Nerf My Tank! MS-1

We’ve had a number of Buff My Tank articles here on FTR, but what about a nerfing one? During my research, I have come upon an interesting statement that, as a completely impartial guardian of history, I could not possibly keep from you. In Comrade Halepskiy’s bitching and moaning about shuffling around various 37 mm guns, 45 mm guns, and machine guns (it’s not quite as easy as right clicking on a module in your garage), he writes down an interesting phrase:

“…the [37 mm] Hotchkiss gun has poor ballistic qualities, and penetrates less armour than a machine gun with armour piercing bullets.”

The machine gun in question is the DT (Degtyaryev, tank version), a 7.62 mm machine gun. The cartridge used is similar to a Mosin, which can penetrate 15 mm of armour at 150 meters. That’s not so great by in-game standards. That means the WoT version of the gun should be completely useless, right?


Hm, guess not. Maybe then in-game machine guns will get a similar buff?


How terrible.

27 thoughts on “Nerf My Tank! MS-1

    • SerB don’t like it \(^ ^)/ \(^ ^)/ \(^ ^)/

  1. Machine guns :D I especially love Pz. I C one – I let them shoot full clip at my Pz. S35 to get Cool-Headed medal :D

    • Yeah, Pz. I C is the king, but machine guns ducks on longer range.

      btw: got 7 day ban for “stalin is gay” in signature xD

    • lol I remember sitting in a battle for two minutes straight letting a Panzer IC just shoot my AMX 40, then I blasted him with HE from my 75 mm gun, set him on fire, and blew him up. Cool-Headed and Steel Wall in one battle.

  2. Not the first time ive heard this, with some saying they prefered machine guns with AP ammo to cannons. The Boys Anti-tank Rifle was used quite effectivley by the Finns for taking out Soviet tanks.

      • No, no it did not. You’re probably confused with that crazy fast 7.92mm ATR, which also didn’t use HESH but operated on a similar principle

          • …AKA “Elephant Gun”, which wasn’t worth shit against T-34s and KVs -unsurprisingly- but 20mm shell carries enough payload it found a new lease of life as a sort of light infantry gun/superheavy sniper rifle. Solothurn rifles in the same (Solothurn) caliber were used for very similar purposes in the Chaco War where tanks were nowehere to be seen.

            Surplus Lahtis seem to be pretty popular in the US for some reason, and have been put to all kinds of interesting if unsavory uses over the decades.

  3. Hi, I really like your Nerf/Buff My Tank series, and I was wondering: how to nerf/buff the AMX 40? I prefer its stock turret (had it not been for the lacking SA 35), and I’d stick to a 47mm gun if it had decent, not-quite-Mk.X-B-but-close-enough pen.

    • The real Mle 37 AT gun (used as tank version in B1 and D2, as at gun in FTAC and UE 57) had around 100 mm of penetration at 100 metres, so it would be “Mk.X-B-like” penetration. But in order to buff it that gun has to be removed from D2, it would be too good for tier 3 tank. Also, French 47 mm guns do the same damage as Mk.X-B (55), despite the latter has lass caliber – 40 mm, and a littlejohn adapter which makes the shell diameter even smaller. Other nations 47 mm guns do more damage – 60 – 70 like.