Russian Weird Projects: Spiked Tank


Hello everyone,

here’s another one of the really strange wartime Russian projects, found by Yuri Pasholok in Russian archives.


It was proposed by one Herman Vasilievich Rybnikov from Moscow in March 1943. The main idea was to propel an armored crew compartment by a set of large “wheels”, that would end with thin pointy “spikes” and apparently to run it into enemy infantry. The wheel diameter was around 4 meters and the “designer” proposed the speed of 150 km/h. According to the drawing, the vehicle was also supposed to carry an infantry unit riding in one of the armored boxes.

Needless to say, the proposal was not accepted by the army.

20 thoughts on “Russian Weird Projects: Spiked Tank

  1. What was he smoking and where can I get some?
    I must admit I am suprised this clusterf*ck of a tank did not get him deported to Siberia.
    On the other hand you had morons like Kulik still lording over in the Red Army, so, maybe it is not that surprising.

    • I think this kind of proposal was sent by civilian, not some actual tank designer. Probably the design department had a good laugh receiving this kind of “proposal” and archived them for lulz.

    • 150 kph in tank that uses spikes as tyres and suspension….yeah….ur crews gona be sick…or dead from being thrown about

  2. i wish these ideas would actually be made…ffs they look so insane that it would be worth just making a 1 off and experimenting with it and stuff

    • 150 kmh tank? todays’ tanks can barely handle 70 and over and thats causes them to stop very slowly after 70 kmh run

      • oh yeah, i know that, but it would still be pretty cool to something so insane irl, (even if it only ran at like 5kph)

  3. There was a Russian tank during WWI that looked a bit like this. You know, the giant monstruosity with bicycle wheels (called Tsar Tank). Recycling ideas is nothing new, would it seem.