Panzerjäger auf 35t

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here’s an interesting design I think, check this out.


During my recent chat with V.Francev, a subject of Škoda repair logs came up. As many historians would confirm, factory repair logs (as in, what was repaired, when and for how long) are a true goldmine, when it comes to information and V.Francev happens to be in possession of complete wartime Škoda repair logs.

One interesting thing that popped up in them (if I remember correctly) was a record of two vehicles repaired in 1941 (after the Soviet Union invasion). They were German-made field conversions of the (by now obsolete) Panzer 35t (Czechoslovak LT Vz.35). The Germans removed the turret and added some sort of superstructure along with the 47mm Czechoslovak AT gun, used in the well-known Panzerjäger I. Unfortunately, no photo or description of these vehicles survived, so the picture above represents only my impression of how the vehicle might have looked like. No further fate of these vehicles was recorded.

WoT-wise, the design is pretty much pointless, as Germany has shitloads of well-documented lowtier TD options left. Historically however, it represents a good example of how much actually happened during the wartime years and how much information was lost. There are many, MANY things waiting to be discovered in the archives, Czechoslovak artillery archive alone has still decades worth of research left apparently. Oh well, let’s hope more and more interesting designs see the light of day :)

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  1. During one instant, I hoped for the PanzerJager 35R (the Renault one) to be finally implemented..
    I misread.. sad. ^^

  2. Interesting one … could Czechoslovakia build it’s own TD branch? cause this might be a nice tier 2 premium for it. A CZ tank in foreign use, conversions made by the foreigners, but still only uses CZ AT gun. Basically an ingame equivalent Panzerjäger I, however Czechoslovak one.
    Give it the cute engine sound that the Pzjäger I has and it’ll sell like hot rolls.

  3. Though it’s a German conversion, it could still be used as a premium for a Czech tree. France also uses German conversions of their tanks for TD and SPG premiums.

  4. Speaking of Tanks lost in History.

    Potentially a paper design can be found in the DAF Archives in the Netherlands.

    Back in 1935 when Hub van Doorne and Engineer Piet van der Trappen made a few armored vehicles Designs based on their Trado suspension.

    Probably between these designs there was a Proposal for a light tank. A quote from the DAF M39 Wiki page: ;; Because of the German invasion no production of the DAF M40 would ever materialise; a proposal by DAF to produce light tanks had already been rejected by the minister of defence in March 1940, despite being favoured by the Army Chief of Staff.;;

    Because the Dutch Government was known for its ignorance to properly arm the Dutch army with Weapons to defend against a Potential invader. Its likely if just this way of thinking was a bit different this vehicle could actually have existed.

    Looking at the DAF M39 and the fact Hub and Piet liked to use their suspension design. It can be assumed it would have looked like something with a DAF M39 like hull, A suspension that looks similar to the one on the T7 Combat car and a Landsverk 180 Turret.

    OFC this is just speculation based on a WIKI article , But its not impossible that one day a actual Dutch Pre War paper Tank design comes to the surface.

    It could be cool if some could try to gain access to the DAF archive and search for this/these designs.

    For anyone wondering how the DAF M39 looked like. Here is a Video with it being tested.

  5. I reckon this would be a good tier VIII German Premium TD; just give it a paper turret…..and an autoloader that can clip every tier IX…….and preferential matchmaking……and the best view range for tier IX. Done! Completely balanced as it has no armour and is slow!