8.8 issues, FTR edition

Hello everyone,

here are a bunch of issues I found on the 8.8 patch. Not sure you agree with me or not, but here’s how I see it.

- graphics: while for some reason (optimization?) the graphics now run much smoother, the game is now impossible to minimize and then maximize. If you do that, weird graphic artefacts will appear.

- LAG! I am not sure what happened in 8.8, but ever since it came live, I am having terrible lags on EU1, making the game quite hard to play. Here’s a replay from today to demonstrate:


My ping went up too, before 8.8 it was 50-70 max, now it rarely goes below 70. I tried playing on EU2, where the ping was always a bit higher, now the pings on both servers are practically identical for me. EU2 has fewer lags, but there are still many more than I used to have. The computer is clean (no malware), nothing is running in the background and I don’t use any mods. I also don’t have any lag issues with other online games. Any suggestions are welcomed.

- when the vehicle is in battle and you return to the garage, the “service” button keeps blinking. It’s nothing gamebreaking, but it is very annoying

- bugged (changed) team damage system: I already know of three guys around me, who got banned for one day for “teamdamage”. None of them teamdamaged intentionally (watched two replays to confirm that), in one case it was a trolling LT intentionally braking to halt in front of a HT in full speed. In two other cases it was pushing slower tanks (yes, I know, that is questionable, but for myself I can say I welcome being pushed sometimes when I am in a slower vehicle).

- the profanity filter is broken: it seems to censure legit words (in other languages than english too!) and it cannot be disabled

- the missions creen doesn’t show progress on certain missions (where it actually would come in handy, such as the “10 wins per day in a medium tank” mission)

Anything else comes to your mind?

124 thoughts on “8.8 issues, FTR edition

  1. The battle result screen is broken for me too.
    It doesn’t display the earned credits correctly

  2. I always find the servers laggy just after a major patch and its not number of players, its as if the server clusters which run the game were also supplying the patch data rather than independent patch distribution….

  3. Overall graphical performance for me has tanked (Sorry :P) Used to get framerates between 80 – 120fps and now Ive dropped down to 30 – 80 fps sometimes even as low as the 20s.

    The other thing that bugs me is how sluggish and jittery the tank carousel in the hangar is.

  4. @- graphics: while for some reason (optimization?) the graphics now run much smoother, the game is now impossible to minimize and then maximize. If you do that, weird graphic artefacts will appear.

    Not happening for me.

  5. For me, the Barracks are broken. No crewmembers are shown whatsoever.
    Anyone having this problem too ?

    Another thing: Why is the Type59 not included in the medium specials which are active atm for EU ?

    • Clanmate and myself had the same issue. Forgot to mention it in my below post but I did have it.

      Was wondering the same about the type 59. Specially when the SuperPershing is actually included (I think I saw it included in the list).

    • for barracks bug verify if u have all “checks” buttons category in the left set to something…after update every selection category dont have an default. (nation, location, competence, qualification )

    • Some older premiums are not shown in Missions window, but still count for the mission. Confirmed with M4A2E4. (Tier 5 American medium gift tank)

  6. Like Ploegdude said the earned credits just state 000.000 instead of the correct number. Also I have more lag on EU1 as well from a 40-50 ms to 60-80 ms now.

    Also I don’t know if people got this as well but in platoon there is a bug that makes your “service” button flash red like you didn’t load shells while you actually did? o.o

    • Yes, the Service button flashes red when you press Ready, you don’t see that outside of the platoon because you go directly to battle.

      Also, in the detailed after battle report (3rd tab) the rows are messed up – values are in different rows than their labels, but that’s language specific (the column is to narrow and one label breaks into two rows, that bug was there long time ago and got fixed, seems they are reintroducing old bugs…)

  7. I it’s graphics broken you can ”repair’ it with setting grphics to different format (1200×1000 to 1000×800 and back) number are excample.

  8. Maximizng and minimizing runs well for me. No problems there. Rest I have experienced, except the lag one. The mission one is quite annoying.

  9. Now, it’s not really an issue, but I’ve seen that I had unlocked a gun on the Panther (the L/100 75mm), while I never played the Panther before, only unlocked from the VK3001H.

    It may be something to do with engines though, since I had all engines researched already for Panther.

    • Same here, panther top gun unlocked for free, nice gift, I just unlocked the schmalturm the day before 8.8. Sweet grinding :p

      • Yeah they took away 8,8cm so they gave you 7,5 L/100 for free, but I had L100 already so I want 1000 gold to compensate :)

  10. They have removed ” put best crew member button ” was so easy and fast to change one crew from one tank to premium tank before. and no its gone

  11. I’ve been having packet loss to EU2 driving around then suddenly my tank sinks into the ground then teleports or spins 180 degrees…

  12. I can confirm your post and add this:
    In my german client the after battle report in the “Ausführlicher Bericht”-tab is slightly messed up. The damage-to-allies stat ist two lines high which messes up the following numbers. enemies spotted shows the number of enemies damaged and so on. In my first game today i destroyed 2483 enemies ;-)
    Scrolling through your tanks in garage isn’t as smooth as it was before.
    Loading times on first startup increased.
    Biggest problem by far: Locastan abandoned the two-rowed tank carousel becaus of AS3. That’s a real disappointment for everyone with many tanks.

    • The rows – values in the after battle report are messed up in some other languages as well, but that’s a bug from version 7.something… They are sloppy as fuck, must be a bunch of low paid students writing this stuff while management is checking their Cyprus bank accounts…

  13. I also suffer from bugs.
    * censoring doesn’t work properly and can’t be switched off
    * barracks don’t work at all
    * when pressing “ready” whilst platooning the “service”-button turns red as if I didn’t load any ammo
    * little lag in the (enormously improved) service record window

    I think there is one more but I can’t think of it right now :)

  14. Well, that service button starts flashing also when playing in platoon. When you press ready button, it will start flashing. And that’s really annoying. At first it was needed to go and check every tank that it was ok to fight, I had shells and stuff. Friend of mine wasn’t so lucky, he went to fight without any shell’s on his Tiger II…

  15. I have an annoying issue with the camera – I have to set in in every battle, because it starts with maximum zoom out.

    And about the profanity system – I had to turn the censorship off, because when I was chatting with my brother in Polish, it was making most of the verbs into *****. It never was flawless ;)

  16. Sorry, it’s a bit off topic:
    From the patchnotes: “Added the display of the reload time between shots and the reload time between the magazines change over in loading different ammunition.”

    I haven’t seen this ingame. It would be cool the have this without the mod… Where do i have to look ?

  17. Sometimes Lag appears for me too. Game freezes for a few seconds. Really annoying… The rest I got too, barracks screen is not working instead you play with the filters…. But I guess it is intended to work this way beacouse… ah, nevermind.

  18. - censorship is ON even though in game settings it’s OFF. To correct that – go into settings, set filter ON. Save setting. Set it OFF – now it will really be OFF (it worked for me).
    - Problems with empty Crew Barracks – check all the fileds on the left of the screen. Someone at WG forgot to set default settings when nothing is selected and thats why ther is no tankers shown in barrack screen
    - when selecting a tank to a platoon play, game shows it as if it’s without ammo (don’t remember the english button name – I mean the one below the tank, on the left)
    – Polish translation of mission names is really crapy and missleading (i.e. “Mission for the first of September” whil it should be “1st Mission for September”)
    - the last tank on the list in Service record is half hidden and hard to see
    - graphic bugs when ALT-Tabing (exactly as SS wrote)
    - Mines map is strangely “foggy” or in a kind of sand storm – all other maps I played yesterday seemed OK.

  19. I have some more:
    + The minimizing/maximizing part works for me. HOWEVER, I have noticed something else in the graphical department:
    – Before the loading screen pops up, the screen turns light-blue for a split second, then the matchup/loadscreen pic show up
    – When a battle finishes loading, I first see the ambient background (as if skyboxes were disabled), then a strangely colored ground texture appears, then shadows show up instead of tanks (I have all shados set to off), then instantly, everything pops into place
    + The garage seems to be using up more resources than before
    + The lag has been there since the day before the patch for me, with my ping 50% up (60-70 instead of 30-40) and the lag indicator blinking wildly every now and then. The rubber-banding and teleportation make the game unplayable. I’ve mostly noticed this happening when there are more than 100,000 people online on EU1, but sometimes it happens with way less (12,000)

    + Voice chat (at least in platoons) doesn’t work in the main menu!
    + The service light starts blinking when you click “ready” while in a platoon (I had a mini heart attack yesterday, thinking I somehow forgot to load up ammo for a game), in addition to while the tank is in battle
    + Dynamic camera turned itself off by default (the language filter is broken, as you have already pointed out)
    + Some settings occasionally don’t show proper strings for values (eg. voiceovers: instead of “national”, I see something like “values/sounds/national_crew_voices or something” to that effect)
    + Some setting changes are unaffected if changed inside the main menu, but work fine when changed during a battle (markers and reticle)
    + Some people on the forum are able to (visually, but not actually) turn their TD guns 360°
    + Some tanks (that weren’t touched by the patch at all) randomly had their equipment or ammo demounted (my friend’s Cromwell didn’t have a repair kit and my Comet had all its ammo and equipment unloaded)

    • Oh yeah, and my framerates seem to have gone up on some maps (50-60 instead of the usual 27-30), but ony on some maps.
      - Also, the fonts and contour icons seem a bit… smoother (I have AA off, so I don’t see how it could be related to the supposed AA optimisation).
      - Siegfried line has a new loading screen.
      - There are some new palm trees and bushes near the west base on Sand River
      - I’m pretty sure a couple of trees have been moved and there is a new rock somewhere in the north-east part of Severogorsk (I could be wrong though)

  20. -Well I don’t have graphic problems (maybe updating the drivers? I had this issue a long way back and at first I blamed WG, but then after updating the drivers everything was fine).
    -While my ping is better than ever, I think, I’m having some lags too, while the ping doesn’t go up. But I don’t blame WG in my case, because my connection is terrible. (It reminds me of: Never play on a patch-day.)
    -I noticed the servicebutton too, but I don’t stay in the garage looking at a tank, that is still in battle, so it’s not annoying me.
    -Teamdamage: Well, better be very careful then. Already seen a Pz Ic got banned, but guess what? He was was really shooting at Teammates, so yes it was working in a good way.
    -Profanityfilter broken? Most of the time, I imagine having a post-it note above the chat (I don’t have it, because it’s more annoying than the chat), so I don’t really bother with the chatting and mostly raging of the people.
    -The missionscreen is only half-broken. The 15 victories for 250k credits and 50k exp is working fine, but you’re right, the mediummission is somewhat screwed up.

    Well SS, maybe you really wanted to find some issues, when there a not really big issues?

    What I really like is the new service record, the missionscreen and the 1.5 modifier when you earn a medal and still lose. And guess what? These 3 points really make the blinking servicebutton and the half-screwed missionscreen and your other problems look really small.

  21. Well, here’s another one, and it’s great for a YouTuber – older replays from at least as far back as 0.8.0 (haven’t been able to actually test any older ones than that, but I suspect they’ll have the same problem) are totally bugged in the sniper view. Highflyer reckons it’s because of the ActionScript change, and I’ve got no idea if it is or not, but what it does mean is that I’ve got a whole bunch of older replays that can now only be recorded in free camera mode, which loses a lot of information for the viewer. It is somewhat… vexing.

  22. Silentstalker how are you liking the VK 30.02 (M)? if I recall correctly you seemed to like it on the test server. I get terrible ping/lag on the test server so I don’t bother playing on it, so haven’t had a chance to test it yet since 8.8 patch has not gone live on US server yet, would you say it’s worth keeping in the garage?

      • I felt the same way. It’s an awesome machine, that is in the right hands (and in tier 7 max games) a real beast. As low tier in tier 8 games you can still do something, but it’s much harder.

          • Not if you angle it properly, I can bounce a lot of shots from tier 6 and tier 7 guns this way (of course everything below too). You pretty much have to play it exactly like the Panther on tier 7 (since it exactly is this, a panther), so standing straight in front of an enemy is never a good idea. Remember, with german tanks you have to angle the armor.

      • Good to know, even though it comes with 100% crew might retrain my Pz. IV crew for it then since they are sitting in the barracks with 4 crew skills/perks each.

        Have you had a chance to play the re-balanced VK 30.01 (H) much? on paper it seems the only good thing about it is the Konisch gun, how does it stack up compared to other T5 heavy’s?

        • for me it worked quite fine, did even bounce some shots from T6 with the hull in “Diamond” shape ;)

          the turret front is good, too so you can use the Tank hull down
          (and yes, the konisch gun is VERY cool at T5 ;) )

  23. I get 2 CLAN-Chat Buttons in the bottom of my garage instead of one.

    Graphics run MUCH better now for me (fps wise), but getting disconnects and lags a lot more. Also returning to garage after battle takes ages sometimes.

    Other than that I’m getting the already mentioned bugs, too….

  24. I don’t see how much credit i got in after-battle screen and wot crashed two times. But I’m downloading clean version to check if client has been damaged by previous mods i had.

  25. - the missions creen doesn’t show progress on certain missions (where it actually would come in handy, such as the “10 wins per day in a medium tank” mission)

    Lazy WoT programmers?
    The mission tracker works fine on “Mission for September 1,2,3″ but it does not show progress on missions “Mediums for victory!” and “Beware of flankers”

  26. I also had a bug that on 2 tanks premium ammo was switched to buying with gold again…so guys maybe better check it, i realized after paying 300 gold in all in some games…sneaky wg bitch

  27. Resetting the router helped me a lot regarding the lags. Dunno if it’s just a coincidence, but it’s worth to try it.

  28. I haven’t seen a performance drop exactly, but it has gotten a bit wild with the FPS jumping all over the place, even lowering some of the settings has the same problem :S

  29. - the profanity filter is broken: it seems to censure legit words (in other languages than english too!) and it cannot be disabled

    Finally a reason to FIRE all those worthless MODS in Gen chat.

  30. Each patch brakes more things that they fix.
    Lags and fps drops are making the game unplayable.
    What points is mission screen that only works for half the missions? The mission where you need to kill 50 medium tanks does not show any progress.

  31. This is the first patch since closed beta with serious issues like this. Im very dissapointed to be honest. As cool as the missions tab is, it doesnt hold up against all the bugs.

  32. yep lagg is the word… seems to come in spikes.

    Is the service button meant to flash red when the tank is in battle?
    The garage when you scroll left or right to look at your tanks is very jumpy.
    I wish they would sort out map rotation, I get sick of playing the same map time after time!
    New VK (M) seems to blow up if you sneeze too hard near it :P
    44 Euro for the 112 holy crap… money making gits

    Major gripe is that they wont release the M60 a tank I have waited for along time… instead they gave it away to a minority group good effort gits.

    How about a reward to those loyal supporters who pay to play???? after all if it weren’t for us there would be no game!

  33. The only problem I have encountered so far is that 2 medium-caliber rammers have gone missing from my depot…

  34. - “laggy” performance – ping is stable, but game is lagging.
    - too long time to wait after battle to see results with “synchronizing… ” announcement.

  35. Too much misty bloom on mines for me. For sand river is bearable but for mines is eye hurting…progresion for some missons is not working…carousel of tank choice is sluggish

  36. Not sure if been said before, but I find that just being in the Garage makes my ventillation start blowing harder, indicating that the laptop is doing more work somehow (since it apparently needs more cooling). This did not happen before the patch.

  37. I had a really weird bug happen twice and it was rather game-breaking (maybe it was due to the rubber-banding/lag but I’m not sure)

    I’m sitting at a spot and going forward a bit and backward a bit (basically twitching my tank around so as to keep em nervous the first time and to avid getting turret shots the 2nd).

    So first case:
    Twitching around on el haluf at the heavy spot (you know that hill) I was from north base so we had hill and were waiting for enemies to peak one by one so we can take shots at their sides.

    I fired and then started moving around so I make their aim harder and all of a sudden my tank just got stuck in forward.

    I couldn’t stop it (my buddies on ventrilo said server lagged a bit) and I was teleported like 20 meters forward showing my IS-7 side to 4 tanks….

    2nd bug was the same thing on T-62A only in reverse so I didn’t die.

    • Happens to me too recently, must be that some packets drop and the server doesn’t register the key release command, so your directional key is kind of stuck. Mostly annoying in tanks that rely on speed, such as ELC.
      Sometimes also a killer when you want to move just a tad forwards, shoot and get back – you release W but the tank keeps on going, got me killed more than once.
      Once or twice my Tiger II was spinning in circles and I couldn’t stop it, in the middle of the fucking map. ofc I got owned.

      What you gotta do in such cases is tap the key that seems stuck, so if your tank is going forwards on its own, tap W. You can’t stop that self-control any other way, pushing the opposite direction doesn’t work. Just tap the key that is “stuck” and it works… most of the times.

  38. noticed it doesnt always say anything when you get a hit… normally the voice would call hit or something only 3 in 5 say that now

  39. I think i’m the unluckiest VK30.02M player from 26 games i got 19 tier 8 games. I’m still helping playing as a scout, but it’s hard to make xp. :)

  40. Im having two other problems:
    -cant chat to platoon in garage if im the maker of the platoon, in battle and when i joined another platoon it does work.
    -maybe related to the lag but: SPOTTING DELAY, enemies are spotted 0,5-1 secs later than they should, if they peekaboo they have already fired when they get spotted

  41. “- LAG! I am not sure what happened in 8.8, but ever since it came live, I am having terrible lags on EU1, making the game quite hard to play.”

    @ SS: Please check your routing, maybe there is an issue with the peering or backbone server of your provider, try to get a new IP or wait 24h, maybe try to reset/ retart your router/ connection.

  42. Only can confirm the Service button issue. Ping at EU1 still around 40, graphics at 65fps (1920×1200, settings maxed), no problem with tabbing in and out.

  43. Have to agree with most of this.

    The mission screen not showing progress on the ones where its most important, ie 50kills. The font size on the the progress is way too small as well.

  44. I played on EU1 yesterday and it lagged like hell, ping jumped between 35-70 all the time making the game not smooth at all. Then I tried to play ion EU2 and the ping stayed at 35 with no problems at all. So I dont really know what the fuck is the problem. Hope they fix it though.

  45. The only “bug” NA can report is … we didn’t get the update :(

    Guess we’re next Tuesday =/

  46. I also have telia, which might be a problem, but really WG fix this shot, the servers are a joke. Its not sane that people should get lags from time to time just because they use telia (which is big as hell in scandinavia).

    Meanwhile, socia mio dique.

  47. I havent noticed any lag or graphical issues. Bugs in the profanity filter and the blinking service icon are however very annoying. I cant believe it actually censored a Finnish word “kiitos” (thank you in English)

    The mod support problems are another big annoyance.

  48. The updated personal “Service Record” screen doesn’t show clan membership and general membership dates any more… Also, where can you see your own (and other player’s) new PR rating?

  49. ” the profanity filter is broken: it seems to censure legit words (in other languages than english too!) and it cannot be disabled”

    Hasn’t it always been broken? It’s been censuring legit words for years!

  50. Failgaming must be in real trouble with the failed Xbox and WOWP costing them millions with no signs of any real large profit from either.

    Now they rush out buggy shit patches with crappy tanks tossed in to make a quick buck, and look? They fail at that again… Russian trash.

    • if u don’t like the game or wargamming stop acting like a little child and crying over everything. I have no doubt that you’d probably cried a river already, in conclusion it’s a game you geek grow up and GET A LIFE….. butthurt activated LOL trash

  51. That’s why I play with profanity filters off. In several games I’ve had issues with them blocking non-obscene words; for instance, back when I used to play Combat Arms, for some reason it thought “snip” was a bad word, so it would automatically, by extension, censor the words “sniper” and “sniping”, which both made for difficulty in tactical coordination and for more than a few inside jokes (the clan I was a part of always referred to snipers as “fuckers” as a result of the profanity filter’s stupidity, and it stuck even after it was patched; that being said, I haven’t played it in over a year after it became pay-to-win).

  52. Besides the red flashing service button i have noticed another problem:
    the platoon windows keep popping up after every battle in the center of screen – even if it was minimized before. After some time it is really annoying

  53. - no grapics problems, have dozens of mods + SweetFX
    - some ping problems, not sure if they came with 8.8
    - blinking service button – yes, annoying
    - unable to switch off the profanity filter
    RU servers.