World of Tanks in Romanian

Hello everyone!

This post concerns mostly Romanian players. As you all probably know, despite Romanians being one of the larger playerbases on EU server, there is no Romanian forum section on official EU forums. Furthermore, Wargaming – not having learned from the domain issue (a random guy registered the domain before WG) – did not register the either.

Treborn, a well-known personality on EU forums, managed to put together an unofficial World of Tanks Romanian webpage at – its contents include FTR translations into Romanian and Romanian forums. Those, who want to discuss World of Tanks in Romanian are invited there.

I hope you guys find this useful.

80 thoughts on “World of Tanks in Romanian

  1. Here in Western Europe, being Romanian is a shame ! That means you are poor and useless to the world !

    I suppose WG EU is thinking about the same thing. Let’s hate each other :)))

    • There is a huge misconception that whole 23 millions of Romanians are thiefs, rapist, criminals and we live in tents. That is not true.

      Funny thing is 15 years ago western countries were blaming Romania for not helping and being discriminative against the gypsy population. Since we joined the European Union half of the gypsy population migrated to western countries. Guess what? The civilized western countries cant handle the gypsy problem either lol

      • Treborn, I think we both know wich particular “society” gives us this reputation…
        I was in England two years ago, and met a girl, when I told her I was Bulgarian she told me she tought every one of us were black!

        Ugh…whatever…Better not start this here…

        • Last year, in Prague, I was talking to another tourist. When I said Im from Romania she instantly touch her purse.

          I started to laugh and told her I will not steal her wallet, neither rape her.

          After a brief moment of awkward silence we both started to laugh.

          There are many misconceptions, some based on true stories, the thing is I do not care to change the view of anybody regarding my nationality. If somebody things that a whole contry, 100% of its population can be bad, then than person its a retard and I do not want to have any business with him.

        • Had a nice talk with a dude back in my WoW days that thought Transilvania was separated from Romania…I mean…really.

          You know what surprises me? The fact that after the whole Stalin fiasco, nobody pointed out that you bulgarians as you are actually able to read those cyrillic inscriptions on a daily basis and could feel offended by them…:D

          • We dont give a fuck actually. If its historical im fine with it. I just dont understand why nazi symbols are not allowd. I mean, they were historically accurate too! What bad would they do?

            They wouldnt make me suddenly go neo-nazi and start killing the lesser races with poison gas…

            • Half of the issue is with Germany, half of the issue is that aside from the Waffen-SS you rarely if ever saw any Swastikas on regular Wehrmacht tanks except to prevent friendly fire by air units.

            • So what? I want Waffen SS emblem on my tank. Why not? Im not going to kill jews with it…

      • Who the heck can? There is almost no solution. They do not want to work, they just go there for the social aid, to steal and beg money from tourists. But, we diverge, lets get back to tanks.

        • there are now rumors of about 20.000 romanians living in munich, several thousand in berlin. in case of munich it isnt even roma (gypsis?) but just normal romanians looking for work. they get exploitet a lot.
          shame is they are living under disgusting conditions. they never would get a “normal” flat, so they have to pay totaly unjustified prizes for shitholes no german would ever live in. 20 people on 50 m². im ashamed by those landlords.
          also prostitution against their will is a big problem. many young women from romania get talked into going to germany for good work by “friends” or sometimes even relatives. in germany they are forced to prostitute themselves, they are robbed of their passports and arrested in shitty flats.

    • WG simply thinks that gypsies (or Romanian, whatever) can’t run WoT on thier PCs, I guess.

    • Only time I’ve ever been mugged in Dublin (where I am from) was by a pack of three Romanian gypsies. Seems the stereotype has been exported.

    • Poor and useless? Poor maybe but useless definetly not. What would europe streets look without the global phenomenom Dacia cars?:)

  2. I’m still amazed that some people don’t know at least basic english…I’ve never learned english in school, except for 1 year, but I allready knew it from Internets and cartoon network cartoons… Anyway, english is usefull, learn english people!

      • Same with the poles. Either you people are stubborn as fuck and want to speak your langague all the time without caring about outsiders, or you dont have schools….come to think of it theese 90% may have not been in school at all…or maybe even kindergarden.

          • A tactical 3rd Person (tank) shooter should definetly NOT be played by moronic 7 year olds…

            • Since when WoT is “tactical”? It’s pure arcade, idiot. Want tactical? Play ARMA, or something similiar…

            • Its only arcade for idiots with less than the WoT average winrate- 48%… Skilled players use tactics. deal with it.

        • well, im a pole and i try to use english all the time i play wot, but sometimes there is no need for that, eg one pole told a joke and im talking directly to him. funny thing is that in those situations almost always someone tells in the chat sth like: ‘use english language if you want us to understand you, polish faggots’. just sayin’

      • I really dont want to start a discussion based on “What country got most people who dont talk English”. There are far more “Siema” words in WoT than “Salut”.

        The thing is this game is played by many people who dont talk/write well in English. I dont judge them, I just wish to provide them with means to talk in their native language.

            • I did, I did, I was just pointing out that “salut” can come from two different directions and may skew your results. Where as “salutare” would immediately peg you as romanian :).

            • Aaah, I see.
              Yeah, even if “Salut” might be used both by French and Romanian people its still less used than “Siemka” lol.

        • I totally think that everybody should learn english and still I can see the good in what Treborn did to the romanian WoT community.

          I think it’s not a problem but something to endorse, because there will never be as good/many information on any national sites/forums that on the english one, so in the end it will encourage ppl to learn english more if they want to aquire tho most info about their game.

          Cheers Treborn, keep cool!

            • Why would we hate you guys? We have been the same deep shit for hundreds of years together.

            • im with wing_hu we not hate you we hate gypsies who came to our country and started to robbing and smugling people , and a lot of people still talking hungarian in romania
              i think romanian and hungarian domain is not bought because we are passive players a lot of us playing with the game f2p , watching out for not spending 1huf or 1 bani/ban for any free to play game

          • forgot to insert lol : , and we also love you because a lot of people still talking …*

      • Gee, I’m not a major in English, you grammar nazi scum. I know the langague enough to speak, read, and understand it on a daily basis and on a basic level, nothing more.

  3. Treborn ans Silentstalker, on behalf of the romanian WoT community, we thank you. Very nice job with the new .ro domain. If there is anything you need to help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask of me, I will gladly help you. GG guys.

  4. Now…having said this, I’ve always assumed that the domain “” was just kept somewhere secret by some squatter exactly for the purpose of squeezing money out of WG(phahaaahahahah…can’t say that with a straight face…sorry).

    Now I have been informed otherwise, for which I thank you.

    Also, the romanian WG affiliated website is “” which translates into “tanker”(the person, not the boat).

    Now I only need to start reading up on the Treborn’s website as well to alleviate the utter boredom I’m subjected to at work.

    Thanks again both SS and Treborn for your work.

      • Just realized why I don’t keep my interface in Romanian…because the translation sounds like crap :).

        That being said, your whole website will be an absolute gold mine for people that don’t speak english that well.

  5. Its funny how Wargaming advertises WoT all day on TV, but they dont even offer romanian community a forum. WTF marketing?

    • they don’t win money if you chat on the internet.
      they need you to play the game ;)

  6. I judge all who doesn’t do their part, which is speaking English, the general language in the world. Do that or don’t talk in-game.

  7. Heh :) :) :) we, the scum of Europe are all the same, there are the same stereotypes about us, so let’s just enjoy our reputations and eat some shit :) :) :)

    I know you guys are not at the bottom, but my retarded country of Serbia is at THE bottom, so for us even your retarded countries are advanced, hence we want to be like you!!! (You are much better than us)

    Anyhow, English is the language of planet Earth, and “the life is lived in English”, so we can be proud of our tongues, but we MUST use English to communicate with each other!!!

    p.s. Da dokazem u praksi ovo prethodno proseravanje o engleskom, za kraj malo da se iskenjam na srpskom

    p.p.s. Previous sentence is the proof of our rules, to think one, say another and do the third thing :) :) :)

    • You in Serbia are at the bottom, but we in Bulgaria have been there long ago. And did that stop us? Nope! We are enthusiastic people! We started digging even deeper!

        • As funny as it might be, laughing about being shit doesn’t make you less shittier. If we start laughing about, I find it we sort of get to accept it as being so and moving on to more important matters, like, who’s arguing with who on the tv.

          • Whats wrong with accepting it? There isnt something you can do about it to change a whole nation and the world ‘s views on it, so why not laugh a little?

  8. Finally that’s awesome , i will also promote this forum on my little youtube channel :D. Gl guys , and gj SS !

    • +1. Lithuania has it’s own part on the forum. That’s what 1-1.5 mln people, but the Dutch speaking part of Europe (20+ mln people), can’t get something like it? To me it’s not at all important, but I know some people would love to have it.

  9. Oh my god. Who the fuck cares?

    Anyone who dosent speak english on english playing servers should be banned for a week, then perma if they dont speak english when they come back, god damn siema scum

  10. romanians are not united people
    so, no matter how good the intent for this forum/site was, it will soon go to waste

  11. Congratulations!

    If I can help you just give an email and ask for it.
    I’m a Romanian player who knows English and I know people who play and don’t speak English. So for all of this kind of players it will be very usefull to find out all the news from this site.