About the January Sneak Peek…

Okay, as you probably noticed already, there’s this January Sneak Peek article on EU portal now.

Totally new, exclusive info, only a month after FTR!

Two things about it, there are two things I noticed in it:

- “sisterhood of steel” girl crew perk – trying to pronounce it made me cringe. It sounds even more stupid in Czech by the way. Why not “sisters in arms” as opposed to “brothers in arms”? It would make much more sense, even from the translation point of view – compare:

RU: boyevoye bratstvo
EN (literal): combat brotherhood
EN (client): brothers in arms

RU: boyevye podrugi
EN (literal): combat (girl)friends
EN (client): sisterhood of… steel?


Anyway, if you are asking whether the girl crew perk is compatible with BIA… no, apparently not (eg. having a crew with BIA with one member with SOS will not activate BIA).

- “winter game mode” coming at the end of January? Why? Russians have it between 5th and 15th of January. Perhaps not to mess with the IM’s? But why is it no problem on RU server?

In any case, the IM’s are supposed to start on 15.1. on RU server (EU server’s arms would probably fall off if they, you know, gave us the exact date).

39 thoughts on “About the January Sneak Peek…

  1. On german webpage it does not say something about “end of january” :P
    Well, we’ll see

    Edit: Just checked french and spanish, there it is at the “end of january”

  2. fucking hell, you are such a pompous prick SS “Totally new, exclusive info, only a month after FTR!” – not everyone reads your blog you know?, You mostly do a very good job and have interesting stuff to read in here, but you should really tone down that sort of arrogant shit.

    • I agree.
      Although you probably mean it in a funny way, it is still very good that they announce it like that and since this are official informations and not leaks, they can’t bring it any earlier…

        • Eh, don’t worry SS, it’s the internet, a place, where understanding the fine art of irony and sarcasm escapes all too many. Even if it hits them square across the jaw :P

      • Dont forget his screw-up with the leaks about the December missions. WG pwned our dear Silentstronker so hard that I almost felt pity for the fool.

        • Yeeeah, that adds to, what? Less than 5 fuck ups this year. WG can beat this in one week. So yeah they suuure pwned him hard…(it’s sarcasm, just so you understand).
          If you really dislike our dear host, you’re free to follow the official portal for all your news needs(nope, couldn’t keep a straight face XD)

        • Only that he wasn’t pwned and not many people gave much of a shit because, unlike WG, he actually accepted his mistakes and dealt with the problem ASAP.

    • Your post makes It sound like he is ungrateful the info is up there for the public.
      I read what he put as a sarcastic way of saying “I was able to post info on this a month ago, why did you wait so long?”.

      So yea, some may see it as a pompous prick, but I read it as a bit of fed up sarcasm.. He shouldn’t tone it down, WG should just not take weeks or months to post info that is in the public domain on other servers. Ever see WG post something and then mod it to look like it was done days or weeks ahead of time, I have… It is a bit like the invite system, they never got answers off of any of it… like if you invite two players at once you get x6 bonus per match (bet a lot of people still don’t know that!) … or that the first 8 days are fixed at x3 and x2 (regardless of total xp earned)… but meh…. Perhaps I am a sarky pompous arrogant shit too.

      • - take part in 25 battles (while dealing at least 500 damage, only 5 times per account), get 25k XP, 25k crew XP, 250k creds

        this part is nice but way too grindy….. i have jgt88 so no need for that much gameplay for too little credits and crew for Tier 1 light tank?…… thats just underwhelming

        • Sure it stinks for credit grinding, but 125k “free” xp after conversion is a lot… So that is why WG is doing this, its not for the credit grind but the xp conversion grind ;)…
          For people who will not convert, its probably about the same as a good premium, for people who have no premium its great.

    • Well the Karl mode last year left me with a 100% + skill from playing German SPG commander…

      I imagine these tanks will have crews as well + give exp, like the racing game did leave us with a US light crew…

      Oh and it’s FUN!

  3. Wait purchasing 1 full perk crew is new, any idea on the price? That’s quite a number of games.

    Can female tankers be trained in BIA as well? Does that stack with SoS? (uh-oh)

      • From the article we recall that… If you have a commander with BoA and a driver with SoS (or SiA (w/e)) you won’t get any of the effects..

        But what we don’t know is.. Can you have a driver and commander with BoA and SoS (or SiA (w/e)) in the same time for cumulative effect?

        Logically and technically.. probably and most likely not.. but this is WG we are talking about..

      • It says:
        A unique skill called “Sisterhood of Steel” that will work similarly to “Brothers in Arms”

        It doesn’t say that the BIA perk is not available… it’s unlikely but it doesn’t say anywhere.

        It does make mixed crews nonviable though

  4. For some reason 6 crew members sharing 2 faces feels cheap. Almost as if WG were saying “we wanted to give you something interesting, but we just didn’t care enough”.

  5. Apart from Fallout series, it reminds me of famous Duke Nukem’s punchline “I’ve got balls of steel!”

  6. >> – “sisterhood of steel” girl crew perk – trying to pronounce it made me cringe.

    Make it “sorority”instead of sisterhood, ROTFL.

  7. i can translate it for u in romanian
    sisterhood of steel = fratia fetelor de otel= fetele de otel=fratia surorilor de otel
    sister in arms= surori de arme
    we got more stupid translation