Russian WW2 meeting “Моторы Войны – 2013″ pictures


Hello everyone,

this was posted on the Russian developer blog. Basically, Wargaming crew (along with Yuri Pasholok) went to this meeting+reenactment, called “Engines of War 2013

Normally, I wouldn’t bother with such a thing, but there are some really great pictures in the post of some very interesting machines:

Let’s start with a classic T-34


White Scout Car


Japanese Ha-Go light tank

jQJx6s7 CeJMnrJ dxgfBa7

T-38 amphibious tank (more like a tankette)



Yuri Pasholok personally in the T-60 turret


Renault UE (yes, the ingame TD is built on this tiny chassis)


And finally, something for the wehraboos :)


For MANY more pictures visit the original link, I won’t copy everything here :)

And a video:

10 thoughts on “Russian WW2 meeting “Моторы Войны – 2013″ pictures

  1. Its too bad there is no one in the photo of the Renault UE to give a real sense of scale. The few photos I’ve seen of it with people really show how small it is. In game it looks like a shopping cart, and its still only about the size of a British roadster IRL

  2. The Type 95 Ha-Go. Funny they should put the WoT logo on a tank which has yet to exist in the game.

  3. What fucking retards OH MY GOD. Shooting each others with placebos, like kiddies but they are adult humans. Seems you have found the retarded WoT playerbase all at once. I would throw a grenade in them, problem solved :)

    • Well I would love to see something like that. It’s about the feeling. Somehow you don’t get that, feel sorry for you.

  4. Oh no, they forgot the most important part of the reenactment…..mass rape and mutilation of women and children !!! What a lousy job they did reenacting red army.

  5. It’s simple enough to get an idea of how (not) big the UE is, just look at the TD version in the game…no platform under the gun breech, the gunner and loader stand on the ground while operating it (no idea how they ride with it, though). Driver and Commander/Radioman sit under the two massively armored (9mm, hey, it’s thicker than the roof at least) cupolas in front of the gun shield.

    Sure is an adorable little chassis. Wonder if the real version drives like the tracked, armored gocart it looks like.