Beware: fake Japanese tree

Hello everyone,

for some strange reason (not sure what triggered it), yesterday I recieved 5 e-mails about the same thing: allegedly “leaked” Japanese tank tree, that looks like this:


Long story short: it’s a fake. It originally comes from an April thread by a Chinese player and it’s a fan creation. Amongst other things, it contains a number of fake tanks and various strange contraptions, so don’t be fooled by it.

11 thoughts on “Beware: fake Japanese tree

  1. Well a few of the machines are properly placed but most of them seem to be made up lol XD

  2. Coastal defense “tank” – why I imagine bigass ship turret (that hold those cannons) remade with tracks for one high caliber gun? :D

    • Because SerB stated a while ago that the tier 10 supposedly weighed 140 tonnes and mounted the 140mm 3rd Year coastal defence gun. I don’t remember all of the details, but the idea of a tank with a ~600 alpha damage gun seems interesting.

  3. This isn’t a particularly convincing fake. For one, using “HMC” and “GMC”, for two, the Russian site uses the trees wrote fully in… well, Russian, and the image in the background is existing art, not a render.

    Then again people are desperate for something I guess.

  4. Since a lot of people seem to miss it, it’s worth noting that the current (and much, much better) Japanese tech tree proposed by Daigensui and SoukouDragon can be found here:

    They’re working with WarGaming and this tree will probably be very close to what we will see in the game. It doesn’t seem that WG has hired either of them officially, or given them a lot of recognition, but they’ve done a damn good job. Dangensui claims to have pushed the Chi-Nu Kai premium through herself, and reading through the threads, I believe her.

    I’m really looking forward to the Japanese tanks. They definitely don’t get the recognition they deserve, mostly because their best medium tanks were reserved for the US invasion which never occurred, their super-heavy tank prototype(s) seem to have disappeared in Manchuria somewhere, and most of their military records were destroyed when they surrendered.