main reasons why I have premiums anyway.