Coming out: I love War Thunder!

Okay, fine… I don’t and the title is totally a clickbait. If they add OV-10 Bronco, A-37 Dragonfly or L-39 Albatros, I might change my mind.

But who I really love is the War Thunder community. They make my life so easy!

As some of you know, I am (amongst other things) an ad hoc advisor for Armored Warfare when it comes to vehicle models and realism. Basically, what it encompasses is building a workbook that the model makers use to make their models. In many cases from scratch. If you are interested in the process, Sketchfab had a text that I wrote (ye, rly) on its website:

But, back to War Thunder. Whenever I want to find some really detailed stuff about an upcoming AW vehicle, I go crawling through their forums and player proposals. Since AW doesn’t have forums anymore, our own historical vehicle community kinda fell apart and the stuff the Russians post on theirs are usually kinda meh. It has been my philosophy to – wherever possible – go to the sources in the language of the vehicle. American sources for American vehicles, German for German etc.

War Thunder community has these really neat detailed proposal threads full of interesting info, in some cases from primary sources. All you gotta do is take a look at the first post, then the discussion and voila, you get things like this:

Normally, I’d have to crawl through otvaga, tanknet and other places, but here, they do it for me.

So, like I said, I love the War Thunder community. Thanks for being awesome and making Armored Warfare a better game, guys! ;)

One thought on “Coming out: I love War Thunder!

  1. All these years – FTR is alive again?? Great!

    Why do I only just learn about this just now?