For now, only in Russian :) And yes, 9.5 CT will be tomorrow.




- British tank branch: first half are US LL vehicles and Sherman Firefly, second half will be British tank destroyers with FV4005 Stage II as tier 10, it has a 183mm gun (analogical to the FV215b 183)
- the difference between FV4005 and FV215b is that it has much less armor, but good mobility
- as a part to make them different, FV215b frontal turret armor was significantly increased
- Panther 88 will also be added, it resembles Panther II, but is more comfortable
- Individual missions (see video for interface), they will be activated after 15.1.
- new maps (Ghost Town for team battles, symetrical map, Mittengard)
- some maps were smoothened (hills made flatter) to make life easier for tanks with bad depression
- improved minimap (tank names, place where the tank was spotted last)

51 thoughts on “KTTS/ASAP 9.5

  1. “FV215b frontal turret armour was significantly increased” – I want to see numbers
    You can’t make even 5 degree sidescrap in FV , so it has to get impenetrable turret to make this work.

      • you 2 fgts should stop crying… l2p… you can simply trade 400 dmg for 1750 if youre that bad. what the fuck more do you want? a maus with 1750 gun? seriusly? stupid tomatos

        • first learn to read and then stop offending others
          you must be the best WoT player alive for all your comments.. no doubt…

          did you ever played the 183? after the nerf?
          well you should know that sometimes, at long distances, the gun do less damage then the average HT does.
          to do 1750 as you say, it must be close range and a pinpoint shot at weakspots

          • my T49 with 76mm penetration and 0,6 accuracy dont agree, with it i can hit (and penetrate) weak parts of armor at +-300m most of the time… so as long as you pick targets that are not looking at you, i dont see problem with it… and no, i havent played 183 after nerf, so our opinions may vary ;-)

      • rly..and why would they do that..so that he can one shoot 95% of tanks and not recive single point of damage..plz this shit is not even needed in game but..

        • No matter how much that piece of shit is nerfed it’s not enough until it’s removed from the game together with other cancerous T10 TDs. Fuck your nobrain tanks.

  2. “some maps were smoothened (hills made flatter) to make life easier for tanks with bad depression”

    I wonder what nation suffers from terrible gun depression, and what nation’s vehicles have great gun depression? Could one argue a buff for some? No not a bit of it. LOL.

    • The game is getting dumbed down for the masses. I am currently grinding my SU-101 (-2 Gun Depression) I have absolutely no issues. Yes, it limits you to certain places and actions but that’s what its all about. Playing to each tank’s strengths.

    • They are not removing hull down spots for US tanks etc.
      What they are doing is they are removing the stupid little bumps that are too small to be used but wedges the tank up so that you can’t shoot.
      Happens to me way too often when a Brick/Pebble/Stone just wedges my tank up and I can’t shoot in my Chinese meds.

    • I think it’s a “buff” more or less for all the tanks and nations, as there are many places where even 10degree isn’t enough, but we will se how it goes then the patch will be out, now we can’t be sure what “places” are we talking about.
      Currently the most suffering tanks are IMHO 121 and 113, one is a medium, on which you want to have ability to peak over and insta-shoot, and second is a heavy with very “angle-depending” armor.

      • It’s mostly designed to make flanking less RNG dependant. Some maps were so bumpy that circling tanks would cause the gun to bump up and down a ridiculous amount of times. This counts for all nations, even tanks with great gundepression such as the comet can miss shots when circling because of tiny often pointless and sometimes unrealistic bumps in terrain. This will make flanking more reliable on maps that before were too bumpy. It doesn’t effect Hull down tanks, most of these bumps in terrain are ”micro-bumps” not something you can hull down behind. Of course there are exclusions but no regular hull down spot will be nerfed.

        On tanks made for flanking in some maps with bad gun depression.such as several French Autoloaders, Russian, Chinese mediums and lights a gamble often not worth taking which meant tanks sniping from base often with impunity thanks to bad penetration. This rewards active play in certain mediums more and presumably discourages camping from tanks with bad penetration. ( such as most of the 1st russian light/medium lines and part of the French autoloader line and Chinese light/medium lines. )

    • Well guess, WG and the Chinese market … I dont read Chinese but I guess a lot of players constantly asking complaining about their tanks having poor gun depression.

      • Micro-bumps + Bad computer = Won’t flank in bad gun depression tanks.

        Result Logic: Camp at base with low penetration guns incapable of penetrating frontal weakspots!
        Result: Team yelling at those lights/mediums/autoloaders to stop camping after they die miserably.
        Result: More below 49% winrates for bad gundepression tanks.
        ( for tomatoes/ bad computer kids )
        Remedy: Remove most micro-bumps or physics implementation
        WG + implementation = ETA + ~1½ years = Micro-bump removal instead.

  3. Maps balanced for russian & chinese tonks, this really is going to be soon world of IS-7′s meeting each others at 2 flat tunnels

    • Micro-bumps don’t matter to pop around corner IS-7′s, It’s mostly for the Chinese/Russian lights and mediums + french autoloaders. who rely on flanking. The IS-7 couldn’t care less with it’s real top speed being what it is micro bumps are hardly ever a problem for it even when going downhill. In fact not a single heavy other than the french autoloader might benefit from this, because mico-bumps are only annoying with high speed + bad gun depression.

    • Don’t forget the bend or corner in the tunnel, so they can peek a boo each other. How cute.

  4. Ummm made maps more flat… ok, then where is the advantage in hulldown tanks??? i refer if a tank has an advantage BY design and devs decide rework maps to reduce this advantage… this is not expose the weakness of hulldown tanks and improve value in the other tanks???

    the FVs TDs tier 10 for me have a clear winner, the actual tier 10, the movility advantage in the new one is minimal and 215 is going to have much better armor with the same gun… AND with more flat maps is better now have armor over movility and well the new TD is not good for hulldown job to (is worst than WT and all know here how “good” is the alien queen in hulldown).

    Ather thing is the in map names… i feel the actual mod offer a much better letter more visible and easier to read maybe this is why has less lag than the mod.

    Lets see how is the new patch, tomorrow test oooo SS a little thing i want ask you, is possible release a post with screenshots of the new tanks module tree??? i think this test is going to be overflow not like 2014 test that were very low in popularity, i am interested in see if WG is going to force grinds in certain modules (for example the 17p in Firefly and Archer-Achiles-Avenger).

    PD: looks like Charioteer is going to have L7 but conway no… strange.

    • I think SS mentioned already earlier that this isn’t to reduce the advantage of good gundep tanks, but to flatten some parts of maps that give hell to -3 dep tanks (like those bumps on the ground).

      • Well if you drive a tank you adapt to terrain but WG is now doing oposite, adapt map to a certain type of tanks… is not good players problem if guys insist in move the wrong tank to the wrong area of the map… is like move hulldown tanks to flat areas… or they plan rework urban maps to made them less flat???

        Other point is if they want do this to prevent lights be jumpers… but this needs a diferent physic for lights… but after change in vision range i doubt we are going to see a lot of active spoting, if is rare now…

        For me you cant made the disavantage of a tank less painfull changing a map design because you fuck other tanks and you dont compensate them.

        • Tanks would have adapted much better to terrain IF they didn’t managed to delay New Tank Physics again and again. Right now every little bump/rumble/brick on the ground wedges the tank up. If they managed to put new Physics in the tank’s suspension would have easily been compensated.

          Maps like Stalingrad was suppose to be put in the game After new motion physics, now they have to change the maps instead because they screwed that up.

        • They are removing micro-bumps. Not hull-down positions to make flanking in fast tanks less RNG dependent especially but not exclusively in bad gun depression tanks such as chinese/russian mediums/lights and autoloaders. Heavy tanks won’t feel a difference since they are too slow to actually get in trouble because of microbumps and fire stationary normally to begin with.

          They have been trying to popularize medium tanks for a while now, but the seeming fact is is that most medium tanks on tier 8 are not competitive in the current meta and the tier 10 meta still heavy favours using batchats / td’s and heavies in mass with maybe 2 normal non-autoloader mediums. They are trying to improve the flanking ability of tanks to make it more competitive to use flanking non-autoloader mediums. Though realistically I doubt that’s going to make much of an impact outside flanking in randoms.

  5. Since I don’t know Russian I tried Youtube’s automatic translation subtitles… I think I understood the spoken Russian better than that thing.
    “eyelids brittish tanks first. half of this thread is bad american cars supplied. Brittany belong grooving neighboring countries”

    • Well, the only west tank soviets “like” was the sherman unlike UK they dont like a lot Stuart hehehe.

      In the end i see this videos in mute because WG info about new tanks is usefull than a TD with no gun… is better dont believe a lot WG “tank promos” because they are not usually what WG says.

      • -> unlike UK they dont like a lot Stuart hehehe.

        That`s because of different way of battle in the east front. Different situation – different result.

  6. God damn thanks for make the terrain more flat, actually all the fucking maps are desinged for tanks with good dep, I started playing the american tanks and the T29 for example is a monster in all the maps, if you go outside and see the terrains most of them are not like the game is disegned… thats really stupid, I hope WG do the same for all maps…. In fact in reality tanks with good depression were the guys who have to pick the terrain very carefully not the contrary….

    Now maybe I can play better with the chinese tanks, god damn playing with them is awfull, I fight more with the gun dep than the enemies, and I am not a fucking tomatoe, check by yourself lol

  7. “some maps were smoothened (hills made flatter) to make life easier for tanks with bad depression”

    Yeah and to make life harder for heavies because a battle must be only meds and tds and arty, who cares of fucking heavies

  8. no news about the frenchie AMX Chasseur de Chars :-( would sure like to try it out.

    • IIRC it entered Supertest this patch cycle. Which means you won’t be hearing “official” news about it until after 9.5 launches and we near 9.6 in February

  9. Why not just make 1×1 km flat surface without foliage and similar annoying things, put 30 tanks on it and have a shootout.

    Hell let’s make it a browser game, and put it on facebook.

    • But you already got two maps like that in the last two patches, alright, there are some walls but try to find the bush if you are driving the light tank :)

  10. - the difference between FV4005 and FV215b is that it has much less armor, but good mobility

    Yeah sure, as we saw in the video. A frikkin E-100 is more mobile.

  11. Any preliminary ideas as to how much xp would be needed to get the tier 7 or 8 new Brit TD in 9.5?

  12. With the cable situation affecting (many) Australian / New Zealand players on the Asia server at the moment, my ping to the CT might actually be only slightly worse than the live server…

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  14. I wish that WG would have had the forethought to make that “team battles only” map (Ghost City?) into an Encounter map for random pubs as well. There’s a severe lack of encounter maps (as well as Assault maps) for randoms, which is a major reason why I turn those modes off. It gets boring having to play Encounter and/or Assault mode battles on the same tiny subset of maps. FFS, is it so hard to add more Encounter and Assault mode maps?

  15. Noticed the tracks of the object? They lay on the road wheels and behaved like real tracks.
    Is this X-Box footage or do they implement better animations now?

    Actually Panther suspension was developed to overcome bumpy terrain or at least compensate a bit. But the physics of WOT are not sophisticated enough to immitate more realistic movement and behaviour of tanks.

  16. > – some maps were smoothened (hills made flatter) to make life easier for tanks with bad depression

    You mean Russian tanks…

  17. Smoothed hills? So this is further dumbing down the game by making maps easier for everyone and also power creeping the Russians?

  18. “- the difference between FV4005 and FV215b is that it has much less armor, but good mobility”

    Heh, “good mobility”.

    Lets say that you have two men. Both of them walk with a limp, at equal speed, but you want one of them to walk faster.

    The average person’s solution: “ok, lets make one of the men walk without a limp, that way one of them will be faster.”

    WG’s solution: “ok, lets remove the legs of one of the men, that way one of them will be faster.”

    The difference of course being that one of these solutions is reasonable and one is WG-typical pants-on-head retarded. Unfortunately, WG’s game, so the latter was applied to the 215b.

    There’s a difference between “good mobility” and “roughly as mobile as the 215b was before we arbitrarily nerfed the shit out of its mobility and maneuverability”.


    “- some maps were smoothened (hills made flatter) to make life easier for tanks with bad depression”

    “We know that most nations have passable to good gun depression, but we’re going to change all maps to better suit the two that don’t.”
    Oh, WG, never change.