WoT and Golden Joystick

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again, the Golden Dildo Joystick is coming. Of course, a lot has happened since the last GJ award, so – the real question is: does WG deserve to win this year?

My point of view (as an European player) is: no. Not this time. Despite what WG EU might (and will) offer for victory, it’s not worth it.

Within last few months, the game itself improved a lot and the developers in Russia did a great job in some things. I appreciate that. The game runs smoother, looks prettier and has many more vehicles than it did a year ago.

The reason for me not supporting the GJ nomination of WoT is something else: the WG EU community. I can’t and won’t consider the POV of RU/US server, but in my opinion, with notable exceptions (Challenger, for example), WG EU community staff is

- underinformed (the decisions from RU server come late to the point of some WG EU employees reading FTR to find out what’s going on – yes, that was confirmed to me)

- has absolutely zero authority in decisions (they warned RU what would happen with the Stalin thing, noone gave a fuck)

- way too busy with RL events (this is just my personal opinion, but there are way too many, some WG employees are on the road 24/7, this is however not just WG EU issue)

- some employees are blatantly incompetent (Quasar comes to mind, there were several cases where his answers on the “official” QA thread were wrong and not in accordance with Russian info, another case are the English-Czech translations, that are beyond terrible)

- PR nightmare: at some points I was actually wondering whether some of the PR reactions (Stalin, 83mm HE affair etc) were employees trolling, because noone can be THIS terrible, right?

Furthermore, there were poor decisions all across the board (again, the Stalin affair, or – as many people might remember – the double standards between EU and RU supertesters, or the 83mm HE affair). And then there’s the Russian trolling (SerB’s anti-Polish comments, general trolling etc.)

These are the reason why I not only won’t be voting for WOT, I will be voting against it. Of course, you all are free to choose otherwise, that’s up to you.

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  1. I never voted for WoT anyhow, I like the game, but the developer’s dont deserve it. So ill just be voting for another game, perhaps GW2 like last year :)

    • GW2 is a terrible game that with every patch strays further and further from their original manifesto promise. I’d be hard pressed to think of a game LESS deserving of a golden joystick award than GW2.

      • I’m with you on that, GW 2 had potential when it was released, but they were trying too hard to be different with some things and the way the evolved the game is just terrible. The only award it could receive is the “Only MMO except WoW and EVE that might have been good”.

        • I got to agree about GW2, I have 1 level 80 war, and that’s it, don’t play the game much anymore.

          The game was supposed to be something completely different, but I don’t see it. And I feel that when ever they want to make the game challenging, they just add lots of knockdowns, to the point it becomes stupid.

          Most of the game is too easy, and then when it does get hard, its ridicules, just nothing but knockdowns, and the skills that stop knockdowns don’t last long, and recharge way too slow.

          And one last thing, somehow the game just gets boring fare too fast…

          • Regular world PVE works more or less, even if they failed with everything they wanted to achieve (like scaling, making certain events so hard no matter how powerful your character is that you have to ignore these days because nobody ever goes around in the world, not having incentive to play anywhere on the map), but almost all dungeons are as exciting as fighting a wall and watching minuscule cracks you put into it, by far the worst dungeons I ever encountered in an online game.

            Then there’s the worst economy in an online game, they didn’t want to promote grinding, because through grinding people actually gain currency sooner or later, they eliminated grinding so you’d be forced to either play for years to come to have enough for various cultural sets, or other things like legendaries, or simply pay them A LOT of money for some spare points of premium currency, then there’s the cash shop that is way too excessive and disruptive especially during events and it gains more and more stuff that is similar in function to those Asian F2P, but they didn’t cost quite a lot of money to buy, huge difference, it’s no wonder “that” Asian company is behind NCsoft as the largest shareholder, the game was released by NCsoft, but was developed according to Asian pay to win F2P MMO philosophy that tries to shove its store down your throat every single moment they can.

            PvP is something that imo is absolutely terrible, there is 0 balance to it and the game is just too rough to compensate for that, I have no idea how a few people say it’s the best thing ever, there’s no organised play be it among players or in dungeon parties that is good about this game, paired with an ever growing list of general design and implementation flaws, its appeal is worse than F2P garbage these days, it’s worth it for a one way trip around the world, but nothing more than that.

            There’s no coincidence that there barely are any players in pvp these days or around the world, some still waste a lot of time to look for groups instead of actually playing the game and most that still care a little only RP in it.

    • WG anounced that the price of the HE shells for the 20lbr would more than double in price. As sell price is 1/2 retail price, then that means that if you bought them before the patch, you would be able to sell them for a very small profit. However there is no limit on how many shells your depot can hold, so people bought millions! Then just after the patch came out on the Russian server, WG announced that you would only be able to sell them at the same price you bought them at. Thus people on the Russian server made money, and no-one else did.

      On an interesting note, I was at the bournemouth meetup a few weeks later, and got to hear Ectar’s side which was that the exploit was spotted by WG late, and they could have gone down the nasty route (items sell at 1/2 the price they were bought at), but decided that they would repay everyone the money, and call it quits. There was never a question of letting the exploit stand, as it would break the economy, so WG did the only fair thing.

      • Thx. Same thing happened week before 8.8 update at russian server – on russian tankman’s day, among other goods, WG announced 30% sale on premium ammo… remember 8.8 patchnote part about chinese heat shells? but later they just backedited the page, as usually.

        • WG accidently made 83mm HE shells more than 2x more expensive. People wanted to make some cash on this mistake, so they bought tons of these rounds. Unfortunetly WG fixed this bug, between update RU and EU, so only RU guys managed to profit. Noone lost anything, but greedy pubbies felt cheated. It ended in nationaistic, butthurt as always. Not really big WG’s fault, but people remember it as if WG robbed them.

  2. I’ll bet my SuperPershing that WoT won’t win this year… Seriously, other game deserve the title, no offence Wargaming…

      • Well, it should be remembered that term “troll”, “trolling” are just new words for “arrogant”, being arrogant. Back in my days ( and I am not that old, just in my twenties), such a behavior was considered wrong, rude, unacceptable, not to be a part of inventory of a well behaved person.
        Well, society changes from time to time and many things keep loosening up. I am now not referring to SerB but to all “trolls”. What some of them do would cause them a punch in their face some 10 years back or even a really serious beating. And when I see what some of them (who proudly calls themselves trolls) do on youtube or even on Facebook, involving people I know personally… well, even the calmest person would make their nose bleed. Definitely not sitting at the same table drinking beer and laughing like the best friends just after they were humiliated or physically hurt, sometimes ending in hospital.
        About the behavior of SerB – I really do understand the daily routine he encounters while he deals with public, anyone who ever worked with public knows what it is about. His behavior is understandable, but not appropriate.

        • You may have noticed the standards of courtesy across Series of Tubes are quite different from those of “real world” interactions.

          • You may have to start training your “reading with comprehension” skills since you almost always fail to notice what is written in a text that you are responding to.

            Take a look at this quotation of my own text from pertinent comment of mine: “even on Facebook, involving people I know personally”.

            Now, what did that author, id est me, meant by that? Well, since most people have on Facebook only those, who they meet regularly, family, coworkers, former classmates, friends, people from their hobbies that they perform together, we can quite confidently assume that he, the author, i.e. me, knows such people, who are part of the above mentioned, later attempted to be described, group called trolls, or are victims, or belong to both. And, as if that was not considered as satisfactorily understandable, then there is the part “involving people I know personally”.
            Therefor, judging the case, put forward by you, i.e. Kellomies, where you imply that the author, i.e. me, does not have an objective point of view, rather only subjective, is incorrect and fails to proceed into further deliberations about correctness or incorrectness of the disputed subject, which are manners of said trolls compared to former times and their correspondences.

            If no follow-up arguments are put forward, defendant is found innocent, the claim is dismissed and the case is closed.

            I apologize for my bad English and even worse grammar, since I studied English only as a must and not as a hobby, even trough quite extensively. As it seems, mostly because of my grammar, I failed, but I at least tried to speak as clearly and as possible this time so nothing would be lost in between the lines of text, hiding from being understood. Especially by Kellomies, my favorite and beloved responder.

            • …so you’re basically saying some of your Facebook contacts are assholes? Awesome. I don’t use the thing but have met any number of assholes IRL, so your point is somewhat lost to me here.

              It is also unclear how any of that relates to the way SerB addresses the teeming unwashed masses of mostly stupid people who ask him stuff.

            • It is quite simple; he is often behaving, lets say, a little bit too much inappropriate. And the excuse for such a behavior is often “he is just troll”, “he just loves to troll people” et cetera. And what is even worse, many people adore him and this particular way of his behavior and would love to be like him. It is disgusting. Those people actually say they would love to be an assholes and that they would love to piss on everybody else around them right in their faces. It is sick how this society develops, where are we going to if “idol” (do not take it literally) of today is being like him. This behavior should be frowned upon, not laughed at and clapping to it. And people always told me I am being too liberal, to the extremes… I do not feel that way.
              With that Facebook I just wanted to point out that it is not something I saw on youtube, TV, written in the sand or anywhere distant but that I encountered it even quite near to me, i.e. trough some of my contacts on FB. My Facebook profile is almost empty, I do not like the idea of sharing everything with everybody and the constant “privacy policy changes” made me lost the last, smallest bit of trust in it. However, it does not mean I do not use it for communication since almost everybody has it here and without it I would not get many information which are crucial for my career. During that process, you see your wall and what others post. Or some even are so proud of what they do/did that they keep talking about it all the time and repeats it to you at every possible occasion as if it was something glorious.

              Being an asshole should not be the final goal which are too many people looking forward to become and it should not be praised. Where people lost their principles and morals…

            • …isn’t that just “o tempora o mores” moralising though? And “blunt honesty” has its own merits.

  3. Build a bridge, get over it.

    It’s the same broken record over and over with you, the same petty issues that keep getting dragged to the surface.

    I really appreciate the work and effort you’ve put into the forums and now this site, but seriously, you need to move on. Holding a grudge against someone only hurts YOU. The people you’re holding a grudge against couldn’t care less, if they’re even aware in the first place. For your own health and mental well being, let it go.

    Personally I couldn’t care less if WOT wins or not… Doesn’t affect me the slightest.

    • Wow, I am so touched by your concern about my wellbeing. I will now go cry in a corner or something.

      If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This is my blog, my opinions, I don’t see anything wrong with writing them.

      • I didn’t say there was anything wrong with writing your opinions, that’s what blogs are for.

        But my point is that the more you harp on about the same issues in the way that you do, any underlying points (that may or may not have merit) are lost because of the way you bring them to the surface.

        As for my concern, yeah I was actually being genuine.

        • No need to concern yourself with my wellbeing mate, I am fine. As for my attitude towards Wargaming:

          What you might consider “grudge” was actually quite useful in the past. For example, the fact that Wargaming is now more open with the supertest material (check the 8.9 German line unveiling) is a direct result of the wave of leaks from patch 8.5. In other words, if there was noone digging into some issues, things wouldn’t change.

          This blog is built around “hostile neutrality” – yes, I am somewhat hostile towards WG EU, but it obviously has its limits. I could just kick around the same ball every day and that would be boring – so I don’t. But once in a while, it is useful. I hope you get my drift.

  4. Pretty much this, while the game was greatly improved the incompetence of the EU team is baffling, how they manage to keep their jobs is beyond me, so until something changes the vote goes to LoL as usual (which should be taken as an example of good community managment).

    • While I didn’t vote last year because I hate that they tried and managed to bribe idiots, I will be voting AGAINST it this year. I don’t vote at all, but this year I’ll just pick something random. But not WG.

  5. I know it’s kind of a dick move, but how about inflating the score of CoH2 instead to really stick it to minsk this time.

  6. Well if Waffentragger derp 100 was a Waffen panther, i’d vote..

    Gotta give WG some credit overall, since 8.6 I cant stop playing (for free).

  7. i won’t be voting but for different reasons, i think the game always takes a step forwards and two back.
    for example: i don’t want nor need MORE TANKS, it’s wholly unnecessary and they only add it because people have an anthill up their ass and if they’re not “grinding” for something they get “bored and leave”(which is unbelievably retarded -for the ones that do that-).
    i’m tired of the tank inflation and powercreep the game has.
    But mainly, i won’t be voting for them ever for one very specific reason: T10 meds, it was promised that T10 would only be heavy tanks, and all was right with the world, then they simply decided to ruin the game with tose stupid OP meds with superpen guns that shoot subcaliber ammo as stock. Back in the good days W/tourneys was all IS7 and maybe some T54 as scout/*meds, now it’s all meds, it’s stupid and i won’t endorse a company that fucks his playerbase like that(in fact i’ve never bought gold anymore after that)

      • read my text, where do i say i have a problem with heavies?, in fact it’s the opposite, “top” game should be only heavies as it where before, not meds that rendered all heavies practically obsolete ingame.
        Another example of powercreep is autoloaders everywhere, only french where supposed to have them as “unique trait” yet now they add autoloaders to whatever the hell other nations, more WG stupidity….

        and yes, take a look at “pro/competitive/endgame” gameplay and you will see how HARD WG has failed: it’s all T57 (the super OP tank that goes like a med, has heavy armor AND an autoloader), bathax25/T62a (again, a T10 med that should not exist in game), F155 (fine example of extreme powercreep: impenetrable front armor plus autoloader plus superspeed).
        All the rest are relegated to some niche position(maybe 1 or 2 tanks tops out of 15).
        IS7?, nope, not a single one is used (when it should all be IS7 as top)
        Maus?, bitch, please…
        IS4?, same as above but sometimes used as damage sponge or “disposable tank for CW battles that are not important”

        WG needs to STOP ADDING TANKS, needs to REMOVE T10 meds from the game and stop the stupid powercreep (and now they will add a stupid stupid BS german superTD WITH autoloader, are they fucking stupid?)

        • T57 and armour/speed. Good joke.
          OP Mediums. Another good joke.
          Somehow pre tier 10 med/td lines CWs weren’t so bad huh(there was like 8 HT’s, 5 arties and 2 BC/T54 as a scouts composition which was retarded)?
          Even though HT’s are in such bad spot when compared to MT’s, somehow everybody mains HTs which are pretty much CW MBT(usually T110/IS7 – funny note it took 2 nerfs to T110 for players to realise that it’s better than IS7 – T57/AMX50B mix), while meds are still scouts. But it has moved a little, sometimes someone picks TD(because arty has got smashed) so we can see the improvement.

          But hey, bad HT player is always a whinner.

          • I want to play on your server, I haven’t seen an IS7 in CW since last year. No I wont count terrible landing clans who think that any tier ten is worth bringing to the fight.

            • As I said – people realised that they’ve used it for too long(like one year too long) and now they mostly use T110/T57(also because their mobility is pretty much the same).
              IS7 remains decent as a standard heavy on CW, T110 is just… better.

    • Whats the point of having so many tank branches if only two are competetive… lmao, keep crying pls.

    • Expect Tier 10 LT to be the best performing tanks 2014 , so ppl get something new to grind for.
      Currently I am going to abuse all of my favorite mid tier and 8 tier prem tanks and not to buy premium account for some time.

    • You dont make sense. Whilst I do hate that WG made tier 10 meds slower but with too much penetration, they are NOT OP. IS-7 and T110 are still used, Maus is rarely used but it happens. Same for IS4 and E-100.

  8. Why not vote for Warthunder instead? Much more focus on realism, they actually listen to their own community, its the biggest competition for WGs while WoT, WoWP and WoWS trio (and imo WT beats WoWP at this point). And it doesnt take them absolute ages to identify OP tanks/airplanes like the KV-1S and another year or so until they actually start to figure out something to do about it that doesnt deal with the actual issue as much as its supposed to stop whining (nerfing everything about the KV-1S except for the gun, which WAS the issue) and then take another year to figure out something else which I am still wondering whether it will actually deal with that issue or just recreate it in a different way (splitting the KV-1S into KV-85 and KV-122). Gajin sees an issue (like the OPness of 37mm armed planes) and next patch 37mm shells suddenly are only half as effective, dealt with. 37mm planes are still flying, but other planes are competetive again.

    • Because of playerbase, they keep spamming WoT community with shit about their game we don’t care about.

    • “Listen to their community”

      What a joke. I play both WoT and WT fairly regularly, and both driving forces behind the game are two sides of the same coin. Separate flight model teams under differing constraints, shameless monetization of game elements, and breaking core gameplay routinely are only a few of the blatant problems plaguing WT. It still has great potential, but take off your rosé colored glasses.

  9. Didn’t vote for them this year. Voted for Planetside 2 instead , much better game even though I haven’t played it xD I didn’t vote for them the exact same reasons you pointed out.

    • Planetside gets boring if you play alone. Trust me my friends can barely run WOW. If they try PS2 their PC’s are going to blow

  10. plane bad specials vs US and RU (getting better but still sub par half the time 6 months for an equipment/consumable discount?)
    Retarded gift-shop prices.
    pricing of the T-34-3 and 112 are a pretty nice example more then 5 euro’s difference with the RU server.

  11. Looks like I`m the only one who`l vote for WoT….

    I agree that the EU community has some real issues,sometimes I do get annoyed by SerB`s trolling and I definitely have different political/social beliefs than the devs/SerB.
    Still,the game is absolutely awesome,and it`s free ,there`s no real pay 2 win it`s very complex and I really think it should win.

    • You won’t be the only one and with proper “incentives” to players like last time, I am actually pretty sure WoT will win, or at least get a lot of votes. This post only reflects my opinion.

  12. WG literally bought their votes last time, it will happen again
    if they win, this time, has to be seen … I would not outright dismiss it

  13. Keep in mind that I’m not a big gamer other than WoT but at a certain point the Soviet-style customer service becomes its own reward.

    I also have little interest in helping out WG’s marketing department just on general principle.

  14. SerB answers the Q&A posts in his free time, it is not among his obligations. If you’re looking to contact him personally, prepare for his personality. I don’t think other game’s developers answer daily to fan behind-the-scenes related questions anyways.

    If you think the staff is incompetent, you should take a look at any major governmental organization or retail company inside Central/ Eastern Europe or Russia. Being able to conjure up a game this popular surely deserves credit and no customer service is perfect. It’s just that people tend to create larger shitstorms on the internet than elsewhere and small issues are exeggerated into mass panic.

    The only problem I have is bias, but that too, is more or less a characteristic of every single person in the world (including the creators of this blog). Luckily third party mods always existed to deliver ‘historical accuracy’, accessible to everyone.

    WoT deserves my vote.

    • Did you get something from them ?
      Entire player base knows how they sucked.They don’t have game code.Code owner someone else.That’s why they can’t change most basic problems.Also they have no clue about fuckin server design.

      • I didn’t get anything from them except for stuff I earned. Similarly how things work in real life.

        If you go into a store, 99.99999% of the cases, you will buy stuff and will not get anything for free. That’s not how things work. You go in, knowing what you expect and do protest and cry en masse whenever they change the store’s price or layout plan. Or you might, but the people leading the store still won’t listen to you. You will then chill out and continue shopping. It is how life works.

        Don’t expect too much and you won’t be too disappointed. No organization, no person is perfect. Don’t expect perfection from Wargaming and don’t over-exeggerate problems if 9 out of 10 times, the game causes enjoyment. If it doesn’t, I could only quote the old saying: “Go play tetris”.

        • +1, though I have to agree about the Stalin shitstorm that anyone could have seen coming from miles and miles away (I thought they were actually warned for it by WG EU) and the very late announcements of the weekend specials is quite annoying aswell.

          There’s other stuff, but the game… I just love it.

        • Perfection is not the subject.I dont expect be perfect from them. Many things going on since it starts.I am expecting from them only one thing, it is providing of basic fair service.But they refuse it and continue to manipulation of game in every possible way. You can test it with buying gold or prem tank or prem membership then just watch xvm how mm puts you in higher winrated team for a while (between 20-100 match) .After that peak its became to normal.Also u can watch a guy who earned 15 year prem with playing agains wga clan members it is clear how they manuplate fukin game and stats.

          • Yes, I understand. Bias indeed is existent, as it is everywhere. I myself suffer from the effects of bias when it comes to seeking employment. Everyone wants to employ their friend/relative/sex partner instead of someone with experience and education. True, it happens.

            The question is: Is it game-critical? Does it make the game unenjoyable?

            I myself never had premium. I never will, since I wish not to pay real money for a video game. Why? Simply because I have fun playing the game as it is and I don’t play to win or to have good tanks. With that in mind, I don’t mind it if certain people get extra rewards when I don’t. I don’t mind it if some games are stacked and such issues are overlooked.

            It happens, that is life. Do such issues make World of Tanks a bad, unenjoyable game? No. If that would be the case I (we) wouldn’t be playing it. Everything, no matter how awesome, has some bad stuff attached to it. My suggestion is try to look at things on the greater scale exactly: As I said, if 9 out of 10 times the game causes you enjoyment and not annoyance, then it’s a good game.

  15. Wont be voting for WG this time round getting fed up of the way they treat their customers and with the constant disrespect of EU players they don’t care about EU as long as RU is fine.

  16. I wont be voting for WoT either this year because of the way the EU server is treated as 2nd class citizens. I will vot for Leage of Legends (even though I do not play it) because that has the most chance to beat WoT.

  17. While I enjoy the game and it is almost the only game I play I have taken a step back from some aspects of the game and really think that customer relations have become third rate over the last while. Seems like WoT got their last golden joystick, was rolling in the gobs of cash, and have started to have too much of the holier than thou attitude. At the same time Clan Wars became a joke, there were numerous issues with tanks and nerfs and patches that caused unhappiness for players, and there was little in the way of apology or even acknowledgement of the incidents. No vote from me!

  18. My impression of the WGNA guys is that most of them are trying quite hard, however, Minsk doesn’t allow them to do anything, at all.

    If I remember one incident correctly, the NA guys actually had to wake up somebody in Minsk in the middle of the night because the NA server crashed and their office couldn’t even reboot the server on their own.

    But yeah, no vote for WoT this year.

    • WGNA I do feel does what they can but with Minsk actually doing any of the design/balancing not much gets done. I mean The_Chieftain has in numerous instances told them they got something wrong but it rarely gets fixed. Its too bad that they wont do anything about the Telia.net issues that they know exist. All they would need to do is move the servers to Dallas, Texas and the issue would essentially be solved.

  19. - underinformed (the decisions from RU server come late to the point of some WG EU employees reading FTR to find out what’s going on – yes, that was confirmed to me).

    xDDD Pathetic EU …… :)

    • Good for FTR News and exposure… Absolutely horrible for WG EU and how embarrassing to get “company” information from a 3ed party and then repost/reuse it as official company info. As Woras said… it’s just Pathetic…

    • Its actually a joke that this is the case a company as big as wargaming should be sharing essential information with all their regions.

    • Noone is butthurt about the inscriptions, the problem arises when WG says: We know we are gonna piss you off , but fuck you, we are going to do it.anyways. Russian history rocks ass! For Stalin!

      Not to mention Belogorsk-19 the gulag map.

      • So, you think developers should suck up to the Polish (and a few other nations) players?

        And Belogorsk was an army base. Primarily.

        • No, i dont think WG should suck up to the Polish. But I dont think WG should OFFEND their player base either. You are overexaggerating.

          • Only idiots would get offended by that, Russians can think whatever they want about their history, it’s their issue not yours.

            • Actually, its my issue if communism fucked up half europe and they still shove Stalin in my face and then proudly fistpump at Stalin the soviet hero.

              Yea, If they actually said, we are including it, because its historical, I would be fine with that. No problem.

              But when they say: I know you are gonna be pissed, but imma doing it anyway, Slava Stalina, our hero and saviour. I get a lil”bit pissed.

            • As if that half of Europe wasn’t pretty fundamentally fucked anyway. Also, don’t bet on genocidal wannabe world-conquerors who then get their ass totally kicked and become An Hero.

  20. Totally agree.

    Lately, the game really improved under many aspects, but there is much more to be done. I haven’t seen the other competitors, but there must be another title that deserves the GJ award.
    WG won in 2012 the GJ – Bravo, a great game that won an award( I wont get into details with the shitty bride “bonusses”…many voted only to get a discount on top tanks and tier 8 premiums – WoT premiere! at that time).

    Almost a yeas has passed.The game has improved,other aspects ruin the game even more.We need multicore support( probably live in 3-4 months along with Havok, hopefully…. We need a rating based MM(BTW – GJ award bought alot of baboons in this game unfortunately).Regarding the EU staff…many to be said, either do your job or gtfo to be short.

    Regarding the trolling, its ok by me, seeing the IQ of the average player. Morons need to be trolled.

    As a conclusion, WG doesn’t deserve to win this year. It will win when the game / staff / comunity will do thei jobs and polish the game and gameplay.

    Until then, GW2 ftw!

  21. EU community guys are not to blame for all the crap. They are all underinformed because the dumfuck russians dont find it all that important to tell them anything and the EU domm guys have to ask all the time. Not to mention the RU guys forced the Stalin crap on EU and US too.

  22. I personally enjoy the game a lot and am happy with the patches.

    As long as the horrible load on servers is fixed by opening a few more clusters and the game functions properly I would gladly vote for them.

    If the lag spikes are not fixed though – tough luck.

  23. “- underinformed (the decisions from RU server come late to the point of some WG EU employees reading FTR to find out what’s going on – yes, that was confirmed to me).”


  24. If they win it this time round they will put on a good special.
    If they deserve it,is a another question all together.
    Money opens many doors and back doors handers open even more.

  25. I wonder if a GTA 5 will win the Game of the Year award, within one day it’s Gameplay vid surpassed Saints Row 4 vids with ease.

    And back to WG, big fat NO. They troll and roll in their money.

  26. Fully agree with you SS. It’s too bad that wg managed to do a great game, is still making it better and piss many people off becouse they’re so dumb! Look at any of the shitstorms that happened since the last golden joystick – most of them could’ve been easily avoided. But no, pr department, community managers don’t give a flying fuck about or they just don’t have any idea what they’re doing.

    The latest stalingate could’ve been (mostly) avoided by changing/deleting 2, maybe 3 lines from those announcements and bitchslapping serb so he can stfu (you don’t say “HURR DURR DEM POLAND AND ROMANIANZ BUTTHURT MUCH DURR DURR”, especially when you created the problem and you’re a vice-president of the company, it’s bad for business – or at least can be potentially).

    Get your shit together wg, don’t tell me you can’t do better than that…

    • Forgot about one of the most important changes, that made my mind go “BOOM!”. And that bit me in the ass later.

      First, we had warning points implemented, and after a few months there was a change of rules – you get this many (15?) warning points – you get permabanned. OK, fine – I had 13 back then. And no, no fresh start. Who cares that you could’ve scored 20 if you tried hard (or the mods just had a bad mood/were running on acid for several months), we’re changing rules, fuck you.

      Who was the retard responsible for this, and why isn’t he on the one way trip to mars?

  27. Not gonna vote this time. Its time for Wargaming’s Dark Age
    They may have the golden age of Wargaming last year but not this time

    I thinking the Ruskies will vote WOT but not the rest of the world…

    • And I have a bad feeling WG will not listen or read our response carefully about it. The are full of Ignorant pricks.

  28. you think its bad on the EU server, try the NA server we are the absolutely last updated for everything…even SEA is done before us. We are like the red headed step children of WOT, and frankly as fas as NA is concerned I don’t think the WG deserves shit!

  29. I recall a story where WG makes something to the tune of 11 million dollars profit a month. With that kind of revenue, you’d imagine they’d put more staff into place – PR people, Community managers, etc.

    With NA it boils down to the placement of their game server hosts. No respectable game has servers in places where WGNA have theirs. “Here’s a great idea! Let’s put the game servers on the coasts rather than a centralized location to North America!” Had they ditched Telia.net and put the hosts in Chicago and Dallas (NA North and NA South) the ping average would be vastly less extreme. I guess other huge MMO’s who employ this practice weren’t convincing enough for them =/

    • That is the Russian way. We must reinvent the wheel. No one knows anything. There is PvP based game called AION. They started out by putting servers in DC off of telia about 5 years ago. That lasted 6 months and they moved them to Dallas. I do not know what the issue is with WG not moving from the east coast. Serb was in Chicago. Maybe they are looking at something there. (We can hope)

      With the launch of WOWP on 9/24, I can’t believe the NA server will still be in DC. With the recent telia issues with ATT and Timewarner customers. (Timewarner is upgrading their network and has been giving out free stuff because of the various disruptions) Primetime has 100 percent packet loss issues.

  30. The fact that everyone here spends so much time playing WoT/ reading WoT news/ writing WoT news…its really sad if you dont vote for them. I casted my vote because it deserves it.

    • Same here, I do think that WG EU should really put their shit together but the game itself is doing fine and honestly it’s the only game I’m playing right now featured in that list, it deserves my vote just for that.

  31. You could vote for Rise of Flight or War Thunder to piss them off.

    I understand both sides of the Stalin thing, but this is history. I hate everything the Nazis stand for. My family 30 + members died in the camps. My father liberated some of the camps in western Europe with Paton’s third army. The reason no swastica is the German government banned the symbol.

    The rising sun flag should be on the ships in WOWS because it is historic. I understand the hatred for Japan in Korea, but Asian racism against each other goes back literally thousands of years. The Japanese hate the koreans and chinese, etc, etc, etc,. They hate each other due to years of wars.

    • You would write different things if your family died in commie camps. Which is what happened to many other families…

      • Yeah well, without teh evul commiez kicking the Nazis out the latter would have killed *fucking everyone* instead so whatever really.

        • one could get the impression, by your varoius other posts on all kind of topics, that you are quite a decent intelligent guy. but then comes someone poinbting out stalingate and you just go fully retarded every time.
          in other words: where has this hitler-guy touched you? show us on the nazi-doll!

          • I have a deep and abiding dislike of gratuitious stupidity and intellectual dishonesty, especially when they are exercised solely for the purposes of whiny martyr complexes and butthurt national traumas by a bunch of nationalist twats.

  32. Honestly I like World of Tanks, but I am disgusted about their customer relations…

    I think it is fair WG make the game as THEY intend it, however not listening to the customers creates a really bad atmosphere in the community making it difficult to enjoy.

  33. No way, no how will I vote for this developer. They are ignorant, arrogant, and treat their community like shit. WGNA is especially shittier because they are uninformed, biased (banning people they don’t like in game before they became mods and giving out info to their friends in that last event), ignorant not listening to people that telia.net is not making the game enjoyable due to packet loss directly impacting the game, and their Gift Shop bundles are flat out rip offs. These bundle “sales” are not sales at all, in fact, they try to extort more money out of you for things more often than not, or bundle in bullshit inflating the cost while giving you less of the stuff you care about.

    Fuck these guys anymore.

      • “Har har, imma say do ‘us’ a favor, that’ll teach them with my snarky attitude”.

        Define “us”. Everyone here, or whoever you are, kellogs, that pear guy, and EE?

        Why don’t the blind sheeple like yourself leave instead. Gabe Newell once said that you have to worry more out the blind fanboys hurting your game more than the detractors.

        • >blind sheeple
          So original, it burns. Also rather ironic given your embarassing fawning over WT.

  34. I am voting for EvE. =)
    I also however admit WG has made some marked improvement in the last few months. If this continues to get even better constantly until this time next year I might consider voting for them for the Golden Joystick. We will see if they really have what it takes but communication between the outer offices (NA, EU(Paris and Germany), SEA) and the home office need to improve drastically or I cant support them. Its a pretty good game and they have put some work into it but the community and employee relationship is a joke at best and at worst nonexistent.

  35. this year i Vote for WarThunder.

    better game on all accounts & ground forces are coming in november.


    • edit…

      no WarThunder but in same category Dota 2!

      LOL WoT does not have a chance in hell to win even if he pays in gold to vote.

  36. You know, Frank – it would be extremally funny if they still won and make a “thank you” event only on RU… I just imagined that and i can’t stop laughing. It would be so WG-ish.

    • I would love to see a bonus code that will redeem a “For Stalin” inscription on a Soviet tank of choice, Poland would sink in the Baltic for sure.

  37. I voted for WoT last year but won’t do it this year. I’m actually really over the game and only keep playing for the tournaments and because my mates play. But I hate the arrogance of WG, including Serb’s dismissal of legitimate issues. Their customer service is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve sent issues on tickets to their customer service and after waiting weeks sometimes, they always just give you a pro-forma response without acknowledging what you’ve actually raised as an issue. And given the recent nerf to HEAT shells and then another one coming meaning so many of my American tanks I grinded to get are becoming less and less useful, I just find it a waste of time now.

    • Oh and I should say, in terms of value for money, this game is shit! Yeah you can play for free, but I’d quit and never play at all without the benefits of the paid items – the game would just be too boring. But if you concert into real dollars what a premium shell costs, it’s a joke. Yet WG make al their money from the players who do pay for items, yet treat them with total disdain.

  38. It is the game itself that’s voted not the loving customer service which is generally awful everywhere.

  39. I’ll vote the stupid tank game. The reason is a pragmatic one. Hopefully, the tank game wins and, like the last time, we receive a nice free tank and an event to boot.

  40. i only vote for them when we get the tetrach!!
    with 5time xp and 30% on x tanks u allso get without voting for them!


    (ok at least some prem tank)

  41. Dear WG: Your asking for my vote is very important to me. I hope you are going to have a real butt hurt when you lose this Golden (Joy)Stick.

  42. Ectar has just posted on the forums…

    “We’re asking for you vote for the game. I know many players dislike certain aspects of the company or the way things have been handled in the past. I’m sorry that we have created this void/feeling in the community and we’re working to repair this. Whilst some of you may accuse the community team of being “puppets” and a variety of other colourful things I’ve seen used to describe us, we still always have the satisfaction of the community as one of our main goals. You can be sure when there is issues raised we’re taking point and pushing your issues. Sadly we don’t always have the final say but your voices are always represented. If we didn’t think we could do that, we wouldn’t be here.

    It’s not a nomination for the best community. We appreciate that is something that still needs to be worked on (and it’s something i’d honestly like to see us in time being nominated for) however that also required work on both company and players. We need to improve the communication channels and transparency and certain vocal elements of the forums need to be less trolling and abusive and more concerned about helping each other and being constructive.
    Our forums are a combination of multiple personalities (and in some cases multiple accounts). We have a great game that many of you enjoy every day. We want to have a great forum also but that’s a different topic.

    If you like our game, we’d appreciate your vote. If you really don’t like the game, then don’t vote. “

    • >> and certain vocal elements of the forums need to be less trolling and abusive and more concerned about helping each other and being constructive.

      Does he mean SerB?

    • You see thats why I hate PR. I would much rather prefer a plain “Vote and you’ll get free sh*t !”

  43. WG deserves award…they are making great game and U little crying noobs are so funny….stalin affair :D really there was that…i thought that nazzi idiots were writing stupid comments or some retarded polish idiots who think they have any right to talk about stalin (of course they forget their own communist and all bad decisions after 1991 when they sold themselfs to west :D and become one of shitiest part of europe :D). esspecialy I like the fact that WG gave back stalin and only becuase one reason….what about western war criminals, what about british helping italian faschist after ww2, what aboutUSA helping before ww2 to nazzi party (some rich people and govermant) ? what about that ? nothing ? and of course all little pussYs with love affection with nazzis :D i cant belive how many pictures of profils in forums are disgusting (croatian Ustasa, serbian Cetnici, Polish ww2 criminal organizations, romanian nazi signs) :D what about that ?

      • jevelin77 your right in that point!

        whats about the brits bombing dresden?
        whats about the “rheinwiesenlager”
        whats about us- eugeniks
        whats about ig-fraben didnt get touchet after the war
        whats about the us nukes
        and so on

        but stalin yea he was the bades badass ever… go fuck urself brainwashed hypokrats!

      • :D if u ask me dumb questions u stupid polish idiot, then you can go fuck yourself :D I wonder why there is no good polish historians. Study how Germans get the info for “jews” and “communist” (in every country same thing)…polish troops volunteered in german units, polish home gourd, Blue Police, Polish special court, Narodowe Siły Zbrojne, Brygada Świętokrzyska and so on and on. And i am not defending Stalin. Fact is war crimes were everywhere and Poland is not the country who should talk about Stalin…people from soviet union should be the one.

  44. …would it be rude to mention I honestly don’t much give a flying fuck about this “community relations” bullshit drama since the game’s good and I get what I pay for in the very rare cases I decide to spend some money on it…?

  45. Who fucking cares who wins this meaningless award? If WoT wins it we get cool deals and stuff as a reward for doing nothing at all.

  46. You are absolutely right Mr. SilentStalker!
    Its good to know that you can objectively situation of EU server.

  47. Why is the word DILDO strike-through and word JOYSTICK is not, when it should be opposite :) :) :)

    p.s. SS remove those videos of people get killed!

  48. I cannot post a good vote since they nerfed arty beyond what they sold it as in the release and for 0.0 all the way to 8.5 they screwed over the arty player for a few whiners that owned land and the stupid that dont understand the dynamic.

    • Oh I understood the dynamic… I could spend most of my game being arty safe, or trying to be aggressive and push a flank, while spending most of my time moving forwards and backwards in half circles motions hoping that a 155 mm + shell does not land on top of my tank.

      I am actually very good at dodging arty, problem was, I was spending too much time trying to avoid arty shells rather than killing enemy tanks. The camp fest was beyond boring as well, most players would not move out of cover, so even when I tried to push, if no one followed me I would be forced to retreat, or would just end up dead.

      And not only that, but listening to arty players scream “Go spot noobs!1!1″ and then watching someone poke a corner to take a look and then die instantly, although comical the first time, damn right infuriating by the 3rd or 4th time, and after about 10 minutes of hearing an arty player rage constantly for people to sacrifice themselves so that arty can shoot spots, I must admit, I have team killed more than a few arty players, no regrets ;)

      If they do need to buff arty, then only buff lower tier arty, they seem mostly useless right now, the nerfs were a little to much for them. But pls don’t mess up tier 8 – 10, its working better than ever right now, not counting a few crazy TD’s that are due a rebalance soon.

  49. By that golden dildo award we saw color of their red ass clearly.
    Deleted tons of post,bans ,warnings, stalinist minded admins and idiotic support department.
    I must remind you there is a thing called freedom of speech that is above your EULA.

    “Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; that this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Communication is a fundamental social process, a basic human need and the foundation of all social organisation. It is central to the Information Society. Everyone, everywhere should have the opportunity to participate and no one should be excluded from the benefits of the Information Society offers.”

  50. The golden joystick is about the game, not the event managers on a few servers. WoT is a fantastic game. It deserves to win.

    • I wouldn’t call it a fantastic game… Without skill-based matchmaking every round is a dice roll to see who gets stuck with the most retards. In every tier (except perhaps tier 1) there are superior tanks clearly head and shoulders above the others and worthless POS tanks. As it takes a shitton of time/money to grind once you get out of the first few tiers, it’s not acceptable to have to suffer through bullshit tanks until you get to the ones that do perform in your specific tree (sometimes the lower tiered ones do perform, but other times until tier 8+ you’re getting fucked).

      Balancing around 50% global winrate doesn’t work, specially with the aforementioned crappy matchmaking. Maybe they should take a look at some other games: League of legends does it right, DOTA does it right, Planetside 2 does it right,etc…

      No multicore support means shitty performance and it’s really noticeable when you get the same FPS with the game maxed out as with minimum settings. My quad core rarely stays over 40 fps.

      For all this, lately I play for a week, get bored, uninstall, and do that again the next month.

      The content is great, but the balancing and performance issues don’t make it a great game for me. Add to that the shitty wargaming community teams attitude/stalin BS (which DO matter,as they define a lot of the player experience, I’m sure getting really tired with SerB’s “I don’t care”, “how terrible”,etc…) and you can be sure I’m not voting for WoT again this year and neither should anybody who has tried any other decent game this year.