62 thoughts on “8.8 MM table

  1. I hope they still remedy Löwe in the future and put it to tier IX at max. :X

    Well not that I care about my Löwe anymore, just letting it catch cobwebs, especially now that 112 is just available.

    • The first table is the MM for all tanks. The second table is for tanks that have limited MM. If the tank isn’t on the 2th table, it doesn’t have special MM.

      Battle tiers don’t equal vehicle tiers though. IS-3 has a minimum of battle tier 8 but it can see tier 7s.

      • He is actually right Kim.. Typically for a kid to come with the standard sentence “brain error insert new brain”, that’s what my 14 yo son says to laugh. So my point is, if you do not comprehend something because your brains aren’t that developped yet, don’t even bother answering as it’ll make you twice as stupid and emberassing.

    • Since it was introduced, yes, it’s hard for it but the MM is based on the fact that its guns can penetrate even KV-1

      • Oh man, I got confused, I meant the normal tree Valentine and not prem. Valentine II but then… which one you meant ? The prem. one has extremely limited MM.

      • It is an error in the chart. The Valentine II is the Lend Lease version and has always had limited MM. The UK Valentine is a light tank, but would never be considered as a scout tank, so the light tank MM wouldn’t work for it. The preferred MM is actually the same MM as tier IV MTs, SPGs and TDs.

        On a similar note, does anyone know why the Lend Lease Stuart fell off the list?

  2. There is an error in table: Valentine II is described twice. I understand that first position is correct, second one is probably concerns another tank.

    • Valentine LL is the first,
      Valentine is the regular, also having a limited MM as it is a light tank and no scout

  3. E25, Type 59, T-34-2, 112, Superpershing, IS-6…

    All these tanks get preferential matchmaker, yet the Type 62 got his changed back to retarded tier 7 light MM. I do not understand.

  4. They alreayd said :
    - Superpershing won’t recieve limited MM

    SO either they changed ther mind, or the MM tables is fucked.

  5. I thought the new tier 4 German Heavy was supposed to have preferential mm due to its shitty guns (which are no better than the tier 4 German mediums, which underperform compared to other nations, unless you sling prem. rounds all the time)

    • Yes, i thought that too. But this table has errors and seems incomplete. For example, the French B1 heavy tank has had limited (4-5) matchmaking but it’s not there anymore. I guess it’s just an omission.

      • It is not an error or omission. Check out the tier spread in the main (upper) chart. Regular Tier 4 heavies already have special MM, always have. There is no need to list the individual ones separately.

    • It does. It gets lumped in the “Normal tier 4 heavy” in the top half of the chart.

      Same MM as the B1, which gets capped at tier 5.

  6. Why on earth Löwe and T34 have normal T8 heavy matchmaking but other tier 8 tanks won’t face tier 10 at all?

    • Are you talking about other tier 8 premiums?

      Its because lowe and T34 can throw their weight around even in tier 10

      • Well…the T34 can rather easily, as it used to be a Tier IX Heavy Tank. The Lowe…not so much, since its armor, which is the only thing it has besides a decent gun, is pretty much useless against tier 10s.