Mission East 2014 Photos

Hello everyone,

a few months back, in June 2014, a military event called “Misja Wschód” (“Mission East”) took place in Poland in Ogrodniczki and Mrorome was kind enough to share some pictures from this event with us. There were historical vehicles, re-enactment… that sort of stuff. Overall, pretty interesting.

Adler Kfz 13 (German armored car from early 30′s, only 147 were made)

Adler 1

Adler 2

Adler 3

Adler 5

Adler 6


BRDM 2 - 1

BRDM 2 - 2

BRDM 2 - 3

Bandvagn 202 – a small Swedish tractor, produced between 1964 and 1981

Bv 202 - 1

Bv 202 - 2

PTS-M – Soviet amphibious transport, produced from 1965, used by the Warsaw Pact


BMW R-75 – the key symbol belongs to 1st SS Panzerdivision “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”


FT-17 – from the Warsaw military museum, in working condition












Ft 1

Ft 2

Ft 3

T-55 – yea, you know you have to have at least one… :)


T-55 Turret

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  1. Wow…a working FT-17. I’m impressed…I didn’t think any of those were still in running condition.

  2. What’s the main different between T-54 and T-55??
    Sometime I confuse about this :-/

    • tadadadam:
      Wiki, how hard was that?
      T-55 (Ob’yekt 155)[100] – Produced 1958–1963,[101] in Poland 1958–1964, in Czechoslovakia from 1958 to 1983. It has a new turret with floor, PAZ nuclear-blast protection and over-pressure NBC system, gamma ray detector, improved V-55 engine developing 580 horsepower (430 kW) (the engine output was boosted by increasing both pressure of injected fuel and degree of compression) and power-assisted clutch, MC-1 internal oil filter, AK-150S compressor which allows pneumatic start of the engine (the electric starter was removed), new internal fuel tanks with a capacity of 300 l situated in the front of the hull (this increased the overall capacity of the internal fuel tanks to 680 l), ammunition load for the main gun was increased from 34 rounds to 43 (18 of which are stored in “wet containers” situated inside the hull fuel tanks), “Rosa” fire-protection system and TDA exhaust smoke generator. The engine compartment was equipped with a heating system. To compensate for the increase in mass caused by the new equipment the rear hull armour was thinned. The loader’s DShK 1938/46 antiaircraft heavy machine gun was removed. The T-55 also lacks a turret dome ventilator. Early units had flush loader’s hatch. “Starfish” road wheels replaced earlier “spider” style. Also a snorkel can be placed on T-55 (unlike its predecessors) to allow it to cross 5.5 m depths at a speed of 2 kilometres per hour (1.2 mph) (without preparation T-55 can cross 1.4 m depths). This equipment takes about 30 minutes’ preparation, but can be jettisoned immediately on leaving the water

  3. Damn, im going to be there next year =D

    Can anyone recommend good & cheap hostel/hotel there?
    Also is it possible to get to the event by public transportation?

    • I don’t think it’s possible to get directly to the event, but you can definitely get a bus from Bialystok or Suprasl to Ogrodniczki. Sadly I don’t know anything about hotels/hostels, but you should find smoething cheap in Bialystok or Suprasl which are 10-15 km from Ogrodniczki.

      • Oh i just realized its not the event i thought it is. I had operacja południe on my mind.
        Thanks for the tip anyway, maybe ill go there too sometime.

  4. Bandvagn 202 a tractor? :P

    Not sure about how you in general use the definition of tractor, but BVs certainly are “all-terrain vehicles”, used for transport of both troops and equipment (highly successful during the Falklands conflict for the Brits) or as transport-bed for mortar for example.

    (served on BV 206 myself :P )