Confirmed: official GuP voicepack



It was confirmed yesterday at Tokyo Game Show that Wargaming would be doing an official Girls und Panzer voicepack. This voicepack will be free to download. The first person to do the voiceover will be Mai Futigami (the voice of Miho Nishizumi). Other actresses will make voiceovers later after that. Also, the players have been assured that the cooperation does not end with the voiceover and manga.

220 thoughts on “Confirmed: official GuP voicepack

    • You are the Japanese expert, you should know… Or, are you afraid that you will get involved into this ;) ?

    • Well honestly, this will be the first mod i will be installing. I love the series, i love japan, i love anything to do with the country of the rising sun <3

        • No, I havent been. No money to go there, but i dont care what every one says, i love the people, culture, everything :)

        • I think it’s very interesting that when someone is interested in Japan many people think it’s weird but when someone is interested in Germany or France or similar countries people barely notice. Even when they live on a different continent.

          • That’s probably because a lot of those people don’t go around using expressions they can barely pronounce all the time and push their extreme liking all the time.
            Look, I am interested in Japanese culture as well. I’ve studied Japanese, I’ve been to Japan. But you sure as hell don’t see me spamming crap like “KAWAIIII” all the time like an idiot.
            The problem is not that they like the culture. It’s that they behave like stupid kids.

        • I have, actually. Nice enough place to visit and didn’t give that uncomfortable “rich whitey slumming” feel China did, but don’t think I’d like to live there.

            • Not in terms of basic everyday consumables from what I saw. Now land prices are quite another thing for reasons obvious from a topographical map of the islands…

        • Are you maybe slightly bitter that you cannot draw fun from the same sources as other adults can? All while playing with toy tanks?

          • Adults drawing fun from stupid silly childish retarded manga stuff??? suuuure….

            10 years old adults maybe, older for sure not, as there are many other things you can do for fun.

            I find some animes fun ( Ghost in shell for example), but this is plain stupid for anyone that doesnt live in japan.

            • Get off of your high horse, after all, you are playing a video game, and one rated 12+, maybe even less if i’m not mistaken.

              You are aware that there are people out thete that would call your hobby stupid and childish?
              It’s not like you will be forced into using anything that has to do something with Girls und Panzer.
              Classic case of “stop liking stuff that i don’t like”.

            • actually i find it entertaining reading all the butthurt comments , is not like they can do anything , all they do here is whine , whine , whine , not realizing all their butthurtfulness is creating net entertainment for some

            • If your definition of being an adult is what it appears to be from what you said, then all I can do is pity you if you consider yourself to be an adult by your definition.

              Obligatory XKCD:

              Seriously, grow up.

            • I neither watch such series nor enjoy these things from Japan or any other country and yet I have no problems with people that do. In fact, one of my friends loves such things and I had no problem standing right next to her in public when she was promoting such stuff. Only thing that I was afraid of was how others would cope with that, because there are people like you who can not handle it.
              I find it wonderful that there are still people who can express themselves and show their affection for what they love, no matter how society judges them. Such passion and personality these people posses is magnificent.

        • Attack on age lol. How low can you guys get.. Really. Put simply, you will not criticize star wars fans and why? Let me tell you what’s exactly happening. A standard has been put on what’s normal and not. and if it doesn’t pass said standards obviously it’s abnormal and you hate on it. You’re as guilty as the crusaders on the witch hunts who killed someone because they differ from what they view is normal. Again… The sooner you guys realize this is just a big waste of time the better for me. You might ask me why am I wasting my time here as well. To give you a simple answer, it’s a personal crusade to pump sense back into the world which is obviously losing it. Oh boy please do not comment something like “want sense? remove anime” or anything that closely resembles it. If you will answer please put up something actually worth reading. would actually be great if you can prove me to be wrong.

          • ^old fart.

            and frankly, don’t question it, is culture.

            is like wondering why people like rap music/misc.

            just preferences.

        • and all rap music lovers are African that carry guns and what not.

          ***seriously, is culture, you like it, or you don’t. but don’t insult people.

        • You know what? I give a fuck. If you’re so immature that you can’t bring yourself to care about anything then that’s your problem. Yes, the hate towards the japanese fans has to stop, but also the hate towards the others. In case that you are a fan of anything whatsoever and you bash someone else for being a fan of whatever else, you deserve to be bashed too. Go fuck yourself.

          • Anime was invented by a Chinese guy named “Sum Tingwong” who originally lived in Harbin, and migrated to Nagasaki in 1927. From then onwards, he pioneered the Japanese animation industry.

            • I’m not making this up though.


              “Animation technology was eventually introduced to Japan by former employees of animation studios located in Shanghai. Various western countries, including Great Britain and France, had already created such studios in China by 1923, and with the introduction of Western-style motion animation to Shanghai’s rising film industry came interest from neighbouring Japan.”

            • Who cares if a chinese man invented anime? This cartoon is made in Japan, it’s Japanese. And don’t you dare say you wasted your time reading “for this guy”. Reading that’s probably more worthwhile than half the things you do.

  1. They should focus on contemporary sounds and voicepacks. British tanks with american voices, 3 default engine sounds and 4 default gun sounds… Come on! First make the game look and SOUND like real tanks and then add such a childish thing as Girls und Panzer voicepack.

    • I’d guess that the resources used on the GuP voicepack would not really be helpful in achieving what you desire, if redirected.

      On the other hand, producing this voicepack may make WoT more appealing for target demographics in Japan (and anime fans around the globe, but this is clearly aimed towards Japan first of all), thereby creating additional income which may then be used to pursue other goals (possibly including the goals you state).

      Making the tanks sound more like real tanks right now would hardly appeal to audiences which are not already covered, thereby by itself that would hardly create additional income.

    • Oh yes because there is such a huge lack of entertainment about war where we have men growling into a radio set.

    • I’m not particularly fond of Manga – GiP is funny and I can see how it would appeal to all manga culture fans not just asians. WG has hot-wired a way into a world wide cultural phenomenon that is going to have a multiplying effect on the WG bottom line. That will also have a big plus for the funding of development work and whatever anyone thinks of WG they are not shy of puting money into development.

      • lol “westeners” clearly by your statement you are not in such an area but still you play WoT so in this way whereve you are is just as bad as the “west” and as for the stupid comics i think you might find that if they were stupid then none would like them and if that were the case then you would not know about them, therefor they are not stupid cause they are successful enough for you to have heard of them. However same as justin Bieber because most people find the Anime childish you simply adopt their opionion of the comics whithout knowing much about them at all.

  2. If you don’t want just don’t download it then
    it’s was “optional” , they didn’t forced you for using it at all

    and there are many voice pack from this anime long times ago , this is just an offical one.

    • i think they are complaining because they think that the makers might steer their developement in the same direction as this if they dont complain so they butthurt
      personally im gonna download it try it and then probably replace it with a different one depending on how good it is

  3. Don’t like it? don’t DL ? Just hit backspace ?

    I will play shit out of Japanese tanks , so i can play with cute commander voice :)
    Full woman squad in tank ? Ofc, any day.

  4. well no matter how butthurt the haters are , like they can do shit about it
    since is already been decided >:D , i love them butthurt

  5. All the retards that write grow up and similar shit should shut the fuck up.

    Obviously you have no fucking idea how the Japanese mentality works. Anime and manga is for the Japanese folk more then “girls with big eyes and small noses”. Its a lifestyle and the audience goes from toddler age till death basicaly. Noone gives any looks if a business man in a suit reads a manga in the public or watches anime same way like a “Westerner” reads his daily newspaper or watches Breaking bad or Fringe in TV.

    Girls und Panzer was a great success in Japan and Victor did the only possible smart thing to make a contract with the GuP producers. One hint was also the mentioning of WoT in the first series of the anime. I knew some sort of partnership will follow.

    • This man speaks the truth. Only ignorant westerners talk bullshit knowing nothing about whats behind their countries walls.

      • I’ll tell you what’s stupid. this whole thing. Not even worth arguing about yet People do argue. entertain me more :D anime haters.

    • WG should have been all over this from the beginning. They should have had premium WuP voice packs and camo patterns in the store last year. Their marketing director should have been beaten with a 2×4 for letting this slip by.

        • people kept posting “First!!”, and so the standard responce became “to get raped by a donkey”. It then changed to things like “Excelent, spread your legs, the donkey is waiting”, and progressed from there. The donkey even has a name now. He is Panzer Nerfer.

        • Donkey hentai scat porn… in a tank… with underage schoolgirls…

          No wonder Vik looks so happy…

          He won’t even need any vodka for that!

  6. It’s Mai Fuchigami not Futigami.

    Anyway – for me, this cooperation and especially these voicepacks is like a dream come true. Next one – team anteater playing wot in gup ova? Pretty please!

  7. get ready for Steam Workshop, yay!

    i want Ex-Nazi convicts sound pack + Stalin lovers butt-hurt,

    I welcome with much love and goo GuP community, maybe they can bring much needed fun into a dying game with crazy old people crying like babies every time SerB farts.

    all those “historical” crap has gone too far in their diseased mind, they should go out and watch the little flowers grow…

    • Nazi and Stalin again? what about the American bombing of Japan with nukes and the American massacre on Vietnam. lol. Western bias?

      • You do realise that the only way to force the Japs into surrender was to threaten them with total annihalation? .. and prove capability…?

        The japanesee mind/psyche does not really contemplate surrender….

        Which is why they treated PoWs with such abuse and hatred, they considered a surrendered soldier worse than a diseased dog.

        It was the only way to finish the war in the Pacific theatre…

        • Nutters at the helm =/= Japanese in general, you know. They had legitimate reasons to be worried about the popular mood.

      • Asian bias. The Vietnamese massacred far more of their own, and the numbers got really big after the Americans left. But just as Russians killing Russians doesn’t count, neither does Asians killing Asians.

  8. i intend to keep calm and UTE! UTE! UTE!

    also come on guys this game isnt historical or even fair most of the time so let people get their fun where they can

  9. adults wanting their tank crew sound like little school girls?
    That’s just fucking weird. Getting a pedo vibe there.

    • Totally agree with you.
      Next patch, pink camo and pony inscriptionns for tanks in order to satisfy theese pinkie fuckers.

    • Pedophilia is sexual attraction to children. Hearing adult Japanese voice actors in tanks is not even close to Pedophilia. Anime is Pedophilia? how? they’re not even kids, it’s not even a her. It’s a fictional character. Fact check before commenting. Kthxbai.

      • Pedophilia is sexual attraction to children. Hearing adult Japanese voice actors in tanks is not even close to Pedophilia. Anime is Pedophilia? how? they’re not even kids, it’s not even a her. It’s a fictional character. Fact check before commenting. Kthxbai.

      • The characters are schoolgirls..

        The voices are therefore representing schoolgirls

        schoolgirls are, generally, considered children, not adult

        Sexual attraction to children from an adult, is paedophilia…. (your words, spell corrected….)

        … pedoporn voicecomms…

        • gotta quote scroobious pip
          “Thou shalt not think any male over the age of 30 that plays with a child that is not their own is a paedophile. Some people are just nice.”

          Not everyone who watches anime with schoolgirls is a paedophile.

        • If you think liking something equates to sexual attraction, you’re going to need to get your brain checked on.

  10. Nice, I hope they also make a voice pack for the national voices.
    - Black Forest on German tanks
    - Saunders on American tanks
    - Pravda on Russian tanks
    - etc

  11. People always make things complicated lol.
    If you don’t like it, don’t download it, simple as that…

  12. Sure I am ok with the voice pack. as for the butthurt comments. Keep ‘em coming. Anime is childish? sure, that’s one view. The world is full of opposing views anyway nothing wrong with that. If you think it’s childish then why the F should I even care. It’s not like you matter to me and I matter to you. Let’s just stay away from each other. After all I’m sure you can’t voice out that opinion in front of anyone and you’re just getting boulders between your legs because… you guessed it right! This is the internet. If you can actually say that in person then great for you but I still won’t care anyways. Point is all of you are wasting your time as I am wasting my time trying to make you airheads realize this. Anyways I have wasted more time than I anticipated. Just keep the butthurt flowing and entertain me.

    • Breddy Gud Troll :DDDD 10/10 :DD

      (seriously though, there are bona fide nazis playing this game, starting every match with “sieg heil”, I think people who will install an official GuP voicepack because they enjoyed the anime are going to rank pretty low on the scale of people the WoT community could do without)

      • Oh boy so Nazi is bad because of why exactly? They killed a lot of people and started a war right and their political view is deemed to be wrong? As for pedophilia.. (tell me this isnt a form of pedophilia). So how it is different from America as of today?
        point is as you said it you’re one of the ” people the WoT community could do without”. But as I view it, you’re referring to yourself I wouldnt go so far as to tell that you are like that though. I believe you exist to entertain me and should continue doing so. but please… Just please make it more entertaining.

        Also. who are you to judge how low people are? Isn’t it the people who step on others the lowest. (i.e. you.)

        Ahh I wasted more of my time trying to help this poor babies that cry over the internet. Maybe it’s my fault for thinking too positively lol. anyways very good troll 10/10. Keep entertaining me.

        • Pretty good trolling too. Lost it at “They killed a lot of people and started a war right and their political view is deemed to be wrong?”, but I’m only giving you 9/10 because your english isn’t all that good.

  13. Just a little observation, watching all theese retarded comments on both sides:

    There will be an official sound pack, big fucking deal, some care and some dont.
    But watching all theese morons acting like its christmas morning and they are opening their presents, are you all fucking retarded? This mod has been around for ages, nothing new here, but the fact that its unofficial. Thats all.

    And the moron typing butt-hurt every 2 minutes at other comments agains this GuP, dude ( or should I say kiddo ) grow the fuck up! They all have figured by now that it’s already decided, no need for your retarded childish joy about nothing, in fact.

    Some like the mod, some dont, its normal. I dont think anyone was expecting to be liked by everybody, but filling the comments list with retarded ” butt-hurt, good” threads, makes you the retard childish here. ( i ncase you haven’t figured by now, I’m talking about silly Aigis and his butt-hurt anti butt-hurt).

      • LOL nothing better to say. brainlessception. +1 on time wasted

    • Well, this mod will be different from the fanmade ones as it will have the character’s VA(the girl in the photo) do official phrases for the tank crew rather than have random dialogue lines ripped from episodes of the show.

    • lol i think its safe to say that your time was wasted not cause its a bad opinion but because what you state is damn clear to all of us anyway :D (i hope that the others IQ is high enough that is …)

  14. Some official in-game camos based on the Ōarai team’s er…’individual’ paintjobs would be pretty damn popular, I’m guessing.

  15. I don’t get why there is so much hate and bickering each time the subject of anime is brought up here.
    I think that it’s pretty clear to everyone that we like WOT, but aside from that its should also be clear that everyone likes different stuff too.
    Please look for other subjects to get inflamed about.

    • “You know, there are some words I’ve known since I was a schoolboy: ‘With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured…the first thought forbidden…the first freedom denied–chains us all irrevocably.’ Those words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie, as wisdom…and warning. The first time any man’s freedom is trodden on, we’re all damaged.”

      Quoted from:
      Picard, Star Trek TNG, season 4 episode 21 “The Drumhead”

  16. Very happy to see that!
    Now we (I mean: “I”) need Yukari and Nonna. I hope they’ll try stay in “GuP mind”, not sure how to explain this, but the voice pack crated by fan was very good (even if what they said isn’t related to what you do with tanks).

    And again… Yukari voice is absolutely needed.

  17. I wonder if we’ll be able to use it for the national voice packs…

    Other than that.. maybe the custom skins/camos and logos?

  18. Oh dear lord, so much hate and bile going around in regard to a simple optional voicepack. You’d think everyone just hopped into a tier ten match with nothing but arty and platooned MS-1s from all the bitching that’s going on… .

  19. It’s funny, those people being called pedo/weird/weaboo/fag are actually better players than those people who are bashing em’.

  20. Wow, really?! Oh well, I allways told myself I was born in the wrong decade, guess I was right…

  21. Nishizumi voice pack for the start? not the whole member of anglerfish team?
    not I care though
    what I want is Uesaka Sumire voice pack!!!!