8.8 teamdamage ban system fixed

Source: Tuccy (WG EU Czech community organizer)

The 8.8 teamdamage ban system (leading to bans for various minor offenses, such as the “pushing”) has been reverted to the 8.7 state.

Anyone, who was (in his opinion) unjustly punished should write a support ticket (describing the situation) and it will be remedied.

Edit: it was confirmed on RU portal, why doesn’t EU have this officially?

29 thoughts on “8.8 teamdamage ban system fixed

  1. Why did they reverted that?!?! Nothing is more annoying than derps who think they are helping you by pushing you when you are driving with TOG for example and causing damage to themselves. It doesn’t help and the sound it makes is so annoying. Those derps deserve to be banned.

      • Pushing a T95 is useless on flat ground, it only add 1kph max. Much more useful only when you going up hill.

      • Yep. Had a little typo there conserning the damage part. Really sad that they removed it. Now you just have to let people shoot at you and nothing will happen to them. Or when I’m in TOG and someone shoots at me or block me I just kill them. Simple as that.

      • Yes they would because in 8.8 one who drives faster in time of collision is teamdamager even if he only does dmg to himself. They only reverted amount of dmg needed to ban.

    • An amazing way of stopping the push is by stopping and typing something like thank you but i rather not be pushed atm. no hard feelings no raging just the game ahead of you.

  2. “Edit: it was confirmed on RU portal, why doesn’t EU have this officially?”

    because they don’t care??

    • 8.8 goes live on the Chinese server today, and quite a number of such bans are reported. I strongly suspect that things haven’t been fixed here yet. What’s more, there’s no such thing as “support tickets” here, the WoT Chinese agent does nothing to help players (yet they help botters a lot by simply ignoring them)

  3. so, i play wot now since beta, but this is the worst patch ever.
    many ppl complain lags and bugs and all they fixed since yesterday is the teamdmg-bug… respect :/

    biggest problem are the lags, imho. played yesterday a few battles, but that was creepy.. never had lag problems before (maybe 1 time in 1000 battles), but yesterday about 80% of the battles i played were laggy as hell. not nice if you want to hop a meter around the corner but your tank stops 2s later anywhere in front and you get shot down >.<

    hopefully this will get fixed soon..

  4. Did they also change so you wont get crazy fines for shooting a platoon mate?
    I should be able to shoot my platoon mates at my leisure!

    • Troll fucktards who are killing each other in battle to sabotage the game. They should be banned as fast as possible.

        • You want to fuck around with a mate and ruin the fun for the 13 other players in the battle? Accept the consequences.
          Go fuck around in a Team Training or something.

          Yes, I am a little bit mad, because there are already enough teamkillers, blockers and brainless rushers. We don’t need another type of retard ingame.

          • Even though I enjoy having a good time with my friends in a way which you dear sir do not approve of I still manage to win more often than you do, guess some people just likes to throw around profanities whenever they can and be “forum warriors”, however I do feel your anger and frustration and I feel sorry for you

            Much love

            • Oh look, we have a smartass here, it’s so typical for retards to turn to “be polite and sarcastic as fuck at the same time as fuck to show that I’m better than you”, I smell some complex…

  5. “Anyone, who was (in his opinion) unjustly punished should write a support ticket (describing the situation) and it will be remedied.”

    The one day ban will sooner expire than the support read the tickets.

  6. This penalty system takes in account all dmg done and its count in the same battle in geometrical progresion, so if you deal even 10 dmf by pushing someone (even platoonmate LOL) to some kind of position and do 5-10 dmg per litle ram 4-7 times -> auto banned for 24h LOL

    Some stupid motherfucker was shooting to me so i hit him 4 and got ban. WTF man… he was shooting first.

  8. This new team-damage-ban system is pretty good. I saw it works on few teamkillers, instantly blue and freezed after TK shot.
    In my opinion problem is ramming system, from start f..ked up (far excessive damages, even minimal velocity causes dmg).