First some info from the developers from a recent post on the RU WoT blog:

- apparently, the fact that The_Chieftain did measure the mantlet of the T29 to be thinner than what Hunnicutt suggests does not imply that the T29 mantlet will be nerfed, it will be re-checked eventually
- IS-4 (SS: frontal) armor was not nerfed in 8.6, according to Storm


- it is confirmed that there will be NO tier 5 Soviet light tank after 8.7: T-50 will remain at tier 4 (SS: it was leaked earlier that it will lead to T-34) and the MT-25 will move to tier 6 (SS: and will be unlockable from KV-1S, to which the T-50 experience will be transferred in 8.7 apparently)
- KV-1S 122mm gun nerf? “Penetration will stay, it’s historical. Other characteristics of the gun can be nerfed or buffed if needed. And we decide what’s needed.”
- Storm confirms that weight of the ammo does not count towards the tank weight (SS: ammo simply has no weight in WoT)
- the possibility of retraining crewmembers to different roles: when it’s done it’s done (but not soon)
- when considering what modules to take for a scout, the module weight does play a role in the vehicle’s maneuverability, so it is worth considering
- it is actually possible to shoot a tank straight thru (the shell penetrates, goes thru the tank, penetrates again and goes out on the other side) as long as the 10 caliber rule is observed (SS: a shell that enters the tank travels inside only the distance of its caliber*10, eg. a 150mm shell will travel 1500mm inside)
- when asked about a possibility to introduce Soviet tanks with improvised armor (skirts, for example), he stated that later tanks had overloaded frontal wheels even as it was, so any “normal” vehicles with screen armor are the late (postwar) ones
- VK4502P won’t become a T8 premium tank
- the prototype Maus design viable for T9 comes from one recently published German book

SS: you can read about the Maus prototypes here:
VK100.01P – This is how Maus started
Typ 205 – Porsche Unleashed
Typ 205A – Porsche Unleashed II

- actually, SerB states Wittman’s medal was removed at German request
- while camo factor for vehicles is assigned manually (and not automatically, based on their dimensions), width of the vehicle does play the biggest role
- Q: “Arties are overnerfed” A: “How terrible…”
- according to Storm, the piece of information that German Panther tanks lose their top engines in supertest is garbage, however – SerB later confirms it: Panthers will lose unhistorical top engines and possibly gain new historical ones, he states that overall the top configuration gameplay won’t change
- T92 lost its top engine, since “it doesn’t need it”
- developers don’t get free tanks for their personal accounts, they buy them – both SerB and V.Kisly (owner of WG) do. Only journalists do get free tanks for their accounts and only temporarily
- vehicle repair price is not tied to its performance, it’s set independently
- more detailed tank models? “when it’s done it’s done”, even object models will get improved
- the tank horn idea was scrapped
- unified account silver apparently won’t be shared between WoWp and WoT
- new tier 7 premium heavy tank? “Not anytime soon”
- the difference between 112 and WZ-111 is “hull shape”
- WZ-111 and Type 62 will most likely come to the shops (SS: the question is aimed at RU server, but I doubt it would be any different for other servers)
- the T-50-2 will not turn into a premium vehicle
- new tier 8 premium vehicles? “Will tell when the time is right”
- night battles are still planned, SerB will tell more (for example on how the lights will work) when the time is right

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  1. Maus Proto makes sense only at tier VIII, they should introduce Maus II at tier X instead.

    • I dont think so, Maus at tier 9 would be seriously overpowered.
      It would be way too much. And as Maus II only has another turret
      its rather boring having the same tank as tier 9 and 10.

      But, 140mm of armor isnt exactly a lot for a tier 9 tank, the size of an E-100.
      They need to improve the VK 100.01P a bit, if they want to introduce it.

      • T9 tanks with T10 guns… well no. There maus will not be overpowered after the tier downgrade nerf… loosing some HP, mobility, Gun is fine.

      • “Rather boring having the same tank” on more tiers?
        What about Conqueror-FV215(same hull/turret design, different turret location)
        What about the actual VK4502 A and VK 4502 B?…only turret location is different, apart from unhistorically buffed armour.
        What about Centurion I and Centurion 7/1?…same hull, same turret(except that “design” steel net on its back for carrying stuff)

        • I dont think you got my point.
          Vk 45.02 A and B might be the same projekt, but they play differently,
          same for the Conqueror/Fv 215b.
          Centurion 7/1 has a high Alpha gun, Centurion I a high rpm/low damage,
          same for the T1 Heavy / M6.
          But, the difference between Maus and Maus II is, one has a rounded turret front,
          the other a sloped one. But have the same hull and the same gun.
          Its fine to have different versions of a tank ingame, as long as there is a differencel

          • Historical maus would fit well at tier ix, maus II could receive sloped turret, historical armor and the long 128, which was considered during development.
            Basically you trade off speed for armor at tier ix and armor for penetration at tier x.

  2. Tuccy told me Wittman’s medal had to be removed because of german anti-nazi laws

        • SerB is blatantly lying. Wittman was a member of SS and ace tanker. As such it is not very liked in Russia (to put it mildly). Same thing with Bolter (he wasn’t even a member of SS!) and many others. Just look at in-game description of Raseiniai heroes’ medal – Germans inflicted 95% casualties on Russians in June 1941. and they talk about some “KV-2 holding German advance for a full day” nonsense. They just use this game to propagate some old communist crap.

          • See, prime example of why it needed to be removed right there. Whitman wasn’t enough of a Nazi to be generally seen as one by normals (and well known too due to Nazi propaganda), but he was still a Nazi and the 14/88s can still venerate him as a glorious defender of the Aryan race or whatever other BS while whitewashing the “HE WAS A NAZI” part to get normals to agree with them.

          • For “some old Communist crap” the Raseinai story sure seems remarkably coherent and credible (given the noted impotency of most German weaponry of the time against KVs), and appears to be considered legitimate by a fair few reputable authors.

            Just sayin’.

          • Anybody thinking it through first and then posting?

            Wittman – destroyed enemy tank column at Villers-Bocage in a span of 15 min. And what do you know, game round in WoT also lasts 15min. Medal was awarded for destroying 7 enemy tanks (10 with SPGs) which is similar to what Wittman has done. Perfectly fitted in game context – got changed to Bolter’s medal and then removed from game (and Germans to this day have no heroes’ medal, despite having most and highest scoring tank aces in WW2!)

            Raseiniai – Germans destroyed 95% of Soviet armed force. To get this medal in WoT you have to do same thing; destroy at least 14 out of 15 enemy players (~95% of enemy team). They go and talk about KV-2s – not a single word about why it’s called Raseiniai heroes’ medal…

            And to “dear” Daigensui – why do you think they have a Tiger tank on every poster/game intro/etc. For promotional purposes. There were better tankers to choose than Wittman, but most people never heard of them.

          • World of Tanks is going mainstream. So they need to be aware of mainstream press.

            And while Russia today again glorifies their communist warriors, Germany today does the opposite with everyone who achieved something between 39 and 45.

            So if wargaming doesn’t want bad press in the biggest European market (which would probably spill over into the rest of the EU) they have to ‘streamline’ their game.

            Simple as that.

  3. - according to Storm, the piece of information that German Panther tanks lose their top engines in supertest is garbage, however – SerB later confirms it: Panthers will lose unhistorical top engines and possibly gain new historical ones, he states that overall the top configuration gameplay won’t change

    Does this affects JP top engine also? Panther 2 loses HL234 , 870 hp , clear situation.
    If Panther 1 loses his top engine ( HL 230 P45 , 750 hp ) , will JP lose P 45 also?

    - the tank horn idea was scrapped

    Good,good, no potential traffic jam hornfest, it is annoying allready when ppl shoot randomly @ first 30 secs of battle…

    • Panther 1 will probably has HL230 P45 (750 hp) replaced by HL230 P30 (700 hp). This is already used by the Panther M10.

    • Why does SerB stats that the Maybach HL 234 engine was unhistorical? It was not, was we can see. Only the Horsepower could change from 870 to 850 PS, but there is no need to remove it completely.

      • I think he is talking about HL230P45 on panther I is unhistorical which I do believe it had never put on a panther tank.

      • Only problem would be that suddenly the gearbox would be just as flammable, since the modules aren’t seperated

        • @ Zarax : it could be an interesting trade-off :)
          Either choosing an incredibly powerful motor with extremely high risk of fire or choosing a less powerful but also less dangerous motor

          • Yes, it would be.
            What I’m afraid of is whiners complaining about the fire chance afterwards…

  4. So i’m guessing that we will see a reworking of the German heavies within the year (DW in supertesting, possible changes with VK45.02P).

    • They probably want you to buy new premiums for WoWP and WoWS, instead of just using the TYpe 59 and KV-5 to farm for all 3 games.

  5. -unified account silver apparently won’t be shared between WoWp and WoT

    why not :/

    What’s the damn point of both of them if you can transfer only gold and free exp :/

    • Farming monies with bots running on both games simultaneously anyone? Almost like botting in D2

    • Maybe because its hard to make same economy modell for all 3 games.

      shells in wot vs shells in wows vs bullets in wowp for example..

      repairs also…

    • They probably want you to buy new premiums for WoWP and WoWS, instead of just using the TYpe 59 and KV-5 to farm for all 3 games.

  6. SerB…. Given the fact that he is answering in dumb trolling ways as usual and he doesnt even speak english in ASAP videos or wherever, he isn’t worth it to be the Head of WG in my opinion. Neither WG nor anything else. I dont like him at all.

    • Given the fact that not everybody has to know English, and his job has nothing to do with him HAVING TO know English, what the hell are you complaining about?
      As for the trolling, most of those trolled deserve it. Hell, 90% or more. And the fact that he answers in his own free time because he wants it. Oh yeah, didn’t you read that yet?
      So you little spoiled brat, think a bit before you type anything. And check your facts.

      • But if you are the head of an international game company like wargaming with players around the globe in almost every country you ought to know english, it seems quite a bit selfish to release informations etc in russian only. A German of French developer would’nt do that ever. But of course we’re talking about russians, what did I expect.

        • First of all – serb isn’t the head of WG. The head is Viktor Kisliy afaik.
          Second – he’s not even the community manager, he’s a game-designer that has a blog (several afaik) that spends his free time to answer dumb questions that either have already been answered – or are easily answered if you search for some info and use your head.
          Third – you europeans are so sassy about this shit…honestly. If someone is dumb and asks a dumb question – he deserves to be trolled. It’s pretty simple – and info still comes out regardless of language, quality is another issue – i doubt that a german or french developer would share info in russian, yeah.

          • I was talking about releasing information in own languages, not in russian. And of course you were aware of it. Besides, SerB and Guys like you should think about that those so-called dumb players are paying for SerB’s morning wodka. And we Europeans are saucy? At least we didn’t get an extremely low reputation like Russians got.

          • You know that the questions being asked are in the RU server, right? Where the majority, if not all players speak Russian….

            So he only has to reply in Russian, as SS is kind enough to translate and post here for us English speakers to read.

          • That’s where the shit gets difficult it seems. It’s so hard to understand that they’re doing it in their free time of their own free will – they aren’t obliged to translate it into another language, just as a german dev would AT BEST cover english with german – and wouldn’t cover spanish and russian.
            And btw – serbs morning vodka comes from a few players, vodka is pretty cheap ;)

  7. - the tank horn idea was scrapped

    Lol that would have been hilarious :D
    Would have never thought that such an idea exists :D

  8. Does anybody know when how much time is left until 8.7? 2 weeks, more than 2 weeks? I want MT-25, but I don’t want to buy KV-1S (again). :/

    • An earlier post said about 2 weeks away from public test, so I guest 8.7 will be out by end of July.

  9. “- KV-1S 122mm gun nerf? “Penetration will stay, it’s historical. Other characteristics of the gun can be nerfed or buffed if needed. And we decide what’s needed.””

    As far as I know, the 122 mm D-25T and its versions had an effective penetration of around 140-155 up to 500 meters with the regular BP-471 AP shell, where the hell do they get their statistics from?

    • 155 pen at 500 meters?
      175 pen at 100 meters sounds about right then.

    • If you’re looking for “historical” then you should know that the maus-gun is overbuffed according to serb (some very old 2-2.5-yo qa thread) because it had about 210 pen, not 246. Probably you should also know that it couldn’t cross any type of bridge (hell, the jgdtiger had problems with that) and the 15cm gun of the e-100 had piss-poor ballistics since it’s essentially the gun that was put in the hummel spg, with the addition of normal ap shells.
      And then probable you should also know that most pen values are calculated at 1000m (according to the soviet model which is used in-game) with a few exceptions, so most of the values are “recalculated” either to fit the 100m distance – or the calculation model (eg the german model had ~70% shards on the other side of the plate while the soviet had ~85%, the guys who actully know lots of this stuff can correct me).
      So yeah, 175mm pen looks pretty decent for 100m on that gun.

      • For historical or unhistorical reasons I don’t care, but I do care about game balance and I can say that Kv-1S with the 122mm is to much for tier 6. The germans get 132mm pen on the vk series. How can 175mm penetration along with 390 alpha be balanced?

        • For two years noone gave a flying fck about the KV1S. It was considered one of the worst tanks. Suddenly KV3 gets moved up a tier and KV1S which wasnt changed at all becomes themost OP tank ever. Fuck logic, huh ?

          • Of course noone gave a fuck about KV-1S. KV-3 was much more OP so it was moved to T7. Next, there were some strong tanks on T5 before: old KV, PZ4 with long 75, old SU-85 which all got nerfed and now stand no chance about the 1S that practicaly one or two shots any of them. Since KV-1S was not nerfed and all strong tanks around it were, then it is no surprise it is now OP.

        • Not satisfied? Play it by urself. KV-1S has a permanent slot in my garage.

        • when it comes with terrible DPM and aim time.

          Its accuracy used to be total sh!t but now that might not be the case anymore.

          The only nerf the KV-1S needs is gun depression. Currently it has 8 degrees of depression, which makes no sense. The IS, with the same exact gun and turret, can only depress 6 degrees.

          A gun depression nerf would nearly kill the KV-1S’s ability to fight effectively on hilly terrain, which by all rights should belong to the M6.

        • If the kvas is so imba – why don’t you play it? I mean sure, it’s a bit OP but it isn’t a hellish chariot of ownage that owns like the t-62a or the t57.
          And yeah – no one gave two tugs about it before, now it’s suddenly OP. Wtf?
          And yeah, 132 pen is enough – i played 3 of the 4 existing VKs and they were all playable with their pen (with the henschel being a bit below average because of crew handicap).

        • Long story short – does the guy use the soviet or the german system to achieve 275 pen?

    • “Effective penetration” by what criteria? ‘Cause by the Soviets’ *own* ones hits that fucked up Kingtigers something fierce were not technically speaking “penetrations”…

      • Ah yes, the infamous “Kubinka test report on German Big Cats”. Google the rest of that test on Internet and you’ll find one very interesting piece of information that’s usually omitted: Soviets fired their guns from 100m and then moved to larger distances. At 100m they targeted frontal seam that connect upper and lower glacis plate. And even at that distance they couldn’t *penetrate* armor with 122mm and 152mm guns. The seam cracked open but the armor was never penetrated. Talking about double standards..

  10. Also about the WZ-111 premium.

    Why the Hell do people even want that thing? Its an inferior 112 with worse MM.

  11. T92 lost its top engine, since “it doesn’t need it”

    The only Tier X arty that can live without good mobility is GW E-100, with decent alpha/accuracy/aimtime and excellent elevation arc. T92 sucks without its mobility. YET they give such a ridiculous reason.

    Why don’t they nerf the armor of Bat Chat 25t to 10mm, since “there is no difference”?

  12. - actually, SerB states Wittman’s medal was removed at German request

    Sure, if his ancestor is German

  13. - the tank horn idea was scrapped

    Thank God for that. With so many morons playing this game it would be constant honking… In theory they could have use a limit let’s say max. one honk every 30 seconds or so, but better to scrap the idea.

  14. All 6 T-29′s produced were built with 279 mm mantles, there are still two left waiting to be put into a museum, they need to stop reading wikipedia.

  15. The only reason I’m still playing WoT is because I can’t play Project Tank (the Chinese WoT copy based on a web game engine) yet. When it becomes open beta, I’ll stop playing WoT for good.

  16. Why can’t they put the T-50-2 into premium??? WHY??? “historically inaccurate”? Guess what… KV-2, Maus, T71, Pz4, Pz2, all the Schmallturm using ones and the Indien-Panzer are also inaccurate! Let’s get rid of them!
    Or is it that the T-50-2 is “über”? I won’ think so but there is always a way to “nerf”.
    So someone could explain to me what is the main purpose for erasing the T-fighter?

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  18. What is this guys problem w/ the E100? I have posted this repeatedly, “Your just making yourself look like a Racist”.

    You won the War Serb!!!!

    You won the War Serb!!!!

    You won the War Serb!!!!

    Or did you grow up on some farm in Tula?

    Give us a damm E 100 w/ a real turret and MBT gun. This phucking pill box you have on the most beautiful chassis in the game is a joke and it really makes you guys look bad.

    By the time you let them release your concept tank, which I know you have already drawn, your game will be dead, except in the Motherland.

    But you don”t make much money there…

    I keep hearing how the Is7 is this and I wish it was that…..BS. I Remember when an Is7 was the tank to have and only an E5 could take it out. I can still take a pack IS7s and roll thru any line, the problem is finding the drivers who can hold the correct positions after you break thru…lol. Or agreeing to even take off at the same time.

    Every American thinks there Steve Mcqueen in a tank these days because xvm “tells me so”….so what if its my brothers account…

    Now you want to put on a 152mm……. After that story and the pimp pics, I’m starting to have suspicions Serb…..hmmmm.

    Yes, for all you guys named Major, I have penis on the brain right now.

    And now so do you…lmao.

    How Terrible….

    Wait a second, is this like the BS you pulled with the IS6, release a POS then buff the chit out of it?

    For historical Accuracy of course……

    Stoopid jon, I shoulda seen that one coming, LMAO.

    Historical Accurcay huh?

    We have one completed E100 hull, a King Tiger lineage, which I would like to point out that an IS3 was no match for a KT during the War and you fucking know it, and your Historians tell you- that your current E100 would have been what the German Army fielded…..

    So, where you going to work next Serby?

    You probably get to retire after this endeavor…..Потрясающий

    Seriously though, I really enjoy your game, but the Bullshit is really starting to tell on the NA and EU servers.

    I probably just put in my last 20 bucks, still havent spent it, dont really want to, actually.

    Just downloaded War Thunder btw, and it Looks amazing.

    Just so you know whats happening in the real gaming world, My friends dont even argue about it anymore, we just say your a racist who doesn’t realize his country single-handedly beat the Nazis.

    For all you Non Russian Mo rons, it was the Russians and Hitler that destroyed roughly 70pct of the German army on the Eastern Front, contrary to what any French POS from Quebec might tell you.

    There was no one outside Moscow in 41 except Russians my friends…… You should be proud.

    Not belittling yourselves over some graphic models, for petes sake, grow up, its a damm game.

    You had better give us our Jagd75 and E100 Aufs B before its too late Serby…..

    Again, this is all supposed to be constructive, I really do love this game. Cant stand some of the Two Faced POS’s playing it, but I’ll deal with them on the field.

    Just so you know, I meant de Amerikans in CW, lol.

    I ll see you in Sacred Valley……if you have the яйца.

    Love that map.


    • This guy is so mad, it’s hilarious to see.
      I feel like whenever you comment some facts about tanks you completely make them up.
      For your information IS-3 was produced at the end of the was as an alternative to the IS. IS-3 was battle tested in remote regions and were proven effective. It was never registered that they participated in any major front.
      You consider e-100 to be a superior chassis, it hasn’t left the blueprint or the prototype stage. Sure anything looks good on paper but how did the final prototypes perform?! All soviet vehicles were all produced some with limited quantity others mass produced.
      The kv-1s crying is legitimately pathetic. Learn how to play the game and you will have no problem countering them. The reason why WG nerfs or buffs tanks is because of little kids crying like many posters here. They are responsible for maintaining a balance. So if a 6 year old has no idea how to play the game and cries that kv-1s is OP,. They have to listen and check the stats and listen again. In all honesty kv-1s will remain unchanged. Everyone forgot about its paper armor, long reload, long aim time, lower than average accuracy all of the sudden.