US to Send Tanks to Latvia… But Which Tanks?

Thanks to Ensign Expendable for this one.

Hello everyone,

according to this article, USA will send some troops and tanks to Latvia. That alone is not very noteworthy or relevant in the context of this blog – or normally wouldn’t be, were it not for the interesting header of the article:


Hmmmm… where have I seen these vehicles before? If America is sending THESE tanks, Russians sure are in trouble :)

40 thoughts on “US to Send Tanks to Latvia… But Which Tanks?

    • Are you serious?! Did you ever READ the article? it’s about the freaking header dude.. not about the hate for russians.. well.. SS is showing all kind of love the russians.. but not in this article.

    • Well, it is not that long ago that Russian tanks rolled in our country, so you may want to look into that. Seeing them moving around and annexing territories so close to us does not make us feel that safe.

      • Kid ignorant , dont u see “american”-Nato are invading Europe ???? They want to destroy Russia becouse of natural resources so they (GB, USA ;ISR and so on”) want to destroy Russia like they done already in Africa ,Something like monoply game .

    • lol dude, the post mostly targets the the tanks in the images, stolen from wot, i mean m103 a relic and bad tank , t 57, not much is know about it, it was definitely not mass produced, perhaps only prototypes, and third, t110e4, that tank never existed!

      and on second account, so you are saying latvia should not have a defense?
      so you are ok with russia invading other countries, and other countries should be ok with that?

  1. LOL, sending T57 Heavies and T110E series tanks? Wait….the T110s are paper tanks, arn’t they? Silly news sites…

    • wow, after Crimea they dare to say that Scottish referendum is a fail. Every day russian stupidity is achieving new heights.

    • I’m upset an article like that wasn’t on RT. So many of their comentators on referendum articles were desperately trying to prove the evil imperial Jewish controlled lizard Monarchy had fouled the vote.

  2. It matters not what tanks U.S will send to Latvia. russians wont be in trouble because none of the Baltic states or NATO is going to attack russia. It even matters not if tanks will be older. Share presence of any NATO forces is enough to tell russians that if they invade they will have to fight not only Latvians but NATO too.

      • I get what you mean. At the same time I doubt that U.S published that picture.
        It really matters not for general public that knows nothing about tanks. It’s only we who giggle about it because we know that these tanks are not real, they are from a video game. The important thing is not the picture, but the piece on info below it.

        • No doubt an underpaid, bored, WoT playing graphics artist was asked to find some photographs for the article, and went with what he knew best.

  3. I live in Latvia and I do hope they send Abrams for the sake of us. The pressure from Russia isn’t something to be taken lightly. Not that a couple of them could stop Russia if something were to happen.

    • Abrams will not work against the mighty RF army. Here is what you should do.

      1.Dig a trench at your border with the RF.
      2. Make a eart-bag wall from the earth from the trench.
      3. Fill the trench using bottles of cheap vodka.

      Any RF invasion will stop at your border this way. You may skip point 1-2 and just leave the bottles at the border.

      • I cheap vodka will not drink.
        I am not an enemy of their own health.

        The best way to protect
        You take a bottle of vodka and drinking.
        Russian Fire do not beat.

    • I am certain the RF tankers are in a hurry as i write this to log into their WG *tank simulators* to learn all about it plus doing an in depth comparative analysis of their T-72s vs E4 in the tank inspector. :-)

  4. Tanks from 50+ years ago can win ANY war! (Though maybe the T57 could..) Wondering why they didn’t use M1A2 photos instead. -_-

    • Hey now, the M60A1 and M60A3 are 50 years old and I’d give them a fighting chance against anything on the modern battlefield.

      • i agree building a real e5 and add modern 120mm gun, 1200 hp engine,computer systems,reactive armor ect… and you got a 60 year old tank that can fight back! tank warfare nowadays is pretty much 1 shot kill so who ever hits the other one first wins the battle.