Restored TKS tankette

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Thanks to some diplomacy between Poland and Norway, a wreck of the classic Polish TKS tankette was imported from Norway to the Poznan armor museum. The wreck was in terrible condition due to the harsh norther weather it was exposed to.

Within one and a half year, the tankette was disassembled and restored completely. Some parts of it (like the roadwheels) had to be made from scratch, but in the end the result was a success. Unfortunately the originl engine could not be obtained and the tankette now runs with a post-war car engine. The tankette was test driven for the first time now, in September 2013.

Hard to believe anyone used such a cute little thing for war, isn’t it?

29 thoughts on “Restored TKS tankette

  1. I hope that TKS will be shown next week at the museum’s open day parade along with IS2 which was restored earlier this year. Also they have been working on FT-17 which was found in Afghanistan but originaly fought in Polish-Bolshevik war, unfortuneatly it was sent to museum in Warsaw (quite interesting story, tank going back to country after 90 years, before that it was a monument in front of Afghan’s president palace, which was given them as a gift from Soviets, who captured it during this war around 1920)
    Now they are working on Cromwell, IS3 and Panzer III. Also they have running Stug IV, Sherman Firefly, T-70, few Pattons (M-47, M-48, M-60) and many other, mostly post-soviet, machines.

    Needless to say it’s gonna be real fun next friday and I promise to send you some photos from there

    • Actualy, most of the non-moving parts were probably just thoroughly cleaned. Which probably left the armor a couple mm thinner than it should have been.

    • Oh noes, the Bovington KT doesn’t use the right german period synthetic oli. Poppycock, it doesn’t have any historical value then…

  2. Nice to know that something good comes out of the remnants we have left from the great wars.
    Most vehicles and equipment leftovers from the Germans where scraped and trashed.
    Like all the NbFz that the Germans sent up here… Makes me sad…

  3. So cute. Glad they managed to restore it, a piece of history shouldn’t be forgotten if we able to preserve it.