22 thoughts on “World of Warships Classes Video

  1. Battleships = Heavy Tanks
    Destroyers = Tank Destroyers
    Cruisers = Medium Tanks
    Light Cruisers = Light Tanks
    Aircraft Carriers = Self Propelled Guns

    Maybe i give a try to the aircraft carriers…

  2. right…sooo when does closed beta start?
    and will this be a fail like WoWp?
    One thing bugs me about this….no rudders…(how does i do turning?)

  3. I wonder if the game will have battlecruisers, since they don’t talk about them. They do talk about the light and heavy cruisers. But a battlecruiser is none of those, it’s basically a battleship with less armor so its faster and more agile. You might say that sounds like a heavy cruiser. But a heavy cruiser is much smaller in size, and has less firepower than a battlecruiser.

  4. I am thinking favorite will be Royal Navy

    Tribal Class Destroyers
    County Class Cruisers
    King George the Vth class Battleships
    Illustrious Class Carriers
    Colossus Class Carriers

    Maybe we’ll get to see USN Alaska Class large Cruisers

    Curious to see how Allied radar directed fire control will compare to less capable IJN radar fire control and the IJN’s excellent optical fire control directors.