Meanwhile on Russian Server…

Hello everyone,

according to the post on Russian server, between 18.12. and 22.12., all the gold (following bundles: 500,1000,2500,5000,7500 and 25000) and all the premium account bundles (1,3,7,14,30,90,180,360 days) in the premium shop will be for half their usual price.

Now, 50 percent discount on gold like that, that’s something I can appreciate…

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  1. So what got into WG EU into making such horrible money grabbing offers this month? I mean, RU has awesome ones, but EU ones are just obvious money grabs..

    Any inside info or just WG EU being WG EU?

    • RU server get those discounts due to poor ruble that lost his value (and item values are bound to dollar).
      Russians don’t see those discounts as “discounts”, they see them as “normal price as before collapse of ruble”.

  2. This is cool! But the ruble dropped so far I guess the 50% off in USD is only like 25% off in rubles, but still, pretty cool discounts.

  3. Geez – if they extended that to the ASIA server I know what I’ll be getting myself for Christmas…

  4. that is great…… though it cant be expected in the anus of all servers, the ASIA server. Our usual rebates are laughable, this is impossible for us.

    • It’s funny how he is destroying his own country, but I feel for the people that are not nationalistic idiots like him.

    • Once your game is up to date, you can go into your update file and delete all those, since your game files have been updated now. :)

  5. Buy discounted gold -> buy discounted tanks ingame for gold -> double discount.

    Man i wish that would come to EU too, i want a SU122 :(

  6. Yeah, since U$D costs twice as much rubles as before cheap oil kicked in, and I think I saw that prices are tied to U$D, discount seems to be in fact just a return to previous prices.

  7. so, gold for 75% – 80 % of original cost – I’m sure that will be taken up so we can support the Cypriot space program

  8. This was quite an interesting little bundle, for only $36USD too:
    Тетрарх; Tetrarch
    М3 лёгкий; M3 Light
    ЛТП; LTP
    T7 Combat Car;
    Light Mk. VIC;
    6 слотов в World of Tanks; 6 garage slots
    30 дней премиум аккаунта. 30 days premium

    If I didn’t have 4 out of the 6 I probably would…

    • the grosstraktor, bt-sv and the t 34-85M for 1 month , all other servers have it , we are truely getting screwed hard this year.

        • answer to why we don’t get the rare bundle and higher price :

          Feel free to create an account on NA or Ru server, nobody hinders you from doing so. In Russia the average income is way lower then in all over Europe, and NA has way less players and the majority uses consoles not PCs there. So pricing is a regional thing

          basically we are stupid cash cow and that’s it because wargaming don’t care about it.

  9. Pretty sure it`s because the ruble is just GONE! The cost is like 2 times what it was before, so they are going to grab some $$ from RU, while they still can

    • It is EXACTLY cause of that ! I just checked some charts, the rubel dropped 50% in value in just under 3 weeks! And it’s still going down…

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