Warganism – WG RU Drinking Game

Hello everyone,

this might be old news for some, but I see this for the first time. Apparently, Wargaming produced some sort of… board game, that involves drinking alcohol. It’s called “Warganism”. I mean…. wut?


Might sound like a joke, but it’s actually not too funny. Allegedly, the Russian server does have a bit of a drinking problem (not my words, this info comes from Russian players), but I guess it’s just a response to a certain demand.



51 thoughts on “Warganism – WG RU Drinking Game

    • That would be so awesome, I can only imagine those “penetration!” comments, or “one more and the’re done”. Also, the bitter – her version: “you’re like a light tank, you got to the position before enemy came” and his version: “cmon dont be like a TD, move a little bit”

      Obviously size would be written as caliber and the L number, and those super thin ones would be called “high explosive”.

  1. -1 shot for every extra top tier tank your opponents have
    -1 shot for every yoloscout; 1 more if said scout survived 1:30 into the game
    -3 for every gold ammo whiner
    -1 for every afk/bot
    -1 for ammorack explosion

  2. Russia, combining warfare, gaming and drinking effortlessly.

    I think we could make a social commentary on the rampant alcoholism in Russia, the enablers and opportunists revolving around the issue….but I think this speaks for itself.

    • Russia is not the drinking countries.
      Most non-drinking country. Muslim.
      You Muslim? Or racist?

          • If you are truly debating that Russia doesn’t have a rampant alcoholism problem, you are so massively delusional that we could show you a picture of Putin hunting bears with only a knife…..on the moon, and you would believe it.

            • You were in Russia so to think?
              You trust video about Russians.
              Putin to the West doesn’t lick an ass.
              Therefore Russians respect him.

              • If you are truly debating that Russia doesn’t have a rampant alcoholism problem, you are so massively delusional

                ….you just proved it. totally delusional.

                Russians make me laugh, it is so stupid to be so convinced by the “state”

                Brother , really I ask, you have you not learned ANYTHING from your recent 500 Years of history………..DICTATORS will SHIT on YOU, please for your own sake listen

                • To that did we have to learn for the last 500 years?
                  Victory over Poles?
                  Victory over Sweden?
                  Victory over Turkey?
                  Victory over Napoleon?
                  Victory over Hitler?
                  They came to teach us.

              • I don’t base my opinions on random youtube videos.
                You can deny the problem all you want, it doesn’t make it less true.
                It is a problem the same way European countries have crippling problems of their own.

                • That’s right. Usual problem.
                  In Russia there are a lot of drunk. But it isn’t necessary to think that Russia an alcoholism basis.

                • Victory over Poles?
                  Suppression of the peasants
                  Victory over Sweden?
                  Suppression of the peasants
                  Victory over Turkey?
                  Suppression of the peasants
                  Victory over Napoleon?
                  Suppression of the peasants
                  Victory over Hitler?
                  Millions MURDERED and Suppression of the peasants and the Suppression of freedom and democracy.

                  anybody would think that you lot are just gullible, personally I think your not yet ready for real freedom yet, after all you keep proving it with every generation…this time you choose a KGB boss AGAIN…WHAT ?.

                  there you go, fixed your history lesson for you

      • Epic google translate skills there. Did the small dicked dude called putin teach you that? He is sooo awesome… I heard this one time he transformed thousands of liters of water to vodka just by stealing a vodka factory from its rightfull owner. Putler,160cm of true Mickey Mouse power.

  3. There is only front page with what can be a photoshop image. And the text reads: “We were so engaged in playing this game that we completely forgot to make a web page for it. As son as it’s done we will let you know by e-mail”. And there is no option to “subscribe” your e-mail. Looks like a joke to me.

    • But the domain is registered by Wargaming Interactive GmbH, which also signed up for running the EU server in Frankfurt in 2013.

  4. If you want a drinking game while playing WoT just take a shot EVERY time RNG trolls you and you’ll be plastered in no time -_-

  5. In all honesty, drinking board games aren’t really uncommon but I guess it depends on where you live. They’re almost always very expensive (more expensive than what you’d pay for twice as much alcohol in normal bottles) but they’re actually a pretty engaging social activity.

    Anyways, this seems more like a gag to me, rather than a real thing.

  6. One drink every time Storm says a wrong thing about a patch

    One drink every time a previously special super rare offer is on sale again

    One drink every time SerB insults the community

    One drink for every bug that is newly introduced in a patch

    One drink for every unhistoric tank that enters the game

    Playing and dying like a true Russian.

  7. It’s probably just SerB’s piss in those bottles… they’ll buy and drink them by the millions.