Many mods will not function in 8.8

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Hello everyone,

I reported this before (a day or two ago), but just to make sure everyone’s ready: World of Tanks are transferring to the new ActionScript 3 system. That means the great majority of mods (if not all of them) will cease to function in 8.8 and it will probably take time to rewrite them for the new system (more time than usual, that is).

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  1. *expects Q and A to be flooded with these* “but but but but I’m uber reliant on XVM and crosshair mods!!!”

    Serb – “How terrible…”

      • Why you play SEA ? Are you living in this region ? Asians are pretty much hardcore in anything they do…

        • as someone who plays on SEA, I can tell you, with the exception of say 20 clans, the player base’s skill level is absolute garbage, the worst of all the servers, upside is everyone is friendly, cause we can’t understand anything anyone tries to say…

        • I play on SEA server cuz i live in Hong Kong
          before, i play on NA server and the ping was 250-280
          now, on SEA server, the ping is 40-70, and is much more stable

          Im in a quite good clan UAD-M. Instructors and clanmates there are skilled, and we can learn from one another

          Yea, there are many bad players on SEA server…thats why i wont solo, but platoon with 2 of my clanmates

          you know, 3 vs 27 is better than 1 vs 29

          • SEA player here as well. Don’t worry, if you ever see me on your team, I’ll try my best to let the team win.

          • don’t rely on platoon too much, sometimes you have to play solo to balanced your playstyle, there will be a time when there’s no one beeing able to help you there. i’ve been playing solo for almost all of my time at sea server. and yes it is sucks. but once you have learn to read the battle, you can play solo with no problem at all.

      • Two main features from J1mb0 (dot crosshair and reload time) will get integrated into the client itself. I’ll check them and maybe remove the mod anyway.

      • welcome to the world full of SEAtarded… u found SEAmonkey almost every round u play.. I called lemming syndrom where blind lead the blind..

    • SerB is month after month being depressive, negative, arrogant. Poor fellah… Such frustration that he has..

      • I never met such sad person like SerB in my life, then I see his picture, and I saw enough. He might be a russian or whatever he says, but he looks like a polish siemka.

    • Actionscript 3 was released in 2006. Its a overdue update needing to happen. No direct advantages but greater compatibility in the end. Modders will actually be better of once they rewritten there mods.

    • It’s more… optimized. But I don’t really see why mods need to be rewritten cuz of ActionScript3(more than they usualy are changed when new version comes out).

      • You must know that even Mozilla FireFox update can be a disaster for web page developers.
        Sure, if you as casual user get an update it’s like “hey, new stuff arrived!” or “meh, didn’t see a difference”
        But there’s always a lot going beneath the surface.

        Compatibility is a serious issue and a sensitive matter, even more complex to make it happen.
        The same shit is with Nvidia Drivers, imagine one company needs to develop compatibility with various configurations and various games with various coding AND it must work every time! Even better, you need to fit it in one package.

        I’m not surprised they’re updating Action Script THIS late. Updating something like this is like digging in to shit and if you do it wrong it will start to spill and smell all over the place.

  2. this is BS… that means no wot at all until all the mods i use are ported and fixed….
    i can only hope mod makers will use the 8.8 test to fix the mods before release

          • There are implementing the jimbo crosshair style mod with timer into the game .. I guess i wont be needing any mods for a while (atleast until someone makes a voice mod taking advantage of the new national crew voices)

        • Calling someone kid because he is using XVM is really mature. And while we are at the topic can you please explain to me why XVM is a “bad” thing/mod and thus all the players who are using it are considered “kids”? Also can you comment using your real nickname/WoT nickname and not being a bitch hiding behind anonymous?

          • Its not the using XVM or mods that make you a kid. Its the fact that you claim you can’t play the game with out the XVM or mods that makes you a kid.

            The good players if all mods where banned and it wasn’t even possible to use a mod would still be good. Mean while the kiddies would be crying that they can’t play anymore without their mods.

            • The good players if all mods where banned and it wasn’t even possible to use a mod would still be good. Mean while the kiddies would be crying that they can’t play anymore without their mods.
              I can play perferctly fine without mods(which i do on test servers). Now please tell me what mod gives you that big advantage that some “kiddies” can’t play without it. What you are telling us here is that there are “some kids” who with mods play like a pros and without them they are worse than weekend pubbies. Do you even see how dumb that sounds? Do you really believe in your conspiracy that mods somehow have that big of a impact on the game? And once again can you make comments using your real nickname anonymous bitch? I am really curious about you.

            • Mods ,lol lets see 30x zoom ,against player running no mods ? advantage much. second xvm users if you run it ,you know which players to kill asap .as it shows the players in a colour coded scheme.
              Again a big advantage, the hitskins mod lol fail mod but still against a player with no mods slight advantage..
              So to answer your question yes mods give you a big advantage those that deny it, are kidding themselves ..
              end of day if you going to bitch about modding just join the 90% of sea who mod..

          • You’re just a nublet, you probably use mods yourself and are just one of those trolls who likes to upset the status quo but heres news for you we also know your a child yourself, it’s in your vocabulary and the way you talk, you are either a really stupid adult or a 12 year old either way you’re just not smart enough to pass judgement on others.

      • its not about “can” its more a “want”.
        I dont use the XVM itself but i wont miss my configured overtargetmarker position and sizes… thats just crap on client imo.
        same with j1mbo. i prefer this crosshair, it looks ages better than client. oh and both arent needed to kick asses. even a xvm isnt imba-tool. every user take his options from the mod he like.
        i prefer a optimized hud.

    • I hear you. Once you are used to the mods you barely can play without. It’s like playing with one hand tied to your back.

      • Yup it’s like you said Da.

        i find it pretty amusing those anon warriors plus a couple other trying to bash me when they have not the slightest idea who they’re talking to, oh well, terribad pubbies they will ever remain.
        Oh and also funny how the instant someone says “mod” they jump to XVM, noobtards.(i never even mentioned any mod even, that’s what’s so funny).

        i play with mods because the base client has severe functionality faults that don’t help to either enjoy the game or maintain my high level, be it boring sounds, horrible hud, missing afterbattle stats, bad garage info log, etc. In fact lots of mods don’t even act on the battle itself(garage mods, garage log mods, crew pic mods)
        With time they listened to this and added some stuff to the game itself, a perfect example overtargetmarkers.

        Yet i don’t see you bashing people for using the onboard OTM…..
        So next time, anonymous, Only_Slightly_Bent, palmnut, before you blatantly show what terribad pubbie retards you are use your fucking brains

        and back to the issues, yup, without the

        • Oh nose, you called me a terribad pubbie – My life is over (and I’d be insulted at you calling me that if I actually gave a shit about stats (not that mine are bad in the first place) but seeing as I don’t have a tiny penis, I don’t care).

          I currently play with many mods and while I agree in part with this statement;

          “i play with mods because the base client has severe functionality faults that don’t help to either enjoy the game or maintain my high level, be it boring sounds, horrible hud, missing afterbattle stats, bad garage info log, etc. In fact lots of mods don’t even act on the battle itself(garage mods, garage log mods, crew pic mods)”

          I can still play the game to an acceptable level of enjoyment without them, so to say you wont play the game without them makes you sound like a, what was it, oh yes, a “terribad pubbie”.

          P.S. I couldn’t care less if you (or anyone else) uses XVM or not.

        • Frankly I can live without the actuals stats XVM, but OTM and the map mods are thigns I like, especially as an NA player on SEA where situational awareness and knowledge of where your team is, who you’re shooting at, etc etc becomes an even bigger weight on your gameplay because you never know what will happen with the ammount of bad players.

          And sup Elim. Sorry didn’t get to play one last battle with you on NA before I left.

          • Lorenzo, ‘sup!.
            yeah i never saw you again roaming around, but if you have much better ping to SEA there’s not much taht can be done.
            Too bad about the quality(or lack thereof) of the playerbase there, i wonder why that is(seeing as the SEA area is a breeding ground for ultracompetitive gaming -i.e. korean starcraft-)

  3. if XVM stops working that will be good because all the so called *pro* XVM players wont judge by everyone by there stats

    • Even with XVM off you will still be as bad as your stats portray. Just people will take longer to realize it.

    • For the most part, xvm is not telling them anything they won’t witness in the match, terribads will be terribads

    • I really share your opinion mate. I have no idea how XVM gives you advantage by informing you weather you got the chance to win or not. Even information of how good is player in front of you imho is useless, there are lots of factors that decide of how will the battle go.

      • I don’t agree with it, I’m using xvm for a long time and It it is very important how good if player (enemy) in front of you, because you can expect different playstyle from different skilled players. Weak players often are more aggressive and are more likely to initiate attack, very good players will always camp, stand at back of your team and do almost nothing they won’t risk lowering their stats buy attacking and possibility of dying and helping your team. This also applies to ability to shoot weakspots, reaction time etc. So when I see weak players I’m more likely to simply push attack more aggressively. Honestly I often ignore whole team stats and stupid win chance. Only important thing is enemies stats that are in front of you.

          • LoL, I don’t agree with that one too. My XVM config paints me purple, yet I don’t camp. I don’t see the reason for doing that. There’s no fun in sitting back in bushes. Granted, sometimes it’s better to stay back a bit or play defensively, but I play WoT for fun. And camping is not fun…

          • In my wot experience most of times “dark green and purple” very often camp. How often do you see “purple” players go first to attack? If there were only good players in one battle each match would end in tie. Of course there are exceptions, but most of times it is like this, at least on EU server. I don’t really know about other.

  4. One BIG problem…Will XVM work well updating with the XVM updater, and using the old XVM config file? Thats very important to me…especially playing on the SEA server…i need the XVM to identify who to trust in pub games

    • “That means the great majority of mods (if not all of them) will cease to function ”

      Take a really wild guess

    • Well, xvm configs aren’t swf files AFAIK so as long as the XVM itself supports your older config, it should work.

      As for the updater – no clue, I don’t use it and also don’t know shit ’bout it…

    • XVM Updater only gets the last XVM files on the official website and performs the installation automatically. If XVM isn’t compatible with 0.8.8 then my app won’t be able to install it.

      I’m only an app developer, not a magician, yet. ;)

      • LaCourgette, I did try to use your updater but it didn’t work. You helped me before hand and your updater is awesome ty.

  5. I bet new versions of mods will appear near release of 8.8. After all, they got test server with new script to write mods anew and test upon, so I don’t think we’ll be waiting long.

    Though I’m not concerned much about it, I’m using only J1mB0′s Crosshair Mod solely for reload timer, when this is done in WoT by default I’ll probably won’t be using any mods at all.

    but when I think about massive whine from unaware players when test comes out and all mods will be useless…


  6. Tank skin mods will still work? For example my Pz4 Schmalturm uses pz4 hydro turret with its gun.

  7. I use only jimbo too, and transfering to as3 shouldn’t be big problem. It’s bassicly depends only on how wg will be open with changes and if jimbo got flash that supports as3.

    • It is more OO in structure and optimized.. not just inline script kiddie style like AS1/2
      I would have thought they were on the latest since AS3 was out like 2006.. so it is about time.

  8. Action script? That explains why wot is so inefficient compared to the rest of the games using c+

  9. Hmmm

    I don’t honestly care.

    I never really liked the over-reliance on shiny mods.

    What I actually rely on:
    Reload timer (with classic sights which will be implemented in 8.8)
    No shadow when sniping (okay this one I’ll really miss)
    Hit log and damage log – pretty useful. I love knowing how much dmg I have dealt but it isn’t vital
    Accurate damage indicator – knowing where you got hit from is pretty useful
    Minimap mod which displays 3 things: X-ray range, render distance and view range ( I don’t even rely that much on it tbh)
    XVM used mainly for custom dmg numbers and nicer looking health bars.

    What I can’t go on with? Neither of these.

    I don’t think mods are THAT vital and keep in mind that PTS is at least in part done so that mod developers can test their mods and adapt them to any changes so they can launch them along with the version release.

    It’s not that much of a tragedy. Over-reliance on mods is weird anyway.

    • Fyi, the no sniper shadow mod should still work as all it is is a transparent Flash file – It uses no ActionScript.

      • Hmm I think they changed the way the shadow works last patch and it actually uses action script. I could be wrong though.

        • It was based on an image file but they changed it so the image file is stored in a SWF file…
          Not sure why they did that, I don’t see any advantages over that.

          • @ Bastor – Ok, I didn’t realise they’d done that :(

            @Anon – I think it’s always been an SWF (Been playing since CBT and don’t recall it being anything else) SWF’s use Vectors and Images use Bitmaps – Vectors are considerably smaller than Bitmaps (though, by their nature, Vectors are very CPU intensive when it comes to transparency’s, hence the massive FPS drop a lot of people experience when going into sniper view. Actually, this is probably why they changed in the last patch…)

            • Vectors are also scaleable, Bitmaps aren’t (in this context) – This is very Important when supporting different screen resolutions so I guess that’s why they used an SWF for transparency in the first place.

    • They adding national voice overs for tank crews, I think you’d want to at least try Vanilla sounds.

      • gnome made engines overhaul. huge difference. i will miss gun sounds, because wots own are very unsexy

  10. It really makes me sad that some people cannot into technology…

    If a mod uses SWF files, it won’t work, the rest is unaffected!

    So what will work?

    Gnomefathers sound mods
    Hit skins
    Model swaps
    Shitty tank icons
    Shitty tank skins
    Whatever is only a DDS file
    Hangar mods
    Lighting mods

  11. So…

    C++ for the engine (most propably, but who knows :)
    ActionScript for the SWFs (good for modding, bad for everything else I guess :)

    Also heaps of other stuff like wannabe .xml files that are anything but, DDS, .fx scripts, gettext… and many many more. Must be fun keeping all that together, hopefully all well documented for future poor souls who will be working on WoT :))

  12. well, at least my garage mod and icons are spared of this fiasco. I’ll have to say good bye to Dikey, Roughneck, and other mods that rely on .swf But good to know that vehicle mods will remain as is. It’ll be just flash mods only!

  13. As long as they don’t ditch the reload timer from the patch I will survive perfectly fine until Jimbo’s Crosshair gets updated. XVM really doesnt matter as it’s been down for me quite a bit the last few days.

    Anything that will improve the game I can cope with if for a few weeks.

  14. I rarely use mods in games,WoT is probably the few games I got mods for.
    Jimbo’s crosshair because it’s much “cleaner” and has a reload timer.
    And a minimap mod I got recently mainly because I need to know my rendering distance.
    Guess I’ll just have to go back to the basics for a while.

  15. Well, if they putting a Reload Timer on the game…
    Mods won’t be necessary for me….